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How I Met Your Mother: Robin's Scoop Part 2 (Fb,anal)
by Neenah

At first glance the ice-cream parlor looked like a normal parlor. However Robin Scherbatsky had been investigating the underground shota scene and knew it wasn't. She had first been put on the track of it by her friend Lily mentioning that she'd heard that one of the elder brothers of one of her children was going to a shota party. Robin's journalist's nose had led to her to one and the discovering that they were not an urban legend. She should have busted it wide open then and won herself journalistic acclaim. Instead she stayed and took part in the party. Since then she'd be addicted to shota, discovering that young boy cock was the best kind - able to keep going and going and going until she was above satisfied.

It had been at one of the parties someone had mentioned the parlor and how it was a front for a shota prostitution racket. So Robin was going, not as a journalist, but as a woman who wanted some young hard schlong.

As she entered she saw her source had been right. It might have passed as a gaudy ice-cream parlor to the uninitiated but not to someone who knew what they were looking at. The customers were either young boys or women from their mid-twenties to early sixties, with apart from the waitresses and the server not a woman under twenty five or a man over fourteen.

Robin walked up to the counter. The server smiled, a cheerful smile on his chubby face, "How can I help?"

"I'd like one of your specials," she said.

"They're expensive," he said.

"I've been told, but worth it," Robin said.

"You want fresh or slightly mature?"

"The freshest."

"What flavor do you want? Vanilla or chocolate," he casually looked between a bunch of young black boys sitting at one table and some white ones sitting at another.

"I'll try vanilla today," Robin said.

"You can have fudge on top, dark chocolate or strawberry."

"Strawberry" replied Robin.

"The strawberry comes with sprinkles, that ok?" the server asked.

Robin wasn't sure what he meant. The server smiled, "If you don't like it when it comes to your table you can send it back and reorder for no charge."

"In that case it'll be fine," said Robin.

"Take a seat in the booth, it'll be a couple of minutes," said the server.

Robin went over to the booth and sat down, it was secluded and couldn't be seen from the entrance or the windows. She waited for a few minutes and then a young boy came over carrying two bowls of ice-cream, with red sauce and sprinkles covering him. But it wasn't the ice-cream Robin was interested in, but the boy. He was skinny, or perhaps slim would be a better description with a shock of red hair that fell down over his forehead and could do with a brush. His skin was pale and freckled and his smile was wide and open. "Hiya, I'm Jamie."

"Robin," said Robin.

She took another look at him, his T-shirt was baggy and had a stain of ice-cream on it, his pumps were scuffed with one sock pulled higher than the other and like every other boy in the place his shorts were tight over an oversized python of a schlong. "How old are you Jamie?" Robin asked.

"Ten," he said, his white teeth flashing in a smile.

"I bet that's not the only ten," purred Robin looking suggestively at his shorts, "Do you want to join me and share this ice-cream."

"Yes," nodded Jamie.

He took a seat opposite her and kicked off his pumps, so that he could run his foot up her thigh. Robin giggled as he massaged her leg through her jeans. She watched as he picked up his spoon and began to eat the ice-cream, cramming it in his mouth like it was going to melt before he finished. She raised her own spoon and took one spoonful, slowly drinking it back. She wasn't here for the ice-cream.

A waitress appeared, about eighteen and as perky as only a teenager can be, "How's the special? Is it okay?"

Jamie's foot moved further up Robin's leg and he beamed widely. Robin smiled back, "I think it's perfect."

"That will be four hundred dollars," the waitress said reaching into her apron as Robin pulled the money from her purse. She put a key on the table, "There's an apartment nearby if you and Jamie want to get better acquainted, he knows the way. Just so you know all we're doing is providing some ice-cream and an apartment anything that happens in your apartment is nothing to do with us."

She smiled as if she didn't believe a word of what she said.

"Ok," smiled Robin, palming the key.

The waitress sauntered off leaving Robin and Jamie to finish the ice-cream. He quickly slurped through it, dripping some from his mouth on to his chin and T-shirt. His tongue swept out to lick it.

"Let me," said Robin and leaned over the table to run her tongue over his chin and mouth. She licked away the ice-cream sensually and slowly. Jamie's hands reached out and cradled her melons, squeezing them sexually. Robin smiled and drew back. "Is the apartment far?" The boy shook his head and Robin stood up, offering the boy her hand, "Shall we go there and get to know each other?"

He beamed broadly, "Yes," he said and jumped up, taking her hand in his. The server gave them a small nod as he polished the glass at the counter, otherwise no-one took any interest of the thirty and ten year old leaving hand in hand. They continued down the sidewalk for a few hundred yards, the people passing probably thinking that they were aunt and nephew as they weren't close enough looking to be Mom and son. After a few minutes they arrived at an apartment block. The heavy set man at the door tapped his head in a mock salute, "Another aunt Jamie?" he asked with a knowing smile.

"Yes, this is my aunt Robin," Jamie said and squeezed Robin's hand in a way nephews never did.

"Well you have a good night," the doorman smiled, opening the door for them.

They took the elevator to the third floor and Robin opened the door into the apartment. It was neat if spartan, with a couch and small table and a television, a rug on the floor and a shelf with a few books, a small kitchen unit was to the side and through open doors Robin could see a neatly made bed and a bathroom with a shower unit. She put down her purse and sat down as Jamie shut the door. She smiled and patted the seat next to her. He bounced over and jumped down so hard the couch creaked. "You're pretty," he grinned.

"Thank you, you're handsome yourself," Robin tittered. Her hand slid down to his shorts to rub the huge python underneath. It trembled and hardened at her touch.

The boy leaned in towards her, his face moving upwards. Robin opened her mouth as he kissed her. His tongue and lips moved expertly, better than virtually any other boys his age, showing he was no beginner. Even as his tongue moved gently over hers his hands were moving to her chest mounds, holding and squeezing them through her top. His fingers began to undo the button's of her top, moving in and onto her tits, pulling down the bra so that could touch her hard nipples. Robin kissed him more, her hand continuing to rub at his dick, she enjoyed it stirring to her touch, straining at the shorts like it wanted to break out.

The young boy was removing her top now, pulling it over her shoulders so that she was only wearing a bra and that was half-off. He kissed her some more, moving his mouth from her lips the bottom of her chin and then her neck. Robin loved it as he kissed at her throat, his smooth lips pressing at her, his tongue tenderly tickling at her. They both kicked off their shoes as Robin's hand went over the lump in his shorts, rising up as she went over the huge hillock. His mouth moved lower, his small hands pulling her bra farther down so that he could get to her bosom. He licked and kissed at the round nipples, moving from one to other and giving them each an expert's sucking. As he was doing so his hand was playing with buttons on her jeans, spring it open. As soon as he'd done that he stopped licking at her tits and looked at her with a wide beam on his face.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes," said Robin quickly. She stood up and quickly removed her jeans and the panties underneath, then unclipped her bra so that she was totally naked. Jamie pulled off his T-shirt so that she could see his slim boyish chest, it was flat with no muscle, but it was endearingly sexy. She thought he was going to remove his shorts, but he kept them on, obviously that was a treat for later. She dropped back down on the seat and opened her legs. She said "It's yours."

He dropped down and began to lick her. His tongue moved quickly over her hole, slapping upwards towards her clit and then down. Robin moaned in appreciation, he was as good as any lover she'd had, quickly appreciating where his tongue should be concentrating and keeping it there, slurping and slapping at her pussy. Quickly she got wet, her womanly juice seeping out over his face and lips as his tongue drove over her. "Oh, oh, oh," she moaned in pleasure and excitement, "Oh, oh, oh."

Her cries continued as he tongue lashed her cunt, his small hands resting on the top of her thighs, keeping the legs apart as he professionally serviced her womanhood. Robin gasped and cried out, her body trembling in ecstasy as the young boy's tongue slipped over her pussy. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she cried louder as he brought her to fruition, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." Her body shook and shuddered as the warm flows of passion raced from her pussy, "Oh, oh my God, oh my God."

Jamie looked up, with a beaming smile on his face and his lips covered with her cum. She tried to relax and calm herself back down from the orgasm as the young boy stood up. He stood in front of her and reached for his short buttons, undoing them and bringing down the shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear so his cock sprung free immediately. Robin's earlier guess was accurate, it was at least ten inches and seemed even larger against his small ten year old frame. He stood there, stroking the underside with a finger, letting her admire it. She couldn't help but do so, "That's wonderful," she said, "I am so ready to fuck you."

"And me you," giggled the boy, "You're hot."

"Shall we go into the bedroom?" said Robin. She stood up and took his hand, leading him into the room.

Once there he got onto the bed and she followed him, rolling him onto his back so that his huge dick was sticking up.

"I'm going to ride you," she said and moved to straddle him. Holding her pussy apart she slid down his pole, enjoying the sensation of the huge prick moving up her wet cunt. She went down all the way, his schlong filling her pussy. She began to slide up and down his cock, placing her hands either side of his thin body for leverage. Her boobs dangled and bounced over his face and he moved to lick and kiss them as they bounced down, his head moving up at the same time as he lifted his body to meet her. Soon they were going at it at speed, his large meat ploughing in and out of her sexhole.

"Oh, oh, oh God," Robin cried as she went down. His tonguing had been good, but having his whole prick in her was fantastic. He quickly matched her rhythm and then encouraged her to go faster and harder so their bodies bounced together. Harder she went down, crying out in elation as his huge cock filled her and pushed at her erogenous zone. He grinned as he looked up her, his face sometimes being obscured by her bouncing boobs so that all she could see was the shock of his red hair. His hands were on the small of her back, holding her and massaging at her, sliding down to play with her round butt cheeks.

"Oh my God," Robin squealed as she came, her body shaking. She carried on thrusting down as he rose to meet her and came again, a rush of blood swirling to her head. "Oh, oh, oh, oh God."

His cock pounded at her and she saw his smile fade and turn to a look of concentration. She knew the look and closed her eyes, swooning back in pleasure as spurt after spurt of his warm seed filled her cunt. Blast after blast ripped into her, as a young boy he had plenty of seed and by the time he'd finished her pussy was leaking spunk. She slid off his cock and onto her back, loving the warm feeling as the silvery, velvety goo slid from her pussy and down her thighs.

She moved her mouth down to his middle and licked his cock, covered with his and her cum. He grinned and she licked it again, it was salty, but edible. She smiled, "I am guessing that in a few minutes you'll be ready for some more."

He nodded, "Quicker if you keep that up Robin," he said with a charming beam.

Robin took him at his word, licking at the huge dong, cleaning it with her tongue. He was as good as his word, his cock swiftly stiffening into another erection. Robin continued to lick at it, slipping her tongue round it from the smooth hairless balls up to the knob at the top, cleaning it of all her drying juice and his sticky cum. Then she smiled and rolled onto her back, her hands going up to her ass and gripping her buttocks, to slide them apart. "How about you stick it in my ass?"

Jamie grinned, "You're the customer," he said in a tone which suggested that in this case the customer was definitely right.

He was on her, guiding his huge schlong into her tight back hole. She groaned as he entered, it was even a tighter fit than when he filled her pussy. But as he pushed it down she knew it was worth it. Robin moved one hand to play with her pussy, whilst the other kneaded a tit. Jamie's small hands leaned on the bed either side of her as his skinny body started to pump up and down. He was so light that if his huge manhood hadn't been stretching her shitter she'd have hardly realised he was there. However with a dick as big as his she certainly knew he was in her and loved it. "Oh, she cried, "Oh, oh, oh."

"Urh, urh, urh," Jamie grunted as he began to pound her at pace, his thick meaty schlong pummelling her ass, ploughing down deep into the shithole. Robin could hear him panting in her ear as he went up and down, his thin chest bouncing on her back and his huge dick spearing her asshole.

"Oh God", Robin cried out in pleasure, as the young boys brought her to anal orgasm. He didn't stop as she screamed, but carried on, pounding at her hole. In he went, filling her completely, her asshole like a vice gripping at his dick. Robin cried out louder, "Oh, oh, oh, oh my God."

"Oh God," Jamie cried out in reply and blasted another explosion of cum into her shithole. Like before it filled her up, bubbling over and leaking over her butt cheeks, as he rolled off.

"That was great," Robin said, turning her head to look at the freckled face beside her. He smiled, revealing his white teeth and nodded, a trickle of sweat oozing down from his forehead, his red hair even more wild than it had been before. She leaned towards him and gently kissed his forehead, as her hand slid down to play with his docile wiener. They began to kiss again, their mouths pressing against each other as their tongues played and darted. Her hand continued to work at his prick and he became hard again.

He broke the kiss, "I can do it again," he smiled charmingly.

"I could as well," smiled Robin.

She rolled onto her back and spread open her legs to allow the ten year old to spear her again. His cock slid down her cunt, going all the way in until his ball sack was nestling in her lips. He began to lift himself and fall again, pressing his dick in. Robin's hands moved to his buttocks, gripping his firm young buttocks in her hands as he rose and fell and squeezing them in encouragement. His head was falling into her cleavage and he kissed and licked at the melons as he screwed her, his tongue sliding over the mounds, leaving them wet and nipples sensitive and hard.

"Oh, oh, oh," smiled Robin. It was a lot slower than before, as if they'd used up all the hardcore passion and now was just a slow, relaxing fuck. It was still enjoyable and if the orgasms weren't as intense the lead-up was longer and just as pleasurable for all that. She cried out as she came once, twice and then a while later a third time. She was just cumming for the fourth time when he grunted and his goo spurted out filling her cunt and seeping out.

He slid out and onto his back. He turned his head and looked at the clock before turning back to her with a sad face, "I better get home; it'll soon be eight."

"Ok," smiled Robin. "I've had my money's worth."

"Good," he giggled. "I better take a shower." He got up and walked towards the door, Robin watching him go. He paused in the doorway and turned with an impish grin, "Do you want to join me?"

"I could shampoo your hair," smiled Robin and got up, quickly following the young boy into the shower.

As the warm water cascaded onto them she did so, running her hand through his soft hair and then onto his shoulders and down his back. Just touching him made her horny again and as the water washed away the soap from him, she began to slide her hand down his chest and rub her pussy at his back. He turned to her, his cock hard. "Shall I clean your pussy with my tongue and leave it fresh?" he smiled.

Robin thought that the last thing her pussy was going to be after the boy had slurped at it was fresh, but she nodded enthusiastically, "Yes."

He went to it with speed and enthusiasm, crouching in front of her and thrusting his face at her cunt. His tongue sped out, slapping at her pussy lips, running up them to her clit and pushing its way into the tunnel. Robin gasped and groaned, leaning into the corner of the shower wall, her arms spread out and grasping at the walls, slipping down their slick surfaces as she shuddered and jerked in enjoyment. Warm water splashed down on her, adding to the hot feeling she was getting.

"Oh, oh, oh," she cried out in orgasm, writhing in fury as Jamie's tongue took her to places filled with orgasmic delight. "Ohhh, oooh, God, ohhhh. I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming."

After she shrieked in pleasure Jamie withdrew his head with a smile. "I better get dried."

Robin nodded. She followed him out and sat on the bathtub watching as he dried himself. Then she wrapped her towel round her and followed him as he headed into the main room to get dressed. Afterwards she kissed him on the lips and dropped him another twenty, "As a tip."

He had been expensive, but worth every cent.


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