Home Improvement: The Boys Fuck Jill (mmF,drugs,ncon)
by Anonymous

The two older Taylor boys were in bed playing with their dicks under the

"Hey, tonight is the night we see mom naked," whispered Randy as he inspected
the two small holes he had drilled in their bedroom wall.

"You're a horny little fucker. I'm proud of you little brother," complemented
Brad as he frigged his own dick.

"Hey quiet!" Randy whispered. "I hear Mom's shower."

The brothers rushed to the peep holes leading to their parent's bedroom.
Shivers ran though the boys as they watched their sexy mother remove her
white nightgown.

Unsnapping her white bra, Jill gave her sons an view of her firm, pink
nippled breasts. Peeling off her panties, Jill uncovered her large matronly
ass and hairy pussy. With her usual wiggle, Jill left her horny sons' view
as she walked to her bathroom and shut the door.

After months of sneaking peaks, the cunning boys had finally gotten a real
glimpse of their mother's ripe naked body. Their legs shaking with passion,
the boys shot their loads of cum against the wall.

Dazed, they stumbled back to their beds and fell into a deep, mother fucking,
dream filled sleep.

The next morning, the boys faked illness to stay home from school. Like
always they conned their ever loving, ever understanding mom.

As they stroked their normal morning wood, the reality of fulfilling their
all-time jerk-off fantasy now seemed like a dream.

"Did you see mom's tits? They looked so suckable," Brad moaned as he frigged
his teenaged penis.

"Yeah. How about that hairy pussy. I'm going to fuck that someday," topped

"Hey quit dreaming, Mom would never let you fuck her," sneered Brad.

"You never know, I have a plan. I'm going to drug mom with her own sleeping

"Randy, are you kidding, she's our mother. Besides Dad would kill us if he
found out. Mom would freak out."

"I don't know, I think Mom likes to fuck. Remember how loud she moaned when
Dad banged her last week," grinned Randy.

"No way, we can't do it," gasped Brad. "We'd be motherfuckers."

"Yeah way and today! Dad took Mark with him to Tool Time. Its now or never

Just the thought of fucking their mom drove both boys crazy with lust. They
jerked off with mother fucking visions in their heads.

"Randy, Brad, come down for breakfast," Jill yelled, unknowingly interrupting
both her sons' frigging.

"Hey don't shoot," warned Randy. "You'll have a better place for your load.
Remember our plan."

Stunned, Brad answered, "are you nuts, I thought you were kidding?"

"No way, see. I have Dad's sleeping pills. In an hour we'll be fucking mom,"
Randy bragged confidently.

Entering the kitchen, the boys checked out their sexy mom. Without makeup and
in a ponytail Jill looked too young to have had three teenage boys.

Glancing down, the boys again could not help but remember their mom's
voluptuous naked body the day before.

"Randy, why don't you pour the orange juice," Jill asked sweetly, as she sat
at the table buttering the toast.

Randy's penis began to harden as he realized that his plan was falling into
place. Walking to the refrigerator, Randy filled three glasses.

As Brad distracted his Mom, Randy slipped the ground-up sleeping pills into
his Jill's juice.

"Thanks Randy," smiled Jill before she sipped the juice.

The boys winked at each other as they watched their mom drink the drugged

Within a few minutes, Jill began to nod her head. "Gee I'm still sleepy,"
yawned Jill. "I think I'll go back to bed for a while."

Unable to get up, Jill slouched over the table.

Tapping Jill's shoulder Randy asked, "Mom are you awake?"

Sensing no response Randy, inched his hand inside Jill's gown. Boldly, the
horny boy felt up his mom's right, then left breast squeezing them and
running his palms over her nipples. Randy felt dizzy with passion as he felt
Jill's nipples harden between his groping fingers.

"Lets strip mom naked," begged Brad, driven by his raging hard-on.

"Not here, lets carry her to the den," suggested his equally horny brother.

Both boys eagerly carried their Mother to the sofa in the den. Gazing down
at his innocently sleeping mom, Randy began to strip off his pajama bottoms
and jockey shorts.

As Brad watched, Randy held his Mother in his arms as he kissed her gently.
Parting her soft, wet lips with his tongue, Randy eagerly frenched his Jill.
Reaching under her gown, Randy began to feel up his mom's panty covered

"Hey, wait for me," complained Brad.

Together the boys lifted their mom's nightgown over her head.

Lowering his lips to Jill's breasts, Randy sucked on his mom's nipples, one
at a time.

Bradley bent over and began fighting his brother to suck Jill's other breast.
Snaking his hand in her white panties, Brad fingered his mom's hairy pussy.

"Hey look at all the hair," Randy said as he pulled Jill's panties down her
smooth legs and then off over her feet.

Stripped naked, Jill looked even more sexy and fuckable than the boys had
ever imagined. Both nipples were hard and spit soaked. Her pussy was left
puckered and damp from her sons' probing fingers.

"Randy lets stop. This is our mother," whimpered the guilt ridden older

"No way, coward, I'm going to fuck her," said Randy.

As Brad watched, Randy parted his mom's long, well fleshed legs. He lay on
top of Jill's firm body and reaching down, he began to rub his rock hard
penis against the entrance of her soft, wet pussy.

Fulfilling his incestual dream, Randy slowly slid his incredibly hard teenage
penis home. Savoring the moment, he looked down at his cock buried in his
mom's cunt, it was just too much.

Oh, yes, I'm a mother fucker," yelled Randy triumphantly.

In and out -- Randy began to fuck his sleeping mom. Jill's body shook from
the relentless pounding to her pussy. Randy began to grunt in rhythm as he
began to reach a wonderfully intense orgasm.

All of the commotion began to wake Jill from her drug induced sleep. Dazed,
Jill was not sure whether she was awake or dreaming. Feeling the familiar
pleasure of a hard penis in her pussy, Jill began to rotate her hips,
unknowingly back at her son.

"Oh yes! yes! Tim fuck me. Fuck me hard," Jill moaned bucking back at her
son's hard teenaged cock invaded her pussy.

"Mom's waking up. Lets get out of here," yelled a panicked Brad as he ran
from the room, hiding just the stairs, unable to leave the scene on the

Overcome with passion, Randy ignored his brother. Driven by lust he banged
away harder and harder, "Fuck yeah! God Mom I love you..."

This was too good to be true. His mom... He was fucking his mom!

Opening her eyes, a shocked Jill recognized Randy for the first time.

"Randy, STOP! What are you doing? I'm... oh, oh... I'm your mother," Jill
moaned, as she thrashed around under her teenaged son's humping body.

"Sorry, mom. I can't... I need... you so bad!" replied her out-of-control

"Stop... please, please... Randy stoooooop! Pull out now baby before its too
late! Don't come in me," begged Jill as she closed her eyes.

"Look at me... Mom... it's your son fucking you, I love you Mom!" answered
Randy breathlessly.

"Oh no! Randy, baby, STOP... no please, God no," Jill screamed as she felt
her own climax approaching.

"Oh mom, I'm cuuuming... Mom, I love you so, so much!" Randy cried as he
pumped his hot teenaged come deep into his Mothers pussy.

The hard contractions of Randy' penis drove the Mother over the edge. She
knew what he was doing, and even though she knew it was terribly wrong, the
thought of her young child emptying his balls in her, the feel of his young
cock thrusting between her swollen cunt lips pushed Jill into the most
intense orgasm that she had ever experienced before. "God, please no, I
can't..." panted Jill as she came with her son's cock emptied the last spurt
of his come into his mother.

Randy kissed his mom deeply as they collapsed into each other's arms.

Laying motionless, Randy felt the last of his cum drip from his softening
penis into his mom's hot, soaking wetness.

"Randy why... no, I mean... how did you do this!" cried a frantic Jill. "I'm
you're mother, Randy. How could you fuck your mother!"

"Mom I've dreamed of fucking you all my life," Randy answered as he felt his
penis slowly stiffen again.

"Randy this was so wrong. You forced me to commit incest with my own son,
lectured Jill. Get off me, Randy get up!"

"No Mom, this was right. You give me a hard-on every time you're near me.
Like now," the horny son moaned as he again began to fuck his penis in and
out of Jill.

"No Randy, stop now...please, not again, never again," Jill screamed as she
tried to push her son off her body.

The stronger Randy held his mom down and continued the loving assault of her
body. Brad could see Randy's butt raising and lowering as he started to
thrust into his Mother again in a desperate rutting anguish.

Resigned to her fate, Jill remained motionless as her middle son raped her.

Silently Randy gazed at Jill's tearful face. Fully awake, his mom was much
more satisfying to fuck.

Slowly, Randy noticed her expression change from fear and guilt to undeniable
passion. Her heavy breathing changed to a low-pitched moaning.

Rock hard, Randy felt his mom's hips began to rotate under him. Encouraged,
Randy fucked her harder and harder.

Jill responded by bucking up and down to meet each of her son's thrusts.

"Randy, fuck me, fuck your mom! God, yes harder, I'm cummmmming... yes,
mother's cummmmming," screamed Jill as she came around her son's ejaculating

Sobbing Jill held her son tightly. Bradley looked down at the slimy come
soaked cock in his had. This wasn't fair, he thought. He walked over to the
clinging couple lying spent on the couch, and pulled his little brother of
the object of his lust...

And nothing was ever the same at the Taylor House.


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