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A Day At The Taylor Household Part 2 - The Other Children Get Involved
by Storytrade ([email protected]) (mmmF,inc)

Later that evening Randy had left for his date with Lauren, leaving Jill
alone by herself. Around 10pm Mark returned from his band's practice. He
went straight to his room, without even saying hi to his mother. This
caused Jill to wonder what he was up to, so she followed him upstairs.
She then heard him moaning in his room. She realized he was masturbating
and wondered whether his penis was large like his brother's or puny like
his fathers. That caused her to open the door.

She opened the door and saw that like Randy, Mark too was well endowed. His
cock was atleast 7 inches long and he was only 13 yrs old. Jill decided she
wanted his cock. She walked over to Mark, whose face was extremely red. He
tried to cover himself, but his mom stopped him.

She said "Mark you have nothing to be ashamed about. It is perfectly natural
for a boy your age to want to touch himself down here." With that she
reached down and grabbed Mark's hard cock. He began to tremble. He couldn't
believe that his mother was actually touching his cock. He had only begun
masterbating 2 weeks earlier and he still hadn't cum.

Mark then asked his mom if it were ok for him to see her breasts. She said it
was ok, and took off her shirt and bra. Mark reached his hands up and began
to lightly touch his mother's breasts. Mark was harder than he had ever been
before. Here is he was a 13 yr virgin, touching his mothers breasts. He was
in pure heaven.

While he was touching Jill's breasts, she began to rub his erect cock. He
couldn't believe how good it felt. Then his mom got up and did something he
would never forget. She got down on her knees and began to suck her little
boys huge cock. She couldn't believe how big he was. First Randy now Mark.
Both of them were huge compared to their father's puny dick. She began to
wonder if Brad would be big like both of his brother's. Maybe he would be
even bigger, since he was older than both of them. This caused Jill's vagina
to get even wetter. She had to have Mark inside of her. But when she asked
Mark to put his cock inside of her, he first told her, he wanted to taste
her, the way she had tasted him. Jill could do nothing but nod, as Mark began
to lick her pussy. He may only been 13 years old, but he was doing an
unbelievable job. Much better than Tim had ever done. After 10 minutes,
Jill began to have an orgasm, causing her to scream. She must have screamed
louder than she realized, because within 30 seconds. Brad came running into
the room, asking if his mom was ok.

But what Brad saw in front of him, shocked him. Here was his little 13 year
old brother, eating his mother out. Brad then asked his mom how she could do
that. She explained to him that she was a horny woman. Brad then asked if
he could have a turn. Jill willing agreed, since she wanted to see what her
oldest son's cock looked like.

Quickly Brad began to undress, removing his shirt and pants. Jill noticed
how much older Brad looked without his shirt on. He had some chest hair, as
well as lots of under arm hair, something her other sons, did not have much
of. But as Jill began to move her eyes down lower on Brad's body, she saw
something that shocked her, when she reached Brad's crotch area. Unlike his
brother's, Brad's cock was only 4 inches long and it was completely erect.
Brad saw his mom's face and asked her what was wrong.

She replied by saying "Brad its your cock."

"What about my cock," Brad asked nervously.

"Well Brad it isn't very big." Jill replied.

"But mom, I have seen Dad naked, and his isn't much bigger," Brad commented.

"Brad your father has a puny dick and I guess you took after him."

"But mom, you were going to let Mark fuck you, right?"

"Brad have you seen Mark's dick? Mark honey, show your big brother how big
you are."

With that Mark stood up and turned towards Brad, showing off his long 7 inch
cock. Brad couldn't believe what he saw, here was his little 13 year old
brother, who had a dick that was almost double the size of his.

Jill then said to Brad "Sorry but you are to little for me, I need something
bigger, but you can watch us fuck if you want."

Brad felt humiliated, but for some reason he couldn't leave. Instead he
watched has his little brother began to fuck his mother. Mark slowly entered
into his mother's pussy, but since Mark was an inexperienced virgin, he was
unsure as to what he was suppose to do, so he just started moving up and down
quickly, without having any real rythm to it. Jill didn't care though, just
the idea of her 13 yr old son fucking her, was enough to make her orgasm.
Once she began to orgasm it caused Mark to enter an orgasm of his own. Mark
began to cum for the first time in his life, and he did it inside of his own
mother's vagina. After they both came, they looked over at Brad, who had
been masterbating himself. Causing his puny little 4 inch pecker to spurt
out his own cum. All three of them were lying down with smiles on their
faces. Jill could not believe her luck, she had too young hung boys living
with her and she didn't even know it. Now the only problem was what to do
with Tim.


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