Home Improvement: A Day At The Taylor Household Part 1 (MF,mF,inc)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

It was a Saturday afternoon at the Taylor House. Tim was out at some auto
show, Brad was at a Soccer game. Mark was out practicing with his band. That
left Jill home with Randy. Jill had been very horny lately and Tim was not
really able to satisfy her. He never worried about whether or not she got
off during sex. In fact during their 20 years of marriage she never had an
orgasm during sex. Instead she was forced to getting herself off or atleast
she was forced to masturbating until last week. It was a friday afternoon
and she was fingering herself, since she was home alone, or so she thought.
After 5 minutes of fingering, she heard someone moan, then she realized that
the moaning was coming from the doorway she looked up to see Randy standing
there watching her.

She didn't know what to do, so she decided to invite Randy in. She was so
horny, she needed something or someone. She started to kiss Randy and he
kissed back. Then she removed his shirt and started massaging his hairless
chest. Then she reached down to his pants and undid them. She asked him if
this was his first time. He chuckled and told her his first time was when he
was 13. She was shocked to hear that but not as shocked as when she saw his
package. He was atleast 9 inches long. She couldn't believe he was this
big, since Tim's was at most 5 inches long. Randy saw her look of amazement
and asked her why she was so surprised. "Isn't dad's around this size" he

She replied by saying "your father has a puny little 5 inch little boy's

He laughed saying "you mean dad isn't the tool man."

"He is more of a tool boy, than a tool man." she responded Then she reached
over and pulled Randy towards her. "I have to get that huge thing inside of

Randy then guided himself into his mom's pussy. He slowly lowered his body
down on to hers. As his dick entered into his mother's hot pussy, it felt so
tight, almost as tight as a virgin's. Then he began to move up and down,
faster and faster, causing his mom to begin to moan.

"Randy, oh god, your father never made me feel this good." she screamed.

He now had 7 full inches of his cock inside of his mother, but he was
determined to get the last 2 inches in her. He continued to push further
and further, until he had it all in. As soon as he got the last inch in,
she began to shake.

Then all at once, she began to orgasm, causing Randy to enter into his own
orgasm. Shooting his cum all inside of her pussy. Then they collapsed into
each other's arms. Then they heard a noise, Tim was home, Randy rushed to
his room, while Jill rushed into their bathroom. When she returned, Tim was
standing in the room. As he saw Jill standing there naked, he got turned on.

Tim began to undress, revealing his hard 5 incher. As he walked over to
Jill, he decided he wanted to have a blow job, so he asked Jill.

Jill responded by saying "ok but only if you are willing to eat me out."

Tim reluctantly agreed by saying "ok, but I hope you can handle my large

This caused Jill to smirk.

Tim then bent down on his knees and began to lick Jill's vagina. After eating
her out for 5 minutes, she began to cum.

After he finished Tim commented "Jill for some reason you tasted better this
time, then usually."

Jill smiled thinking to herself, Tim you just ate your wife out after she was
fucked by your middle child.

Now it was her turn to suck him off. She easily fit his little 5 incher into
his mouth. As usually he came after only 2 minutes.


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