Home Improvement: Holiday Surprise For The Tool Man's Wife (MF,ncon)
by Ynyn ([email protected])

Jill Taylor was very frustrated. She had to deal with yet another of Tim's
moronic 'improvements' to another tool. This time, it was his snowmaker.

She had dealt with his choice of outfits for the Taylor family Christmas
card, even though she found hers very distasteful. He had gotten Jill a sexy
Mrs. Claus outfit, a red miniskirt and top the micro skirt didn't even come
halfway down her toned legs.

As always, she was a good sport and dealt with Tim's poor decision-making.
But when the snowmaker malfunctioned (big surprise) and shattered the glass
in the living room door, she was furious.

Tim had to find a glass place that was open on Christmas Eve. Jill told the
boys to go with him after he called around and found a place open, but it was
way out in Lansing, a long drive away.

Jill sighed and took her burnt pie out of the oven; it was ruined because
she had to wait for Tim's stupid machines to work before they took their
Christmas card photo.

She grumbled to herself as she shivered as the cold winter air came rushing
in through the broken pane of glass. She went to the basement to grab a
frozen pie so they would still have some dessert.

Unknown to Jill or the Taylor clan, a man had been watching homes in the
area. He prowled homes during the holiday season and stumbled upon the Taylor
home as Tim and the boys got in the car and drove away. Deciding that this
house was empty, and a goldmine of goodies, he walked to the rear, and lo and
behold was able to simply reach through the shattered glass to open the door.

After letting himself in, the burglar went upstairs to look for the
valuables. He knew that most people kept jewelery and other items in the
master bedroom. He went through the hall and walked into the master bedroom.

Meanwhile, Jill had emerged from the basement with a frozen dessert. She
turned the oven on high and put the pie I to cook. Maybe, just maybe it could
be ready for a late dessert, she thought to herself.

Still shivering from the chill through the open window, Jill went to change
out of the micro skirt that she was wearing. She walked up the stairs, still
frustrated at Tim for his latest folly.

The burglar heard footsteps and hid behind the bedroom door. Damn! He thought
he was sure the house was empty! He hoped the person would go to another
room, or the bathroom so he could escape.

Jill came into the room and went to her closet to look for different clothes
to wear. The eyes of the burglar widened as her saw the very sexy mother of
three wearing the slutty Mrs. Claus outfit. He knew that she was home alone,
and the stirring in his pants dictated his moves now, he would have some fun
before he left. He crept from behind the door, and then he shut it loudly, to
startle his prey.

Jill jumped and spun around to see a man in a flannel shirt and an evil look
in his eyes walking toward her!

"What are you doing? Get the hell out of here!" Jill yelled, but the man kept

She panicked and went to jump across the bed to get away, but didn't quite
make it.

"AHHHHH! Let go of me, you bastard!!!" Mrs. Taylor yelled as the man tackled
her on the bed.

"Damn! It IS gonna be a Merry Christmas!" The prowler sneered at the
struggling woman in his grasp.

"What do you want? Take my money, just get the hell out of here!!" Jill
pleaded, even as she knew he wanted more than money.

"I will take the money, but first..." He began unfastening his pants as Jill
yelled for help.



He slapped her twice in the face to shut her up; he then grabbed two ties
from the rack and bound her wrists to the headboard as she sobbed.


Reacting to her cries, his eyebrows went up at the three kids remark.

"Well, you sure are one sexy bitch for having three kids!" He smiled and
pulled her top open, exposing her large tits inside a white bra. He began
kneading her tits with his hands and sloppily kissing her neck and then
shoving his tongue into her mouth.

He then moved down and forced her sexy hose-covered legs apart and fondled
her smooth, yet firm thighs. After flipping her skirt up, he pulled the hose
down and tore away her red panties.

"OHMYGOD!!!! NOOOOO!" Jill Taylor cried in vain, as she knew what was going
to happen.

The intruder leaned back down and ripped off her bra, exposing her juicy tits
for his pleasure. He promptly sucked and kissed her tits and played with her
nipples with his tongue.

"Shut the fuck up, butch!" He growled as he started to slide his hard cock
against her pussy. Her body seized up as she felt him about to violate her.

Turning her head to the side as to avoid looking at her rapist, Jill felt
him shove himself inside of her, he pulled back slowly, then rammed into her
again, this time with a violent force. This was the tempo with which he would
take the Tool Man's wife.

Pounding into her, sliding out slow, the pounding again. Her large tits were
jiggling with each and every powerful thrust. She was grunting and sobbing
softly while the attacker took her violently.

He was enjoying the rape so much that he was even drooling while nailing this
MILF in the sexy Mrs. Claus outfit.

"Yeah, oh yeah!! Take this you fucking sexy bitch!" He growled into her ear
while fucking her.

"Now, bitch!" he said during the assault, "Take those sexy legs and wrap them
around me it now!" He continued fucking the sexy and fit Jill Taylor.

Sobbing, Jill slowly complied with the man's deviant wishes and wrapped her
hose covered legs around his waist as he was raping her.

"Yeah, take this you fucking milf, ugh...yeah!" The man grunted more insults
as he shot his load into her womb.

Mrs. Taylor felt the rush of semen enter her and sobbed even louder in
disgust and shame as her assailant dismounted her. She was still tied by her
wrists to the bed while she sobbed.

The intruder leaned over and untied the crying woman's wrists. She assumed
that it was all over and he would leave her in this miserable condition. She
was surprised when he grabbed her and rolled her onto her face on the bed!

"OH NOOOOO!!!" She got out a brief yell before she felt it...

He yanked down her hose off of her as and slammed his cock into her ass. He
grabbed a handful of her brown hair as he rode her.

She was now crying in disgust and pain...she had never been fucked in the ass
before, and she was horrified at how this man was defiling her.

Jill Taylor was a mess. She was pinned; face down on her bed, her naked chest
exposed. The burglar had a hold of her hair and was fucking her viciously in
her ass, causing her large globes to shake from the motion.

Finally, for Jill, he came again, this time inside her rectum. She was
dropped onto the bed, where she curled up and cried while the attacker pulled
up his pants, smacked her ass and left the room. He grabbed her jewelry box
and purse on the way out.

Jill Taylor was a wreck. She was still crying in bed when Tim and the boys
came home a half hour later.


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