Home Improvement: Get-E-Up! (MF,BDSM)
by Swedeguy

Jill Taylor looked at the clock impatiently. Two minutes until she could go
to his "office." Two minutes before her riding lesson. She watched the long
second hand as it rotated slowly around the clock. Then she watched the
minute hand jump up to the six.

With a decadent smile the attractive brunette and mother of three, walked
until she reached his "office." She looked at her watch six thirty-two p.m.

She opened the door and walked in. She pressed her body against the closed
door and locked it.

"You are late Jill," said the voice, husky with dominance.

"Yes, I am," she stated defiantly as she moved to undo the buttons of her
black suit jacket.

He covered the distance between them quickly and put out a hand to cover her
own so she could not undress. She looked into his steely eyes for any hint of
agitation. She did not see any.

"Jill," he stated sternly. "We are to start at ten thirty sharp. My watch now
says ten thirty-three. If I didn't know any better I would say you are trying
to provoke a punishment."

Her brown eyes glistened as she tried to conceal a smile. His words were as
cold and as hard as glass and his punishments were always the worst, just the
way she liked them. There was a submissive side to Jill's behavior that only
this man knew. It was their secret - a secret that both found a tremendous

He took his hand away and watched her intently as she removed her jacket
revealing a the lacy scalloped black bra underneath. He watched how her
fingers trailed lower to the waist of her short skirt. As she undid the
buttons to her skirt and let it fall to the ground quickly. She stood
there with her back to him, in her bra, garters and black silk stockings
and five-inch stiletto black pumps. She was wearing no panties and her
round firm ass was exposed to his touch. But he did not touch her.

The man shook his head in disappointment. "Jill, you do insist on provoking
me don't you?"

"No sir," she lied.

Her crumpled skirt was around her ankles. He brought it up her long, tanned
legs and re-fastened it.

"Do it again," he said and moved back. "Correctly."

She bent over not facing him. She undid the button to her skirt again and
hooked her thumbs into the sides of the skimpy fabric as she slowly wiggled
it down her heart-shaped ass. She didn't let it fall to her feet like before.
Instead, she shimmied out of it swaying her ass from side to side letting
the fabric slide down her legs. She held onto the skirt until she had to
reach down and pull her foot up to step out of the garment. That caused her
ass to go high in the air and prominently display the two dimples above her
incredible ass cheeks always caused his blood to rush to his prick.

"On your knees Jill," he said sternly.

She did as she was told, getting down on her knees and extending her ass
high in the air while she rested her head against the light blue carpet
before she disobeyed her orders and turned to look at him.

"Jill!" he growled. "You are trying to provoke me. I think you do want a

Jill smiled thinking she would get what she wanted. She did not reply with
words, instead she pushed back against his hands, her ass high in the air.

The man laughed. "I think I know what you want."

Jill agreed by wiggling her ass. He went away suddenly and soon returned with
a large black riding crop. The handle was long, thick and hard. She could
hear it scissor across the air. She was waiting to hear the lash of the whip
before it stung her exposed ass but she was disappointed to hear the air
heavy with silence.

"You think you deserve a punishment don't you Jill?"

She nodded her head yes.

"You do not deserve to feel the sting of my lash upon your ass." He let go of
the whip and pulled up behind her. He placed one large rough hand on each ass
cheek, spreading the fingers of each hand out until he could squeeze and
knead each cheek.

She sighed out loud and bite her lower lip. She loved his touch upon her ass.
She did definitely not deserve.

He continued speaking as he teased her ass, dipping his thumb into her tight
ass hole.

"However, your disobedience distresses me and you must be punished before
your riding lesson."

She looked back, and could not keep the pleasure from her attractive face.

He shook his head. "Remember the rules, Jill. You are not to look at me
unless I request it."

She turned her head around quickly and looked away.

His hands were suddenly not on her ass and she was unhappy.

Then she felt it. He had the thick end of the crop in his hand and thin lash
was on her back. He did not sting her with it but let the thin strip slide
down her back over her exposed ass until the lash rested between her ass

"Squeeze, Jill."

She clenched her ass together and felt the hard riding crop in between her
ass. She whimpered as he pulled the whip down between her ass.

"What a bad slut you are. You want me slap your ass with my lash don't you?"

"Yes sir, I do." She cooed.

"Then you must learn to follow the rules I have set down."

She nodded.

He pulled the crop from her ass with a hard yank and pulled it across her wet
pussy until the lash was soaked with her juices. He pulled back and forth
rubbing the whip across her clit and she bucked back against it, trying to
close her legs and trap the whip between them. She wiggled about enjoying
each sensation.

"You like that don't you, Jill," he whispered.

"Yes." She hissed.

With her acknowledgment of pleasure he pulled the riding crop out quickly
and she continued to wiggle her ass and rub her legs together for that last
sensation of pleasure. Jill kneeled on the floor and looked around her to see
the riding crop that glistened with the sheen of her cunt juices. She was
still wiggling about trying to excite herself when she felt the sting of the
crop on her ass. She buckled forward and clenched her teeth as the crop stung
her ass again. Her erect nipples on her tits dug into the rug. She purred
with the sting of each lash. Ten in all. She bit her lip as the burning,
searing pain spread out over her ass, criss-crossing with the marks of other
riding lessons there. She turned around again to see the man. He had not even
broken a sweat. God how she loved him.

"Jill, turn over and sit on that bright red ass of yours for me."

She shook her head. With the lashing he had just given her she knew she
couldn't sit down for a week.

"Why?" she asked although she knew the reason.

"Because I am your "master" and you must follow the rules I set. You turned
around and looked at me while I punished you. You are quite naughty today."

"No, Sir. Please. I will behave. Tell me what to do."

"Do not be insolent, slut. I already told you. I shall not repeat myself."

He went to sit down on the large leather sofa facing her and waited.

Jill turned over and sat on her ass. Trying to hide the delicious pain she
felt from her sore bottom on the rough carpet was difficult.

The man smiled. He knew she loved the pain.

"Tell me Jill, do you want to taste the crop again?"

"Oh yes sir, please."

He handed it to her. "Then taste your juices."

Jill licked her lips and took the handle of the crop in her hand. She ran
her tongue up and down the thin end of the crop tasting her pussy there. She
sucked and slurped noisily. Her "master", her sir as she called him was
unbuttoning his pants.

"Sir, if I may be so bold can I show you what I would really like to do."

She could see the head of his cock stand at attention while she licked
greedily at the crop. Lord his cock was magnificent. If only she could get
her lips around it one day. But he always said she was undeserving. Still
she had her fantasies. Perhaps if she showed him what she could do.

"Sir there is something I would like to show you."


She took the thick end of the crop right as he took his cock in his hand.
She wrapped her fingers around the base of the crop and slowly massaged it
dragging her fingers over it. He mirrored her actions with his own cock.
She slowly trailed her thumb up to the top of the crop and ran her thumb
back and forth over it. He moaned as he did the same, with his throbbing
purple head. She began to jerk off the crop with her fist and she watched
him follow her example. Jill was extremely excited by his moans. His eyes
were dark and passionate. She could feel her own nipples stiffen and her
heart race. She was pleasing him as much as he pleased her.

She thought she would get bold now. She nestled the thick end of the crop
between her tits, lowering the lacy cups of her bra underneath her breasts.
Her rosy nipples were so sensitive to touch. He let out a sigh as he saw
them, all the while jerking himself off. She delicately used her hand to
push the thick end of the crop up and down between her tits while she let
the thin end of the crop nestle itself against her sensitive clit. She was
the one to moan now. She could see him tensing and she knew he would come
soon so she went for her finale. Taking the thick end of the crop in her
hand she brazenly ran her lips over it before submerging it into her mouth
where she sucked it like a cock. She sucked hard all the while keeping her
eyes on him and his hand as he worked to his release. She took the crop out
of her mouth and ran her tongue over it kissing it and nibbling at it. It
was too much for him. Soon he was jerking back violently against the chair
as long ropes of white hot cum sprayed her face and mouth. She opened up
her lips and stuck out her tongue to collect the yummy substance as it
coated her teeth and mouth. She went to touch it with her fingers when he
yelled out to her in ragged breath.

"Don't dare touch it Jill. You have been such a loving slut tonight. Don't
ruin it. You may have it after your riding lesson, which I must say you have
deserved today."

Jill kept her mouth open and tried not to swallow the cum already collected
in her mouth. She was about to have her lesson and she was as horny and happy
as a slut could be.

The crop glistened in his hand as he dipped the thin tip in her cum filled
mouth. He was teasing her. He knew she wanted to taste it so badly. Her eyes
followed the white glistening tip as he brought it to his lips and tasted his
own cum.

"Delicious, my dear."

Jill pouted with her eyes. "Don't worry my love, you will get your snack
tonight," he said licking his finger. "Now my dear Jill, on your back like
a good slut."

Jill eased herself back on her red, sore ass and laid down on the carpet.
Her nipples rose to the ceiling. With her head back she kept her mouth open
trying not to swallow the cum collected there.

"Open wide, dear." He opened her legs by parting them with the riding crop.
"Touch yourself, Jill."

She did as she was told, spreading her pussy lips wide as her fingers deftly
played with her clit. She tried to moan but the sound was muffled by the cum
in her mouth.

Her "master" put three fingers in the air as a command and soon she was
thrusting three of her long fingers inside her. She moved her hips forward
against them as she watched his devilish grin. She knew what was coming

"Remove, your hands, Jill. I don't believe you have been broken yet as all
good horses should."

He didn't say another word as the crop lashed down upon her exposed pussy.
He saw the anguish on her face. Saw her hips rise up to meet each lash he
bestowed on her pink pussy lips. He still hadn't worked up a sweat. He tore
in on her breasts next. He was a master with the lash, making sure it found
its mark right over her hard nipples. She was fighting hard not to swallow
his cum. He lashed the right breast licking his lips as he watched the red
welts spring to life on her firm skin. Jill was in heaven. Each lash showed
his appreciation for her work. He lashed the left breast and watched as her
nipple became even stiffer.

"Enough," he said putting the riding crop down on the sofa. "You're ready
for your lesson. Jill tried to smile without spilling any cum. She turned
over and got down on all fours. Her red welted ass was high in the air. She
knew she wasn't supposed to turn around but she wanted to see him undress.
Her "master" was of average height. His body was good for his age of 49.
She loved older men and the authority they held over her. Her "master" knew
how to manipulate her sexually and it excited her. He never let her touch
him and drove her to madness thinking about running her hands through his
wavy, dark brown hair.

When she heard the last of his clothing hit the floor she turned for a quick
peak at his manly form. Damn, she would give anything for him to be inside

He opened a drawer in his desk and she heard him take out the bridle he would
put over her head during the riding lesson.

"I think I will ride you bare back today, Jill."

She nodded. She saw him make his way around her until he was in front of her.
He got down on one knee and attached the nipple clips of the bridle to each
full rosy tip. She felt the second part of the bridle slip over her head and
under her chin. He pulled the reins over her back as he got in back of her
holding onto the reins all the time. He pulled, ever so slightly and she felt
the nipple clips tighten and stretch her nipples. If her mouth was empty she
would have screamed in pleasure.

He slipped a finger up her delectable ass. Jill winced at the intrusion and
squeezed her ass muscles tight around the intruding digit, reveling in the
fullness in her rectum.

He shook his head. "Pretty tight, Jill. Didn't you follow my instructions
from last week? I told you could have no other type of sex than anal sex."

He rubbed his chin. "As always I will have to do the work myself. I will
stretch you out. He went back to the sofa and picked up the riding crop.
"You like to think of this as my cock don't you Jill?"

She was silent but nodded her head. "You would like my cock up your ass while
I ride you wouldn't you?" She nodded again.

He reached underneath her to her dripping cunt and lubricated her ass before
he pushed the thick end of the riding crop up her. He watched as her fingers
curled into the carpet as he buried the riding crop deep inside her. She
grunted, swallowing some of the cum in her mouth. He pulled the riding crop
out partially and watched her ass rock back to swallow it up again. With one
hand he kept a rhythm with the crop, shoving it up her ass and pulling it out
again. With the other hand he whipped her ass cheeks with the thin end of the

Jill felt flushed as the crop slid in and out of her ass. The feeling was
delicious and she savored each sensation until she was bucking wildly against
the crop. He stopped her orgasm by pulling the crop from her ass. She wanted
to collapse but knew she couldn't.

He got up but soon returned.

"Close your eyes, Jill." She did as she was told.

She felt something shoved up her ass and she arched her back to take it in.
She was dying to see what he had put there.

"Now open."

She turned around to see a long tail of hair flowing from her ass. The butt
plug inside her, which was connected to the mane of hair, tempted her and she
arched back again. He was astride her, on top of her back now. He balanced
his weight so as to not crush her. She dug her fingers into the carpet and
swallowed the rest of his cum. She wanted to scream and shout at what was
coming next. With riding crop in hand he began. He slapped her butt fiercely
as he held onto the reins of her bridle pulling and tugging at her nipple
clips. She cried out as she bucked her ass back trying to get that plug
deeper inside her. She wiggled her ass as her horse-hair tail swished about
the air. They moved like that for along time as he rode her to multiple
orgasms. She bucked about almost throwing her rider who swatted her ass with
his crop for her insolence. She felt his dick and his balls against her back
and when he was ready to cum she felt the hot flow of cum shoot up her back.
She collapsed against the floor. He got up on his knees and directed the last
shots of cum on the side of her pretty face as she gasped the air.

After a few long minutes to recover, the man reached over and slowly pulled
the butt plug from his wife's lovely ass-much to Jill's disappointment. The
toolman chuckled at he read the words he placed as a joke on the shaft of
the butt plug: "Binford Tools."


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