Hi & Lois: She Couldn't Help It (MF incest)
by Wilcox

Lois Flagston, a 36-year-old housewife and the mother of four children was
feeling a bit sorry for herself. She'd been a stay-at-home mom through what
she'd thought were the best years of her life until she'd felt the need to
get out of the house on her own, at least occasionally, before she went
stir-crazy. That's why she'd become a part time realtor. It let her escape
to the real world where she could interact with adults without having to
keep one eye on the kids.

She was happy with her life except for the fact that she felt like a servant
in her own home from time to time. This Saturday morning was one of those
times. Her husband Hi was out playing golf with his buddies and her kids were
still in bed. Meanwhile, she was stuck doing the chores after breast feeding
her baby Trixie and putting her back down to sleep.

She had been without sex ever since Trixie had been born and she desperately
wanted to make love to her husband again. Only he wasn't interested in
starting back up and she wasn't sure why. She'd always loved sex and enjoyed
the feeling of being pregnant and going without sex for so long was driving
her to distraction.

Especially right now because Trixie hadn't been overly hungry and had left
her mother's breasts almost painfully swollen with milk. The infant's
suckling had made her mother's pussy tingle and get all warm and squishy so
that she was now so hot and horny that she thought she would explode if she
didn't get some satisfaction, and soon.

She'd resigned herself to the Saturday morning ritual as she'd thought of
using the vibrator she had stashed in her dresser drawing to bring her to the
climax she needed so badly. The only good thing about today was that she and
her husband had arranged for a sitter so that they could go out for dinner
that evening at one of the nicest restaurants in town. She hoped that tonight
would be the night they would reconnect and end up in bed doing more than

By the time she finished cleaning the downstairs sweat was pouring off of
her and her 38D bra cups were soaked with perspiration and leaking mother's
milk. The full firm breasts that had grown larger with each pregnancy and a
gorgeous round meaty ass highlighted her curvaceous body. She was 5'4", 120
lbs. with soft shoulder length blonde hair, striking blue eyes and had
regained her very nice figure with regular workouts attending to the needs
of her growing family of four children.

Meanwhile, Chip, her oldest son was laying nude on his bed, jacking off while
thinking of his Math Teacher, Mrs. Smith, who had incredible tits but an even
more fantastic ass. He figured he had another couple of hours before his
Mother would get pissed off enough to demand for him to get up. In the last
year, he had been growing like a beanstalk. Though still thin, he was
starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow turned from
a small worm into a fat slug overnight. And that was when it was soft. Fully
erect, his hand could not even close around its circumference as it measured
out at just over ten inches.

With the cleaning taken care of Lois went about collecting the laundry. First
she got the laundry from her room and then the baby's, followed by the twin's
room and ending up in her oldest son's room. She didn't worry about knocking
on her kid's doors, as she was sure that they would all be sleeping soundly
at this early hour. She was right about Trixie and also the twins, who were
both dead to the world. Gently, she opened Chip's door and was shocked by
what she saw.

Chip, hearing the door open could do nothing but quickly lift his hand to
his chest and close his eyes and pretend he was sleeping. He couldn't cover
himself with the sheets as he had decided to win points with his mom and had
stripped the bed of all but the bottom sheet. So, there he was, his huge cock
pointing straight up toward the ceiling for the whole world and his mom to

Lois was shocked at her reaction to the sight of her naked son and his
ten-inch cock. She was still warm and squishy and now felt her juices flowing
freely into her sweaty panties as she gazed transfixed at the biggest male
organ she'd ever seen. She shook it off and decided to hurry up and get the
hell out of there. She feverishly began collecting the clothes from the
hamper and the few items lying on the floor. The only problem was that there
were a couple of things on the floor right beside where her son was lying on
the bed.

When she got beside the bed she stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn't help
but stare at her son's incredible young cock as she realized that it was more
than four inches longer and much thicker than her husband's was. Her mind was
flushed clean and all she could think of was Chip's wonderful, incredible
young cock, it was so big and hard and being wasted just standing there like
a marvelous flagpole. Gingerly she reached out and lightly touched it without
thinking of the consequences of her action.

The massive penis was so hard and strong and the head so soft and pillowy and
so damn sexy she thought as she ran her soft loving hand up and down it's
impressive length. Her nipples ached and her cunt tingled, as she was more on
fire than she had been since her wedding night. She licked her lips in a
lustful frenzy as her whole body ached for teenaged son's cock; she had to
have it.

She dropped the few clothes she had in her hand to the floor and released his
erection reluctantly; knowing that she would have it back in her grasp real
soon. Chip was disappointed that she let go but still in a state of shock
that she had touched it to begin with. Curious, he peeked out from between
his eyelids and couldn't believe what he was seeing and decided to just lie
there to see what happened next.

Lois, now hotter than ever, pulled her blouse off over her head followed
quickly by her bra. On fire, and breathing very heavy she struggled to get
her shorts and underwear off over her flaring hips and ass. With rational
thought a thing of the past she put a hand beside her son's thigh and
carefully climbed up beside him on his bed. Taking a deep breath, she knew
the next move must be quick and flawless so she wouldn't back out and Chip
wouldn't have the chance to object.

Another deep breath, then she quickly swung her body on top of Chip in a
perfect sixty-nine position and ground her cunt against his mouth and nose as
she took his dick and balls in her hands. The pretty wife and mother-of-four
opened her mouth and dipped her head down to suck over half of her teenaged
son's long thick member into her mouth.

Lois needn't have feared rejection from her oldest child as Chip wanted what
was happening as much as his mom and instantly began eating out his mother's
juicy twat. Though inexperienced and still a virgin, Chip and his buddies
often discussed sex so he was well aware of positions and practices and he
began to put that knowledge to use as he found his mother's clitoris with his

Lois knew, without a doubt, that this was the best cock she had ever had
between her lips and was anxious to get it between her other lips. But not
until she made her son cum in her cock sucking mouth would she allow her
pussy to feel the wonders of this incredible prick. She loved the taste of
cum and truly missed not being able to get any for so long. So, she sucked
harder and deeper as she felt Chip's tongue dart all over her juicy slit.
Neither of them had said a word as they continued to eat out one another.
All at once, Chip's nut sack tightened and he filled his mother's mouth with
his thick tasty load.

Just as she tasted her son's wonderful spunk Lois shuddered in a massive
climax of her own, covering her boy's face with her cunt honey. Now orally
satisfied Lois didn't waste any time as she swung around and positioned
herself right above his still hard young cock. She stroked her hard clit a
couple of times with the head of his dick then pushed the hard shaft inside
of her. She had never had a cock this big inside of her and she had to work
her way down on it slowly.

Chip was in heaven and wanted to tell her so but was afraid that if he spoke
he would break the spell and his mother would wake from her trance and
realize that she was putting her own son's cock inside of her pussy. Little
did he know that his mom was afraid of the exact same thing? So they both
stayed mute as Lois slid down his pole until she bottomed out on her son's
hips with every inch of his young cock inside her red-hot cunt. Both of them
moaned loudly as Lois started to play cowgirl and began to ride her young son
harder and faster.

Seeing his mom's big boobs bounce and jiggle as she rode him Chip could not
help but reach up and grab them. When he griped his mother's milky melons and
squeezed them hard, her body stiffened as mother's milk oozed out. This only
made Lois moan louder and ride him harder and harder. The bed was bouncing
wildly as the bedsprings screamed in futile protest at the torture the
incestuous mother and son were giving them.

Chip had never felt cunt muscles around his young cock before and was amazed
at how fantastic his mother's felt as she squeezed away at his fully embedded
shaft. She was working on his cock like she was trying to milk him like a
cow. For his part, Chip's hips came up to meet each of his mothers's down
thrusts and his tit play became wilder and wilder. Her mother's milk leaked
down over his hands and arms as he cupped each of the huge swollen white
globes in his hands.

He stared at the large puffy dark colored nipples as they moved down to him
and Chip began to suck on his mother's swollen nipples. He once again drank
her sweet mother's milk as it leaked from her erect nipple as he had as a
baby. Lois moaned loudly as her oldest son suckled her breasts with his huge
cock buried in her pussy.

He moved to her other milk-engorged breast and taking the nipple in between
his lips he sucked happily and was rewarded with another stream of mother's
milk. Lois moaned as her son sucked her breasts and relieved the pressure
that Trixie had left in them. Her pussy tingled in added pleasure as she
felt him suckle from her milk-engorged breasts. She slid her hand between
her legs and stroked her swollen clit as she bounced on his massive young

"Yes, suck them good for me baby," she told him as her fingers helped to work
her pussy to an incredible orgasm.

Several minutes later Chip screamed out, "Mommy, I'm cumming."

"Oh, fuck yes, cum in me," Lois replied to Chip's outburst. In seconds Lois
could feel her cunt being drenched with load after load of Chip's juices as
she felt wave after wave of another wonderful orgasm sweep through her body.
She was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. Chip was amazed by how hot
and wet he was making his hot MILF of a mom as he unloaded in her loving
pussy. He and his buddies had talked about girls and sex but this was so
much better than he'd anticipated.

He pushed her up off of him still hard as a rock and rolled her trembling
body over. Lois was in spastic ecstasy; her body was creaming out of control.
He couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his cock as big and hard as
he had ever seen it before. It was sticky with his mom's juices dripping from
it and now that his mother had made him a man his smaller head took over the
direction of his body.

She quickly assumed the doggie position as she silently raised up onto all
fours and looked back over her shoulder at her son's amazing sexual weapon.
He knew what to do and she let out a satisfied moan as he mounted her from
behind. She arched her back and moaned again as he drove his long thick
teenaged cock into her swollen drenched cunt to the hilt, the head battering
her cervix.

Chip loved how his pretty mom's curvaceous body looked as he hammered away
with his huge cock. Her blonde hair flipping back and forth, the flawless
skin of her back tapering down into her waist only to flare back out at her
hips. This visual feast led his lustful eyes to her sweet heart shaped ass,
which was undulating sexily as she pushed it back to him in perfect rhythm.

Chip began stroking even harder as he drove his ten-inch dick completely
inside of Lois. He watched in horny amazement at her pussy lips completely
disappearing as his huge cock carried them along with it as he drove into
his mom's cunt. Then each time he withdrew his dick, her juices glistened
heavily on his thick vein covered shaft as her pink little pussy seemed to
be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his incestuous young shaft
slightly like the fingers of a glove as it's being pulled off inverted.

Faster and faster he pumped and the way they fucked, it was as if they
had been making passionate love to each other for years, each meeting one
another in thrust for thrust like a well-oiled fuck machine. Then Chip had
his sexually frustrated mother skyrocketing out of this world once again
as she softly moaned "Oh, yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck
meeeeeeeee! Oh, God ... oh, God ... I'm cummingggggggggggggg!

Lois buried her face into the sheets to muffle her constant moans as her
teenaged son ravaged her on his bed. She was fearful that the sounds of
their incestuous coupling might wake her other children and lead them to
their big brother's room.

"God ... fucking my teenaged son is bad enough," she thought. "I can't let
the twins see Chip fucking me with his huge cock. God, I'm on my hands and
knees in the middle of his bed, giving myself to my horny hunk of a son.
What a scandal this would make if it got out."

She lowered her head so that it rested on the bed; her body supported by her
tits as she took Chip's huge cock hard and deep for what seemed like forever.
He drove her to three more climaxes before he couldn't take it any longer.
His mother's sweet pussy was spasming in orgasmic pleasure and milking him
as though she had fingers in it when he felt the surge of cum flow in his
balls. With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her, every long
thick inch.

His young body tensed as his testicles exploded and Chip shot load after load
of his thick warm cum into her quivering body. He locked his hands onto his
mother's flaring hips and pulled her against him as hard as he could as his
cock emptied for the third time this incredible morning and the second time
inside of her yearning pussy. It was the place he'd come from as a baby and
now he was cumming into it as a man.

She came again as he did, arching her butt up, pressing hard against him as
he drove his masterful cock home. With his hands on her hips he gave her
several more slow thrusts, until she had finished cumming. And then he
slipped out of her incestuous pussy and fell beside her on the bed.

She moved over him and cleaned their combined juices off of his goo-covered
cock with her mouth and tongue. She lovingly licked his big dick and gobbled
down every bit of spunk that she found. When she finished she collapsed onto
her son and gave him a kiss on the lips. It had been the best fuck she'd ever
had and she basked in the afterglow for several minutes as she kissed Chip,
not as her young son but as a man, using her tongue and teaching him the
finer points of french kissing.

Eventually reality regained its awareness in the pretty well fucked wife and
mother-of-four and Lois pulled herself away from her son and gathered up her
clothes. She put on her blouse and shorts so she could safely run to the
bathroom to clean up before the twins woke and came looking for her. As she
left Chip called out, "Thanks mom, it was great."

Already back to being his mother she responded, "You're welcome, now clean up
this room young man." As she turned he didn't see the smile on her face grow
as she thought about how she was going to enjoy his big cock again. 'The hell
with Hi,' she thought. 'Chip can take care of my needs from now on if his
father isn't up to it.'


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