New Home Improvement Series
M/F, B&D

Jill's Weekend Home Alone

Chapter 4

Al himself was extremely excited. He was starting to feel discomfort as his huge erection
strained against his clothes and he was beginning to feel very warm. He decided this would be a
good time to undress.

Jill opened her eyes to see why Al had stopped stroking her pussy. She saw him removing his
flannel shirt. A new fear overcame her as she saw his huge dick straining against his trousers.
She always thought Tim was built large but she did not have much to compare him against, only
a few high school lovers she had engaged in heavy petting with. As Al continued undressing she
anxiously awaited the removal of his pants to see what was in store for her. As Al slid his boxers
down his legs the largest dick Jill had ever seen sprang to attention. It was only 2 or 3 inchs
longer than Tims but it must have been at least three times as thick. Jill could not imagine
accomodating anything so large but knew that Al would have his way with her. Al caught Jill
staring at his erection and smiled. " I always believe in using the right tool for the Job Jill and I
bet this one will be perfect for you ".

Al was now ready to get down to business. He lowered his mouth to Jills breast and flicked his
tongue against her erect nipple. His hand sought out her drenched pussy and he quickly inserted
two fingers into her wide open cunt. Al now chewed on jills erect nipples as he finger fucked her
pussy. This sudden change from tenderness to pure lust alarmed Jill, but she was helpless to
Als whims. She was desperate for her own release and wanted Al to bring her to orgasm and
she didn't care how he did it.

Al had planned on teasing Jill over and over but his own need for release had got the better of
him. He needed to pound Jills pussy and he needed to pound it now. Al climbed on top of Jill
and Put the tip of his rock hard prick at the entrance of his captives pussy. Jill was staring wide
eyed at Al now, bracing herself for what was about to come. Al saw a combination of fear and
anticipation in her eyes. He inserted just the tip of his penis into Jills hot pussy, the
withdrew.watching for Jills response. He repeated this action several times. Jill was confused .
She was afraid of the size of Als penis, yet her cunt ached to be filled. The tension built within
her body. What was Al doing ?

Al continued teasing Jill with the tip of his swollen cock until he could hold back no more, then he
plunged suddenly and violently into the depths of Jills pussy. In one stroke he was in to the hilt.
Caught off guard Jill gasped behind her gag. A brief moment of searing pain followed by weaves
of pleasure overcame her body. She closed her eyes the fullness in her cunt. Al could feel Jills
heat on his membrane and knew she was ready to be had. He completely removed his dick from
jills pussy and then slammed home again. Jills cunt involuntarily contracted around Als prick,
trying to prevent him him from leaving again. Al smiled as he started pistoning in and out of Jills
hot love box. He new he had her. He could feel her body tensing, preparing for its release. His
Long, smooth strokes were bring Jill quickly to the brink. He could feel his own release rising. Al
pulled completely out of Jill once more. Her eyes opened wide, staring frantically at Al, fearfull
that she would be denied again. Al looked at Jill and smiled, inserted his tip at her opening and
plunged again. Jills body was wracked in convulsions as her orgasm overwhelmed her. The
rapid contractions of her pussy held Als dick tightly in her. He felt his own release coming and
did nothing to stop it, spurting load after load of cum into Jills vagina. He collapsed, spent, in a
heap on Jills now totally relaxed body. The two lay motionless, but Als mind was already racing
ahead to what he would do next to his captive.


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