Home Improvement: The Videotape (MF,F-mast)
by Swedeguy

Finally, the day that both Tim and Jill Taylor had been looking forward to
had arrived. Time for some fun and games away from the boys. Tim had booked
the suite several months ago. The spa billed itself as a "sensuous retreat
for consenting adults." The one night stay was going to cost $280, but it
was worth it. From the in-room Jacuzzi with its own waterfall, to the
king-size bed, to the elaborate entertainment center, to the fully stocked
wet bar, everything was first class.

After dinner in one of Detroit's finer restaurants, the Taylor's drove to the
spa. On the way Jill teased her husband by pulling up her skirt displaying
her long legs encased in black thigh-highs and matching garter belt.

"Like what you see, toolman," Jill cooed.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" brayed Tim.

Jill slid her lovely bottom atop the front bench seat of the Chevy Nomad and
snuggled close to her husband. As she nibbled his earlobe she reached into
Tim's lap and pulled down the zipper of Tim's trousers. She inserted a hand
and withdrew Tim's cock. Tim gasped at the feel of her hand fondling his
erect dick.

"Jill, if your not careful you're going to cause me to run off the road," he

"Oh Tim, I'm just warming you up," said Jill. "I just want you ready for
you're on-camera performance."

Recently, the sexy brunette and talked Tim into videotaping some of their
bedroom play. At first Tim was taken aback that his cautious wife wanted to
record their sexual activity. But he had to admit that the tapes sure were
hot! If Jill wasn't in the mood, all he had to do was pop in a video and she
would be all over him.

As the Chevy pulled into the parking lot Jill carefully put Tim's hard prick
back into his pants. Tim checked in at the front desk and returned to the
wagon with the room key, his hard dick uncomfortable in his pants. Finding
the room, Tim parked the car and carried in the suitcases.

"Tim, it's beautiful," Jill cried as she entered the luxurious suite. "Just
look at the Jacuzzi. It's the size of a small pool!"

"Only the best, baby! Only the best!," said Tim.

"Why don't you freshen up and I'll set up the camera and lights," he

"OK, be back in a flash!"

Tim turned on the large screen TV and popped in a videotape and hit the play
button. On the screen appeared the lovely image of Jill languidly fingering
her pussy. Next he set up the expensive Binford video camera and lights near
the big round bed. He noticed the huge mirrors hanging in place above the

He quickly stripped, sighing in relief as his dick attained freedom. He
climbed on to the firm mattress and watched Jill's slim fingers slowly work
the pink slit between her long, loving legs. Jill's lust-filled voice sounded
from the speakers, filling the room with her gasps and sighs.

It was one of the first tapes they had made together and it was one of his
best, he recalled.

The bathroom door opening interrupted his thoughts of lust. He turned to see
his wife enter the bedroom. Tim did a double take: His sexy wife was wearing
a long black wig that reached the middle of her back. The shining black hair
was cut in a low bang, straight across above her eyebrows. She had applied
glittering gold eye shadow. Black mascara framed her big brown eyes. Her lips
were coated in slick red lip gloss. The effect was one that Tim thought he
was looking at a stranger. His cock lurched. To complete the illusion, she
wore a lacy, black, push-up bra that showed her beautiful cleavage. The bra
had cut-outs to allow Jill's long nipples to stand erect and proud. On her
hips she wore black thong silk panties with a black garter belt, stockings
and black knee-high leather boots with 5-inch spike heels.

Jill glanced at her image on the TV and involuntarily reached a hand to her

"Turn around and show me what you know I want to see," Tim said huskily.

Jill smiled slyly and keeping her beautiful brown eyes on her husband,
slowly turned presenting him her gorgeous derriere. Then she bent at her
slender waist and leaned forward while arching her back and sticking out
voluptuous ass. She reached back and taking a cheek of ripe ass flesh in
each hand, spread her butt. As she wiggled her hips seductively, Tim
made sure he captured all the action on tape.

"Yeah, baby," said Tim, "shake that ass!"

Jill pulled the thin stripe of cloth aside exposing her hungry asshole. Tim
zoomed in for a close-up of his wife's clenching and unclenching brown ring
of pleasure.

Jill stood and settled her sexy body on the bed. Tim adjusted the camera
and propping his head on a pillow, gazed at the reflection in the bright,
strategically placed mirror at the foot of the bed to view Jill's flushed
and excited face as she engulfed his swollen cock in her mouth.

He watched contentedly. His cock felt wonderful in that hot, velvety mouth.
She was as wildly turned on by sex as he was, just as promiscuous and just
as daring, and he had never found anyone that could suck his long, thick
pecker like his wife.

He enjoyed the show, watching first the taped Jill playing with her wet
pussy, then returning to the image of the real Jill with her head bobbing
up and down on his throbbing cock. He groaned deeply as he watched and felt
her tongue lap hot circles around the bulbous head of his prick. The smooth
pink of her tongue looked and felt beautiful against the red skin of his
circumcised penis.

Tim grasped her thigh and pulled it closer to his head. She was kneeling
with her full, white ass facing him. She raised her thigh as he pulled it
toward him and straddled his head with her luscious hips, not missing a
stroke on his cock as she did so.

Here was the third view that Tim had at his command -- Jill's fragrant, hot
pussy spread out invitingly right in front of his sex-flushed face and hungry
mouth. He pulled the thong down over her hips. Thy pubic hair was carefully
shaved framing her plump pussy-lips and tightly puckered anus. He stared at
the beautiful, juicy sight for a long moment before taking his first taste of
her wet cunt.

Grasping the smooth, cool flesh of her buttocks, he spread her ass-cheeks and
exposed even more of her lovely pussy. He saw her cunt open, her asshole
spread, and her swollen clit strain from between her turgid pussy-lips as he
pressed his face into her steaming crotch.

Jill released an ecstatic groan as she felt Tim's skilled tongue touch her
excited cunt. She sucked harder on the head of his cock, straining to get
more of his prick into her mouth as he began to excite her juicy pussy.

Tim pressed his tongue lightly against Jill's clit and licked smoothly up
through the humid valley of her cunt, into her dripping hole, and onto her
flexing asshole -- where he lingered for a moment to tantalize the wrinkled
pucker. He then swept his tongue quickly back through the hot cleft of her
cunt, pressing more firmly this time, and plucked the throbbing clit into
his mouth, sucking hard.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... that's right ... suck my clit, Tim ... suck it hard!" she
cried, her mouth involuntarily leaving his cock as the delicious feelings in
her loins swept through her entire body.

She sucked his cock back into her quivering mouth, pulling him in deeper this
time as he continued to tease her clit. He knew the way she liked it. He kept
a steady pressure on that swollen bud of clit-flesh, feeling it throb and
move, and then began to flick lightly and maddeningly with the tip of his
tongue. Keeping the hot little love-button trapped with his lips, he vibrated
it expertly with his tongue. He felt the warm sensation of his cock going
deeper and deeper into her mouth in return.

"Uuuuummmmm," she moaned, her mouth and throat stuffed with Tim's cock. She
was going wild with lust. Tim's hot mouth sucking and manipulating that most
sensitive part of her cunt was unleashing all her passion.

With her animal desires blazing, she fought back the reflex to gag and
pressed her head down farther on Tim's long cock, letting it slide all the
way into her throat. Her lips pressed against his pubic hair as she gulped
and sucked on his hot prick.

The moans came from Tim now as he felt her consume his entire cock. He let
her throbbing clit escape from his sucking mouth and began again to lap his
tongue through the entire hot, wet region of her loins. He licked in long
strokes, massaging her burning crotch from clit to asshole.

His actions were becoming more and more frenzied, and he could no longer pull
his face away from her pussy to look at her erotic image in the mirror or on
the television screen. He knew that as they each sucked and licked, the video
recorder was capturing every moment of their bliss on tape.

Jill was on the brink of orgasm. Tim could tell by the way his cock was deep
in her throat, and by the way her hips were starting to buck and twitch above
his face. He could also tell by the way her cunt-hole was squeezing his
tongue as he plunged deep into her pussy, and by the way her asshole was
flexing excitedly.

He knew that now was the time to push her over the edge of bliss -- before
he came and while she was at the peak of her passion. He again captured her
twitching clit between his lips and massaged and pulled firmly on her small
pink bud. He felt the tiny center of passion throb as he pulled, her hot
pussy-flesh stretching and straining as he clamped down more firmly.

"Aaaaahhhh ... uuuuhhhh!" His skillful manipulation of her clit did the
trick. Her head was raised above his cock, her face a mask of passion as
she howled and moaned in the ecstasy of her orgasm.

As her orgasm gradually faded, Jill relaxed her lust-tightened body. She hung
her head back between Tim's legs and sucked gently at one of his testicles.
She sucked with her eyes closed, a placid, satisfied expression on her face.

Tim took one last, loving lick at her tightly flexed asshole and gently
pushed her hips forward. She knew just what he wanted her to do. All that
was needed was a hint.

She crept forward slowly on her knees, still straddling Tim's body. He
watched with pleasure the lovely scene her spread ass-cheeks made as they
shifted from side to side, opening and closing to reveal her asshole and
the pouch of her pussy-lips.

Tim looked again at the TV screen. The image was still that of Jill
masturbating. The scene was farther along now and her actions were less
relaxed and more feverish. One hand was at her tits, kneading her soft,
white tit-flesh while pulling at her erect nipples. Her other hand was
still between her smooth thighs, her fingers alternately plucking at her
clit, dipping into her twat, tantalizing her asshole. Her face now had
the expression of a woman totally absorbed in the wonderful task of
jerking off. And doing a very good job of it.

Jill's hips were now poised over Tim's cock -- it waved erect, pointing
straight at her luscious loins. Reaching between her legs, Jill spread
her hanging cunt-lips with her fingers. She pulled them widely apart,
opening her twat for Tim's seven-inch prick. She slowly lowered herself
until the head of his large tool was just touching the inner opening of
her pussy. She released her hold on her cunt-flaps and her pussy-lips
surrounded the head of his cock with warm wetness.

"Uuummmmm ... you're hot tonight, baby," Tim groaned as her warm pussy
engulfed the head of his cock.

"Just feel this," Jill said lustily. "If you think my pussy's hot on the
outside, it's boiling on the inside!" She relaxed her hips and allowed
herself to descend smoothly and steadily, his prick sliding straight into
her cunt. Her hands went involuntarily to her smooth belly as she felt a
wonderful sensation of fullness.

Tim's hot cock was a perfect fit in her tight pussy. She lowered her hips
until she was resting on Tim's pelvis, his cock buried to the hilt in the
warm folds of her flesh.

"Ooooohhhhh ... that's good ... can you feel how hot it is?" she asked in a
hoarse, passion-filled voice as she enjoyed the tightly stuffed feeling in
her deep pussy. She watched herself in the mirror at the foot of the bed.
She had a full frontal view of her lovely body. The black hair fell straight
down over her shoulders. The color and style gave her an exotic look, she
thought. Her tits were taut and uplifted with jutting pink nipples. Her slim
waist tapered out to full hips with the soft patch of her pubic hair at the
base of her belly pressing into the black hair that encircled the base of
Tim's cock.

"Yeah, baby," Tim answered. "It's boiling ... it's boiling hot in there!"
Tim was enjoying the wonderful tight heat of her pussy and admiring his
triple view of Jill at the same time. He turned his head away from the TV
screen where Jill was now beginning to probe her pussy with a large blue
dildo. He looked down at his hips where she squatted with her flawless
back and beautiful ass facing toward him. He could see the base of his
cock encircled by the turgid lips of her cunt, and her asshole nestled
against his pubic hair, as she held his cock all the way inside her pussy.

Turning his head slightly sideways, he was able to see her front side
reflected in the mirror at the foot of the bed. She was stroking her tits,
lightly pinching her swollen nipples as she watched her reflection and
relished the feeling of his big cock inside her loins. He could see his
balls pulled tightly up against the base of his cock.

She raised her body smoothly and slowly. His cock appeared, inch by inch,
sliding wetly out of her pussy. It was red and glistening from the heat and
wetness of her cunt. The lips of her cunt adhered to the smooth skin of his
cock as she raised her hips higher. Her cunt seemed to suck at the prick
that stretched her inflamed, pink lips. She stopped at the point where only
the head of his burning tool was enclosed in the moist folds of her

"How does it feel in there tonight, honey?" she purred, knowing how he loved
that first complete immersion in her twat. She flexed the mouth of her cunt
as she held her body steady, squeezing his hard cock-head.

"Oh, yeah ... it's good tonight, baby," Tim groaned, closing his eyes tightly
from the biting sensation of her pussy squeezing his red, swollen cock-head.
She's one in a million, he thought to himself. The only girl I've ever fucked
who could control her pussy that way. It was one reason why he married her 19
years ago.

She began lowering herself again, her pussy sucking in his cock. He watched
with pleasure as the head of his prick first stretched her pussy-lips to
their widest point, then moved smoothly on through to her hot, tight cunt.
He had always been amazed at the ease with which she could consume his cock
with her mouth or her cunt. Even her ass could take in the whole thing. His
cock was long and thick, and many of the women he had fucked just couldn't
handle it. Not Jill, however. He never ceased to enjoy watching her engulfing
his gorgeous cock with her lips or twat or hungry asshole.

She was halfway down his cock by now, feeling the big head plow through her
cunt-hole. Her pussy-juices were beginning to flow. She could feel them
dripping from her widely stretched pussy. Her pubic hair and asshole were
becoming saturated with her sweet, sticky juice.

Jill sighed deeply as the mouth of her pussy touched his pubic hair. She
immediately began to slide her pussy up his cock again. She sped up her
movements and was soon beginning another hot downward stroke. She began to
groan deep in her throat with each upward stroke, then suck her breath
sharply as she moved swiftly back down Tim's smooth cock.

Tim watched her reflection in the mirror. Her face was aflame, her head
thrown back with her mouth open, as she passionately caressed her tits and
belly and thighs. At the downward portion of each thrust, she would grasp
his fat balls in her hand and lightly squeeze his swollen nut-sac.

As Tim looked back at the rear view of her body, her hips twitching and
her ass-cheeks parting with each stroke, he realized that he was close to
shooting his cum into her pussy. He knew that now was the time to slow
down and prolong the pleasure. He also knew that she was turned on enough
at this point to take his entire cock into her tight, sexy asshole.

"Hold on, baby!" Tim commanded, grabbing Jill's ass tightly as he leaned
forward. He held her there at the top of her stroke, her pussy barely making
contact with the head of his cock.

"Let's slow down just a little," he said softly, teasing her by flexing
his cock in the mouth of her cunt.

"Oh, Tim!" she whined. "Give it to me ... Shit, give it to me now!"

Tim held on tightly to Jill's squirming ass and prevented her from ramming
herself back down on his cock. He watched with delight as her experienced
asshole flexed excitedly. He knew she was hot enough to let him stuff his
whole cock into that tight little hole.

"Okay, baby, okay," Tim said in a voice thickened by lust. "I'll give it to
you ... in your ass!"

"Oh, Tim," Jill moaned, "Yeah, fuck my butt! Fuck my ass hard!"

He looked on with pleasure as she raised her hips and released his cock from
the strong grasp of her pussy. He wasn't surprised at how easily she agreed
to his demands. She was his anal slut. There was nothing Jill enjoyed more
than something long and hard pumping in and out of her rectum.

He released his grip on her ass-cheeks and turned his head to look at the
television screen. The taped image of Jill was going wild with the big, blue
dildo. She was slamming the huge plastic cock into her pussy with crazed
passion. Her face was flushed with deep, sexual desire. He loved watching
her becoming a sexually animal.

Returning his gaze to the real Jill, he saw that she had leaned forward,
raising her ass away from his cock. He loved to watch her prepare herself
for getting fucked in the ass.

She spread her thighs wider. Reaching down between her legs, she began to dip
her long fingers into her dripping cunt then rub the juices on her tightly
flexed anus. She was first using only two, but she gradually worked three
fingers into her still-excited pussy. Slowly withdrawing them, enjoying the
feeling as she did so, she smeared her sweet, sticky cunt-sauce all over her
pink asshole.

Tim enjoyed this part of their little ritual almost as much as he loved the
feeling of her tight asshole sliding down his cock. The thrill of watching
his beautiful wife playing with her pussy and asshole was almost beyond

As she gradually soaked her puckered anus in love-juices, it took on the
dark pink, feverish color of her inflamed pussy-flesh. Once it was properly
lubricated, she began to lightly probe into the opening with her fingertips.
Slowly, she pushed two fingers into her hot opening, stretching it wider and
wider. She continued to alternately plunge her fingers first into her asshole
then back into her pussy, wetting her anus still more, finally sinking three
fingers into her tight, puckered opening.

Tim saw her passionate expression in the big mirror as she leaned toward it,
her tits hanging forward and swaying with her movements. He glanced again at
the TV screen and saw her now arching her back in orgasm, totally wild with
lust, the blue plastic cock deep in her pussy.

Tim again returned his gaze to the real-life Jill and saw that she now had
three fingers sunk completely in the widely stretched hole between the
cheeks of her perfect, white ass. "Oh ... Tim," she gasped feverishly. "I'm
ready ... I'm ready for your cock."

"Just a second, baby," Tim replied. "Scoot back here for a minute and give
me a taste of that asshole before I put my cock in there."

Jill complied with his order. She crawled backwards on her knees, her ass
spread wide. Each backward movement she made with her knees pulled her
cheeks apart invitingly as her loins moved closer to Tim's waiting mouth.
She stopped with her beautiful ass and pussy spread wide and wet right in
front of Tim's face.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Tim moaned, placing his hands on the smooth ass-cheeks
directly in front of him. He stretched them apart as wide as they would go,
her practiced asshole expanded in the wet crevice between her ass-globes.

Pulling her ass toward his face, he opened his mouth and pressed his lips to
her pink, puckered hole. He held his open mouth against her dilated anus. He
licked it lovingly and tickled the very center of her little rosette with the
tip of his tongue. He loved the way her anus tasted and felt after she had
been playing with it and rubbing it with her pussy-juice.

He pressed his tongue hard against the center of her tight ring of
ass-muscle. Her fingers had loosened her tight sphincter and his tongue slid
easily into the hot passage. He fucked his tongue in and out of the squeezing
hole, enjoying the little moans and gasps his actions caused. He kept his
lips pressed around the musky opening and continued to manipulate her anus
with his tongue, just like he was kissing her mouth!

Jill let a long, lusty sigh escape her throat as she felt Tim's tongue
probe deeper and deeper into her inflamed anus. She pressed back against the
working tongue attempting to force it in as deeply as possible. Tim removed
one of his hands from her buttocks and take hold of her swollen clit. Shivers
shot deliciously through her body as her clit was tweaked and lightly
pinched. Then she felt the simultaneous deep thrust of his tongue and an
extreme, squeezing pressure on her protruding clit.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... squeeze my clit ... squeeze it, baby!" she screamed.
"Ooooohhhhh, that's sooooo goooood tongue-fuck my ass, lover!"

Tim loved the sound of her sexual excitement. He squeezed harder on her
throbbing clit, sticking his tongue as deep into her shit-hole as it would
go as a powerful orgasm swept through her lovely body.

Removing his tongue from her hole, he pushed her sex-stunned body forward.
"Okay, baby. Now for the real thing," he said lustily.

She moved back down toward his still-erect cock until her hips were
positioned above his throbbing prick.

"All right, get it in there," he ordered in a husky voice. "Come on ... get
it in your ass!"

Tim's glance at the TV screen showed him that the televised Jill was now
working that same blue dildo into her anus. Perfect timing, Tim said to
himself. He watched as the bright-blue plastic cock disappeared into her
spread buttocks.

The real Jill, meanwhile, was preparing to do the same with his real cock.
She grasped Tim's thick tool in her fist and guided the head of it to the
mouth of her ass. Placing the tip there, she began to slowly but steadily
rest the full weight of her hips on Tim's dick. Tim moaned as he felt the
sensitive head of his cock contact the hot flesh of Jill's anus.

Jill felt the bulbous head of Tim's beautiful cock spread open the tight
ring of muscle and gradually enter her anal passage. She wiggled her hips
to help ease it into her ass, loving every sensation of the hot cock head
intruding into her bowels.

Tim looked at the large mirror and enjoyed the ecstatic bliss of Jill's face
as his cock began to penetrate. He was able to watch his dick disappear into
her beautiful ass, watch the lovely reflection of Jill's face and body, and
see a televised version of Jill's frantically masturbating form all at the
same time.

As the head of Tim's cock passed on into her squeezing shit-passage, Jill
threw her head back and howled at the burning sensation it created in her

"Aaaaahhhhh ... it feels so goooooood, baby," she groaned. "Ooooohhhhh ...
I love it, I love it!"

She reached down and grabbed her ass-cheeks with both hands and spread them
widely apart to help accommodate more of Tim's big cock. Tim watched the
lovely view of Jill's ass opening wider and wider as his cock disappeared
inch by inch into her squeezing shitter.

"Yeah, baby! Squeeze it in there! Squeeze my cock into that tight ass," he
sighed. Her ass continued to suck in more and more of his hot cock-flesh. He
was stretching her entire rectum with his magnificent prick.

"Ooooohhhhh ... I love it, baby," she cooed, unable to hold off the feelings
of deep orgasm that were beginning in her belly and traveling up her spine.
Her hand involuntarily reached for her twitching clit and began to manipulate
it feverishly. Her other hand went to her swollen nipples and pinched and
pulled the hot, hard, red buds. She was going into a realm of sexual ecstasy:
her clit was being rapidly stimulated; her nipples and tits were being
stroked and caressed expertly; her asshole was being filled with hard, hot
cock-meat. The only thing she lacked was something for her pussy, but
catching a quick glance of herself in the TV screen, beginning to fuck both
her asshole and pussy with two dildoes, she had hope that Tim would do
something about her cunt, too.

Tim took intense sexual satisfaction in both the feeling and appearance of
his ten-inch cock sinking into Jill's butt, and he also noticed her
beautifully passionate reflection in the big foot-of-the-bed mirror. Looking
sideways, he saw the televised image of Jill plunging a big, blue plastic
cock into both her pussy and ass. He realized that that was probably what she
wanted now, too.

Reaching forward, he took Jill by the shoulders and gently but firmly pulled
her backwards until she was reclining against him. He had even a better view
now of his dick jammed into her hot asshole. The mirror showed him every
detail of the humid, fragrant penetration.

Tim reached to the shelf at the head of the big bed and grasped the bright,
blue dildo that Jill had used in the taped sequence they were both casually
watching. Positioning it between her legs and guiding himself by the
reflection in the mirror, he placed the big head of the fake cock at the
mouth of her gaping pussy. He slowly pushed the plastic prick into the wet
folds of her pussy-flesh. She cried out in response.

"Ooooohhhhh ... Tim, baby ... my ass ... my cunt ... FUCK ME ... FUCK ME!
YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!" She was at the very brink of orgasm, beginning
her rapid slide to ecstasy.

Tim watched the mirrored reflection: her hands were both now at her breasts,
kneading and squeezing the firm mounds of white flesh; her hips were bucking
and writhing and sucking in his hot cock into her butt; her head was thrown
back with her long black hair flying about and her face flushed and distorted
with sexual bliss.

He felt the hot jism rising within his loins. The bucking movement of Jill's
ass was getting him off without her even beginning to stroke his heavy cock.
He spasmodically heaved his cock roughly in and out of her ass, burying it
completely in the tight, hot confines of her butt.

"Uuuuuhhhhh ... Tim ... fuck ... I'm coming ... I'M COMING," Jill cried
frantically as the sensations of all her stimulations finally drove her over
the brink into complete sexual abandon. Her hands squeezed and pressed her
tits. Her loins twitched and bucked to gain each inch of penetration into
her cunt and ass. She was such a slut!

Tim felt himself coming, too. He felt the thick, hot jets of cum traveling
through his cock, splashing into the deep interior of Jill's ass.

Both their bodies shook and quaked as the intense powers of orgasm overcame
them at the same time. They lunged feverishly against each other with all the
force in their bodies ... once ...twice ... three times ... their orgasm took
control. Their hot, flushed bodies did a sexual dance, moving to the need of
their sexual drives, stirring the deepest source of their physical lust.

And it was all on tape.


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