Jills Weekend Home Alone
M/F, B/D

Chapter 2

Jills thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Jill, I have some questions about this list you gave me. "

"Just a minute AL" replied Jill. She dried the moistness from her hand and readjusted the
towel then opened the door to allow Al into the Bedroom.

" What don't you understand Al, I thought you were the one who knew how to fix things."

"There seems to be something missing from the list Jill, you tell me to fix the door and the
can opener and the fence, but I do not see fix Jill on the list. "

"I didn't know I was broken Al "

Not broken Jill, just neglected. I know Tim does not give you the attention you deserve
and I Plan to fix that today. All you have to do is relax and let Al take care of you ."

" Whoa big boy, I don't need you to fix that. Tim and I do just fine. " As Jill looked at
Al's eyes she began to tremble with fear. She had never seen Al look this way before. He
was confident and determined. She realized her words were not going to stop what ever
Al had in mind."

" Now Al, stop and think about this, be rational, you don't want to do anything you'll
regret later. "

" I won't regret anything Jill" said Al as he took a step closer, " in fact, I think you'll be
thanking me later."

Suddenly Al reached out and grabbed Jill by the shoulders, pulled her to him and forced
his mouth on hers. Jill struggled and resisted the kiss. As they struggled Jills towel
became undone and fell to floor. Al gasped as he saw Jill in all her glory for the first time.
Her breasts were still firm, her tummy taunt, and her thighs smooth and silky. You would
never know this woman had given birth to three children. Jill, speeckless due to her fear,
once again began to struggle. Al's strength overwhelmed her as he held her tight and once
again tried to kiss Jill. Jill could feel Al's erection straining against his trousers and new
fear overcame her. In her mind She knew there would be no stopping him.

" Please Jill don't fight me "pleaded Al, " I only want to make you feel wonderfull, to
please you in any way I can, don't fight me, I just want to makie you happy."

For a brief moment Jill thought about giving in, only a minute ago she had been fantasizing
about this man, dreaming that an encounter would occur. But Jills family values and
loyalty to Tim were too strong. She renewed her struggles with new vigor, flailing and
kicking out at Al.

Al had not expected the struggle. In his mind he thought Jill would melt in his arms and
they would spend all weekend making love together. He now started to panic. He was
not sure what to do but he was more determined than ever to have jill. It was to late to
stop now. He restrained Jill with a bear hug as he looked around the room for ideas. Al
spotted the clothes Jill had laid out on the bed. He saw the pantyhose and knew what he
had to do. He forced jill across the room to the bed and threw her onto the bed face
down. Pinning her arms behind her back Al reached for the pantyhose and fastened Jills
arms together behind her back at the wrists.

Jill now started to scream. " Wilson, help me, please hel me!!!" Al quickly clamped his
large hand over Jills mouth, muffling her cries. He then grabbed Jills panties and rolled
them up into a ball and forced them into her mouth, effectively gagging her. He then used
his utility knife to cut off the unused pantyhose leg, and used this to secure Jills gag. Now
her arms were bound and her cries were muffled but Jill was still kicking furiously. Al
looked around the room for something to secure Jills legs with. He spotted the miniblinds,
the long cord on the blinds would be perfect. Leaving Jill facedown on the bed Al quickly
cut off two cords with his knive. Jill tried to get up and run but her bound arms slowed
her efforts and Al quickly returned and subdued her. Forcing Jill to lie on her back Al
fastened one cord to each of Jills ankles. He then bound each ankle to a bedpost,
spreading Jills legs in the process. Tired from the struggle, Al sat down and admired his
handiwork. Jills bound nude body was fully exposed to him to admire. Al could see the
terror in Jills eyes and hear muffled sobs behind the gag. Tears were rolling down her
cheeks. Al felt compassion but in his mind thought he was doing what was best for Jill.


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