Home Improvement: Dancing (MF,oral,cons,reluc)
by 5-0

Last week I was invited to Jill's house for dinner. Jill was the hottest
woman in psych class so I had to say yes, even though her husband Tim would
be there. Her kids were out of town and Jill said she was preparing a good

We finished eating and had began drinking our after dinner drinks and
chatting. Jill kept asking my oppinion about material we had been covering
in class which kept tim mostly quiet but I couldn't respond very well either
because my mind was glued on how good Jill looked in her tight jeans and
tight low cut blue top.

"Dinner was wonderful, Jill," I said.

"Thank you very much but the company was better," Jill responded. "We should
all go out more often," Jill continued.

Tim was looking bored so I asked him about his hot-rod which he mentioned
earlier. His eyes lit up.

"Let me show you what I'm working on." We headed towards the garage and Tim
grabbed us a couple of beers. Jill got up to clean off the table and as she
bent down I caught a glimps down her shirt of her fantastic cleavage and red
lace god!

In the garage Tim went on about his car and we sat down and talked guy stuff.
After mentioning that I had recently broke up with my girlfriend Tim talked
about problems he and Jill were having.

"Jill and I have been married for so long we have our fair share of
problems...she nags like there's no tomorrow sometimes and lately she's been
complaining that our sex life isn't that good...I think it's great, but what
can I do. She'll come around she probably just has to nag about something.
She wants it all the time and after so many years together she doesn't do it
for me that much anymore, you know."

"Yeah, I understand," I replied but really I was thinking how anyone could
get tired of such a gorgeous woman.

Tim went on, "She mentioned she wants to get it on tonight so I have to do my
duty reluctantly," he said with a grin.

We went to the living room and sat down. Jill joined her husband on the
couchand rested her hand on Tim's thigh carressing it slowly. WHAT A LUCKY
BASTARD! We went on chatting.

"Have you been to that new dance club they opened by campus," Jill asked.

"Yeah, I was there last weekend. High prices but good drinks and a great
dance floor. It was a fun time."

"I love dancing, but Tim never has time to go anymore."

"I'm meeting some friends there tomorrow, my buddy works the door I could get
us in without waiting in line or paying cover. The three of us should go,
It'll be fun."

Tim replied, "Damn, I have to go to New York for Binford I'll be out of

"Maybe next time," Jill continued

"No, baby, you go and have a good time. You are going to be alone otherwise.
Go get drunk and dance. That's what you college kids do, isn't it?" Tim

"You know what else college kids do Tim," Jill remarked as we all laughed.

"I'll take good care of her Mr. T," I said. "I'll have her home by 10."
I was shocked at how trusting Tim was. If he only knew how sexy I found his

I told the Taylors I was heading home and Tim told me the weather was pretty
bad and I had had a few beers. It was a long drive so Tim insisted I crash on
the couch.

Jill brought me a pillow and some blankets and she and tim headed upstairs. I
watched he phenominal ass move as she walked away and followed tim upstairs.

I tried to sleep but could not get Jill out of my head. I began rubbing
myself and thinking that she was probably screwing Tim right now and that
poor bastard wasn't even enjoying it. I suddenly had an urge to sneak
upstairs and listen in. As I creeped to their bedroom door I heard some
talking. The door was open a crack so I peeked in.

Tim was wearing his boxers and was about to get into bed when Jill came out
of the bathroom.

Jill was still wearing what she had on at dinner.

"Are you sure you don't mind if I go dancing tomorrow? Some cute college guy
might want to dance with me," Jill said sarcastically.

"Oh is this a school for the blind?" Tim joked as jill walked over and
playfully slapped his arm.

"So you have to make it up to me for that," she said as she put a hand down
his boxers.

Jill began rubbing Tim's cock as Tim undid her jeans. He slid his hand down
her panties and began rubbing her clit. I was getting hard myself and began
rubbing my own cock. I was waiting for Jill to get naked so I could finally
see her beautiful naked body but her jeans were still on just unbuttoned.
Jill removed her tight top and soon was kneeling by Tim in her unbuttoned
jeans and a red lace bra. She took Tim's cock out and began stoking it
trying to get it hard. Tim put his hand on Jill's head and Jill put it in
her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth and all I could think was when
would she remove her bra. In under a minute Tim was moaning like crazy.

"Oooh yeeeaaah honey. Don't stop I'm gonna cum."

Tim came mostly in Jill's mouth and on her cleavage and bra. Jill gladly
licked off the remaining baby batter off he breasts as Tim climbed in bed.
Jill removed her jeans and for a quick second I saw jills shapely legs and
ass in her panties as she climbed under the covers. Take off the bra I
thought to myself.

"My turn," Jill said.

"Baby, I have a an early flight can we just get some sleep now?" Tim

"Always the same, this is what I have been talking about, Tim. What the hell,
have needs too," Jill argued raising her voice.

"Lets just get some sleep," Tim replied.

"That's just great I should go downstairs and fuck him he can probably get me
off," Jill yelled.

"Don't be silly," Tim said trying to calm Jill down, "Get some rest you'll
feel better in the morning."

"I need to get some juice and be away from you for a while. You better hope
your asleep when I come back."

I ran downstairs and laid down on the couch. I don't think she saw me. A
minute later Jill came downstairs in a purple robe. It was very short and
showed off her perfect legs and the way she had it tied around her waist was
very low and I could clearly see parts of her red bra.

"Oh, are you still awake," Jill asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Me too. Me and Tim had an argument."

She got some juice from the fridge and sat next to me on the couch. As she
drank from the glass I kept picturing her with my dick in her mouth. I hope
she doesn't notice my hard-on. She crossed her legs and I could see all of
her inner thighs and up to her panties her cleavage was heaving and her lips
glissened from the moisture of the juice. God I wanted her so bad.

"Things will be fine, Jill," I said as I put my hand on her knee.

My god her legs were so smooth and pefect. She looked down at my hand and
put her hand over mine.

"I know," she said, "I can't wait for tomorrow it's been so long since I've
gone dancing."

We talked for a few minutes and Jill decided to go to bed.

"Thanks for talking to me, I just needed to chat," Jill said. "Good night."

Jill leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek and the corners of our mouths
met. She walked upstairs and I finally fell asleep and dreamt of screwing

* * *

The next moring tim woke me up and I gave him a ride to the airport.

"Take care of Jill tonight. She likes to get a little tipsy when she goes
dancing," tim said as I shook his hand goodbye.

That night I drove by to pick up Jill. Jill was ready to go and we left.

In the car I could barely drive. My eyes were glued on Jill. She was wearing
a tight white low-cut shirt (she must own alot of those) and a short black
skirt. Her legs are unbelievable. I had the AC on in the car and she must
have been cold because her nipples were really sticking out.

We arrived at the club early and sat down to have a few drinks and chat. Jill
was getting a little tipsy and was ready to dance.

The club was filled with college aged kids and Jill was attracting alot of
attention from the other males in the club.

"I want to dance like everyone else is," Jill said. I looked around and saw
most of the people were pressed up against each other and grinding. A big
smile appeared on my face as Jill pulled me close. We began grinding pretty
hard and Jill had one hand on my lower back as I had one on hers. We were
pulling our midsections together and her pussy was pressed against my thigh.
my cock was pressed up against her thigh and it was getting very hard. My
hard-on must have gotten her attention.

"Oh you like dancing like this, huh?" she said with an evil grin on her face.
I wanted to fuck her so bad.

Time passed and I drove her home at the end of the night. She invited me in
for a drink and I agreed.

Jill sat next to me on the couch as we talked and joked and laughed for about
an hour. She was visibly tired and she put her head on my shoulder and I put
my hand on her knee.

"I really had a great time," jill said.

It cought me by surprise when she planted a kiss on my lips. "We should
probably forget that happened," Jill said. "I'm sorry."

She placed her head back on my shoulders and one hand on the hand I was
resting on her knee. My cock was so hard it strained at my zipper.

"Don't be sorry," I said as I began sliding my hand up her inner thigh. She
stopped me hand and stood up.

"We can't do this," she said. "You should leave now."

I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply she pulled away. I pulled
her close again and kissed her neck. One hand was on her ass and the other
on her firm breast. She was trying to push me away.

"Stop please. Stop."

My hand dropped and went up her skirt. I pulled her panties aside and put a
finger in her pussy.

"No... don't... please stop."

I turned her around and bent her over the arm of the sofa. Quickly with one
hand I removed my pants. I pulled her panties down to her knees and pressed
my hard cock between her legs. I reached around and grabbed her beast under
her shirt and over her bra. Jill cried for me to stop.

"Please don't do this to me. Stop please!"

I inserted my cock in her cunt. Jill was so tight. I banged up against her
repeatedly. I pulled her to the floor face down and fucked her deeper. Soon
Jill was screaming, but she was screaming for me not to stop.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I stopped and rolled her over to face me.

She kissed me and was probing my mouth with her tongue.

"Let's go upstairs," Jill insisted.

We went to her room and Jill removed he skirt and top. She faced me wearing
only panties and a white bra. I pushed her onto the bed and removed her
panties. I buried my face between her legs and lapped at her pussy. Soon she
came like a volcano in my mouth. I licked up her belly and began kissing her
neck. I penetrated her pussy with my manhood. Jill rolled me over and was now
on top. I had to see her tits. I reached around her back and undid her bra.
Her breasts were perfect. I put her nipple in my mouth as she bounced on my
cock. She wispered in my ears as she bit my earlobe.

"Will you fuck me in the ass?"

I rolled her over and inserted my lubed cock in her waiting ass. Jill moaned
very loudly. She was so tight. I watched as it went in and out. I pulled at
Jill's hair as I licked the back of her neck which drove her wild. I rolled
her on her back and even on her back Jill's breasts were looked firm and
large. I entered her pussy as Jill wrapped her legs around mine.

"Cum in me," she said between moans.

I came like an explosion inside Jill's cunt.

Jill fell asleep and so did I with one hand on her wonderful breast.

'We should go dancing again,' I thought.


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