Home Improvement - Heidi: The Tool-Time Girl (m/ff)
by alurker8192 ([email protected])

Part 2: Heidi, Tim And Jill

The rest of the day went along pretty normally. Heidi fed the boys
diner, Randy tried his mind control trick again, but Heidi didn't
flinch. At about ten that night the boys went of to bed, at around
eleven Heidi went to bed in the master bedroom. She was so hot and
horny, she didn't even bother wearing her shirt to bed.

Tim and Jill arrived back at their house around midnight. They were
still somewhat upset that they had to leave so early because of a
problem with their reservations. Tim carried the bags upstairs into
their bedroom. He placed the heavy bags onto the floor and then turned
back to the bed. Tim couldn't believe the sight that greeted him. There
was his tool girl, Heidi, laying on the bed face up wearing just a small
pair of panties. He couldn't believe how big her tits were, or how nice
her tanned legs looked.

Jill came in suddenly as she spotted Heidi her mouth dropped open. She
slapped Tim on the shoulder for looking so intently. Although she
couldn't really take her eyes off Heidi either. Jill had been with a
couple of women in college and she enjoyed them. She and Tim had talked
about bringing another woman in for a threesome.

"Well, I better wake her up." Tim started towards Heidi.

"Wait," Jill considered, "remember our talk about having a threesome."
Tim turned back to her a gave a questioning grunt. "How would you like
for Heidi to join us for the night." Tim let out a very positive grunt.
"Okay then, let me handle it. You go down and get that bottle of wine
and three wine glasses. By the time you get back, I might have her
talked into it." Jill watched as Tim left the room. She took off her
sport coat and shirt. Leaving her in her skirt panties and bra, she
hoped it would make Heidi feel more comfortable. Jill went over and sat
on the bed. "Heidi." Jill spoke very softly, she started stroking
Heidi's arm very softly. "Heidi," she spoke a little louder.

"What?" Heidi woke up groggily. "Jill its you, you're home early."
Heidi noticed her nakedness and tried to cover herself, but Jill was
sitting on the covers. Jill kept stroking her arm, very gently up and
down it was erotic. "I guess I better get going?"

"You don't have to do that." Jill responded. "You know, you could just
sleep here tonight."

"But its you're bed, I couldn't put you out." Heidi responded.

"Who said anything about putting us out? I was thinking we could join

"WHAT!" Heidi exclaimed. She was starting to wake up and was beginning
to realize what Jill wanted to do.

"You know Heidi. You, me Tim all in one big bed sleeping together, well
not actually sleeping." Jill smiled down at Heidi. Jill could see in
Heidi's eyes that she was going for it. Jill moved her hand onto one of
Heidi's large breasts, she started teasing the nipple.

"You mean a threesome, Jill?" Heidi asked.

"Exactly, what do you say Heidi? Tim's getting some wine, we could
relax have some fun, come on lets do it. I know I want you and I know
Tim does too."

"I say okay, sounds like fun." Heidi responded moving her hands over to
stroke Jill's tits through her bra.

Jill put a hand behind her and slipped off her bra. "You won't regret
this Heidi."

As Jill's heavy tits were released from their constraints they fell
right into Heidi's hands. "I'm sure i won't Jill." Heidi responded as
she started to play with Jill's nipples.

Tim walked into the bedroom and saw his wife topless playing with a
practically naked Heidi. "I guess every things okay?" Tim asked, as he
put down the wine.

"Well not everything, you two are still a bit overdressed." Heidi
smiled as Jill stood up and started to strip. Heidi pealed off her
panties, then went and poured three glasses of wine as the others got
ready. As Tim stripped she saw he had a huge cock at least 10 inches
long if not a foot, while Jill had an incredible body very fit with a
tight ass and huge tits. "Here you go." She handed each of them a glass
of wine.

"Well, shall we get started?" Tim asked.

"Alright, what should we do?" Jill asked.

"Well I want to taste that marvelous thing you're husband has, if you
don't mind Jill." Heidi responded.

"No, in fact while you taste him, I'd like to taste you." Jill

Heidi slid down the bed, while Tim kneeled on the bed beside her. "You
ready Heidi?" Tim asked.

"All set." Heidi started to take his cock in her hands, then she
reached up with her tongue and ran it along the underside of his prick.
Heidi felt Jill pull her legs apart, Jill started foundling the outside
of her pussy then she felt Jill's mouth approach her cunt. Heidi gasped
as Jill's tongue penetrated her. She took the head of Tim's prick into
her mouth.

Tim couldn't believe it when Heidi put his prick into her mouth, he
pushed forward and she just kept taking it in. Heidi took it about half
way in, before she motioned him to stop. He looked down and saw his wife
was enjoying Heidi's cunt. Heidi sucked on his prick going up and down
on his prick. Tim reached down and started fondling her breasts.

Heidi could feel Tim's prick hitting the back of her throat, she was
having trouble breathing as Jill kept sucking on her clit.

Jill had enough of this, she wanted to get off. "Tim why don't you get
back there and fuck me." She motioned Tim to go behind her. He pulled
out of Heidi's mouth and then he walked over and used his hands to
spread her pussy lips. He rammed his huge prick into her pussy. Every
forceful thrust of his prick pushed her mouth up and into Heidi's pussy.
Jill had her first orgasm then felt Tim fill her pussy up with his
sperm, he let out a groan, then Heidi came like a freight train.

"God, that felt good!" Jill climbed up next to Heidi, Tim took up
position on the other side of Heidi "How'd you like that Tim?"

"Just great. But it isn't over yet, is it?" Tim asked.

"I hope not. I want you to put that prick in me, and I still need to
taste Jill." Heidi responded.

"Well I need a few minutes, but Tim looks to be about ready," Jill
responded, "go for it Tim."

Tim moved and climbed on top of Heidi he maneuvered his prick till it
was at the entrance to her cunt."You ready Heidi?"

"YES fuck me Tim, do it hard." Heidi begged.

Tim pushed the tip of his prick inside of Heidi, he heard her gasp as
he started in. He kept pushing it in deeper and deeper. He could hear
her start to whimper as more and more of his prick went into her. After
a few seconds, he felt his pubic hair come in contact with hers. "You
alright Heidi?"

"God yes, just I've never had one this big," Heidi responded. "Please
fuck me with that thing."

That was all Tim needed to hear, he pulled his prick halfway out then
jammed it in. He couldn't believe how tight she was, it felt like her
pussy was grabbing at his cock . "YES!" Tim groaned. He pulled his cock
almost all the way out, then jammed it all the way in with one quick
thrust. He could feel Heidi position her legs around his waist she was
actually trying to pull him in harder. He couldn't believe it. "God I'm
gonna cum!" Tim grunted.

"Why don't you cum down her throat." Jill suggested.

"Yes, I want to taste you." Heidi called out.

Tim pulled out of Heidi's pussy and moved his prick between her tits.
He pushed his prick between her tits. He squeezed her tits around his
prick pushing the tip into Heidi's mouth. He humped her tits a few times
then pushed his prick into her mouth and with a groan let his load go
into her mouth.

Heidi tried to swallow it all but some ran down her chin. Jill moved
over and started licking it off of her. That turned into them kissing
she noticed Tim had moved away and sat in a chair watching them. "I want
to taste you Jill, ever do a 69?"

"No, but lets give it a try." Jill responded.

Heidi slipped over onto Jill. She put her head between Jill's legs.
Jill pushed her face into Heidi's pussy. Jill opened up Heidi's pussy
and started to nibble on her clit as Heidi was doing the same for her.
Jill couldn't believe how good it felt, Jill was in ecstasy she was
using her hands all over Heidi's body. After only a few minutes of this
she noticed a shadow come over the bed, suddenly she saw Tim's prick
hanging over her.

Tim pushed his prick in between the two women. Jill pulled out of
Heidi's pussy and started to lick the underside of Tim's prick. He moved
the head of his prick into her mouth Jill motioned him down. That was
all he needed he drove his prick into Jill's face he felt it hit the
back of her throat and she kept taking him in. It felt like his prick
was going down her throat.

"Hey, what a bout me?" Heidi moaned as she came off Jill's pussy for a

"No problem." Tim pulled out of his wife's mouth and drove his prick
into Heidi's cunt, he heard Heidi moaned as he drove it all the way in.
He pulled out and started to fuck her while Jill used her tongue on his
dick every time he came out of Heidi.

Jill was licking Heidi's juices off of Tim's prick, she decided to try
something else. Jill reached around Heidi's tight bum, she used her
hands to spread her cheeks she tried to find her asshole but she
couldn't see it. Finally Tim guided her hands to Heidi's dark hole. She
slid a finger into Heidi's ass. Her finger was so covered with Heidi's
cum it slipped in easily.

"God, Yes!" Heidi moaned as she dug deeper into Jill's cunt. Heidi felt
one finger in her ass quickly followed by a second small finger. After
that she felt a much larger finger enter her ass, she guessed that was
Tim. They were spreading her anus forcing their fingers in deeper and
deeper. Heidi was cumming again from Tim's prick in her pussy Jill
sucked her clit, while both of them probed her ass with their fingers.

"OOWWW, she likes it back there." Jill called to Tim. "Maybe she needs
something bigger back there?" Jill slid out from underneath Heidi.
"Would you like that Heidi?" Heidi grunted an affirmative.

Jill maneuvered Heidi onto a pillow making her ass stick up in the air.
Jill grabbed some lube from her nightstand, she then pushed it into
Heidi's tight ass. Jill worked it around inside Heidi's anus. She then
coated Tim's prick with the lube. "I think she's ready.." Jill guided
Tim's prick to the entrance of Heidi's asshole. Jill worked the tip of
his prick into Heidi's ass. "How do you like that Heidi?" Jill asked.

"I like it, harder, fuck me harder." Heidi responded.. Heidi felt Tim
push his prick into her, stretching her anus as it continued to enter
her. It felt like it was tearing her apart, for a moment the pain was
awful then she started to get into it. Heidi felt Tim push the final
inches of his prick into her ass, she could feel his pubic hair tickling
her ass. "Just leave it there, for a minute." Heidi groaned, it felt

"Wow, she took all of you." Jill commented. "I've always had to have
him stop halfway, you've got some body on you Heidi."

Tim was in heaven. He could feel Heidi's ass squeezing his prick, it
almost felt as though she was trying to force him out. He wanted to
start fucking her ass. "You alright Heidi, ready to start fucking?"

"Yes, Tim fuck my ass hard, give me no mercy." Heidi responded.

Tim pulled out till just the head of his prick was in her ass then
drove it all the way back in. He started to set a rhythm, pulling almost
all the way out and then driving all the way back in. Jill was holding
Heidi's ass cheeks open, giving him complete access. He pounded away for
a few minutes, then felt a stirring in his balls. It felt like his cum
was building from his toes, as he continued to pound in and out of
Heidi. Finally, he couldn't hold back anymore and jammed his cock into
Heidi's ass. He felt a stream of cum leave him.

Jill couldn't believe how much Tim was cumming. She watched as Tim
removed his softening prick from Heidi's ass. She could see that for a
minute, Heidi's ass held the opening Tim had forced into it. As it
closed she could see Tim's cum being forced out. "How did you like that
Heidi?" Jill whispered into Heidi's ear.

"Incredible!" Heidi responded. She had never cum like she had with the
Taylors. Heidi rolled over as Jill played with her tits and Tim lay next
to her and gave her a deep kiss. "I'll have to baby sit more often."
After a half hour or so they all fell asleep together, in each others

At about six Heidi woke up, and without waking Tim and Jill, she
crawled out of bed and got dressed. Not bothering to shower, she liked
the feel of cum inside her. She collected her few belongings. After
leaving the Taylor's bedroom she snuck into Randy's room and grabbed the
tapes and pictures the boys had taken of her Friday night. She thought
about leaving a note but she wondered what they'd think if they just
disappeared. She then snuck out of the house, wondering when she'd get
another chance for such a great weekend of sex.


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