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How I Met Your Mother: Lily's Student (bF)
by Neenah

Forty year old divorcee Lily Aldrin was sitting at the table in her small apartment she shared marking the work of her sixth graders. She smiled as she read what one of them wrote and looked up at her best friend and roommate Robin Scherbatsky, who was sitting on the couch watching the TV. "Listen to what one of my class has written, we're doing metaphors and he used the example of 'It was a rose as pretty as Miss Aldrin.' She smiled, "That is so cute."

Her friend looked up, a wicked grin on her face, "The question is, is he?"

Lily blushed. Tommy Munro was kind of cute, with his messy blonde hair and infectious wide grin. She shook her head, "I'm his teacher," she said sternly.

"So?" asked Robin, "This isn't the fifties. You're single, Marshall is seeing someone else and has custody of Marvin and Daisy and you wouldn't be the first hot teacher who was dating one of her younger students. Didn't you say that your deputy Principal was dating one of the boys in another class?"

"Yes, but...l"

"But nothing," Robin replied.

"I'll think about it," conceded Lily. She looked down at the work, it was very good, not just the metaphor but the hand writing and spelling as well. She brought her pen over the paper 'A+'. Then she added a small little heart beside it and surrounded that with even smaller hearts that looked like they were popping out of their bigger cousin.

* * *

Lily thought about it a lot. When she gave Tommy his paper he blushed with pleasure, his sweet face reddening as he saw the heart and his eyes filling with hope. At the same time Lily glanced surreptitiously down to his pants and saw the lump she was causing just by leaning over him in a looser than normal dress, and it wasn't a small lump. She turned away and moved to hand out the paper to the next child, sensing Tommy's eyes drilling into her ass as his head swiveled to follow her. She gave it a small wiggle and hoped he appreciated it.

Over the next couple of weeks she kept her eye on him and noticed he was keeping his eye on her. He would quickly avert his gaze and pretend to be looking elsewhere if she looked back too obviously, but it was obvious he had a crush on her. And she was getting a little one on him, he was a cutesicle, with his messy blonde hair always with a lock trailing down over his forehead, the cutest little smile and a sexy nose that fitted his face. He might have been slender, but it suited him not to be big and bulky and now and then she got a glimpse of the lump in his pants and she knew he wasn't small where it counted. The thought of his huge schlong in her made her tingle with excitement.

It was a Saturday two weeks later that Lily decided to go for it. She had one of Tommy's papers in front of her, well-written as ever. She could hear the squeals of Robin as she and her newest boyfriend, a thirteen year old from down the hall, banged away in Robin's room and the knowledge her best friend was getting some made her horny. Lily continued to read Tommy's essay, when she got to the end she saw he had carefully drawn a heart with an arrow through it, above it he'd written Tommy Munro and below it Miss Aldrin. Lily reached for her red pen and crossed out the Miss replacing it with Lily. Before she could stop herself she was drawing a second red heart and adding Lily Aldrin and Tommy Munro in her neat handwriting. She looked at it and for a moment considering tearing up the exercise book and throwing it away and claiming it was lost. But Tommy had a crush on her. She added a couple of tiny little hearts around the big one and topped them with kisses, before putting an A in a circle and placing it with the other exercise books. If Tommy had a crush on her, the divorcee had one on him as well.

* * *

Lily handed out the exercise books to her class. When she came to Tommy she leaned down, so that the top of her baggy top was open and he could see down inside, not as far as her boobs, the top wasn't that open, but enough to make an eleven year old interested. She ran her tongue round her lips seductively and laid her hand on his in way that was far from innocent, "Very good assignment, Tommy. But lets have a word after class about the drawings at the end."

He nodded and blushed red, probably thinking she was going to tell him off. He opened the book and as she walked back to her desk Lily could sense his confusion as he saw her additions. She turned and gave him a smile, which no-one in the rest of the class would understand as it was a 'fuck-me' smile; probably Tommy didn't understand it either, but just doing it made Lily's pussy buzz with anticipation. She saw him open the book and look down to the end and see her additions, he looked up both surprised and happy, his mouth widening in a smile. She looked at him naughtily and she was sure he now understood.

It was less than an hour until school finished, but it seemed to drag for Lily as she chalked on the board and gave the children tasks to do. The bell when it rang couldn't come quick enough. Luckily all the children, apart from Tommy, left quickly leaving the teacher and the boy alone. Lily quickly walked over and locked the door, she didn't want to be disturbed. She turned round to look at him, he was sitting expectant that his dream might be coming true, nervous that he'd got it wrong. The divorcee gave a sexy smile and slowly walked towards him, her hips swinging enticingly. She pulled up a seat next to him, putting it so close that there legs were touching as she sat.

"I saw your picture, of the hearts, do you think I'm pretty," Lily said her eyes flashing with desire.

Tommy nodded, "You're very beautiful, the prettiest woman I've ever seen."

She smiled and placed a hand on his thigh, moving upwards, "I think you're so cute as well, I added a little picture of my own. I hope you liked it."

"It was great," he gulped and looked down at her cleavage. She smiled and undid a couple of buttons so that he could see into the blouse and the black sexy bra underneath, which just covered her mounds at the front and outer side and did little to cover the middle. "You're a very good drawer."

"You just get sweeter and sweeter," giggled Lily, who was a frustrated artist. She moved further up and onto his package. It was hard beneath his pants, like iron, and big too, a monster of meaty manhood. "Would you like to kiss me?"

He nodded eagerly. Their mouths came together, opening and they kissed. Her tongue swirled and his followed, their salivas mixing as they opened and closed on each other. His schlong shuddered as she rubbed it under the pants, trying to break out. She kissed harder, pressing her body against his youthful frame and rubbing her tittys at his slender chest. He kissed back, good and sexy, his mouth over hers and his tongue going forward. She could feel his hands on her waist, going up and down, rubbing at the blouse, slipping it out of her skirt.

Slowly she moved her head back, a small spool of saliva hanging between them before it dropped down. "Did you enjoy that?" she purred, "I did."

"Yes, it was great," Tommy nodded eagerly, his blonde hair flopping over his face.

"Keep this quiet from your friends," she said, "I don't want to get a reputation like Miss Parker."

"Sure thing Miss Aldrin," he replied.

She reached for his pant's zip and slowly pulled it down, smiling sexually all the time, "You can call me Lily," she purred.

She reached into his pants and felt for his schlong. It was easy to find, less easy to get out, so massive her fingers could barely fit round it and the flap was too small so she had to undo the top button as well. She'd never seen anything as meaty or thick, ten inches of whopper. Marshall had been a big man with a small dick, Tommy was a small boy with a huge one. He gave a small gasp as she began to stroke it and move her hand up and down. "I like that Miss Aldrin, Lily."

"You're so big," she said, "That's the biggest I've seen."

She pushed back her chair and got to her knees in front of him, kneeling in front of the massive schlong transfixed by it. Her hand reached under her skirt and into her panties rubbing her sex as she continued to jerk his member. He gave an appreciative grunt as her wrist worked, her hands gripping tight at the thick gland, her fingers squeezing it tight. He pushed at his pants slipping them down from his ass and to his knees, giving the teacher both more space to work and a better sight of his smooth, big, balls and giant prong.

"That looks so nice, do you mind if I lick it," Lily giggled.

He nodded, "Go ahead."

She leaned her head nearer and began to slip her tongue round the dong. It was so good and big, it felt so good to feel it under her tongue, slithering round and round the gland, making it nice and slippery and coating it with her spit. She could tell Tommy was enjoying it, his breath short spurts and his legs trembling in excitement. Up she went until she was at the tip. Her jaw opened, so wide it ached and then she went down, taking it in her mouth. It filled her, she'd never, ever had such a big dong in her mouth. She couldn't take it all and she didn't try to, her mouth engulfing the top as she used her hand to jerk the bottom.

"Yes Miss, Lily. That's so much fun, you're making my penis so hard, Miss Lily suck me," the young boy shuddered as the older teacher blew him, her lips clamped round his dick and her wet mouth hoovering up the huge schlong. She could sense his excitement and hear the gasps of breath and it made her happy how she could please him just with her mouth and hands.

"Miss. oh, oh, oh," he grunted again. His hands pressed at his desk and his legs straightened the heels, kicking at the ground.

Lily brought her mouth up and licked her lips, smiling as she looked first at his dick and then at his flushed face, "How was that?"

"Magical," Tommy gasped. He blushed a little and nervously said, "Could I...? You know... Have a lick at your boobies?"

"Of course, lover boy," smiled Lily. She undid the rest of her blouse buttons and shrugged it off, before reaching round for her bra clip. She pulled the garment away, shaking her boobs at Tommy as she stood and dropped it to the floor in front of him. She onto his lap straddling him, pushing herself up his thighs until she could feel the hardness of his dick pressing at her stomach. She leaned forward the rest of the way dangling her bosoms at the young boy, "Suck them Tommy, lick them, they are yours."

He looked so excited it was like his birthday had come early. His mouth opened and he began to suck her tits, closing his lips round the boob, his teeth scratching at the nipples. Lily gasped in pleasure, holding her arms round him and rubbing herself up and down his thighs. He switched tits and began to suck in the other one, before switching back, this time licking and lapping round the hard nipple before he clamped down and began to suck at it. He might not have the technique, but he was making up for it with his eagerness and Lily gasped and shuddered in excitement as her nipples became super sensitive, "Oh, Tommy, oh, oh. Suck my tittys, slurp them up."

He switched from tit to tit, suckling them and covering them with his spit, leaving Lily moaning, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." She was so turned on it hurt, her pussy soaked and her panties stuck to her. The young boy's lips crawled up her boob, sucking and slurping, his tongue pressing out and round at the nipples. Even as he suckled her boobs, she could feel his large, thick prong pressing at her and she knew she needed it, to ram her cunt and fill her with his meat. Grabbing his head she lifted it up from her tittys and brought her own mouth down. He didn't seem to mind and kissed her with the same eagerness that he sucked her bosom, his tongue pressing at hers and his mouth groping round her lips.

She pushed herself up and stood up. "Do you want to have sex with me, like your Mom does with your Dad? Do you want to stick that big schlong in my hot hole and make good those hearts you've been drawing in your book?" Even as she was saying it she was undoing her skirt so it dropped to the floor and then pulling down her panties.

He nodded, "Yes, yes I do." He pulled of his sweater and vest, dropping them to the pile of clothes on the floor, his shoes and socks following until he was naked, his huge dick sticking out like a torpedo.

Lily took his hand and led him over to her desk. She normally kept it clear, wanting to set her students a good example around tidiness and it was the work of a few moments to remove the few papers, pens and clock that was on it. She climbed up onto the wooden top and spread her legs. "It's yours Tommy."

"Can I lick it first?" he said.

"Whatever you want cutie," Lily grinned and spread her legs wider.

He moved to the side of the desk and leaned over her, crouching down and placing his hands either side of her. His face moved to her pussy and she felt the touch of his tongue. She shivered and moaned as he began to lick, sliding his mouth muscle up and around her hole. He licked eagerly, pressing down at her lips and into the pink, making her even wetter. His tongue went into her, making her gasp and shudder as it found her stimuli and then he was up licking round the lips and over the hole. He went higher and hit her clit, pressing at the bud with his tongue before slipping down and into the pink.

"Oh, oh, oh," Lily grunted. She had never been licked with such eagerness, not by Marshall, not by anyone. Her entire pussy was exploding in delight, orgasms tearing from it and make her stretch in ecstasy. "Oohh, Tommy, ooohhh, eat my pussy-hole, taste my cunny juices."

The young boy's tongue drove in, his hands on her thighs, holding and stroking them with his thumbs. He went in deeper, slurping at the juice that was soaking her insides, licking away at the wet, tender flesh, pushing his tongue at it and tongue-fucking her into sexual oblivion. He went at her with a vigour, making her cunt blow with pleasure, giving her more excitement than she'd ever felt. She came again, squeaking out "Tommy, oooohhh, oooohhh, Tommy."

He raised his mouth, smiling as the cum coated his lips, "That was so nice."

"For me as well," gasped Lily, "Now get on this desk and feed me your big schlong."

The young boy climbed onto the desk and onto his teacher. Lily spread her legs wider for him and reaching down eased her pussy lips apart. Even so they stretched as his schlong went in, only because she was so juiced did it go in and even then it was a tight squeeze. Not that Lily minded, she'd never had a dong so big and she discovered she loved it even more than she thought she would. Tommy began to go in and out and with every thrust into her cunt Lily felt the world catch fire. "Ooohh," she groaned, "Oooohh, that's good Tommy, fuck me with your huge member."

He rose and fell, shoving his cock all the way in so that Lily felt the slap on his balls against her. His smooth, hairless chest rubbed and fell onto her stomach, his head centimeters from her tits, the two mounds bouncing at head as his hair flopped over them. His tongue reached out and even as he was fucking her pussy he was licking and kissing her boobies. She squealed and gasped, moving with him and closing her legs around his slender frame. "Oh, yes, oh, ram my hole, slot your dick into my cunt."

The desk was hard against her back, but Lily didn't care. All that mattered was the huge meaty member pounding in and out of her and the wondrous sensations it brought. She squeaked and cried out as she came again and then again, the orgasms powerful within her. Tommy slammed down, his mouth moving onto a nipple, sucking it as his ass rose and fell, pushing his schlong down into her hole. She was so wet that his lubricated cock could move at speed, quickly and deeply penetrating. She could feel his hair rubbing at her, the blonde locks whipping over his face and her tits. He was looking up at her, smiling and grinning in a happiness they both shared as he continued to pound in, his smooth chest bouncing over her.

"Oh yes, Tommy, oh you are making me cum," she cried, "Bang me, make me cum even more."

"I'm feeling good as well," he grunted, "I think may be going to spurt."

He sounded apologetic, though as he'd made her cum so good and for so long Lily was more than forgiving that it was coming to an end. "Cum in me," she squeaked out.

He thudded away for a about half a minute more, before gasping and shuddering, his dick shooting out liters of cum into her cunt. It filled the pussy and overflowed, dripping past her lips and onto the desk.

He collapsed across, breathing deeply as she stroked the back of his head, "I think that's an A for both effort and performance," Lily said.


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