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in this story and the way they are on TV. This story is fictional so get a
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Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Honey, I'm A Nympho (M/f,M/F,m/f,Ff,solo,inter,inc)
by Mia Is The Bomb

Wayne Szolinski was an inventor and a scientist. His shrinking ray had made
him famous, and he was always working on something new. At this particular
moment he was working on a designer impostor perfume for his daughter Amy,
and a nympho spray for his wife Diane. Diane was a beautiful woman with
short blonde hair and a great body, above average breasts and nice ass. Even
though she was in her mid 30's she looked like she hadn't aged since her mid
20's. She was a lawyer and was so busy she hadn't had much time for her
husband lately. That's why Wayne had been working on this nympho spray so
Diane would make time. He was also making a perfume for Amy, one that was as
good as a name brand but made in her dad's lab instead of spending big money
in the department stores.

Amy was a 16 year old girl with long wavy red hair a great pair of breasts,
even a little bit bigger than her mom's chest. Amy also had a shapely round
ass and a creamy white complexion. Amy was eager to get her spray from her
dad she had hopes of getting the captain of the football team's attention.
Today she slid on a red bra and red bikini panties to match. Then she slid
on her new pair of blue jean hip-huggers. She admired herself in the mirror
liking her ass in the jeans, then she put on a black top, it was tight and
really accented her teen breasts. Next came some black slip on shoes,
followed by her gold hoop earrings.

She checked herself in the mirror there was no way Mike wouldn't notice her
today. She walked up to the lab to get her cologne. Unfortunately her dad
had left the room. She had to get to school though, she saw two bottles one
was in a little bottle so she assumed that was the perfume and splashed it
on, "Hmmmm not bad, but it doesn't smell like a designer fragrance. Oh well,
I better get to school."

Wayne came back up to his lab, "Hmm, I wonder if Amy's gonna wear that new
perfume to school?" He was unaware that his daughter had already visited his

Amy drove to school she was excited about getting Mike's attention today,
but she found herself almost too excited. She was so horny she felt like
masturbating on the way to school. She held back, but when she got there,
she couldn't stand it any longer.

Amy ran to the girls room, closed the door in the stall and pulled down her
hip hugger jeans followed by her red panties and went to work immediately on
her horny pussy! She buried her hand in her red bush parting her pink lips
and ramming a finger deep inside her cunt. She went at it at blazing speed.
She bit her lip trying to keep her moaning down as other girls came in the
girls room while she was behind the stall. Amy slid another finger in her
tight pussy. Other girls in the restroom did hear her though and they giggled
and whispered to themselves as it was obvious with the moaning and the fact
that Amy was standing not sitting in the stall. Amy didn't pay attention to
the fact that they whispered "I think thats Amy Szolinski doing that, what a
slut!" She only wanted to cum that was all that mattered to her.

Amy then slid a hand under her shirt and tweaked at her hard nipples. As she
finger fucked herself, Amy rode her fingers faster, faster, getting herself
off until she orgasmed.

Amy licked her fingers clean tasting her own pussy juice, which she had never
done before but she actually enjoyed the taste. "Oh what's wrong with me why
am I so horny?"

Amy went to her classes. She was only halfway through the day in history
class and she was going nuts again! She was crossing and uncrossing her legs,
as she was so horny, again! Amy looked up at her teacher, Mr. Pierce was a
black man in his mid thirties. All the girls found him sexy, but Amy was
wanting to jump him right there at his desk. Amy stared at him wondering what
her teacher looked like naked. Surely if he was hung like the stories she
heard about black men and must have a big cock. Amy sucked on the end of her
pen as she stared.

Mr. Pierce looked up and saw Amy staring right at him sucking the pen. Lots
of girls had given him the eye before, but usually they looked away when he
made eye contact with him. Amy wasn't looking away though, her lips were
sucking on the end of that pen then taking it in deep in her mouth. Then she
would pull it out, then slide it back in closing her eyes as if simulating
giving a blowjob. He couldn't believe it, this white girl was bluntly
flirting with him! He had always been professional with his students. He had
never looked at them in a sexual manner, but he always had a fantasy of doing
it with a redhead. There was just something about redheads, maybe it was
their creamy white skin in contrast to his dark as night skin tone.

He knew one thing for sure this white girl either wanted his black cock, or
she was the biggest cock tease in the world. As he watched her suck
mercilessly on that pen he decided he had to look away worried that the
other students would notice him and Amy's eyes meeting. Class finally ended
and as the students began to leave he said, "Miss Szolinski may I see you
please?" Amy smiled and went up to his desk as the students left, Mr. Pierce
luckily had a free period this next hour so he knew him and Amy should be
alone. Amy had always been a good girl and a good student in his class but
now he was interested in her new attitude. "Miss Szolinski you were
noticeably distracted from your work today, any reason?" Amy went to the side
of her teachers desk, she smiled seeing the bulge in her teachers slacks.

"Oh, your correct, I was distracted today the reason is pretty simple, I'M
very horny and I was curious at what sex would be like with you, Mr. Pierce!"

His eyes grew as big as saucers, not believing the words coming out of the
mouth of this girl-jock/honor student. What should he do? Should he cross
the line of professionalism? He didn't have to do anything cause Amy couldn't
hold back any longer, she jumped on his lap and shoved her tongue down his
throat. He accepted her tongue and started feeling her denim-covered sexy
ass with his hands. He felt the heat in her pussy as she humped on his cock
while they french kissed. Amy pulled off his shirt revealing his black
muscular chest. He returned the favor pulling off her shirt revealing her
young breasts held in the prison of a red bra.

Amy reached behind and unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor, allowing
her creamy round white globes to bounce free. Mr. Pierce grabbed her breasts
massaging them with his big hands squeezing the pink nipples as he tongued
her neck. Amy slowly reached down unzipping his pants and freeing his
already-at-attention black cock. Amy stroked it in her little hand, looking
down she licked her lips at the size of his black member. Mr. Pierce went
down to Amy's young tits and sucked each one of her erect pink buds. He used
his free hand to unzip her tight jeans, looking down he sees her red lacey

Amy stands up and kicks off her shoes sending them flying. She yanks down her
pants as Mr. Pierce does the same with his slacks. Amy gets on her stomach
on top of the desk and bends down to grap his cock. Her mouth goes down to
his shaft and she took his black tool past her lips. She sucks his dick as
her breasts hang over the edge of the desk. Mr. Pierce starts squeezing her
perky tits again as this beautiful redhead gave him a blowjob he would never
forget. She licked his shaft then sucked his big black balls in her mouth as
her hand jerked him off. "Ohh yeah baby thats it suck that black dick good!!"

Mr.Pierce loved looking down to the sight of this teen white girl trying to
swallow all of his 10 inches of dark meat. Amy picked up speed going faster
and faster on his cock. Mr.Pierce was in pure pleasure with Amy's incredible
mouth, but he wanted more than just a blowjob. So he practically had to pry
his cock out of her mouth as he pulled her to her feet. He kissed her pink
nipples again as he fondled them, Amy jumped as he gently bite on them
surprising her. His tongue went lower to her flat stomach. Then to her navel,
he was swirling his tongue inside. Then he grabbed her red panties and slid
them down her smooth legs exposing her red bush in all its glory. The wetness
in her pubic hair was glistening in the light.

Mr. Pierce leaned back in his chair loving the picture perfect beauty in
front of him. "Well if yo want some black dick then climb aboard baby!"

Amy smiled she didnt have to be asked twice. Amy climbed aboard her teacher,
she moaned as she felt his shaft head touch her pussy lips and slowly slid
inside of her. He had only his cockhead in her, then Amy slid down lower on
him. Her small pink pussy was tighter than a vice on his black rod as half
of him, a full 5 inches was inside her. Amy started to moved her ass up and
down getting more and more of this huge black man inside her. Mr. Pierce
looked down and wanted to shoot his load right there. Seeing this white
teen's red pussy wrapped around his black pole and seeing her taking
practically all of him inside her little pussy made him almost lose control.

Before long Amy was getting all of him inside her. Her eyes were rolled back
in her head in pleasure. She didn't know what was better the thickness of
his cock or the incredible length. Before long Amy was moaning loudly, as
her ass was slamming up and down on his black cock. She went faster and
faster riding him hard! Amy couldnt stop herself she was coming, "Ohhh
Mr......ohhhh Mr...Pierce im cummmmminnnnnnggggggg ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

Mr. Pierce was wrong in thinking Amy couldn't get any tighter as her orgasm
caused her to tense up and squeeze his cock harder than ever. Seeing her
orgasm and her firm tits bouncing in his face he could hold out no longer
and he shot his load all up inside Amy's pussy. It took a while before they
recovered. Amy was actually embarassed being naked now. She wondered what
had gotten into her now that the formula had calmed down her sex drive after
her orgasm. She grapped her clothes, got dressed, and left before Mr. Pierce
could say a word.

* * *

Meanwhile back at the Szolinski house Diane was getting her court papers
together she had to be in court in a couple of hours. Diane was in a black
business woman's suit. A black jacket white blouse and a black skirt just
above the knees, along with black heels. Wayne persuaded his wife to take
time out to try his new spray "perfume" as he called it. She gave it a spray
on her neck then went back at her papers. Wayne started to get the feeling
maybe I didn't work, so he started making his breakfast as his wife buried
herself in her work.

Wayne was cooking eggs when he felt arms around him from behind. Then he
felt Diane softly biting his ear. Next came a soft whisper in his earlobe as
his wife simply said, "Fuck me!" He left the eggs as he turned around and
they started passionately kissing. Diane threw off her black jacket, then
ripped off Wayne's shirt. Wayne getting into his wife's obvious lust grabbed
her blouse and ripped it open, causing buttons to fly everywhere. Diane
dropped to her knees on the kitchen floor and unzipped his slacks. His
underwear was then pulled down to his ankles. Diane grabbed Wayne's cock and
took it in her mouth. She licked his shaft up and down as he grabbed her
breasts, covered by a beige bra. Her mouth was on fire as she bobbed up and
down on his cock. He looked down on his sexy wife, her face was covered in
lust. Wayne placed her up on the counter and unhooked her bra, throwing it
aside. He started licking her hard red nipples as he felt her grind her
crotch into him. Wayne knew this stuff definitely worked, his wife didn't
give him oral anymore, and she certainly never attacked him like this before.

Wayne unzipped Diane's skirt, she helped him get it off and out of the way.
Then he pulled her beige colored panties down her tan legs and off her body.
With her blonde pussy exposed, Wayne wasted no time at diving in. He spread
her cunt lips and started tonguing her clit as he fingered her pussy. "Ohhh
fuck yesss Wayne oh give it to me yeah eat my pussy good,ahhhhhhh!"

Diane was pinching her nipples hard as she thrust her hips pushing her cunt
into her husbands face. Wayne hadn't gone down on her in so long he forgot
how sweet she tasted, and her moaning was really turning him on. His cock
was at full attention as Diane's legs wrapped around his head with her
melting at his licking. Diane orgasmed all over his face after a short time.
Then she pushed her husband to the floor. Bending over the counter Diane's
ass was in Wayne's view. "Fuck me Wayne fuck me now, give me that cock, I
need it inside me!!!"

Seeing his wife bent over in her high heels, Wayne could swear his cock grew
another inch. He grepped her ass and shoved his meat into her, her pussy was
already so wet it was an easy fit. Diane felt inch by inch stretch her walls,
it had been a while since she had sex and her body was loving the sensation.
Wayne pumped into her in and out in and out. He squeezed her ass as he fucked
his wife doggystyle in the kitchen. "Ohh Wayne baby that's it give it to me,
God fuck me fuck your slutty wife!!"

This kind of talk was more than Wayne could stand, as he started to shoot his
load. Diane pulled away and let his cum shot all over her ass. The two kissed
deeply, Wayne gave a devilish smile"I could really get used to this!" he

Diane realized it was getting late and so she jumped up to get dressed, her
panties were wet so she went upstairs to put on some other undergarments. She
didn't choose bra and panties though choosing sexy lingerie instead, which
she strangely felt in the mood to wear. She bolted out the door and went to

* * *

Amy was home from school, it had been hours since she last had sex and she
was very horny again. She wished that she owned a vibrator, but that was
difficult considering her being underage to buy one. So she remembered what
she saw in a porn movie at a friends house. In the movie the girl who was
without a man used a cucumber to fuck herself, so Amy went to raid the
refridgerator. Coming from downstairs was Amy's 12 year old little brother
Nick. Nick was a short and brainy kid with dark hair and black rim glasses.
Nick had sprayed what he thought was a perfume on his wrist, after all his
dad was making a unisex cologne/perfume for him and his sister.

He felt wierd as he walked downstairs and into the kitchen. His heart skipped
a beat as he saw a perfect ass bent over in denim jeans in the fridge. 'God
look at that fucking ass!!!' he thought, 'Wait thats my sister what am I
thinking?' He was horny, but this was his sister this was wrong. He was
convincing himself to turn and walk away he saw her sway her ass from side to
side as she was bent over. That was it! he couldnt stop himself. Nick went
behind his sister and placed both his hands on her incredible ass feeling it
up. Amy stopped searching the fridge as she felt hands on her ass.

Her cunt was on fire, and hands on her ass got her hotter. She looked back
to see her little brother, "Nick what the hell are you"........ Amy's voice
trailed off as her little brother pressed his hard bulge in his pants against
her ass. "Oh this is wrong, this is incest but oh he has a cock and that's
what I need!!" Amy turned around a gave her brother a kiss, not a little
goodnight peck kiss either. They're mouth's opened as the two siblings
tongues touched in a incest french kiss.

"Show me your tits sis!" begged Nick.

Amy pulled off her top revealing her red bra which Nick messed with the hooks
for a while before his sister unhooked it for him. Nick went to work on his
sister perky tits sloppering all over them as his hands went under her jeans
and her panties to his sisters red bush. Amy pulled out Nick's hard, modest
5 inch cock, and stroked it as he licked Amy's tits all over sucking on her
pink nipples.

Amy didn't want no more foreplay though, she yanked down her jeans, then her
hairy red bush was exposed, as her panties were pulled down. Amy lied on her
back as her little brother entered her. He entered her easily and Nick
started pumping her.

"Ohhh Nick oh yes thats it give it to me slide that cock in me little brother
ahhhhhhhh yessssss!!!!"

Amy grabbed his ass as her little brother gave her the sweet release she
wanted and she came all over his cock. Nick kept pumping into her loving his
sisters fiery red pussy like he never imagined he would. Looking down at her,
he never realized how pretty her face was, which gave him an idea. Pulling
out of her he slid his cock in his sisters mouth. Amy accepted it and easily
swallowed all of him. Nick was amazed by Amy's eager mouth and in no time he
was ready to cum. He came all over his sisters face covering her face with
his seed.

Diane Szolinski came home after a long day at work she was so horny all day
long she had masturbated 3 times in the ladies room, now she was eager for
another fuck session with her husband. Then as she arrived at home and saw
the mini-van gone she realized, 'Damn it, Wayne and Nick had a father/son
outing tonight.' Disappointed Diane went inside, and there on the couch was
Amy. Since having sex with Nick, Amy was now clothed in just a t-shirt and
her red panties.

Amy looked up to see her mom. Amy was horny again, she had just quit playing
with herself when she heard her mom unlock the door. Seeing her mom, she was
surprised to see lust in her eyes much like her own had had all day. Before
Amy could say a word though her mom took off her jacket followed by her
blouse then she unzipped her skirt. There in front of Amy was her mom in
black high heels and a light blue teddy. Diane saw her daughter stand up
removing her shirt exposing her bare tits to her mom since Amy had no bra
on. Amy in just her red panties walked up to her mom.

Then without speaking the two women overcome with lesbian arousal put their
arms around each other. Then they kissed softly. Amy always found her mother
to be a pretty woman, even though this thought had never crossed her mind

Diane turned around and finally spoke, "Isn't the back of this teddy sexy,

Amy saw the back of the teddy was a thong basically exposing her fit ass to
her daughter. Amy responded by grabbing her mom's ass cheeks then kissing her
mom's neck. Her mom stroked her daughters hips as her daughter slid down the
straps of her teddy exposing her breasts to Amy. Amy saw they were very
similar to hers. Amy turned her mom around and removed the rest of her teddy.
Their breasts pressed together as the mother and daughter's incest french
kiss was taken to the couch as hands roamed all over each others bodies.

Amy sucked on her mother's breasts, the same ones she nursed on at one time.
Diane smiled at her beautiful daughter's face as Diane's nipples which were
slightly more pointed then Amy's were licked and sucked on with gently
passion. Amy slid her panties down showing her pussy off to her mom.

"Bring that pussy to me Amy" requested Diane.

"Yes mom anything for you!"

Amy sat on her moms face, and looking down at her mom's blonde pussy she
couldn't help but join in the fun she knew that was about to occur. Amy
spread her mom's lips and licked her pussy, as her ass cheeks were spread
by her mom and her mom was fingering her pussy as she licked her daughters
asshole. Amy moaned she never knew her mom was so kinky!

Amy sucked on her mom's cunt lips as her mom kept fingering her and kept
tonguing and slapping the round ass that her daughter had. Amy spread her
mom's lips wide finding that hot spot. Diane wrapped her legs around her
daughter's head as pleasure went throughout her body. Amy worked her tounge
using it as if it was a small cock, knowing exactly where to touch another
woman. Amy had her mom screaming and cooing and her mom had to return the

Now the mother and daughter were in a complete lesbian 69. Nothing else
mattered in the world. Not the fact that it was incest or wrong, or even why
they were acting this way. All that mattered to either of them was cunts,
each others cunts. The two finally could take no more Amy's soft biting on
her mom's clit finally sent her mom over the edge and into a orgasm. She
thought her mom was gonna break her neck as she wrapped her legs so tight
around Amy all through her orgasm. Amy found her mother's cunt to taste sweet
and she lapped it up like a little kitten would do to milk. Amy felt her
mother giving her pussy similar treatments, Amy was greeted with sucking then
licking over and over on her clit as Her mother grapped Amy's breasts
pinching them. Her breasts were even more beautiful then she thought they
could be.

Amy rode her mom's face til she exploded over and over all over her mom's
tongue. The two lie there exhausted and held each other. After they came back
down to earth they realized nothing in the Szolinski house would be the same.
"Just when you thought things couldn't get any wierder with dad's inventions,
something like this happens!"

_ _ _

Ok, people this was my first real attempt at using incest in a story, I had
little choice really, considering the fact that this show has very limited
characters besides the family members. So don't be mad, and no I don't
condone incest at all its sick and wrong. But look at it this way none of
them are related in real life so its not like these are actual people.


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