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How I Met Your Mother: Robin's Scoop Part 3 (FFb+,anal,DP)
by Neenah

"Where are we going?" Lily Aldrin asked the question as she and Robin Scherbatsky exited the subway.

Robin looked around without answering as she got her bearings, she had been to the hotel a couple of times before, but this part of New York was so non-descript it was easy to get lost. Satisfied she remembered the way she led her friend down the sidewalk, walking about half a dozen yards before she answered, "We're going to get you some cock so you can get over that cheating jerk Marshall."

"Good," said Lily nodding vehemently in agreement, "I need some hard prick in my pussy, though why the secrecy? He doesn't care now he's with that tramp and Barney would always agree that the way to get over a broken heart is to fuck your brains out and Ted's...Ted."

Robin took a deep breath, this was the moment she'd been both dreading and excitedly anticipating when she told Lily where they were going and let her friend into her deepest secret, one so secret that if it got out her career would be in ruins and she'd likely end up behind bars. She was 90% certain Lily would keep it, but the 10% was what made her fearful. "You know a year ago you mentioned Shota Parties?"

"Yes, you told me you looked into it and it was just an urban legend," Lily looked quizzical as she was unsure where the talk was going.

Robin took a deep breath, "I lied. I started investigating and found there's a whole underground Shota scene, with big dicked young boys banging women for money."

"You didn't expose it?"

"No, I went to one to investigate it and it ended up with me being banged by some shota studs. I've been an addict for boy dong since, when you know where to look there's plenty of places where you can get some well hung cutie to screw you brains out."

"Fucking hell," gasped Lily in surprise. "But isn't it illegal?"

"Yes, so we can't tell," Robin replied.

"Is that where we're going?"

"It is, it's a hotel with a sideline in shota parties. We'll pick up a pair of cuties and get them to fuck us."

"I don't know about this, I'm not sure I'd want to bang a young boy," Lily said.

"I've seen you looking at the boy down your hall, and you're always saying how the six graders are so handsome. But why don't you come and have a look, if you're not interested we leave and never mention it again."

Lily nodded in agreement as they entered the hotel. If you didn't know what it was it would have seemed ordinary with a reception which was clean and functional, but drab and boring. Robin walked over to the front desk where a middle-aged woman was standing. She spoke as they approached, "Hello. I am afraid we're full unless you have already booked."

"Robin Scherbatsky" Robin said.

The women typed into the computer and then raised her head from the screen with a welcoming smile, " Welcome Miss Scherbatsky. You have a room for two plus guests."

"Yes," confirmed Robin.

"It's cash I'm afraid."

"I've been here before," said Robin as she pulled out the roll of bills and handed them over for the woman to quickly count.

The woman pressed a button and there was the sound of doors at the end of the reception unlocking. She passed Robin a key, "You have room eight, but if you'd like to go to the bar you can both have a complimentary glass of wine with our compliments and chose what you'd like from the menu."

"Thank you," Robin said and ushered Lily into the corridor. It was much better decorated with pot plants and pictures of hot young boys having sex with older women decorating it. She led her friend down the corridor, vindicated by Lily's obvious interest in the pictures and her looks of admiration at the boys and their huge schlongs. Robin continued down the corridor, pausing at a large sheet plastic glass window. Peering through it you could see a swimming pool. Lilly stood beside her, gazing through in awe at the boys swanning around in their trunks, some swimming, some splashing, some relaxing on the edge trailing their feet in the water.

"Those aren't socks they've stuffed down their fronts are they?" Lily asked.

"No," smiled Robin, her own libido rising as she looked through the glass, "They're real."

"Fuck, that is so much bigger than Marshall and from eleven and twelve year olds as well."

"They're all hung, and what's even better is that they know how to use them as well," Robin explained.

Lily exhaled heavily, her eyes glued to the boys and their packages. Robin knew how she felt, the thought that one of those massive dongs would soon be pounding her pussy was enough to make any woman faint with lust. But she also remembered her first time and the mixture of desire and fear which came with giving it to her lust for what was, unfortunately, illegal sex with underage boys. Luckily her desire won and the authorities didn't seem too hot at tracking down the illegal shota scene. She took Lily through the arm and gently tugged her friend away, "Let's go to the bar and order."

Lily nodded soundlessly and followed her friend, casting a backward glance at the boys as they did.

The bar wasn't empty but it was far from full. A couple of teenage heiresses were at one table and a couple of sixty year old widows at another and a few more tables had other women perusing the menu. Robin led her friend to a seat as waitress hurried immediately over, "Two glasses of red," Robin knew what her friend wanted "and the special menu."

The woman smiled and nodded, knowing what menu Robin meant. She left and returned minutes later with two large glasses of red and two leather bound menus which she presented to the two women. "Are there any you'd recommend?" Robin asked as her friend opened it and stared open mouthed in shocked (but hopefully happy) surprise.

The waitress paused, thinking, "Jimmy on page five always goes well and Teddy is worth a ride as well. But they're all high quality studs who'll give you both a good screwing."

"Give us a few minutes to take a look," Robin said and opened the menu to the suggested page as the waitress backed discreetly away. The waitress's tip was worth it, Jimmy was a scrawny looking blonde with straggly blond hair and the sweetest smile, and a horse's worth of dick hanging between his legs. Robin made a mental note to keep him under consideration as she went through the loose leafed pages seeing who was available. Each page had a different shota stud, a picture of them dressed - posing in shorts or jeans or slacks next to one of them naked and posing with cocks hard and ready for action. With each there was also there age, none above 16 and cock size, none below 8. There were so many and even excluding the ones she'd already had to give herself some variety it was difficult to choose.

She looked up at her friend. Lily was leafing through the menu with undisguised lust, any concerns she'd had swept away by the wall of boy meat on offer. She looked up at Robin, "There's so many it's difficult to choose. On page 8 there's Gavin and on page 11 there's Tyler and they're both so cute."

Robin went to the page her friend had said. On one page there was Gavin an angelic looking blonde in the first picture in a smart school uniform and with a coy smile with the picture beside it was him naked with a wild look on his face as he jerked at his ten inch rod. He was definitely one her friend would enjoy Robin thought to herself as she turned over to Tyler. He was an eleven year old black boy dressed in jeans and T-shirt, smiling sweetly in one and defiantly in the other as he thrust forward with a well sized dick. Again he was someone Lily would enjoy and Robin could see why her friend was having trouble deciding. However she had an idea "What about having yourself a black and white sandwich and ordering both?"

"Would that be okay?" asked Lily, "Is it allowed?"

"Anything is allowed," said Robin and returned to the menu. She knew exactly what she was going to order, flicking through the pages until she came to a picture of two boys in shorts leaning against each other outside a tree house, before a picture of the two of them again inside the tree house, proudly displaying their ten-inchers. "Harry age twelve and his brother Matt aged ten" read out Robin and turned the menu to show her friend who nodded in approval.

Robin called over the waitress and said the boys they wanted. The waitress smiled as she wrote them down in her notepad, "Good choices, they're all really hung stud, you'll enjoy them I'm sure. If you want to go to your room and I'll get the boys sent up to you."

"Let's go Lily," said Robin going to the elevator to take it up to the room. Her friend smiled eagerly and followed her.

The room was large enough to fit two small double beds, with a bathroom to the side. Two white robes were sitting on the bed and the two women stripped out of their clothes and into them, sipping their wine and talking excitedly. They didn't have long to wait before there was a knock on the door. Robin opened it to four eager young faces. "Hello," piped the young black boy, "I'm Tyler."

"Gavin," said his blonde friend.

"I'm Harry and this is my younger brother Matt," the two boys smiled up at Robin, their eyes slipping over her body appreciatively as she looked down with equal admiration at the bulging packages under their shorts.

"I'm Robin, this is my friend Lily," Robin smiled and stepped to one side to let the four boys in, "You're joining us for a party."

"We love to party," Tyler grinned as he led the boys in.

"There are some sodas there," pointed Robin as she closed the door, "If you need some more energy."

"Two sexies like you will give us all the energy we need," said ten year old Matt.

"Oh that's so cute," said Robin her hand sliding over his shoulders as she lowered her mouth to his.

Like all shota studs the boy might have been young but he knew what to do, kissing her passionately and eagerly, pulling at the belt of her gown so it fell open to show her naked body. She pulled herself away after a few moments and turned to Tyler and Gavin, "Why don't you show Lily how to kiss?" The boys nodded eagerly and Robin turned to Harry, "And are you a good a kisser as your brother?"

"Better," he grinned arrogantly. Robin's mouth was against his in seconds, kissing him deeply. It was certainly close between the brothers, she decided as Harry pushed at the gown, lowering it down her shoulders. His brother was behind her, helping him take it off and dropping it to the floor. Harry's small hands moved up her sides, stroking her as the robe fell. Then she felt the touch of Matt's tongue as he spread her cheeks and slid his tongue down to her pussy crack. It was delectable as one brother tongued her mouth and the other lightly licked her funhole.

"Oh Tyler, you're naughty," giggled Lily in a tone that said that she was far from minding. The young black boy was kneeling in front of her, his hands pulling apart her pussy hole so that his tongue could sweep to the sweetness. Behind her his friend was removing her robe before slipping his hands round and up to gently rub and roll her bouncers round. The Mom giggled again, "Oh Gavin, you're so bad as well."

"Lily as we're naked we should help the boys out of their clothes, it's only fair."

Lily nodded and reached down to help Tyler up. Gavin waited patiently as Lily kissed his friend hard, her tongue probing deep into his mouth as she reached down and pulled his top of from his slender body. Then she turned to Gavin and kissed him with equal lustfulness as they worked together to remove his top. Robin meanwhile was starting bottom up, dropping to her knees to undo Harry's shorts. The schlong which sprung out was as big and thick as in the picture and even without Matt's tongue slipping away in it her pussy buzzed excitedly. She ran her hand under the full length, loving its hardness as the young boy smiled. They reached together for his top and pulled it off, leaving him just in his pumps.

"Now about you," she turned to younger brother. Matt had already removed his top and shoes and was standing there with his hands on his hips, sporting a massive erection under his shorts. Robin slid them down slowly, marveling at the massive manhood on the boy, bigger than most men twice or three times his age. "Now that is big," she giggled, looking over at Lily.

The redhead was looking down in awe as both Gavin and Tyler were pulling down their pants to reveal whoppers of a size she'd never seen. The two erect cocks pointed at her, precision missiles designed to pork her holes. She got down beside them, her hands gyrating round them, stroking the massive dongs and feeling them pulse with readiness. "My God," she murmured in shocked excitement, "They're so much better hung than I thought."

Her tongue slipped round Tyler's schlong, running round its length and width, down to his balls. As she licked it she looked up at his smiling face, which turned her on more. Then she turned to Gavin and did the same, her tongue teasing down his massive rod. Opening her mouth she went down the cock, it was lovely to have one in her mouth, even if it stretched her jaw and made it gently ache. She sucked the huge white dick for a short while, before switching back to Tyler's large dark one. It was good as well and the redhead sucked it eagerly, her mouth moving up and down the large dong.

Robin meanwhile had taken the two boys by the hand and let them lead her to the bed. She lay down on her back and spread her legs open. Harry got down on his knees at the foot of the bed and placing his hands on the inside of her thighs pushed them further apart. "Oooohh," moaned Robin as his skilled tongue began to play with her pussy, "OOooohh, that is good."

The young boy continued to lick her, slipping his tongue up and down her slit, leaving her soaked with desire. His younger brother had got on the bed beside her, one hand stroking her tummy whilst he began to suck, nibble and lick at her boobs, moving from one to the other. The journalist groaned in pleasure, enjoy the brother's ministrations as her hand moved down to Matt's dong and stroked the large erection, her hand barely able to close round it. The young boy giggled and switch bosom, his mouth closing round her mammary to suckle.

Tyler and Gavin had encouraged Lily onto the bed as well. The redhead was lying back as Gavin lay on his front licking her funhole eagerly. The way his tongue swiped her fast and hard and skillfully showed that she wasn't the first older woman he'd pleasured that way and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as Lily. Her head was back on the bed and her mouth opened as Tyler knelt over her, slowly working his massive prick into her mouth. It filled her and made the jaw stretch, but it was worth it and her hands was reaching up to his naked buns, squeezing them and gently encouraging his moves.

Both women came from the licking, the foreplay making them wet and ready for something harder and larger than tongue. "Harry, stick that big prong in me," moaned Robin.

"Yeah!" Harry jumped up and still standing in front of the bed, placed his hands on her thighs as he guided the huge dong to her cunt and in. Robin groaned in pleasure as he thrust in and out, his massive meat spearing her tunnel and making it buzz with pleasure. His brother hand stretched down to just above the slit, rubbing at her as Harry pumped, the younger boy's mouth guzzling at her boobs, sucking it in.

"You want me to fuck you as well, Lily?" Gavin looked up at her, her cum coating his smiling lips.

"Yes, yes please," Lily nodded eagerly. Tyler remained crouched above her and she licked at his smooth black balls as his buddy moved onto her, guiding his prick into her waiting fun palace. The redhead gasped as she was penetrated, Marshall had never been as big as the young boy on top of her. Nor had her ex-husband thrust into with the same passion and force, filling her pussy with dong and desire. The young boy pumped in and out as Lily walls slurped round his dick, cum leaking down them. She groaned in pleasure her tongue sliding up and along Tyler's dick as he knelt above her, his balls bouncing over her face. Gavin went faster and faster, driving Lily's delights and the redhead gasped and groaned as his he planted his face between her tits to kiss and lick at the cleavage. "Oooohh, ohh, oh, give it me Gavin, ooohh, yes, I want that big cock."

"You want to swap for some black boy cock," grinned Tyler.

"Oh yes, fuck me with some fresh cock," Lily moaned.

Within seconds, and without rancor, the two boys had switched positions, Tyler slamming his cock into Lily's seeping hole whilst his friend, gently beat his wang against her face, daring her to lick it. The redhead groaned in pleasure, her body hot with desire and excitement. Her mouth opened and she pushed her head back, taking Gavin's schlong between her lips. The young boy moved gently pushing it forward between her lips and over her tongue, Lily sucked eagerly her head bobbing as her body was vibrating from Tyler's ramming. Waves of pleasure tore through her as the two big rods took her at either end, stretching her jaw and pussy open.

"OOohhh, ooooohhh," Robin groaned, her funhole screaming pleasure as Harry hit it. The other young boy continued on her tittys which were licked almost raw but his flexible tongue. Matt's cock throbbed in her hand as she continued to stroke and squeeze it, the veins popping with pleasure. It was ready for her and without warning she shifted position on to her hands and knees. Harry stood back, his cock out of her cunt, but ready for a swift re-entry. It was his younger brother's turn, "Matt, take me in the butt," Robin instructed.

"Right away," he said so eagerly that even though he was being paid Robin knew he was enjoying it as well. He moved behind her and grasping his cock in one hand guided it to her waiting anal hole. She gave a squeal as it punched through the doors and into the heaven beyond, stretching her chute as it ploughed in. Like his brother Matt was a master and it didn't take him long to get into a pounding rhythm, thrusting his schlong all the way into her hole.

"Ooohhh, yes, ooooh fuck my poophole," Robin gasped and shrieked, her hands clawing at the bed. The young boy went faster and harder, sending his length all the way down the anal tunnel. Robin gasped again, "OOoohhh yes. Oooohhh."

Harry moved in front of her, kneeling in her eyeline as he cheekily smiled and pumped his massive cock. "Come here, let me suck that dick," said rocking Robin as she was anally pounded by his brother. Her lips open and closed round the massive treat, she could taste her own cum as she sucked it, her mouth moving up and down as she was rocked and rolled by Matt's cock. One schlong was good, she decided, two was better.

Lily could see her friend being analised and how much she was enjoying it. It made her even hornier, Marshall had hated anal and had to be forced into it, even though Lily loved it. She used her tongue to push Gavin's schlong out of her mouth so she could speak, "Tyler, I want you to nail my butthole."

"Right away, Lily," the young boy grinned eagerly. His cock was dripping with her cum as he knelt on his knees and lifted her ass cheeks so they were resting on his thighs and pressed his dick at her pearly gate, ramming it open and slamming it her shithole.

"Oooohhh, fuck, yes," the redhead cried out as her anal passage was stretched pleasurably by the huge dong. Tyler was holding her waist and pounding hard, the dick ramming deep in and his smooth balls slapping at her. It was heaven, made even more so as Gavin lent over her and started to tongue her pussy, using his small hands to spread the slit open so he could get right in and lick with eager intensity at her wet cunt flesh. "Ooooohh," Lily squealed out and shuddered, any concerns she had about fucking underage boys swept away in a sea of pure pleasure. "Ooohhhh."

Gavin's tongue went faster and Tyler hammered away at the same time. Lily quivered and shook, her hands reaching up to squeeze at Gavin's tight buttocks as he leant over her, his huge cock stroking at her titties as he went to it. Beside her Robin was bouncing back and forth between her two large schlongs, the brothers entering both her holes and filling them with their meat. Her grunts and slurps were loud and passionate, even with her mouth filled with man meat, or rather boy dong.

Reaching underneath herself Robin rubbed at her cunt. It was ready for some more dick again. She pulled her mouth from Harry's rod, licking her lips of the saliva that had leaked out. "Take me together," she ordered, "DP my holes."

"What are you waiting for bro?" Matt yelled almost immediately. Harry wasn't waiting for much.

Robin got herself up so he could slide underneath her and then lowered her soaked pussy onto his waiting prong. It glided up her funhole, filling it with the thick slab of meat. As she moaned and writhed on it Matt was pulling apart her cheeks and reentering her asshole with his dick, shoving it in so deep it was meeting his brothers in her middle. Robin gasped out in pleasure as the most massive orgasm bit deep, making her almost swoon with pleasure. The two brothers began to pound her together, moving so co-operatively that Robin knew she wasn't the first client they had shared; she mentally thanked all the other women who'd trained them so that she could get the orgasmic wells that were gushing in her. "Ooohhh, yes boys, stick those dongs hard in my holes, screw them open."

Gavin lifted his mouth from Lily's hole. "Would you like me to fuck it properly?" he asked.

Lily hesitated, for a whole second. "Oh God, yes, nail me together, I want both your massive dicks in me."

It was something she had always fantasized about and now it was going to happen. Tyler paused for a moment as Gavin changed position so that he was on top of her, his legs stretched out and his palms on the bed. He began to raise himself and Tyler started to pump into her ass again. Gavin pushed down, his huge schlong penetrating her deep and pounding at the walls.

"OOOhhh, oooohhh," Lily was cumming almost straight away as the two prongs stretched and rammed her. She had never cum like with Marshall, she didn't even know you could orgasm so powerfully that it felt like you were going to explode. The two boys went faster and harder, pounding in unison and stretching her holes until they were aching with ecstasy.

"OOOhhh, oooohhh, ooooh," the two friends grunted. The beds under the two women bounced and squeaked and the two women gasped and giggled. The four boys grunted and panted as they pumped in, their huge dongs pleasuring the women immensely as they were double-penetrated to their hearts desire. "Ooooohhh, oooohhhh, more, yes, ooooohhh!"

"OOoohhh, yesss, oooohh" it was impossible to tell whether Robin or Lily was cumming more or harder. All that could be said was that both women were having the time of their lives and neither wanted it to stop. "Ooooohh, yesss, more, more, stick those schlongs in my funholes."

"Where do you want us to cum?" panted Harry.

"All over us," gasped Robin, "Coat us with your spunk."

The four boys continued to pound for a few more minutes, sending both women into realms of unimaginable pleasure. Then they pulled out their cocks and took position either side of Robin and Lily, pumping their massive rods hard in their small hands as the women lay on their backs, panting and waiting for the liquid treat. They didn't have to wait long before the boys were grunting and twisting their features as their dicks exploded cum. In shot out in silvery bursts of goo, splashing down over Robin and Lily's tits and face, coating them with warm cum. The four boys continued pumping until they were empty and the two women were wet and warm with their seed dripping down them. The exhausted boys got down, on the bed, snuggling into the women and gently kissing at their sides.

"Oh, that was so much fun," said Lily, "No wonder you kept the secret."

"It's the best. So no regrets?" Robin asked.

"None. We have to do this again," Lily replied.

"Well now you know the pleasure of shota screwing we will," Robin agreed.


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