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Date: 06/06/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, female/female sex, female solo sex

Pairing: Jill/Heidi

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Archive: Yes

Category: Slash

Summary: Tim and Jill invite some of their friends over for a pool party,
only to have her discover a little something else about a certain 'Tool Girl'
named Heidi.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on the 36th picture in the book entitled
'More Housewives At Play' by an artist named Rebecca.

Dedications: None so far.

Home Improvement: A Spashing Good Time In The Pool
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Hi, my name is Jillian Paterson Taylor. My family and close friends call me
'Jill'. And ever since I had allowed myself to marry this one guy who dares
to call himself Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor -- even if he still is a klutz with
tools -- and had three wonderfull boys whose names happen to be Brad, Randy
and Mark with him, Tim's boss and CEO of Binford Tools, Mister John Binford
had purchased for us a new house in Detroit, Michigan and gotten Tim a new
job as host of 'Tool Time' with Al Borland as his assistant -- in spite of
the fact that he happens to be more handy with tools than Tim -- and a
beautiful blonde maiden known as Lisa as the show's first 'Tool Girl'.

And it was a good thing that the move to Detroit had happened for we were
able to make ourselves some new friends like for instance: We have ourselves
a new neighbor whose name happens to be Wilson, who might sometimes be
strange but he's still a really nice man to be around with.

As for Tim, he had also became such good friends with the owner of a store
known as 'Harry's Hardware' whose name happens to be Harry Turner and a
certain male doofus named Benny Baroni. Speaking of 'Harry's Hardware', it
was where Tim had allowed himself to buy our new swimming pool and it was a
really good thing that he had done that.

You see, it was about four weeks after both Tim and Al had done an episode of
'Tool Time' about the proper installation of a swimming pool in the backyard
that we had allowed ourselves to have our first pool party and invite some of
our friends over to join in on the fun.

Anyway, as soon as the last of our pool party guests who happens to be this
beautiful maiden with dark-brown hair named Heidi Keppert -- who had became
the second 'Tool Girl' after Lisa had left the show to go study to become a
paramedic -- had just arrived in a white Hustler Original Sin T-Shirt and a
pair of Hustler Solo Script Pants, I had looked at what she was wearing and
asked, "Say, Heidi? Why are you wearing those pants on a day like today?"

"Oooohhhh, I had just purchased them from the Hustler Hollywood Online Store
one day and I have a sudden urge to start wearing them until I get myself
over here," that was the answer that Heidi had given me before she had taken
the shirt and pants off and allowed us to see that she was also wearing a
yellow Private Collection Bikini.

But of course, that was before she had looked at me with a small smile on
her face and her hands on her hips and asked, "May I ask what are you doing
wearing something like that in a nice neighborhood like this?" which -- in
turn -- had caused me to take a look at the Black And Hot Pink Skull Swim Top
And Bottoms, look at Heidi with embarressment on my face and answer, "Well,
Heidi. To tell you the truth, I had wanted to go find my new swimsuit by
myself. But instead of that, one of the boys had bought this for me at this
one store in the mall known as Hot Topic. And well, I didn't have the heart
to tell him to take it back."

But just as I was about to say one more word about the subject, an
understanding Heidi had placed her gentle hand on my shoulder and said,
"Trust me, Jill. You don't have to tell me the rest. I already get the
hint. So, shall we go ahead and have ourselves a splashing good time in the

And after I had let out a small giggle and said 'okay', both Heidi and me had
gone out in to the back yard and joined the others who were already splashing
around in the pool and enjoying themselves, only to have Heidi climb herself
out of the pool, turn towards me and say, "Look, Jill. I'm getting kind of
thirsty. So, I'm going to go inside and get myself something to drink, okay?"

And after I had nodded my head and told her to go ahead, Heidi had gone into
the house and left me to continue enjoying the splashing around that Tim and
the boys were also doing in the pool. Of course, that was before I had gotten
myself out of the pool, excused myself and gone back into the house in order
to go into the upstairs bathroom and take a shit.

Then, after I had flushed the toilet and stepped out of the bathroom and into
the master bedroom, I had taken a look at the scene in the back yard of Tim
and the others still enjoying themselves splashing around in the pool through
the window and it had caused me to let out a small smile.

But while I was doing that, I was unaware that Heidi had stepped into the
room with only a Gina Lynn Pink Harness With Stud on and stared at me with
the look of pure sexual hunger in her eyes before she had moved herself
closer to me and placed her hands on my breasts.

And just as I was about to turn myself around and ask Heidi what the fucking
hell was she doing, she had placed her lips close to my ear and whispered,
"Sssshhhh. It's okay, Jill. You don't have to say or do anything. All you
have to do right now is just relax... and enjoy it."

But just as I was about to say anything in objection to the whole idea, Heidi
had pulled down my swim bottoms and placed the stud part of the harness
inside my asshole just in time for her to pull my swim top off of me and
started carressing my firm breasts with her hands and blowing her hot breath
on the nape of my bare neck, causing me to start pumping two of my fingers in
and out of my hot, wet pussy and say, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Heidi! Touch me! Touch me there! Fuck me in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after we had laid our nude bodies down on the bed just in time for
Heidi to remove the harness, place herself on top of me, begin sucking on my
hot, moist snatch and allow me to start licking on her hot and steamy cunt, I
had suddenly realized that even though I still love Tim with all of my heart,
I was able to enjoy each and every minute of experiencing the one thing that
I had never experienced with another woman before which happens to be pure
and untamed sexual pleasure.

That was before Heidi had placed herself in front of me and the both of us
had started rubbing our pussies against each other just in time for me to
place my hands on her silky-smooth naked thighs and allow her to place one of
her hands on her own tits and the other hand on my naked thigh and yell at
the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, JILL! TOUCH ME! FUCK

And after the both of us had started moving ourselves harder and faster
and our lovemaking has finally bought itself a swimming pool for its own
backyard, both Heidi and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell
asleep with our naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, about four weeks later and after Tim had already left for work and
the boys had gone to visit some of their friends, I had opened the mailbox
and discovered that I had recieved a plain brown package from the Hustler
Hollywood Online Store which had caused me to sit myself down on the living
room sofa, open that package and discover that it had contained the DVD of a
classic porn-film entitled "Lesbian Virgins' and a note from Heidi which had
said, "Dear Jill -- I just want to give you a little something as a 'thank
you' for inviting me to your pool party... as well as the other thing. Hope
to see you soon for the Fourth Of July celebration. -- Love, Heidi. "



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