Home Improvement: Media Zapper Part 6 (MF,mc)
by Wetsprocket

I reloaded my pistol with the hypnotic solution and transported, via the
Media Zapper, inside the series of "Home Improvement." I arrived before the
"Tool Time" show and Heidi, known to us as Debbie Dunning, was setting up.
She was alone on stage for the moment and was barely in range for my shot.
The dart tagged her on the right calf and rolled under the workbench. I
waited as the drug took effect. I would be part of the audience during the
show, so I acted like a fan. I stepped on the stage to ask her for her

As I neared her from behind, where she was placing tools on the work bench,
I couldn't help but gawk at her body. She wore one of her typical "Tool Time
Girl" outfits- short denim mini skirt, tight white short sleeve shirt with
buttons that went between her ample breasts to a couple of inches below them
on her belly. She wore her typical brown work boots with white socks. Her
long brown hair was separated into loose pigtails on the ends. I startled her
as she turned around, seeing me.

"Oh! I didn't see you come up." She remarked, putting her hand on her chest
from the fright. "What can I do for you."

"How about an autograph?" I asked, innocently enough.

"Why sure." She responded, taking the pad and pen from my hands that I had
brought up with me. She signed "Thanks for watching. Love, Heidi." "There you
go." She finished, handing me back the pad and pen.

"Thank you." I took the pad from her. I stood there longer, looking directly
at her breasts. They were tight, round melons inside her white t-shirt.

"Can I help you with something else?" She asked me, noted my lack of

"Yes." I looked her in the eyes. "When you go back stage, I want you to take
off you bra and panties for the show." I gave her a "code word" for returning
her to a hypnotic state if needed. I was her biggest fan and she would treat
me as such. She understood and returned back to setting up.

Al and Tim arrived shortly and they completed the preshow setup. Heidi
returned to the back of the stage. The crowd filled in quickly and the show
neared it's start. Heidi returned to the stage, showing more ovalness inside
her t-shirt, now without a bra. My penis hardened as she neared me to begin
the show. She sat on my lap and smiled at "biggest fan." As I suspected, the
drug had made her a little horny. She whispered in my ear.

"I don't have any panties on." She pulled back and smiled more. She moved to
speak again. "Want to check?"

With the offer, I casually and secretly moved my right hand under her skirt.
Her skin was smooth and soft all the way up into her crotch. I felt her close
trimmed pussy and she looked at me with another grin.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" She asked me. I nodded, moving my middle finger
into her clit. I watched her face as she "oooo"ed. "Like that?" I asked her.

"Oh, yeah." She replied. I fingered her further until a stagehand called out
"1 minute!"

Heidi looked up and cleared out of her daze. As the stagehand counted down,
I continued to feel the beautiful Tool Time girl up.

"Does everybody know what time it is?" She exclaimed on her mark.

"TOOL TIME!" The crowd bellowed.

"That's right! Binford Tools is proud to present Tim, The Toolman, Taylor!"
The crowd roared and Heidi clapped enthusiastically. I watched as her breasts
swayed to her movements in front of me. I could see the imprint of her
nipples as they hardened from the excitement. She kissed me, now off camera,
and slid off my lap to join the crew on stage. The show went per the usual,
but Heidi was showing more nips that usual as her nipples poked from beneath
her shirt. I adjusted my insistent hard on inside my pants, craving to have
her after the show.

I waited through the show's end and wandered through the stage area as crews
departed. Heidi hung around too, of course.

The stage manager asked Heidi to lock up when she left as she would be the
last to leave. I heard her audibly agree, as the stage manger left the
premises. I returned to sit in front of the stage. Heidi, which I will refer
to as Debbie from here on out, walked from back stage. "So, what do you want
to do?" She asked, with a hint of saucy naughtiness in her voice. I pulled
down my pants and sat in my seat with my raging woody at attention.

"Why don't you come take care of this." I told her, letting her see my stiff
organ. She smiled.

"That sounds like an idea." She strutted over. I opened my knees to let her
between them. She knelt to my rod and took it between her lips. My cock
stiffened harder as the head touched the back of her throat. She held my
shaft with her left hand as she ran her tongue over the length of it and
mouthed into my scrotum. She licked my balls and sucked a testicle while
handjobbing me. I placed my hands on her head, pulling back her hair from her
face. I watched as she returned my cock to her mouth and churned it over it.
She slurped and sucked me like she was bringing a bowling ball through a
coffee stir straw. The star ran her free hand under my shirt and felt me
chest. As I neared climax and responded wildly to her aggressive blowjob, she
pushed me, keeping me seated. My cock broke open like a geyser, at least it
felt like it. I couldn't tell how much flooded out as Debbie gulped it up,
taking in all down her throat. She looked up at me with a patented sexy
smile, removing my shrinking penis from her mouth.

"There. That's all better now." She licked me clean with her tongue, even as
I continued to leak.

Afterwards, she stood up where she had blew me. I was inches from where her
shirt tucked into her skirt. She looked down at me. I noticed how her nipples
were hard, and poking very adamantly through her shirt. I untucked her shirt
with my hands and moved them up under it. I felt up to each breast and gently
squeezed them. They were heavy and full of maturity. Her nipples responded
roughly to my hands as I move them across. I looked to Debbie.

"Show them to me." I begged. She pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it
on the seat next to me.

Her tits were excellent. She brought them to my face for a closer look. I
provided them with plenty of attention. I suckled her right tit in my mouth,
concentrating on her sprouting nipples. She ran her hand through my hair,
while I fed. I must've been at least a half hour or so, trading off to the
other breast and back, enjoying her ripe breasts. I left a hickey on her
right breast, on the areola where I had greatly enjoyed it.

Debbie stood and hitched up her skirt. I watched, as more of her smooth,
well-toned thighs became visible to me. I gawked at her pubic triangle where
they met up. She giggled some as she watched my mouth drop open at the sight.
She had it manicured into a tight triangular pattern. A small strip of dark
pubic hair pointed down to her clit. The hairs were small and combed down in
a burr cut. The split of her crevice billowed out distinctively with pouty
darkened pink lips. I grazed her crotch with my hand. I kissed her inner
thighs softly and moved into her patch. Debbie lent back against the railing
and pulled herself on the top rung, using a vertical bar that went to the
ceiling. I fingered into her vagina and broke open her already stimulated
pussy. I tongued it and began split those pussy lips further open. Soon, I
was able to move my face into the pinkness of her cunt and nibble her more
sensitive areas. She gasped out loudly with each taste. She began to become
even noisier as she got further along. She pushed her crotch into my face.
Before I knew it, my head was against the back of my chair and she had her
legs draped over the back. Her back was arched, pushing her pussy further as
she supported herself holding onto the top of the railing. Her hips flexed,
rubbing her wet pussy across my face. I ate into her as she came. I felt the
warm pussy juice of her climax. I helped her pull herself up on my lap again.

My penis had returned to it's full and upright position. She looked at me and

"Guess we better take care of him again, huh?" She stated, rubbing my organ.

Debbie split her legs across the chair and put my cock head on her cunt's
entry. Slowly, she slid down on top of me. She watched my expression as my
rod burrowed inside of her. I felt my entire length nestle snugly inside her
warm, moist vagina. I felt her damp clit reach the bottom of my shaft. She
made a deep enhale as the last inch or so sifted up into her.

"Oh, yeah!" She yelled out. "That feels so good!" She began to impale my
cock, in and out of her vagina, slowly. I sat back and enjoyed it. I saw how
she strode to the tip of my cock and how it disappeared inside her.

I moved my hands up and squeezed her wonderful tits as she fucked me. Her
pace quickened. My cock was vigorously being slammed deep into her vagina.
She began to tire some and I pushed from my seat. I moved my pecker inside
her. I couldn't keep that position for long. I stood up, my cock totally
inside Debbie. I grabbed her ass and lifted her. My cock adjusted sending
me to a new depth inside her. She made a grunt sound then a gasp. I had
broke new ground. I moved her against a pillar and continued to slam up
into her. I lifted her up with my hands clutching her ass then letting her
go down deep onto my cock. I did this as rapidly as I could. She moaned
and gulped from each deep penetration.

Her legs latched around me to slow me down so she could rest. I still bounced
her on my rod. She cried out in response and I led her to her orgasm. She
squeezed me tightly as she came. I continued to nail her, envisioning myself
from behind. I was in the clutches of this fine female, her legs spread open
with me between her thighs. The realization of this brought me to cum. My
jizm jetted from my penis inside her.

I laid back onto a chair, she was still on top of me, my pecker softening
inside her. As I rested back, she moved her tits up to my face and fed me
them. Without argument, slurped between them and suckled them once more. I
squeezed them tightly and gave her left tit a hickey for it's turn. She held
me close to them, enjoying the attention.

My cock had gone soft and had emptied. Debbie stepped off me and staggered
to get her clothes. She covered her body with the clothes while I watched.
She continued to enjoy watching my reactions to her gorgeous body. She
finished dressing and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you. I sure was horny." She said, skipping down towards the stage.
"Let's do it again sometime."

I knew that we'd have to. This babe was built for sex.

to be continued...

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