Home Improvement: Jill Plays With A Cop (MF,MMF,oral,anal,slash)
by Swedeguy

As Jill Taylor got into the front seat of the Chevy Nomad, she made no effort
to cover her legs with her dress. It had settled comfortably about two-thirds
up her thighs. She knew Tim enjoyed looking at her long legs encased in sheer
black thigh-high hose. As they drove along, Tim placed his right hand on his
wife's left knee. They had spent the evening dining at a favorite restaurant
and then had stopped by a club and had had few cocktails. Tim had quit at
three, but Jill was feeling frisky and was now giddy with alcohol. Jill
parted her legs just a bit, in case Tim wanted to go higher. The drinks had
gone to her head. She was horny and was anxious to get home and hop in the
sack for a good old fashion roll in the hay.

"Bet a button?" she asked flashing a sexy, if somewhat inebriated, smile.

Jill and Tim enjoyed this little game every once and awhile. It was a game
they played when Jill wore a dress that buttoned up the front. As a prelude
to game time, one of them, usually Tim, would bet a button that a certain
event would happen. If he won, Jill would undo a button off her dress, either
from the top or the bottom, her choice, and if she won, Jill would get a
monetary payoff, usually, twenty dollars. The dress she was wearing that
night had twelve buttons, all fastened. The top button was affixed about two
inches from the neckline, the bottom one was about two inches from the hem.
When buttoned all the way, the navy-blue dress was quite respectful, but as
they came undone, the dress gave way to a more sexual quality.

"On what?" he replied.

"Oh, I don't care. You pick something."

"Pull over here," Jill instructed.

Tim curbed the car, facing a convenience store.

"Look at me," Jill said.

"How can I help looking at you," he replied with a grin.

"Next person out of the store across the street. Man or woman?"


Both turned to watch the store. As they waited. Tim's hand was caressing
Jill's inter thigh. The contact was making her pussy wet. After several
minutes the front door opened and a man walked out.

"Argh! Argh! Argh!" Tim brayed. "Lost that one babe."

Jill reached down to the hem of the skirt and undid the bottom button. Tim
smiled and said, "Looks like I'm off to a good start."

He glided the Nomad back into traffic. Jill didn't mind losing, but she hated
the smugness on her husband's face. She began looking for another opportunity
to place another bet. She didn't have to wait long. She spotted a car pulling
into a small strip mall containing five stores.

"Tim, driver gets out and goes into the liquor store!"

Tim looked over at the car, still not yet parked and replied, "Deal, but
double or nothing."

"Done," Jill replied.

They watched the car park, and the passenger side door opened and a woman
entered a dry cleaners.

"Damn! I lost again!" thought Jill.

"That'll be two buttons, ma'am."

"I know, I can count." She undid one more off the bottom, and one from the
top. She was still pretty respectably dressed and could easily go into any
store without raising eyebrows.

As they continued home, Tim teased her again. "Care to try to win back your

"He's so full of himself!" she thought.

"Yeah, I want a chance to avenge myself. What did you have in mind?" Jill

Tim knew she didn't mind undoing her dress, but she absolutely hated to lose
a bet.

"Nothing really, just wanted to know if you were still game for the game?" he

"Yeah, I'm game. Pull over." Jill said.

Once more, Tim stopped the Chevy. "What did you have in mind, babe?"

Jill didn't really have a plan, but she didn't want Tim to know that. She
would make it up as she went.

"I'll bet you three buttons that I can make a car stop for me in less than a

Tim thought about that for a second. This had possibilities, but there was
also an element of danger, and Tim always kept his sexy wife safe, even on
adventuresome nights like that one was.

"Okay, but if someone stops, you get back in this car immediately," he

With that, Jill was out of her seat belt and outside our car in a flash. She
started to walk down the street, heels clicking, dress flowing in the breeze.
She didn't make any overt effort to stop a vehicle, even though there was
nothing in the bet to say she couldn't. Jill was confident in her looks and
attitude to know that any man driving past her on this road would stop his
car to offer her assistance, even if it meant dumping his wife and kids on
the side of the road!

And she was right. She hadn't taken twenty steps when she heard a car pull
off the road behind her. Jill knew Tim was close by, so she wasn't worried.
She turned around, however, and was surprised to see who'd stopped for her.
It was an unmarked police cruiser! She smiled at the officer behind the
wheel, and turned to walk back toward the Nomad, parked just a few feet
behind the cop's car. As she walked past the passenger side of the patrol
car, the officer got out of his vehicle.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I would like a word with you."

Jill started to explain to him that her husband was right behind him, parked
about a quarter of a block away, but thought better of the idea. After all,
it is kind of hard to explain some of the games she and Tim played,
especially to a straight citizen like she was sure this cop was.

"Yes, sir?"

He came around the back of his car to the side Jill was standing. She
couldn't help notice how young and handsome he was in his uniform. Jill had
a thing for guys in uniform. It probably had something to do with her Dad
being a career Army Officer. But she was too drunk to analyze the psychology
of it. There's something about a man in leather and brass, and the gun made
him look s-o-o-o-o rugged! She could feel her pussy start to ooze juice.

"Are you in some sort of trouble, ma'am?" said the cop.

"Oh, no, officer. I was just taking a short walk."

"At 2:30 in the morning?"

Jill realized how lame that sounded. But at that point, there was no way to
make it sound better.

"May I see some identification, please." His voice was becoming more formal.
And it was then she realized she didn't have her purse. It was in the car
with Tim, and Tim wasn't coming to her aid. "That'strange," she told herself.
She stalled for a moment, thinking of how to handle the situation.

The policeman asked, "You do have some I.D., don't you?"

"Well, no, not exactly. You see, I left my purse somewhere."


"Well, I I have no I.D., officer. Sorry."

She knew that wouldn't be good enough, but then, she also knew that if push
came to shove, Tim would rescue me. "I'm going to have to ask you to step
inside my car."

"Are you arresting me?" Jill asked defiantly.

"No, but I want to get you off the side of the street. It isn't safe to be
standing here. We could get hit by an oncoming vehicle. Please step inside
the car."

Jill absolutely loved the way he spoke. His voice was so calm, yet so
controlling. He was in charge, and I was being told what to do. But this
was not the time for fantasy, and she knew she had to get control of the

"Officer, I really don't think that will be necessary. My husband..."

She never finished the sentence. The police officer took her left hand, and
before she knew what was happening, he'd slapped a handcuff on it, and
bringing it around behind her in the same motion. Then he cuffed her right
hand. In the blink of an eye, her hands were suddenly cuffed behind her, and
she stood helpless on the side of the quiet road.

"Sorry, ma'am, but I must have your cooperation. We're looking for a woman
who robbed a liquor store a few blocks away and fled on foot. Now, please get
inside the car."

Jill didn't know what to say, or how to react. Tim was still inside their
car, and even now, with the escalation of this situation, he had made no move
to get out and come to her rescue.

"Fine, I'll go along with this," she muttered to herself. After all, she
hadn't done anything wrong. She was sure she would be able to clear this up
as soon as she got inside the officer's vehicle. She started to walk over to
the side door when the cop spoke again.

"Wait just a second, ma'am." He walked up behind her. To her surprise, she
felt his hands touch the top of her shoulders, and start to pat her down,
along the arms, under them, and down her side. He brushed over her breasts,
down across her stomach, and around her waist. They continued to feel her
buttocks, and then, he reached around in front of her and felt the front of
her dress, running his hands over her crotch. Next, he ran his hands down
her legs, first on the outside, and then, on the way back up, on the inside.
This time his hand lingered just a moment at her crotch. Jill wondered if he
felt her wetness through the thin material of her thong panties.

"Sorry, ma'am, but regulations require I do a preliminary search for weapons.
Please get in the car now."

Jill was speechless. In less time than it takes to light a cigarette, this
police officer had felt her body's most intimate places, and touched her
pussy twice! And now, she was being placed in the front seat of a squad car,
and treated like a criminal.

"And where was goddamn Tim!" she thought angrily.

Before she could say anything else, the door was closed, and the police
officer was coming around to the driver's side. He got in, picked up a
clipboard, removed a pen from his pocket and prepared to write. It was
then he noticed her dress had ridden up her thighs when she got in his
car. With her hands cuffed behind her, she couldn't pull it down. The
tops of her thigh-highs was visible on the right leg, and the white
flesh above the stocking was exposed on the left one.

Jill wondered what the cop was thinking at her exposure. He glanced down at
her attractive legs, and then back at his clip board.


Jill started to lie, but this was not the time, nor the place to get cute.
She began to worry about just where this might lead.

"I said, I need your name, ma'am."

"Jill, Jill Taylor."

"You live in Detroit?"

"No, St. Clair Shores," she replied.

"My husband...we had dinner and are headed home." Jill didn't know what to
say. Her mind was clouded with alcohol. She wanted to tell him about the bet,
but by now, she was getting scared. He might not understand. He might think
it unusual that a husband would make bets like Tim and she made. Jill decided
to put together a reasonable story.

"My husband and I had a minor difference of opinion. I got out of the car,
and started walking down this street. And that's when you stopped me. That's
why I don't have my purse. It's in the car with him."

"And where is he?"

"He was parked about half a block behind us when you stopped me."

The officer looked in his rear view mirror. "You drive a '56 Chevy Nomad?"

"Yes, sir."

The cop picked up his microphone from the console. He called in the license
plate number. Within seconds, the radio rasped out Tim's name and address.
The cop replaced the mike and putting his car in reverse, backed up to where
Tim was sitting in the Chevy.

"I'll be right back," he said, exiting the squad car. Jill couldn't see much
from where she was sitting but she saw Tim hand his driver's license to the
officer, and she could see them talking. Then the officer handed back her
husband's license, shake hands, and walk back to the patrol car.

Getting back into the car, Jill noticed a difference in the officer's
attitude. Before, he had seemed overly cautious, almost too polite. Now he
seemed friendlier, much nicer. She was confident Tim had straightened the
whole thing out. "Your husband explained to me what you were doing. Did he
tell me the truth?"

"Well, I don't know what he told you, but I'm sure it was the truth. Tim
doesn't lie."

"He told me that you were walking on the side of the street to see if you
could get a man to stop in less than a minute. Said that you and he had a bet
going. Is that the truth?"

"Yeah, I guess that's about it," Jill confessed.

"He also told me that you like being handcuffed. That true also?"

"He said what!?" Jill exclaimed.

"You heard me," he said. "He said you have a kinky side."

Jill was furious. Boy, was Tim going to get it!

"I don't see what business that is of yours. Are you going to let me go now?"

"In a minute. First, I want to tell you how much trouble you could have been

"Look, officer, I appreciate your time, and I really think you're nice, but
if you don't mind, could we skip the good citizen routine and let me go now.
I really don't have a lot of time for this sort of crap," Jill said. She was
really getting pissed.

She was just getting tired of the game now, and wanted to get back in the car
and give Tim a piece of her mind.

The cop looked surprised by her outburst. "You know, your husband said you
could be a real bitch!"

"I'll fucking KILL him!" Jill screamed to herself.

"Fuck you. Just undo these cuffs, and I mean, undo them now!" Jill ranted.

"Well, ma'am. It's not nice to talk to police officers like that. It's not
nice, and it's not legal. I'm afraid I'm going to have to book you for that."
Saying that, he reached down for the ignition and started the engine.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Yelled Jill.

"Why, I'm going to take you to jail. Let's see how cute you are in a cell
with hookers, drunks, and druggies."

"Wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude to you. Please don't take me to
jail." Jill pleaded, her big brown eyes beginning to tear.

"Well, I don't know. I really should book you. I mean, you did break the
law...and it's not like we were friends or anything...I really should run
you in."

Jill suddenly understood. She knew what he wanted. He was blackmailing her!
Something told her that Tim had something to do with this. He was probably
sitting in the wagon right now laughing his stupid ass off seeing how far
I'll play along with this "game!"

Jill looked at the cop and battered her brown eyes while flipping her auburn
hair seductively. She said in a soft, sexy voice, "Please, officer. Isn't
there anything I could do for you to make us friends? I really do want to be
your friend!"

"Well, Gosh, ma'am. I don't know what it would be. You got any ideas?"

"If you undid my cuffs, I'm sure I could think of something."

"Oh, I couldn't undo the cuffs while you're in my custody. If you thought of
something, something that would make us friends, you'd have to be able to do
it without hands."

"Without my hands, huh!" Jill mused. "The asshole wants a blow job. Wonder
if Tim knows that?"

Jill realized that she had never had sex with a cop. She began to wonder how
big his cock was. The thought that she could blow this guy while her jerk
husband was just a few feet away was turning her on. The handcuffs charged
her submissive side of her personality. Her panties were soaked. Her clit
buzzed for attention.

"I can't unzip your fly without using my hands."

"Well, maybe I could help you with that," he said as his fingers went to the
tab on his zipper. Jill waited with anticipation as he pulled down the
closure that confined his cop dick inside his pants. Reaching inside his
trousers, the policeman withdrew a very nice, firm cock, and laid it on the
outside of his pants.

"There. That help?"

Jill leaned forward, and to the side. Her hands were still cuffed behind her
as her mouth made contact with the cop's cock. She spent a few moments
kissing it lengthwise, and enjoying the sensation of it as it jerked and
started to gain size.

She lifted it with her lips, and worked it inside her oral cavity. It gained
rigidity as her lips worked up and down, in and over, and outside her mouth.
It glistened with the love juices her mouth was making for his hard cock.
She wanted to touch it so badly, to hold it in her hand and jerk it off as
she continued sucking him, to run her nails down the shaft, over the sac of
balls she could now not see or touch, and still further south, to his ass
hole. She wanted to touch his ass hole, to feel its rubbery texture with her
fingers, and probe it with her tongue. His cock was rock hard now, and he
plunged it into her willing mouth.

Jill lifted her head off his dick and said, "Please, undo the cuffs so I can
get my hands on your big dick!" His answer was unspoken. Taking his hand, he
placed it on the back of her head, and firmly pushed her face back down to
his crotch. He wanted no more interruptions. Jill understood. Sucking now
with all the talent she possessed, the lovely mother of three, pulled his
dick hard into her throat. Jill knew that Tim sometime bragged to his friends
that no one can suck a cock like she could, and she meant to live up to that
praise. The hard dick fucked her mouth. With each thrust, wet, sloppy,
sucking sounds could be heard coming from Jill's mouth. His hand held her
head in place, his bucking hips kept delivering his loaded cock to the back
of her throat. She felt his throbbing dick start to inflate. Experience told
her that he was going to shoot, and judging from the thickness of his man
meat, she knew it would be a huge load.

And she was right! Once he started unloading his cum in her mouth, there
seemed to be no end to it. Jill swallowed as fast as she could, gulping down
mouthfuls of salty, hot semen. She was confident she wouldn't lose a drop of
the pearly liquid, but a little bit, just a little, escaped the corners of
her lips and ran down her chin. With a satisfied groan the cop pulled his
cock from her sucking mouth.

"Ymmmmmmm! Cop cock! I'd always wanted to do that," Jill thought.

"Can you uncuff me now?" she asked politely.

Instead of reaching for the key for the cuffs, he reached over and undid one
more button on Jill's dress top, and two more on the bottom.

"Your husband told me you lost three more buttons, and asked me to assist
you in the undoing. As for the cuffs, he has the key. This was his idea."

Jill wasn't surprised. Tim knew all her fantasies, and does his best to
fulfill them whenever possible. He'd told the cop about their adventure,
about the button bet, about her fantasy to suck off a cop in the front seat
of a patrol car. And he'd given the officer permission to stick his cock in
her mouth!

He did more than just open the buttons, though. He cupped her 35C-size
breasts in his hand, twisting the nipples through the sheer black fabric,
pinching them, making them stand out, harder, redder than before. Then, when
he got to the bottom buttons, he snaked his hand under her dress, found
Jill's drenched pussy and shoved one finger inside it. "That's a tight
squeeze, baby. I'll bet you're one fine fuck."

Jill thought he was going to fuck her right then; lift the hem of her dress,
push her back on the seat, spread her legs, and ram his now hardening cock
inside her wet, steamy cunt. But he didn't. Jill felt her disappointment.
She was SO horny. She needed a sexual release soon. Instead, opening the
door on her side of the car, the young officer helped Jill out and walked
her, hands still cuffed, to the Chevy. As she got in, he leaned over her and
told Tim, "You were right. The bitch can suck a dick! Thanks."

"No problem Stan," joked Tim. Next time, if the circumstances allow it, I'll
let you fuck her."

"I'd like that. Bet her pussy is tight."

"It's tight enough to make a grown man cry." The two men discussed Jill's
most intimate body parts, and laughing, like she was some street whore. Jill
loved it! Officer Stan Richardson reached across the seat, squeezed Jill's
breast one more time, and withdrew from the car.

"Night, Tim, and thanks again."

"No problem, Stan. Anytime."

Jill screamed, "No! Come on guys, I have to get off! Please. I have to cum!
I need to be fucked right god-damn now!"

Jill's plea was heard by Officer Richardson who stopped and gave Tim a
"What's a guy going to do" look.

"Hey, Stan," Tim asked. "Do you think you have it in you?"

"Are you kidding. My dick's getting hard just thinking about it."

"Yeah, so is mine," Tim added.

He leaned over to his wife and asked, "What do you say, Jill? Feeling up to
taking us both on?

Jill tilted her lovely face, smiled and winked at Tim. She said, "Well,
Toolman, do you and your friend here think you can take ME on?"

Stan said to no one in particular, "Man, she sure is one hot piece of ass!"

Tim looked back to Stan and said, "Want to come back to our house?"

"No, don't have the time, buddy. I'm supposed to be on patrol," he said.
"But I have an idea. I know a quiet secluded place only a few minutes from
here where we won't be disturbed."

"Sounds good," said Tim while starting the car.

"Aren't you going to undo my cuffs?" asked Jill.


"For one thing their uncomfortable and I feel so vulnerable like this. Take
them off."

Tim's only response was to reach over to her skirt and skin it back,
exposing Jill's legs up to her pussy. "No, I think I'll leave you like
that for awhile. I've got a feeling Jimmy would like you to keep them

Tim followed Stan the cop until he turned into a small park. The entrance
had a locked gate. Stan got out of his car and unlocked the padlock and
swung the gate open. He returned to the squad car and drove through. Tim
followed. The cop closed the gate and relocked it before climbing back into
his car and driving deeper into the park. The park was dark and quiet. It
was a little after 3 a.m. when Stan parked his car near a covered pavilion
and turned off the lights and engine. Tim did the same.

Stan walked to the Nomad and climbed on to the front seat, putting Jill
between him and Tim.

"Hurry up guys," Jill pleaded. "I need it bad!"

Jill spread her legs, draping her legs over the knees of both men, exposing
her crotch. Stan took the hint and reached a hand to Jill's slopping cunt.
Tim undid the final buttons of his wife's dress and pushed down Jill's bra
exposing her heaving tits. Jill took turns french kissing each of her lovers
while Stan stroked her pussy and Tim slobbered and bit his wife's luscious
nipples. Stan pushed two, then three fingers into her steaming pussy. He
began to hand fuck her.

Jill's hips snapped to greet each inward thrust and soon she was moaning.
The leather on the front bench seat of the wagon was slick with pussy juice.

"Oh, shit! Do it! Do it! I'm going to cum," Jill shrieked as she tossed her
head from side to side.

Stan ground his hand into Jill's cunt as she came. "Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o,
Yes-s-s-s-s!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

As Jill's waves of ecstasy subsided, Tim and Stan began to plan their sexual
assault on the insatiable Jill Taylor.

"Oh man, Tim," Stan said. "You've got one hot-blooded woman."

"Yeah, she can be a slut when she wants to."

"My dick's so hard I think it's going to explode," said Stan, adding, "I
have to get back on the beat soon. How do you want to do this?" he asked.

"Why don't we ask Jill? Tim replied.

Jill spoke up before the question could be phrased. "Honey, you know what I
want, what I need," she said with a wink. "Go ahead, tell Stan what he's in
treat for."

Tim looked at Stan, smiled, and said, "This is your lucky day good buddy.
You are about to sample the best butt fuck of your life!"

Stan was incredulous. "Are you telling me that Jill wants me to screw her in
the ass?"

"That's right Stan," Jill cooed. "I can't wait to get your big dick up my

"Shit. Let's do it!" said Stan.

The trio got out of the car and Tim removed the handcuffs from Jill. He then
lowered the rear window and unlatched and lowered the Nomad's tailgate. Jill
was naked except for her black thigh-high hosiery, thong panties, bra and
heels. She lowered her upper body and rested her arms on the Bel Air's
tailgate. She arched her back and stuck out her fabulous derriere, legs
straight and spread, her high heels on the ground. For the first time Officer
Stan gazed upon Jill's buttocks. The two mounds of feminine ass flesh were
perfect. Above the full, firm cheeks were twin dipples. The tight ring of her
rectum peeked out from behind the narrow material of the thong. He dropped
his trousers and underwear and grabbed his throbbing cock.

Jill looked back at him and wagged her hips. She smiled sweetly, reached back
and pulled the thong slowly over her hips to her thighs. Then she reached up
and spread her butt wide. Using her well-trained ass muscles, she opened and
closed of her sphincter. "See anything you like Stan?" she murmured.

Stan was mesmerized. His mouth wouldn't work. His wife had never allowed him
to have anal intercourse with her. Yes, a whore or two had offered him a trip
up the "Hersey Highway" in return for not being arrested, but he had always
turned down the opportunity. Now this lovely lady was begging him to stick
his prick up her beautiful bottom. Just the thought of it almost made him
shoot his load.

Tim saw Stan's indecision. "Never had the pleasure of a woman's ass, huh

Never taking his eyes off of Jill's butt Stan just nodded yes.

Jill was getting impatient. "Come guys," Jill panted. "I need some action
here. Tim show him how to get a girl ready for some backdoor fun."

"No problem, sweetie," Tim said. "Let me show you how its done Stan."

Tim walked up behind his wife. He kissed one butt cheek and then the other.
Stan stood close watching intently. He was breathing hard and his mouth hung
open. His cock throbbed and jumped with each beat of his heart. Precum was
drooling from the circumcised head of his prick that was swollen purple.

Tim pulled gently pushed two fingers into Jill's sopping pussy. He then
leaned in close and planted a wet kiss directly on his wife's puckered
rosebud. Tim began to lick it while rhythmically pumping his fingers into
her pussy.

Jill moaned. "Oh yeah baby. Eat my ass!

Jill's asshole relaxed as Tim probed it with his stiff tongue. It accepted
his tongue easily, her anus sucked gently at its tip. Tim removed his tongue
and fingers from her briefly and then pushed his index and middle fingers
into her shiny-wet asshole and his ring and little fingers into her soaked
pussy. He gently pumped her two hot holes while working her clit gently with
his thumb. Jill emitted long moans and grunts and humped her husband's

After several minutes, Jill said hoarsely, "That's enough. I need some hard
cock now."

"Ready Stan?" asked Tim.

Stan nodded yes and took position behind Jill. Holding his dick in one hand,
he placed the tip against Jill dilated rectal opening and pushed. Stan
watched the big, swollen head of his prick slowly being enveloped by Jill's
sucking ass. But the contact and excitement of the moment was too great for
the cop. His dick began to shoot hot, milky white semen that splattered on
her ass cheeks and back.

With his final discharge, Stan croaked, "Shit! I'm sorry. I couldn't hold
back. I'm sorry Jill."

"It's alright Stan," Jill said as she massaged the copious puddles of cum
into her butt cheeks. "God, what an fucking amateur! And I STILL haven't got
off!" she said to herself in disgust.

As she licked a large lump of cum from her index finger she added, "We can
try again sometime, OK?"

"Yeah, OK. I'm really sorry. I usually have better control. It's just that
your ass got me so excited!"

"I guess it's your turn Tim," Jill said. "Come on and show Stan what a good
ass fuck looks like."

She thought, "Shit, I wanted some new cock. I guess Toolman will have to do."

As Tim pulled off his pants and underwear he said to Stan, "Let me show you
how to do it. Take notes if you want," he joked.

Tim took Stan's place behind his wife. Grabbing his dick he rubbed it up and
down between the cheeks of Jill's delectable butt. But the angle wasn't

"Hey hon," he said. "This isn't going to work."

"What's the matter?" questioned Jill annoyingly. "Come on honey. I need some
hard cock."

"I've got an idea," said Tim. "Jump up on the tailgate and get on your
knees." Jill did as she was asked. With her knees on the tailgate she lowered
shoulders to the floor of the wagon. She rested her head on folded arms. Her
ass stuck high in the air, glowing in the moonlight like some ripe Georgia
peach ready to be devoured.

His stiff dick wagging in front of him, Tim followed Jill up on to the
tailgate. His legs straddled the hips of his wife. "I'm going to drill your
sweet butt to within an inch of its life," he whispered.

"Well, for God sakes Tim, quite fooling around and DO IT!" hissed Jill.

Stan watched closely. He was impressed with Tim's cock. He licked his lips
while stroking his dick. He watched Tim bend his knees and squat to line up
the head of his cock with his wife's quivering asshole. Tim pushed his dick
into the familiar tightness of Jill's rectum. He never tired of the feeling,
and the pleasure he received from Jill's insatiable bowels.

With one steady push he buried the entire length of his dick into Jill's

"Yes-s-s-s," she moaned, pushing back as Tim steadied himself by placing his
arms on the roof of the Nomad. "fuck my ass, baby. fuck it real good."

And so began the anal dance that both Jill and Tim Taylor so loved. Jill
worked her ass as only she could. Her years of experience exacted the maximum
pleasure for her and her partner. Each lunge by Tim pushed her tits and
nipples into the rough carpet of the wagon. Soon the back shocks of the Nomad
creaked up and down with the force of Tim's thrusts. His used his legs for
leverage to drill Jill's rectum unmercifully. With each withdrawal of his
cock, Jill's butt muscles squeezed in an attempt to hold him tight. With each
forward thrust, Jill's rectum would relax to allow the deepest penetration

The furious intensity of their coupling promised that their fornication would
soon explode in a mind bending orgasm.

Stroking his cock Stan moved behind Tim whose swinging hips were level with
his face. He grabbed Tim's nut sack with one hand and stuck his tongue into
Tim's butt.

"Stan, what the hell are you doing," yelled Tim.

Stan muttered something but Tim couldn't understand what he said. He was too
intend on sticking his tongue up Tim's asshole.

Then Jill screamed. "Oh my god! Fuck me! Fuck m-e-e-e-e-e! Shit! Tim-m-m!
I'm com-m-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g!"

With the shriek of his wife, Tim felt her asshole spasm tightly around his
prick. With Stan still trying to shove his head up his asshole, Tim's balls
lurched. With one final mighty lunge of his hips, he plunged his cock deep
into the bowels of his wife and let go with a furious volley of semen. Spurt
after spurt of hot, thick fuck juice was blasted in Jill's guts.

"Ar-r-r-r-r-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!!!" Tim bellowed as he
ground his hips into the upturned ass of his wife.

Tim collapsed on the roof of the Nomad. After several long moments he pulled
his shrinking cum-covered dick from Jill's butt. Her rectum was dilated a
full two inches. Cum ran down the groove of her ass cheeks. As Tim opened
his eyes he saw that Stan was still jerking off. He wanted to jump off the
tailgate and slug him. Stan moved as if in a trance to the bent over Jill.
His mouth hung open and his eyes had a glassy look. He moved his face in
close to inspect her sphincter and cock that was dripping clear fluid in
long strings on to the tailgate. Tim, watched in amazement as Officer Stan,
still stroking his dick, plunged his face into Jill's crotch.

As she felt a stiff tongue jab into her gapping rectum, her eyes snapped
open and she cooed, "Oh-h-h-h! That's nice. Yeah, suck that cum out of my
butt! M-m-m-m-m-m."

Stan sucked and licked Jill's asshole. His hand stroked his dick faster.

"Oh baby, suck my ass-s-s-s! hissed Jill.

It was then that Tim did a double take. Stan had his night stick shoved
halfway up his own butt!

Stan placed his open lips around Jill's enlarged rosebud and sucked. Jill
pushed back, grunted and emitted a muffled fart and delivered a large
mouthful brownish-stained cum into the mouth of Stan. As his cheeks puffed
out to contain the copious amount, his cock erupted, shooting long string
after string of semen on to the Nomad's tailgate. Stan gulped down the jizz
and sucked for more, sending Jill to her second orgasm within minutes.

Tim watched in revolt as Stan the cop feasted on his wife butt hole. He saw
Stan throat working hard to swallow the shit-stained cum that Jill pushed
out of her bowels. He saw him ejaculating as he devoured the liquid meal.
When Jill finished emptying her gut of Tim's semen, Stan collapsed on the
ground landing on his stomach, the night stick embedded in is ass. He was
muttering incoherently. Tim saw Stan place both hands on the night stick
and begin the push and pull it in and out of his rectum. His was a mask of

"Man, that guy is a friggin' FREAK!" Tim said aloud. He turned to see his
wife sitting on the tailgate, her long legs hanging over the side. One
high-heeled shoe was on the ground. Even though her hair disheveled, her
make up smeared, her stomach and thighs covered in cum, Tim still thought
she was the most beautiful, sexy woman he had ever seen. Jill looked at her
husband and said with a wry smile, "Honey, I think Stanley here wanted to
do YOU more than he wanted to screw me."

"Damn, Jill," Tim answered quickly. "That's disgusting! I'm no god-damn

"You have to admit he's kind of cute," teased Jill.

"Will you stop it! This guy creeps me out! He's a fuckin' freak," Tim said.

"Yeah, he's flipped out. Look at him shove that thing up his butt!" snickered
Jill. "Let's get out of here before he comes around."

Tim threw on his clothes and took the gate key from the cop's discarded

He climbed behind the wheel of the Chevy and started the engine. Jill was
sitting next to him wearing the dress with all buttons fastened.

Tim gunned the V8 and stepped on the gas. "I never want to see that homo cop

As the Taylor's drove home, Jill took her husband's arm and rested her head
on his right shoulder and said, "You know, even though tonight was fun, I
think I'm going to retire my button-down dresses. It's just getting TOO
kinky." She paused and looked into Tim's eyes, a sexy smile forming on her
lips and her eyes sparkling and added, "even for me."

"You can say that again," thought Tim.

He drove fast. He wanted to get home and shower. He turned to look at his
sexy wife who reeked of sweat and cum. "What a woman," he thought.


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