Home Improvement: The Password (MF,rough)
by Swedeguy

"Hi," Tim said into the phone, "want to meet for lunch?"

"Ahhh, I'd love to," his wife said, "but I really can't. I've got to be a
client meeting at 1:00 and I need to prepare."



"No problem." There was a pause before he added, "You'll be home for dinner?"

"Yes," she said, "no doubt about it."

"Good. I'll... have something ready."

When Tim got home from the studio he was feeling adventurous. He hoped Jill
would feel the same. He slipped into tattered jeans and an old tee shirt. He
put on work boots. He checked his equipment, deciding he was ready.

Shortly after 6:00, he heard his wife park the Nomad in the driveway. He
quickly slipped on a ski mask and disconnected the TV set. If he was going
to do this, he wanted to do it right!

A minute or so later, Jill stepped into the house. He turned as if startled.

"Shit!" he hissed. He grabbed the water pistol and pointed it at her.

"What the...?" she looked at him quizzically. "Tim, why are you..."

"Shut Up!"

She jumped a bit. "Tim?"

Tim walked toward her and whispered, " 'Binford,' okay?" She looked at him
for a moment while she considered what he had said. Finally a faint smile
came to her lips. "I understand," she said quietly.

"Get the hell out of my house," she added suddenly in a loud voice. She got
right into the part.

"Sure thing, babe," he replied casually. "But first I want what I came for."
He gestured toward the TV.

"Get out now!" she repeated sharply.

"Of course, there are other interesting things here," he said looking at her
body. Jill swallowed hard as he started to walk around her. "For example..."
he touched her shoulder. She flinched away. "Leave me alone," she said.

"Now, now, that's no way to talk to a guest." he said. She remained quiet and
didn't move as he walked behind her to inspect her backside. It was a butt
that never failed to impress him-or other men (and maybe even a few women).
She was a tall, attractive lady with bountiful features. She was dressed in
a business suit; a smart-looking blazer with a white blouse and a matching
skirt. Her hair was done up neatly. "Yes," Tim said to himself softly, "this
is much better than the TV."

Tim touched her derriere through her skirt as he came around in front of her
again. She stepped back, glaring at him. "I said: leave me alone!"

Tim laughed. "Hey, I'm the one giving the orders here," he said. "And right
now, I think I want to enjoy some of your feminine charms."

"What do you mean?" she asked hotly.

"Take your clothes off," he replied simply.

"No chance." she hissed.

"Hey! I don't think you have much choice in the matter." He yelled as he
waved the water pistol at her. "So you'd better start striping." She glared
at me. "Go on." he commanded.

"You bastard," Jill said as she slipped out of her blazer and started to
unbutton her blouse. "You won't get away with this. You know my husband is
due home soon." She let her top drop to the floor, and she started to wiggle
out of her skirt.

"Oh, don't scare me," Tim said cynically. "If the idiot does come home
before I've finished I guess he'll just have to watch while I fuck his
wife." Adding, "Off with your shoes and panty hose too. I want you naked."

She glared at the intruder, but she followed the instructions without

"Now your underwear," he said. She didn't move. "I mean now!" Tim yelled.

"I'll hire a private detective to find you," she said as she unhooked her bra
and let it join her other clothes on the floor.

"Well, then," he replied, "I guess in that case I'd better just keep my mask
on while we do this." Tim gestured toward her white cotton underwear. "Those
too," he said. "You don't expect me to fuck you while you're wearing them do

"You bastard," she hissed, "you wouldn't dare!"

"Oh but you're wrong," he replied. "I would."

She glared at him but didn't move. "Off with them," he repeated firmly.

"No." she replied.

"You bitch," Tim hissed under his breath. He lunged forward and, before she
could move he gave her a good, hard slap on her face.

"Ouch!" she cried out startled. "You fucking bastard!" she yelled. "Why did
you do that?"

"Because you didn't do what I told you," he explained. "Now, take off those
fuckin' panties!".

Jill looked at him with anger in her brown eyes but, after a moment she
slowly slid her underwear down her long legs and onto the floor. She stepped
out of them and stood before him completely naked. She was really quite
stunning-even after bearing him three boys. She had a well-toned body that
complemented her finely chiseled features. Her breasts jutted out proudly
from her chest, nipples erect. Her stomach was flat and her thighs were full
and womanly without saddlebags. Her ass was to die for; two lush cheeks of
proud flesh that stood high on her hips and rippled seductively when she
walked. Her dark pubic hair between her legs was neatly trimmed.

"There," he said with a smile. "That's much nicer, don't you think?"

"No." she scowled.

He moved close to her. She looked defiant. He reached out and cupped one of
her breasts.

"Don't touch me, you fucking bastard," she said backing away. He grabbed her
arm and pulled her to him. She resisted, but he held her firmly. "Stop it you
bastard!" she yelled. She lifted her hand to strike out, but he grabbed it
with his free hand and held it tightly.

"I may be a fucking bastard," he hissed, "but soon I will be fucking the
bitch. That much you can count on." She wiggled violently in an effort to
break free. His grip tightened. "Now, now," he said, "I can see that you're
one feisty cunt." He pulled her up against him and held her tightly with
his arm. With a hard slap, he struck her buttock.

"Ouch!" she cried out wiggling violently. He slapped her ass again leaving
a red palm print on her firm cheek.

"Are you going to behave?" he asked.

"Don't hit me," she replied, but she didn't wiggle.

He spanked her again and she yelped in surprise and pain. "Are you going to
behave?" he asked again.

She said nothing.

He let her go. She dropped to the floor. "I can see that this isn't going to
be much fun with you loose like this." he grabbed a chair and pulled it into
the center of the room. "Get up, put your heels on and sit in this chair,"
he ordered.

She eyed him cautiously as she obeyed the command. She kept her legs tightly
closed. Tim liked the way the high heels shaped her legs. His cock strained
against the jeans. He grabbed the rope he had prepared beforehand.

"Ok, bitch," he said, "I'm going to fix it so you can't wiggle so much." He
grabbed her arms and wrapped them behind the chair. Quickly he tied her
wrists to the chair's back.

"Damn you," she said, "you're going to pay for this. So help me." She started
to kick.

"Stop that!" he commanded and slapped her face. She yelped and stopped. She
was hot and flushed and covered with a thin film of sweat. Her pussy was
gathering moisture. She squeezed her smarting butt cheeks and felt her
asshole twitch.

"Damn you, no!" she yelled as he tied her ankles to the legs of the chair.

"Be quiet," he said. "Do you want me to gag you as well?"

After a few moments, her ankles were secure. "Ok, now spread your knees," he
told her. She glared at him and pushed her legs together as tightly as she
could. Tim made as if he was going to slap her and she flinched. "Spread
them," he repeated.

Reluctantly she spread her knees and they were quickly tied them to the arms
of the chair to hold them apart. "Much better," I said. "Now I can see your
pretty pussy."

"Fuck you." she replied.

"That comes later," he said. "I want to take my time." He began to stroke
her body sensuously. He touched her belly, breasts, legs, even her face. She
writhed and squirmed against her bonds, but she was helpless.

"Stop. Stop it. I mean it! God damn it, stop. Please stop."

It was clear that my wife was very excited by their little game. The flush
in her face and the quickness of her breath were not all due to his slaps.

"You like it don't you?" he said.

"Fuck you!"

Tim chuckled and started to roll her nipples firmly between his fingers.

"Damn you!" She turned her face away, but her cheeks were flushed. He leaned
down and gently bit one nipple. She squirmed to move away from his touch. He
brought her nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. "Stop it," she

"You know you like it," he said pausing between sucks. She said nothing but
her nipple was fully erect. After a few minutes, he moved to the other side
of her body.

"Untie me, you bastard," she said. He answered her by sucking on her other
breast. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

"You see," he said, "you do like it. There's no use denying it. You like
having your tits sucked -- especially by a bastard like me."

"No," she said. But her eyes were closed.

Eventually he moved between her legs. Slowly he brought his face closer and
closer to her crotch. "No, no," she said softly, "please, not that." She
tried desperately to close her legs, struggling against her bonds. She
couldn't move.

Her cunt was wet. Her outer lips were full and puffy. Yet they were also
nicely parted to reveal the flower of her inner lips. Her petals glistened
with the dew of her excitement. Her clitoris, now excited and erect, thrust
out eagerly from beneath its hood.

Tim burrowed his face between her petals and inhaled her aroma deeply.
"Damn, you smell good, bitch," he said as he inhaled deeply again. "Does
your asshole husband like to eat your cunt?"

She was silent.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" he teased.

"Go to Hell." she said. Her breathing was ragged.

"I know you do," he said. He ran the tip of his tongue along her inner labia
and then up over her swollen clit. She shuddered.

"I know you like it," He said as he licked the length of her pussy again.
This time he brought her clit into my mouth and began to gently suck on it;
caressing it with his tongue with a gentle, sucking stroke.

"Please. Take anything you want just... please stop."

He slid his finger into her cunt and ran it around the rim of her vagina,
stretching her open as he sucked.

"Oh, God," she moaned after a few moments. He could tell that she was
building quickly.

"I bet this pussy of yours comes very nicely." he said as he slid a finger
deeply into her. He watched as her body pulled and tugged uselessly against
the ropes. She sighed and shuddered slightly. "Does your pussy cream a lot?"
he asked.

"You'll never know," she said.

"You don't think I can make you come?" he said as he took his other hand and
started rubbing her clit.

She was shaking. "No."

Tim chuckled. "We'll see." He started massaging her G-spot firmly with one
hand while I stroked her clit with quick, gentle strokes.

"Do you like that?" he asked after a few minutes.

"No." she said panting. Yet she was pushing her pelvis up against my fingers
as she spoke.

"Yes you do, you bitch," he said. "Your pussy likes it. Your pussy wants it."

"No," she whispered almost inaudibly.

He withdrew his finger from her vagina and held it up. "You may lie, but
your pussy doesn't," he said. "Look at how wet it is. Look!" Reluctantly
she looked at her glistening liquids coating his fingers.

He wiped his fingers against her cheek. She turned her head away, but her
bonds kept her from going far. "You see," he said. "You see how wet you are."
He dipped his fingers back into her cunt and then wiped it against her cheek

"Stop it." she hissed.

"Tell me that you're turned on." He dipped three fingers into her again and
wiped her wetness against her left nipple. Then he covered her right nipple.

"Stop it."

"Tell me..." he repeated.

"I'm... I'm turned on," she said softly.

"That's a good cunt," he said. "Now here's your reward." He went back to
stimulating her clit and G-spot as before. She groaned. "Good, cunt," he
said, "Now tell me that you want me to make you come."

"No," she panted. "I won't give you that satisfaction, you bastard."

"You don't think I can make you beg for it?" he asked.

"No way," she said with defiance.

He stroked her steadily for several minutes, gradually increasing the tempo
of his stroking. She fought it by wiggling and twisting to get away from him,
but her bonds kept her from going far. There was nothing she could do to
avoid his touch. The energy was incredible. Soon her whole body was shaking
as she fought to remain in control.

"Tell me that you want to come," he said as he rapidly stroked her dripping
pussy. "Say it! Say it!"

"Noooo," she gasped, "No!" He hadn't seen her so hot in a long time. The
muscles in her legs and abdomen tense as she readied herself to explode into

"All right then," he said, "fine." He suddenly stopped the stimulation.

"Unnn!" Jill twitched her whole body with the shock of the lost of the
fingers from her pussy.

"You want to come now don't you?" he said.

She said nothing.

"Tell me that you want to come." He started to rub her clit again.

"You fucking bastard," she hissed as she closed her eyes. Again he brought
her to the edge of orgasm, and again stopped just before she experienced her

"Tell me you want to come." Tim said.

"Please untie me." she replied.

"No way you bitch." Again with rapid strokes he brought her to the brink.
She was shaking and covered with sweat. Her cunt was drenched creating a
pool of pussy juice on the chair.

"Tell me you want to come." he said.

"I..." she began.


"I want to come." she said softly.


She was silent. He teased her swollen clit slowly with his fingers. He knew
just how she liked to have her clit touched, how to give her an orgasm, and
how to keep her on the brink.

"Don't humiliate me like this," she pleaded. "I give up. You win. I want to
come now."

"Beg for it." he said.

She said nothing. He stroked her clit steadily but very gently. Not too
firmly, but enough to keep her going.

"Please, you bastard," she panted, "Make me come."


He rubbed her clit vigorously for a few strokes to tantalize her.

"Please make me come!" she called out.

He began rubbing her rapidly and purposefully. "Oh yes, yes, yes!" Jill cried
out as her release approached. He slid a finger deeply into her to massage
her G-spot with firm pressure. He knew she was only seconds away.

"Yes! Yes!" she grunted obscenely tied to the chair with her pussy open,
sopping wet, and welcoming his touch. "Ohhhh, God! Yes!..."

Just as she was about to peak, Tim abruptly pulled his hands away.

"Fuck! No! Don't stop now!!" she cried out twitching frantically but
helplessly. "Please! Don't stop!!"

"You're singing a different tune now, bitch," he said.

"Oh my God," she whimpered, "have mercy on me."

"Why should I have mercy on you?" he asked as he started to roll her nipples
between my fingers again. She said nothing at first but she was panting

"Oh, God," she whispered after a moment. "I need to come so bad."

"Aww," he said in a tone of mock concern, "your poor pussy wants to come does
it?" She said nothing.

He reached down between her legs and started to gently rub her clit again
with one finger while he massaged the inside her vagina with another. He
wanted to give her just enough stimulation excite her, but not enough to
get her off. He had to be careful as she was very close.

"Faster," she pleaded. "Rub me faster." She strained against her bonds, but
this time she strained toward his hands rather than away. He stimulated her
a bit more slowly, gradually slowing down as her excitement built until,
just as she was about to reach her orgasm, his finger broke contact with her
vagina. He held it about a half inch above her clit. His other finger was
pressed against her G-spot, motionless.

"I'll... I'll do anything," she gasped looking at me with desperation in her
eyes. "I just need to come. Please don't tease me anymore I'll do whatever
you want if you make me come."

"You'll do anything I want? Anything?" Tim asked.

He lowered his mouth toward her crotch. She nodded frantically and pushed her
hips towards his face as far as she could.

"Yes, yes, yes," she gasped. "Lick me. Please."

I gently licked her clit once. "Tell me that you're a horny slut!" he said.

"I'm a horny slut!" she called out.

He licked her again. "Tell me that you want to come."

"Oh God, I really want to come." she said. She was shaking.

Another lick. "Tell me that you want me to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me!" she yelled without hesitation.


"I want you to fuck me!" she screamed at the top of her voice.

And where do you want me to fuck you? Tim asked.

Jill hesitated. "In my cunt!"

"No, not your cunt." He replied as he lightly rubbed her clit.

"In my mouth! fuck my mouth. I want to swallow your cum!"

"Your mouth is very sexy, but, no, my cock doesn't want your mouth," he said.

"Oh my God!" Jill swooned. "You can't mean . . ."

"What do I mean, you slut," he said.

"No, never!" Jill said. Her chest was heaving. Her breasts swollen in lust.

"No, never what," asked Tim.

"You'll never fuck me there, you fucking pervert!" hollered Jill.

"What are you talking about?" he said. "Where is it I'll never fuck you?"

Jill strained against her bindings. Her eyes were closed tightly. She had a
look of pain on her pretty face.

"Where is it I'll never fuck you?" Tim screamed. He grabbed both of her
nipples and twisted them savagely.

Jill howled, "My ass! In my ass, Oh god!"

"Good girl," he said softly. "But we'll see about that. And for telling the
truth here's your reward." With that he started sucking on her clit firmly
while he simultaneously shoved a middle finger into the tight ring of her
asshole. It slid in easily. She immediately exploded into an astonishing

"UNNNGGGHHH!!" Jill howled in an all-consuming orgasm. Tim removed his face
from her cunt as a stream of jism gushed from her pussy in a generous squirt
that splashed onto the floor. He stimulated her clit and asshole while she
grunted through wave after wave of intense pleasure. He could feel her cunt
and ass milk his fingers with strong, steady contractions. "Unnnggghhh!!"
she groaned again as her climax seemed to surge with fresh energy. Was it a
second orgasm, or just more of the first one? It was hard to tell. "Coming...
so good... she gasped. "So... fucking... good..."

"fuck yes!" he grunted. "Oh fuck that's good!"

When she finally finished, she slumped in the chair and looked at him with

"Are you going to untie me now that you've finished humiliating me?"

"I'm most certainly not finished with you," he said standing up. "In fact,
I've only just gotten started." He striped out of his clothes. She shook her

"No, no, no! Haven't you done enough already?"

"Hey, you slut," he said, "need I remind you that you asked me to fuck you?"

"You made me say that you bastard," she yelled.

His cock throbbed and pulsated, radiating heat. He stood next to the chair
and waved it in her face. She closed her eyes and turned her head away. "Get
away from me," she said sharply.

"I think not," he said.

"You... you're going to rape me!" she said.

"That's the general idea." he said. "But, hey, can we really call it rape
since you asked for it?" She turned her face away as if ashamed by her

"And you know what," he said, "I'm going to get you off again."

"No way, you bastard," she snarled. "You will not get that satisfaction!" He
laughed at her as she struggled against her bonds. Tim produced a knife and
cut the ropes.

"On your knees, bitch!"

Jill hesitated. Tim grabbed her roughly and forcibly repositioned her on the
chair, her chest resting on the seat, her beautiful ass displayed for his
pleasure. He quickly retied her wrists to the back of the chair and her
thighs to the legs.

As she was fighting trying to get free, he slid the head of his cock into the
deep groove between her ass cheeks and paused to savor the sensations. Try as
she might she was unable to move her hips away.

"Stop it! Stop it!" she hissed. He let his cock slid up and down between the

"Get away from me," she sobbed, "Please get away." Kneeing behind the object
of his lust, Tim slid his cock just inside her vagina, and then, after a
moment, withdrew it again to further tease her clit.

She struggled violently but it was hopeless. He had complete access to her,
and there was nothing she could do about it. With a powerful thrust, he
buried his cock to the hilt in her cunt.

"Ohhhhh," She moaned in helpless pleasure.

"You like that, bitch?" he said,

"fuck you, you bastard," she hissed.

He grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled back on it firmly. She cried out
in sudden pain. "Now I'm going to fuck you!"

He began to thrust rapidly and deeply. Her cunt felt wonderful wrapped around
my cock. So warm. So slick. So wet. Beneath him, she was completely immobile
and helpless.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned softly, "you've got one nice pussy, you bitch."

"Let me go," she whimpered.

"When I'm ready," he said and started thrusting fast and furiously. He was
raping her, after all, and it felt wonderful. "But first," I said, "I'm going
to make you come again."

"No," she said trying to shake her head. He pulled her hair a little more

"Oh yes," he said. He could tell that another orgasm was building rapidly in
her body.

"Yeah, bitch, that's it. Go ahead and come again. You know you want to."

"Noooooo," she moaned. "Please God, no!" But he could tell that she was
helpless to stop it.

Tim suddenly removed his cock from her slopping pussy.

Jill gasped in frustration as she felt it being removed from her pussy.

"Remember where you told me to fuck you?" he whispered into her ear.

Jill immediately struggled against the ropes. "You fucking pervert!" she

"You know you want it, don't you." said Tim. He took his cock in hand and
rubbed the big head against her asshole, now slick with pussy juice.

Jill whimpered. Uncontrollably her ass began to move with the stimulation.
Fuck it felt so good. Her guts were clutching. Her rectum longed to be filled
with something hard and long.

In a sudden change in behavoir she growled, "OK, OK, you fucking bastard,
fuck my butt! Shove your cock into it!"

Tim grinned and watched as Jill's buttocks swayed and writhed, open in eager
anticipation. "Do it," she groaned. "I want it! Come on!

Tim pressed his dick to her anus. It met no resistance. He flexed his
buttocks and pressed forward. His dick popped into her anus. Jill moaned in
pleasure, writhing frantically on the chair.

"More!" she gasped. "Shove it all in baby! Come on! Bugger me! fuck my ass!
Fuck it hard!"

Tim felt dizzy. Even though he had screwed his wife's delicious butt hundreds
of times, each new fuck was an adventure. Her insatiable desire to be butt
fucked always amazed and excited him. Jill, his wife, and his personal anal
slut. She was hot for it 20 years ago when they married and she was even
hotter for it now. He climbed to his feet, his knees flexed in a low crouch,
his hands grasping the arms of the chair for increased leverage. He squeezed
his cock heavily into her tight rear channel. Jill cried out as his dick
pushed through her anus. Her face contorted and twisted in unbridled
pleasure. In and in the he went, always incredulous at her ability to take
his entire cock, all of it, into her butt.

Jill's breath came in heaving, wracked sobs. Her face was twisted in an
agony of lust, her mouth hung open, her eyes screwed shut, her lips snapped
back over her teeth. Her back twisted and writhed under him, her buttocks
squirming against his crotch, her rectum deeply impaled by his throbbing
cock. Tim flexed his buttocks taut, pressed his hips to her bottom and,
flinging his head back, groaned loudly, wincing as her asshole contracted
fiercely on his erection.

"Oh ma uhh oh ma," she sobbed, her voice ragged and hoarse. "Yes uhh oh
yes -- oh god yes -- do it! Oh s--- -- c'mon -- please!"

Tim moaned and began to sodomize his wife slowly and thoroughly. He slid his
cock out of her, moving his hips back, then slid into her again in a long,
deep, skewering thrust. Again and again he drew out and thrust in, drew out
and thrust in. Beneath him, Jill whimpered and gasped and sobbed in joy,
egging him on with a litany of obscenities.

"Come on you son of a bitch," she wailed. "Harder god damn it! fuck my ass!
Harder! Harder!"

Tim continued fucking her, his legs muscles rippling in tension, his stomach
sucking inward. On and on he went and then she lost control. She came hard,
gasping, the breath hissing from her throat. Her cunt convulsed and spewed
yet another stream of cum juice on to the floor. Her anus clutched
desperately on his cock. He gasped, winced, moaned and forced his prick into
her again, once, twice, three, four times. Each thrust made her moan and cry
out. The heat in his balls was unbearable. He gasped, trying to hold back
the flood, but it was no use. The heat surged up and out and he moaned in
relief as his cum spurted from his cock flooding deep into her rectum. Jill
gasped in pleasure and joy when she felt the hot sticky sting of his semen
deluging her gut. Her body shivered and she strained against her bonds in
her ecstasy. His load was abundant and he shot rope after rope of white,
sticky seed. He slid out of her anus, his cock still spurting jizz and
dribbled it on her buttocks and in the cleft between them. It was one of the
best climaxes he had in a long time.

After several long minutes, she smiled at him and said, "Binford." They
giggled. Tim untied his thoroughly sated wife and they rested on the living
room floor. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air.

"Wow!" she said at last, "That was fucking incredible!"

"Yeah," Tim said.

There was a pause.

"What's for dinner?" she asked and they laughed.


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