Home Improvement: Anniversary Surprise (MF)
by Swedeguy

It was the Taylor's anniversary Saturday, but Tim was in the mood to
celebrate a little early, especially since the boys would be out of the
house all day. Yes, they had dinner plans for the weekend, but Tim was
anxious to spice things up a bit.

It was a slow day on the "Tool Time" set and Tim planned to leave early.

He phoned home and Jill answered.


"Hey babe, what are you doin'," Tim asked.

"Nothing, why?"

"Oh, I just thought I'd come home a little early and we could get a headstart
on our anniversary celebration," Tim said.

"Tim, I don't know, I really have some things I need to do," Jill said.

"What's so important that it has to be done today?"

"Well, . . . I guess I could go out after dinner."

"Yeah, after dinner," Tim said. "Besides I have a present for you."

"Oh yeah, right!" said Jill laughing. "What is it, the lastest Binford

"No, it's nothing like that. You'll like it, I promise," Tim added.

Jill's heart skipped a beat. "Could he have bought the diamond bracelet she
showed the last time they were in the mall?" she wondered.

"OK. When will you be home?" Jill asked. Did Tim

"Half an hour!"

Jill was cleaning the kitchen when Tim came through the garage door. In his
hand was a brighly wrapped package.

"Hey babe," he said.

"Hey, yourself," said Jill as she gave him a hug.

Tim handed her the present and said, "Happy anniversary, Jill."

"For me kind sir," Jill said playfully. Too big a box for a bracelet. She
unwrapped the package and held up a red, stretch, mini-dress."

"Size eight, right?" asked Tim.

"Yeah, I wear an eight, but this looks more like a six," said Jill as she
held the dress up to her body gauging the size.

"Go upstairs and try it on," Tim said eagerly. "And put on those red pumps
with the gold tips."

"Alright Tool Man," Jill said as she leaned in close and gave her husband a
light kiss on the cheek. The peck was underlined with a quick squeeze of
Tim's semi-stiff cock through his trousers.

"Argh! Argh! Argh!" Tim brayed.

Jill went upstairs to change and Tim turned on the stereo. Romantic music
filled the living.

It seemed like hours before Jill returned to model the dress. She looked
fantastic. She had fixed her hair and put on fresh make up. The short
sleeveless dress hugged every curve and bump in her body, exposing her
long legs up to the middle of her thighs. Tim's dick twitched as he saw
his wife's braless breasts jiggle under the tight fabric. Jill did a slow
turn pausing for a moment when her derriere was facing her husband. The
twin cheeks of her fantastic butt jutted prominently under the tight
material. The red pumps were the perfect compliment to her toned calf
muscles. Tim let out a wolf whistle that made her blush.

"May I have this dance," asked Tim.

"Of course you may," replied Jill.

Tim pulled her close and kissed her. Jill responded by opening her luscious
lips and sucking in Tim's tongue. Tim placed his arms around her waist and
she had hers around his neck. He massaged her back gently, relishing the
feeling of her tits pressing gently into his chest, her head lay against my

She gasped when he cupped her ass with his hands.

"Have I ever told you that you have a fabulous behind," Tim whispered,
squeezing her cheeks ever so gently.

"Only a million times," she sighed. She let out a low moan and pushed her
crotch into his. Tim groped her ass, grounding his crotch into hers.

"Do you know what I would do to your hot behind if I had my way with it?"
he whispered, kneading her ass gently.

"I think I have a pretty good idea," said Jill as her ground her crotch into
the hard bulge in his trousers.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he danced with her while stroking her
back, slowly working the hem of her dress upward. Squeezing her tits against
his chest. Jill hips were slowing rotating.

Soon, Tim's hands traced up and down the crack of her ass through the clingy
fabric. Cupping her round ass cheeks, he kneaded them, pulling her dress
further up. It was then that he realized that she wasn't wearing any panties
as his fingertips touched the bare flesh of the bottom of her ass. She
shuddered at the touch and thrust her crotch into his hard bulge. Tim thrust

Tim pulled her lower ass cheeks apart, spreading her crack open, then let
them close. Jill breathed heavily. "Oh, Tim, you sure know how to turn girl
on," she moaned quietly. Tim continued to let his fingertips explore her ass
crack. He found the center of her anal pucker with his middle finger and
applied light pressure to it as he moved his fingertip around the wrinkled
opening. With a little push, his middle finger popped in her ass to the first
knuckle as he sucked on the side of her neck. She let out a long groan.

"I want to taste your pussy," he whispered, gently moving my fingertip in
and out of her ass in very short strokes. "I want to lick you until you come
inside my mouth."

They walked to the sofa and Jill sat down with Tim kneeling on the carpet
facing her. She did not resist when he worked her dress over her hips and
nudged her knees apart. Her neatly trimmed pussy was oozing moisture.

"Your juicy pussy looks very delectable," I said softly. "It is hot and ready
to be eaten."

Holding her upper thighs with his hands, he moved his head between her long
legs and began planting gentle, wet kisses that made her squirm and moan.
Then Tim explored her pussy thoroughly with his tongue, savoring the taste.
Jill humped his face lustfully, moaning and murmuring unintelligibly. He
sucked on her pussy lips gently and sipped her oozing juices. He
tongue-lashed at her clit.

While sucking gently on her hard clit, he raised her legs and pushed her
knees against her chest. He pulled his head back and gazed at her totally
splayed ass, smiling at the little pink pucker, a pucker that had given him
so much pleasure over the years.

"Now I'm going to have my way with your gorgeous ass," I said. "I am going
to eat it raw."

"Oh, baby! Do it!" Jill gasped.

Tim teased the back of her knees with his tongue tip. Jill shuddered. He
licked around her asshole, moving in close but never actually touching it.
He then proceeded to give her round cheeks a teasing tongue bath.

He guided her hands to her ass and had her pull her firm round cheeks apart,
leaving no doubt to what was the focus of his attention. When he touched it
lightly with the tip of his tongue, she shuddered. He licked up and down her
anal crack and soaked it in salvia. Her experienced asshole relaxed and soon
was sucking gently on his tongue

He wiggled a middle finger into her soaked pussy. Then he worked a dripping
finger gently into her wet asshole. In it went, up to the third knuckle.

"You like it up the butt, don't you?" he said, slowly working his finger in
and out of her ass.

"Oh baby, don't you know it," she whispered.

"It is a marvelous ass," he said, moving his finger in and out and around her
butthole. "It's as marvelous today as it was 20 years ago when I first had
it in the backseat of the old hot rod. Remember?"

"How could I forget," Jill sissed.

Tim gently sucked on her hard clit while giving her ass a slow finger fuck.
Her pussy juices flowed freely. He occasionally dipped to lap them up. Tim
worked a forefinger into her pussy and pumped both holes at the same time,
getting a forefinger soaked with her juices before moving it to her ass
where pumped her rectum with two fingers.

Jill moaned softly and humped back as Tim finger-fucked her ass and sucked
on her sopping pussy. With his free hand, he pulled out his hard cock and
stroked it slowly. He rotated his fingers in her ass and worked more salvia
inside her rectum.

Raising his head up, he began rubbing her clit with his thumb while pumping
her ass. Jill's eyes were screwed shut, her mouth open wide in ecstasy.

"Jill, baby," he called softly. She opened her eyes. "Do you want me to fuck
your ass?"

Jill looked at her husband and said, "Do you have to ask? You know I'm your
little anal slut. Now give me what I what, what I need. Do it!"

He arranged her so that her head rested on the armrest. Holding her ankles
with his right hand above her head, he placed his right knee on the couch and
his left foot on the floor. With his left hand, he guided his throbbing cock
to her puckered opening and pressed gently.

"Yes," Jill grunted when the head popped inside her.

Pushing forward, he drove his shaft into her hungry ass. Another lunge buried
his cock deep up her tight rectum. He paused a little to give her time to get
used to the tight stuffing. Then he rocked back and forth pumping his dick
deeply into her ass. Jill held his hips with her hands and pushed her ass
forward to meet his every thrust.

Just minutes after settling into a ball slapping rhythm, Jill suddenly
stiffened and started convulsing in orgasm. She gasped and her head thrashed
from side to side as her asshole milked wildly on his pistoning shaft. He
fucked her hard throughout her long orgasm.

Jill humped her ass. Tim gripped her tits through her dress and kneaded them
while continuing to thrust into her.

"You love having your hot ass fucked, don't you?" he said.

"Yes," she said hoarsely.

"Are you enjoying your anniversary ass fuck?" he asked.

"Oh Tim," was all she could say.

Pinching her hard nipples through the thin dress, Tim pumped her ass harder.
She grunted and moaned while their flesh slapped rhythmically. Her leaking
pussy juices flowed down to her tightly plugged asshole. She was riding to a
second orgasm. Tim squeezed her tits harder as he drilled her ass deeply.

Soon, Jill stiffened again and shook in a harder orgasm. Her spasming pussy
gushed a new load of hot juices that added to the moisture on her asshole and
seat cushion. Tim steadily fucked her wildly milking asshole until she calmed
down. As she panted to regain her breath, he pumped her ass gently and worked
his thumb in and out of her drenched pussy and over her clit.

"Now I want your pussy, OK?" I suggested softly.

She nodded silently.

Tim pulled his cock from her ass slowly. It plopped out, then he guided the
head to her soaked pussy and pushed. It sank all the way inside her with a
single thrust. She gasped when it hit bottom. Soon, they were fucking like
long-lost-lovers, Tim's balls slapping her wet asshole.

Her soaking wet pussy milked lustfully on his thick shaft, her juices washing
his cock and leaking downward. Tim had an increasing urge to fill her pussy
with thick come. His cock grew bigger and his thrusts got harder and deeper.
Jill followed his lead and fucked back harder.

When his cock jerked, Tim let go. He thrust deep inside of her and exploded
thick gushes of hot cum flew deep inside her pussy triggering yet another
orgasm. She shook breathlessly as her pussy spasmed violently, milking
hungrily on the lurching cock. At the same time, she gushed a fresh load of
her own juices. Tim, drenched in sweat, pumped slowly as her pussy drained
his balls.

He pulled his cock out and watched a gob of cum leak out of her gaping pussy.
He used a finger to work it into her rectum, then he scooped more of the
mixture and brought it to her mouth. She sucked on his sticky finger,
savoring the taste.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked, getting off the couch and laying her
legs straight.

"Yes," she whispered. "That was wonderful."

"I'm not finished yet. Give me a suck," he said taking off his pants and

Throwing his right leg over her, he let his sticky cock dangle over her face
and brush her lips. She parted her lips and sucked the cock into her mouth.
She worked her head back and forth, washing his cock with her tongue and
lips. Jill wetted a finger in her drenched pussy and worked it into Tim's ass
as she sucked on his cock. His cock grew to full hardness in no time as she
toyed with asshole.

Jill gripped his ass and proceeded to deep throat the hard shaft. Tim grabbed
a handful of her brunette hair and pushed her head back, removing his cock
from her mouth. He held the base of his prick and gave her face hard slaps
with the shaft. Then he pushed it back into her mouth.

After several thrusts into the back of Jill's throat, Tim repositioned
himself on the couch seat with Jill seating astride his hips, facing him.
Sharing a kiss, Jill inserted his cock into her pussy and lowered herself
onto his lap. He sucked on her tongue and she sucked on his as he ran his
hands up and down her back. Breaking the kiss, he pulled the straps of her
dress down her shoulders and collected the dress around her waist, exposing
her tits for the first time.

Her tits bobbed gently as she worked her pussy up and down his cock. Cupping
her ass in his hands, he captured a stiff nipple between his lips and sucked
it in. Jill gasped as his tongue and lips toyed with her sweet nipple. He
licked and sucked on her tits while kneading her butt.

Tim wetted two fingers in her mouth, swirling them inside, then pushed them
up her ass. Her pussy tightened around his cock as his fingers sank into her
gut. When Jill felt his fingers pump her ass, she bounced harder on the cock.
Thrusting his fingers harder into her asshole, he sucked and bit on her
nipple. Jill gasped and shook in orgasm. Her holes spasmed wildly and her
pussy bathed his cock in copious juices.

She stopped moving and collapsed onto Tim. He lovingly held her in his arms
as she panted raggedly, her husband's fingers and cock still inside her. He
removed his fingers from her ass and pulled her ass up, removing his cock
from her cunt. Then he guided his still turgid cock head to the wrinkled
opening of her ass.

"It is your ass I can't get enough of," He said, pressing my cock head into
her hole.

"My god, Tim," she said. "I don't know if I can take it again, so soon."

"Once more, babe. You know you love it," pleaded Tim.

"I won't be able to sit for a week," she complained.

Tim gave her a practiced look of disappointment.

"OK, OK," Jill said. And after reconsidering she cooed, "After all, I'm your
little anal slut aren't I?"

"That's my babe. Come with me," said Tim enthusiastically.

Jill took his hand as they left the living room and moved to the stairs.
Halfway up, Tim stopped, and positioned his wife on her hands and knees, her
well-fucked ass in the air, level with his prick as he stood on the landing.

Jill looked back and playfully shook her hips. She said, "Alright, let's see
what you got!"

She moaned as his fat cock wormed its way up her rectum. He cupped her ass
and started her moving back and forth his slick shaft. He parted her ass
cheeks and thrust his cock up to meet her strokes. As she rode him in a
steady rhythm, he moved his hands to her lovely tits hanging like succulent
fruit, squeezing the luscious mounds and pulling on the erect nipples. Jill
stepped up the pace and moaned steadily as her ass bounced off his thighs,
the tight ring of her butthole clutching frantically on the plunging root
of hard maleness.

"Oh, yeah! fuck my ass! Give it to me Tim," Jill shrieked "DO IT! DO IT! DO

Jill bounced faster as her orgasm approached. Then she let out a
ear-shattering screech and convulsed violently. Tim gripped her hips and
steadied her, his hips a blur as he plunged into her. With a groan his balls
erupted, shooting long jets of blistering cum deep into the bowels of his
lovely wife.

They collapsed on the stairs, Jill in his arms, her asshole still tightly
stretched around the base of his now shrinking cock. She kissed him
passionately, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth.

Recovered, Tim picked her up off the stairs and carried her in his arms to
their bedroom upstairs. He laid her on the bed and kissed her.

"How do you feel?" he asked, looking into her shining brown eyes.

"Fantastic!" she said, smiling.

"Happy anniversary," Tim said and kissed her on the forehead.

"The same to you, Tool Man," she muttered. Jill wondered what anniversary
present could possibly surpass what she had just experienced. That diamond
bracelet she saw in the mall would come close she thought before drifting
off into a deep slumber.


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