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By The Carnal Quill (as Magic Wand)

Randy Taylor walked dejectedly out of his yard and down the street.
"Outsmarted by my own parents!" The phrase kept running through his mind.
"How could I have been outsmarted by my own parents?"

He had just been caught impersonating a 32-year-old dermatologist to a 25-
year-old woman over a matchmaker BBS when she suddenly showed up at his door.
Apparently, she and his parents had set him up in an encounter meant to
humiliate him and teach him a lesson. Ha! He would just be careful not to
give out his real address next time! After all, he still had his dad's old
love letters stored safely in his computer.

Just then, a red corvette pulled alongside him. When he saw the driver, he
turned away and just kept walking. It was her! Probably back to taunt him.
How pathetic.

The window on his side of the car rolled down.

"Hey, Randy, I'm sorry!" Their was genuine regret in her voice, but he wasn't
buying it.

"Go away!" He responded without much enthusiasm. He kept walking for
appearance's sake, but wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. Gosh, she
was gorgeous! Maybe she was serious... Naw.

But the car kept rolling along beside him.

"Randy, I had to play along with your parents after they found out. I didn't
want to hurt you! Please listen, Randy, I'm glad you're only 12!"

This stopped Randy in his tracks. Glad? What did that mean? Was she
serious? What if she was? Was it worth it to find out? Maybe.

"Do you trust me, Randy? Can we take a ride and discuss it?" She sounded
very earnest.

Randy finally turned toward her with a pained expression on his face. "What's
there to discuss? You had a good laugh, you taught me a lesson. Isn't that

"I'd like to make it up to you, Randy, please?"

Hmm. This had possibilities. He weighed the pros of cons of getting in the
car with her. He decided that he did trust her. After all, she apparently
hadn't told him that the "software" she had mailed to him was computer porn,
and her regular e-mail to him over the last few months had made her out to be
a very caring, gentle person.

Randy opened the door and climbed into the corvette. As soon as he was
buckled in, she hit the gas and they were off.

"I'll just drive around the block a few times, and you can get out whenever
you want, OK?" She asked, trying to make him feel at ease after getting into
the car with someone not far removed from being a total stranger.

"Don't go past my house."

"Deal. And thanks." She assured him with a warm smile.

He fought the urge to smile back, thinking he might be able to manipulate the
situation better if he played it cool. He began to check out the dash and the
interior, careful not to look at her (too much). "Is this your car?"

"Naw. The rental company gave me a free upgrade with my flyer miles. It's
fun, isn't it?"

"Yeah." He settled into looking out the window.

"Listen, Randy. I kind of figured you weren't a 32-year-old dermatologist
even before I came up here."

"Really? How?" Randy was sure his alter ego had been bullet proof.

"Oh, just little things that didn't quite add up, like grammar and spelling,
and stuff. It was more in line with what a fifteen-year-old might write."

"I used a spell checker." Randy protested, but he knew that English
composition was not one of his best skills (yet).

"True. But it doesn't catch when you use T-H-E-I-R instead of T-H-E-R-E or T-
O instead of T-O-O. Something I would expect a 32-year-old dermatologist to

"So you thought I was fifteen?" Randy looked at her face now, searching for
any signs of dishonesty.

"About." She smiled. "Or a precocious twelve-year-old."

Randy liked being called precocious. Some of his teachers had used the word
to describe him to his parents, and it had a ring of notoriety.

"I am precocious," Randy was quick to affirm, smiling for the first time.

She laughed as she saw the mischievous smile light up his face. "I know.
Probably in more ways than one, if I judge some of your more recent letters
correctly -- at least those that didn't involve Sears!"

Randy knew what letters she meant. After he had lost his virginity to Sally a
month ago, he had written Molly some of his own letters with his newfound
knowledge of the female anatomy and intercourse. "Oh, yeah, those letters...
Well, I've been around the block."

They both laughed at that, as they were well into their second circuit of a
two-block area.

"How many times?" She asked softly, lifting her eyebrows.

Randy couldn't help blushing. He knew exactly what she was asking, and
debated whether to lie. What was she after? Did she want to have sex with
him? A kid? If she did, would she want him to be experienced? Could he back
up his lie if he said twenty times and then he DID have sex with her? He
doubted it. The truth seemed best for now. "Once. A month ago" He
admitted, looking away.

"Didn't it go well?" She asked, curious to see what king of impression his
first sex had left him with.

"We almost got caught by my parents. They found us in the hot tub together
with my brother and his girlfriend. Sally's been shy with me ever since."

"Sally's your girlfriend?"

"Sorta." Randy didn't want the woman to think he was committed.

"I see. So, did you go all the way?"

"Yeah. Twice in five minutes," Randy couldn't help bragging a little.

"Wow!" Molly exclaimed as she tried to choke back a pleased giggle. "That's
amazing! I don't think I've heard of a man that could do that! Youth
definitely has its advantages." She gave him a sly wink as she said the last

"I guess," Randy replied, unsure of the truth of her claim. It was easy to
cum twice in five minutes. How could it be different if you were grown up?

She rode in silence for awhile. She changed her route to a circuitous one so
that they didn't go down the same street very often, always careful to stay
within a few block of his house. The gazed at each other surreptitiously as
the sexual tension in the car grew stronger.

Finally, Molly took a deep breath. "Well, we don't have much time, so I'll
ask you straight out. Will you make love to me?"

Randy was floored. Wow! This was great! Unbelievable! This sexy older
woman was asking him to have sex with her! Heck yeah, he wanted to make love
to her! "Really?" He asked lamely.

She reached over and took his hand. "Really," She assured him.

He squeezed her hand as if trying to make sure she was real. "OK," he agreed
as casually as he could.

She glanced at her watch. "It's about 2:45. How much time do you have?"

"A couple hours, I guess." Randy hoped his excitement wasn't too evident in
his voice.

"Shall we go to my hotel?" She asked with a hot glance up and down his body.

"Uh, sure." He agreed, hoping it wasn't too far away. He'd popped a boner
just thinking about screwing her and was afraid he'd have an accident in his
pants if she didn't hurry. Her hand was warm and moist in his, and his eyes
were fastened to her vibrating mammaries as he tried to imagine what they
looked like.

Randy need not have worried. The hotel was less than two miles away. Nobody
at the hotel seemed to notice the young woman and boy holding hands as they
made their way to her room on the eighth floor.

"This is great! Look at all the mirrors!" Randy exclaimed as he entered.
Indeed, there were mirrors on three walls and the ceiling, all easily visible
from the king bed.

Randy was filled with nervous energy as he wandered around, inspecting the
closets, TV, and bathroom with separate tub and shower facilities. Molly
indulged him in his tour of the room, then instructed him to sit on the bed
while she slipped into something more comfortable in the changing area.

Randy flopped backward onto the bed and rubbed at his eyes nervously. His
palms were sweaty, and he felt a growing sense of trepidation. "What am I
doing?" He asked himself. "I'm going to make a complete fool of myself.
She'll laugh me out of here!"

His anxiety began to overwhelm him as he listened to the noises she made as
she changed her clothes. She was humming quietly to herself, obviously
completely comfortable with the situation. "She'll laugh when she sees my
dick." He thought.

Suddenly, she stopped humming and said, "Randy, are you ready?"

He sat up instantly. His heart started to hammer in his chest, and his ears
thrummed along with it. "Uh, yeah." Gulp. "Sure."

He rubbed his sweaty palms together nervously, afraid to look in her
direction. He found a mirror angle that allowed him to see where she would
emerge, and fastened his gaze there.

Then she walked into his view and posed for his inspection. She wore only a
couple of thin, filmy skirts of light green lace. One covered (if you could
call it that) her perfectly formed breasts, and the other encircled her waist.
The material was almost completely transparent, covering the most important
places but revealing everything.

Randy's head snapped around to look directly at her, thinking the image must
have been some kind of hallucination. It wasn't. His eyes flicked rapidly
between the circles of her nipples to the dark triangle between her shapely
legs, unsure which he preferred. His dick instantly became hard as a rock.

She smiled at his slack-jawed, wide-eyed appreciation. "Well, what do you
think?" She asked, as if she couldn't tell.

Randy could just shake his head slowly and say, "Whooooaaaa!" He would have
jumped up and ravished her if he hadn't been paralyzed. He barely had enough
presence of mind to snap his mouth shut and gulp before he slobbered all over
the floor.

She pranced by him a couple of times, making sure to let the laces float up
and down with her movements, fully revealing her rosy nipples and the reddish-
brown curls of her muff. Then she spun around on her toes, causing the laces
to fly out into discs, letting him drink in the sight of her swinging tits and
smooth, round ass.

He began to swing his legs back and forth, trying to bring a little
stimulation to his raging hard-on as he gawked at her lewd display. "Ohhhhhh
Woooooooow!" He managed to breathe in wonder. Now he knew the difference
between a girl and a woman. And what a difference! The tits were bigger and
bouncier, the cunt was harrier, the hips were wider, and the thighs meatier.
His young body tingled with the desire to touch and squeeze and fondle and
lick and kiss and fuck every single inch of her! He had no idea where he
would even begin!

She finished her modeling and came over to sit next to him, rubbing his back.
With her other hand, she took his chin and made him look her in the eye. He
saw the warmth and concern there as she asked, very gently, if he was sure he
wanted to go through with this.

He took a deep breath and tried to meet her gaze. He surely did want to go
through with this, but he felt obligated to explain his biggest (small?)
concern. "Uh, sure... But I, uh, I'm afraid I don't have the, um, equipment
to, you know, satisfy you."

She kept ahold of his chin and smiled warmly, and he felt his fears wash away.
"If I'd have wanted a grown man, I'd have invited one. But I don't. I want
YOU. I knew it the minute I saw you standing in the doorway trying to
convince me that you weren't Randy Taylor. And even before, really, when I
knew that you weren't even close to 32. Those letters, the ones that YOU
wrote there at the end, showed a genuine warmth and compassion that I think is
very rare in people your age. The ONLY way you could ever disappoint me today
is if you don't enjoy the hell out of it. Don't worry about how much pleasure
you can give to me, just how much of YOUR pleasure you'll share with me.
That's what *I* want, to experience YOUR pleasure with you, OK?"

Randy didn't quite know what to make of all this, but it sounded good enough
to him. She wanted him to have a good time, and if he did, she would be
happy. Cool! Problem solved. "OK," he agreed with a wide smile as his gaze
dropped down to her lace-covered tits.

"Well, then, I think the only fair thing to do at this point is to get you out
of this outfit." She said as she reached for one of the straps to his
overalls. He made no move to help, as he was still spellbound by her breasts.
She gave a short laugh and said, "Go ahead. You can play with them."

She worked at his straps as he moved a sweaty palm up to each melon and began
to rub gently, fingering the stiff, rubbery nipples. In a moment, the bib
flopped downward and she grabbed the hem of his yellow T-shirt to pull it over
his head. Reluctantly, he removed his hands so that she could get it off,
then quickly kicked off his half-laced sneakers and removed his socks.

Molly noticed with pleasure, as the overalls fell down to the bed, that he had
no underwear on. The hairless base of his pale hard-on and a little of his
ass crack peeked out.

Randy took a deep breath as the moment of truth arrived. This was it. Do or
die. "Ready?" He asked with a shy smile.

"Ready," she replied with a firm nod.

He stood up and let the baggy overalls drop to the floor. His hard-on bounced
as it popped free, pointing at the mirrored far wall in all of its three-and-
a-half-inch glory.

Now it was Molly's turn to gasp in delight as she inspected it in the mirror.
The erection bobbed above a delightfully smooth scrotum two-inches in
diameter. The young balls were pitched forward with the height of his cock,
and appeared to be the size of jelly beans.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh!" Molly exclaimed in honest delight. "It's beautiful!"



She held out her arms to him and spread her legs so that he could step up to
her as she sat at the edge of the bed. He came forward eagerly, eyes glued to
her light brown muff and the rosy wet flesh inside. "He's a cunt man," she
thought, "no doubt about it!"

Randy was still fairly short, which worked out nicely as she wrapped her arms
around him and let him rest his head on her shoulder. His straight little
boy-cock cleared the lower hem of her skirt and zeroed directly into her
inflamed clitty. Their pelvises jerked back reflexively at the unexpected
jolt of pleasure.

"Oops!" She squealed, giggling.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed into her shoulder.

He seemed hesitant to move his pricklet back toward her, so she moved her
hands down to cup his tight little ass cheeks and pull them toward her. She
felt the tip of his glans brush against the hair of her mons, safely away from
her love box for the moment.

Randy felt the kinky hairs tickle his dick head, and rammed forward
reflexively. He was slightly disappointed not to feel the moist warm flesh
again, but found that grinding his dick against the soft skin of her vulva,
with its tickly hairs was quite pleasant. When he pressed hard, he could feel
his tight young balls kiss the parted outer lips of her cunt, tantalizing him.

"Kiss me, Randy," She whispered into his ear.

Hesitantly, he brought his mouth around to brush her lips lightly. She
brought a hand up to his neck and pressed her lips against his. He resisted a
little, but soon began to respond more passionately as he reacted to the
feelings of grinding his junior cock against her hairy mound, with the thin
material of the little skirt tickling the upper length of his boyhood.

His hot breath blew against her cheek as their lips remained locked, sucking
at each other. She snuck her tongue between his teeth, searching with it
until she found his own wet little taster. He jerked his head back in
surprise, gasping.

His eyes again looked down through the green lace, watching the bulge of his
hard-on moving around beneath it. "Can I put it in for a second?"

She was not surprised by this request. Young boys were so eager for the
beaver! She had to admit, though, that some of the men she had been with were
just as bad. "This is his day, though," she thought, "if he wants to have
dessert first, he can have it."

The plaintive look on his young face was so cute that she had to give it a
peck on the cheek before answering. "Already?" She asked, just to make sure.

"Just for a second. I want to see what a grown woman feels like inside." He
assured her.

She had to smile at his precious naivete. "Of course you can, lover. Here,
let me help you." She removed her hand from his neck and brought it down to
his little pole. She squeezed it lightly, bringing an appreciative grunt from
the boy while testing its spongy firmness. She felt a tiny bead of thin, warm
fluid drip onto her hand. The slender little rod fit her fist nicely as she
guided it downward while adjusting her hips to better present her wet gash.
His cool scrotum nestled against her index finger.

Randy grunted as he felt the moist, warm flesh finally touching the tip of his
dork. Instinctively, he pressed forward expecting to feel her tunnel engulf
him. But she teased him for a moment by rubbing his swollen glans against her
hard nubbin, then around the outside of the wet opening. He gritted his teeth
as the pleasure and anticipation nearly made him swoon. His cock clenched
once, emitting another dewdrop of boy-cum.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Gosh, yeah!" Randy gasped excitedly.

Then her hand was gone, and he felt himself plunging into her hot twat with
surprising ease. Gosh she was wet! And her cunt felt so much different from
Sally's. Where the girl's had been tight and slick, Molly's had much more
texture. There were all kinds of bumps and ridges and folds, and stuff.
There was a lot more room in here, too, letting the folds of cunt skin drape
lovingly over his smooth little lance, caressing it gently. And the heat! He
felt like it would melt his cock if he kept it in too long.

When he felt his balls scrunch up against her opening, he began to move his
pelvis in a gentle circular motion, luxuriating in the soft, moist depths of
his first mature pussy. "Just one more second, as long as I don't cum yet,"
he promised himself.

"Mmpf. Ohh." Randy grunted into her ear, obviously relishing the experience.

"Unh!" Molly had grunted in surprise as Randy's boner had pierced her nest.
Now she held the trembling youngster tightly, fighting to suppress the
slightest movement inside her cunt for fear of setting the boy off
prematurely. She bit her lip, but the feel of the virile little boy-dick
clumsily poking at her sensitive cunt walls was too much.

"Thsssssss! Oh, oh," she whimpered as she gave in to a mild little orgasm
that sent consecutive ripples down her canal, buffeting the small invader and
washing it with a gush of love juice. Her whole body jerked and bounced on
the bed as the pleasure spasm rolled through her. She felt the boy tense in
her arms, and she pulled him tightly toward her, crushing her clit against his
smooth abdomen, awaiting his imminent flow.

Randy's inept control, of course, could not withstand the treatment her out-
of-control cunt was giving his excited tool. The soft walls rippled and
rolled around and over his sensitive boy-flesh, sending electrical jolts of
pleasure deep into his young loins. Hot fluids washed around his pleasure
tube, causing him to feel like it was dissolving in there. And indeed, he
didn't even realize that the burning in the tip of his dick was partly due to
his own climax taking place. He couldn't even feel his own small spurts of
boy-jizz mixing with the flood of her juices and washing back along his prick
and down his balls. There were just too many wonderful feelings pouring
through him to even begin to separate the sensations.

Molly had to catch Randy as his knees gave out with the completion of his
climax. She helped him to lie down on the bed next to her and catch his
breath. His pretty little dickie was still nice and hard, and quite wet.

Randy took a moment to catch his breath and relive the past fifteen seconds.
It had been totally cool!

He opened his eyes to see that she was on an elbow, smiling at him.

"Wow!" He gasped, grinning hugely, "that was one GREAT second!"

"Care for seconds?" She asked, and they both giggled.

"So how does my pussy compare to your little girlfriend's? Hmm?" Molly
asked, idly running a finger over his smooth, bony little chest.

"Uh... Well... It's bigger, wetter, hotter... And a lot hairier!" He informed
her with his impish grin.

"You forgot hornier!" She said as she wrapped her arms around him and rolled
onto her back, lifting the small boy on top of her until his still-erect shaft
dug into her soft abdomen, and his face was even with her firm jugs.

She put a hand behind his head and guided his mouth onto an erect nipple. He
needed no further prompting as he eagerly began to suckle like a starving

Sparks of pleasure began to shoot between her clitty and nipple as he slurped
noisily, and she couldn't help releasing a high-pitched grunt of pleasure as
her body convulsed underneath him, her voracious cunt attempting to recapture
the little stiffy that was hopelessly out of reach.

Minutes passed where the only sounds were of his sucking mouth and her
whimpers of passion. She tenderly guided his hands to her breasts, teaching
him how to squeeze the one being sucked and to excite the nipple of the other.
With gentle pushes against his head, she signaled for him to move his mouth
back and forth between them.

Randy could tell that he was really exciting the woman beneath him, as her
body began to buck and heave in ever wilder movements. He felt the feeling
coming back into his dick-head and began thrusting his ever-hard against her
soft, smooth tummy. Her wiry pubic hairs tickled his smooth, tight scrotum.
He experimented with flicking his tongue up and down rapidly against her
nipple, and she almost bucked him off of her as she let out a passionate yelp.
Molly's hips began to spasm rapidly against his sensitive boner, and he fought
to keep it pressed into her soft skin.

"Oh! Gaaawwwwwddd! Ungh! I coming again! Suck my tit! Unh!" Her
movements were stimulating his young cock deliciously. He squeezed both of
her titties and lapped at the erect little nipple, twirling his tongue against
the depression in the tip. The pungent, musky smell from her pussy magnified
into an almost tangible odor.

Molly moaned maniacally as she writhed in another orgasm. The little lion
cub's innocent tongue had pleasured her in a way that no grown man ever had.

As her body began to still itself, she gently lifted his head from her
sensitive nipples. It was time for more advanced lessons!

"Have you ever tit-fucked a girl before, tiger?" She asked.

"Huh-uh!" He gasped eagerly, still trying to grind his horny cock into her

"Well, come on and saddle up, little doggie!" She encouraged him as she
helped him to straddle her torso where his little dickie pointed straight up
between her tits.

"Now, just lean forward and thrust," she instructed him as he put his hands on
the bed beside her head and let her engulf his throbbing boy meat in smooth,
soft tit flesh. When she had him wrapped up nice and tight, he instinctively
began to gently thrust back and forth.

He growled in pleasure as he felt the soft skin caress his sensitive peter,
rubbing along its pulsating hardness with each back-and-forth motion. His
tender ball sack rubbed pleasantly over her ribs. He jumped in unexpected
pleasure as he felt her tongue lash out and flick his dick.

Randy's young tool wasn't yet long enough to reach her lips, so Molly had to
content herself with tasting the moist tip of his little purple glans with the
tip of her tongue, and watching the tiny slit open and close right before her

Minutes passed as Randy continued to grunt and growl his pleasure as he more
and more rapidly thrust into her velvety tit flesh. Molly was delighted when
her tongue managed to catch an emerging bead of the boy's pre-cum and make a
stringy bridge with the rapidly moving glans.

As the little guy's moans became louder and longer, his thin hips driving at a
faster and more irregular pace, Molly debated whether to stop him before he
shot off again. No, she decided, he was loving it. Besides, there was no
doubt in her mind that this kid could cum three or four times in half-an-hour.

"Awwwwwwgggghhhh! Ahhhhhh! OH, YEAH!" Randy grunted as his little hips
ground to a halt with his three-and-a-half-inch cocklet buried deeply between
her ripe melons.

Molly stuck her tongue out and planted it right against the sensitive
underside of his circumcised little glans. His pelvis twitched spastically
while his swollen boy flesh began to pulse.

"Ung! Ung! Ung! Unh. Unh. Unnnnnh...Unnnnnh...Unnnnnh." Randy grunted as
his overactive little glands strained to empty themselves of his thin, clear
semen. Two little jets of boy jizz splashed onto Molly's waiting tongue,
followed by a few more dribbling droplets.

She waited until he had squeezed it all out before she brought her tongue back
into her mouth and swirled the thin juice around, luxuriating in its stringy,
bitter consistency. Her cunt twitched in response to his boyish flavor.

Still gasping and panting from his orgasm, Randy continued to thrust his
softening pricklet against her tits, smearing some late droplets of boy cum
around on her soft mounds of flesh. In a moment, he allowed himself to flop
down next to her, his limp pricklet feeling all warm and tingly.

"How was that?" She asked the panting boy.

"Awesome!" Was all he could get out.

She brought her face close to his and brushed his light brown bangs out of his
eyes. Slowly, gently, she kissed him on the lips. His tongue came out to
meet hers, and they Frenched for a few minutes until she decided that she had
to taste the rest of him.

She licked and kissed her way down his chin and neck, taking a minute to swirl
her tongue around the soft peach fuzzed skin below his ear. He purred as she
made her way down his chest and began to lap at his tiny brown nipples,
coating them with saliva until they became erect little pinpoints.

Lower and lower she moved her tongue. Down his smooth tummy and into his
little belly button. She filled it with saliva before pressing onward toward
the center of his maleness. She began to nibble softly when she got to his
bald pubic area, tantalizing his sensitive skin, then soothing it with her
tongue. He began to squirm beneath her, and she felt his boyhood stiffening
against her hanging breasts.

Deliberately, she passed by his excited organ and continued nipping and
licking at the erogenous areas of his inner thighs and pelvis. She smelled
the light, bleachy scent of his balls and inhaled deeply, enjoying his boy-
smell. He was already fully erect and squirming impatiently beneath her as
she made her first tongue-flicks against his tight, smooth scrotum. His balls
pulled even tighter as she teased them with jabs of warm wetness, tasting his
salty sweat and a hint of her cunt juices. Soon, they were hugging at the
base of his little rod, and she moved her tongue onto it, swirling it around
and down along the little crevice where his scrotum met his abdomen.

She was surprised to feel something tickle her lapping tongue, and noticed a
very downy, light-brown hair growing from the top of his balls. His first?
She jostled his nuts with her fingers to closely inspect the indentation on
both sides, but could find no others. She licked the little furrow, thinking
maybe her woman-spit would encourage the growth of more.

Her cunt ached with emptiness, and was copiously drooling its love nectar.
She quickly swung her legs around and straddled Randy's prone form.
Scrunching up, she placed her dripping pussy over the boy's astounded face.
Once in place, she began to unashamedly run her clitoris over his nose and
mouth, smearing them with her juices. At the same time, she began licking his
slender little cock with long strokes from head to base, licking off all
traces of their mingled juices from their intercourse. Occasionally, she
would include his tight, bald scrotum.

Randy was nearly overcome with the sight of the big, hairy cunt in his face,
and the hard little half-inch piece of flesh that she kept rubbing across his
mouth. The fumes were making him feel light-headed, and the sticky juices
seeping through his lips awoke an instinctive thirst for them. Tentatively,
he stuck his tongue out to stab at her swollen clitty, but she jerked it back
quickly, as if the touch hurt her. Puzzled, he tried again when it came back
within reach. Again, she jerked away.

"Ooooo, sweetheart, that's nice but my clitty's too sensitive. You can lick
everything else you want to, though," she explained, peering at his
spellbound face from below her breasts.

Randy again stuck out his tongue, aiming for the dripping opening below her
clit. The light brown inner lips were swollen outward about half-an-inch,
revealing the soft, wet pinkness inside. He boldly lapped at the juicy
entrance, savoring the sharp, coppery taste of her pungent juices. The more
he lapped, the more he wanted, until his tongue began to probe into her
opening, tasting the moist pinkness and drawing out more of her oozing love

Molly, feeling the wonderful sensations of the boy's inexperienced tongue
tentatively probing into her love nest, took the swollen, shiny glans between
her lips and slowly moved her mouth downward. She had to hold his hips to
keep them from reflexively driving his excited pole instantly in to the hilt.
Slowly, very slowly, she brought the short little boy cock into her hungry

Randy was going wild with the slow pleasure Molly was giving to his over-
stimulated dick. His tongue began to lap in big sweeps along the insides of
the hairy outer lips, trying to avoid her sensitive clit, but still feeling
her jerk when he forgot. As he felt his cock become firmly engulfed, his
hunger for twat became insatiable. He grabbed a hairy labia in each hand and
pulled them apart, revealing an inch or so of vagina, and bringing forth a new
trickle of lubricant. His tongue made short work of it as he probed ever
further into her secret depths, mining for gold.

Molly was having a hard time controlling Randy's driving hips. He was getting
ever more energetic as she sucked at his tender little organ with her slow,
tonguing strokes. She was also losing control of her cunt, which was being
mercilessly licked by the feverish boy. Unable to control herself, she
reached a hand down to her engorged cunt and began to rub her clit sheath over
her erect nubbin in a quick circular motion. Her hand banged at Randy's chin,
but she was beyond noticing as he continued to poke her aching twat with his
wonderful, slimy little tongue.

Randy felt yet another orgasm rising up his prick. His balls were achingly
tight, his cock head on fire in Molly's mouth. Her sucking speed was
increasing quickly as she fought off her own explosion, and Randy had no hope
of holding back. It was like she was sucking his sperm out of a straw. His
toes curled and his back arched as his little balls tried one more time to
expel their scarce product.

"Gaaaah! Aggghhh! Ahhhhh..." Randy gasped into her cunt as pleasure spasms
shook his little body, the strongest of which threatened to tear his cock off.
Molly's hand suddenly became still as she screamed with his jerking cock still
tightly in her mouth. New juices flowed all over Randy's face as he struggled
to split his attention between lapping them up and cumming hard into her

"MMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMM!" Molly moaned as Randy's cock spit yet
another few delicious droplets of clear, white boy cum. She felt her cunt
collapse, sending its stored juices out onto Randy's cute little face as she
writhed over him in orgasm. The two of them bucked and heaved against each
other's mouths for a solid minute before falling apart in exhaustion.

They cuddled for ten minutes, tenderly caressing each other. Molly knew her
time with him was growing short, but knew also that these memories would last
forever, for both of them.

She was a little surprised when Randy sleepily rolled onto her, placing his
semi-erect staff at her entrance. With a gentle push, he was inside her once
more. He began to move slowly, dreamily in and out, and soon she could feel
that he was fully erect, his turgid little cock head rubbing nicely against
her g-spot.

Molly caressed his slowly humping ass, still smooth as a baby's bottom. He,
in turn fondled her sensitive breasts. Minutes passed as the slowly joined
with each other, each one enjoying the sensuality of the moment, without the
pressing need to cum again.

Randy tried to memorize the soft folds of the woman's vagina, the bumpy yet
soft texture that felt so good as it draped along his embedded pricklet. He
loved the little tickling hairs that teased his round ball sac, and the way
her clitoris bumped against his bald little pubic mound.

Molly luxuriated in the feeling of his swollen glans parting her canal, then
the feel of the smooth, slender staff running behind it, letting the folds of
skin come back to enfold it, caress it, love it.

Randy's rhythm sputtered and stopped with his short, slender cock buried
deeply. Again, he felt the melting sensation as his cocklet pulsed gently,
dry cumming into the warm wetness of her love box, then softening one final
time, allowing her lubricant to flow forth and bathe his balls in its warmth.

They looked into each other's eyes, acknowledging the fact that this wonderful
experience was over. Not even an hour had passed in the hotel room, but each
of them had collected a life-long memory to cherish always.


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