Hi And Lois: Lois Flagston Makes A Sale (MF,inter,ncon,drugs)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Lois Flagston loved the fresh air of the spring. It was her favorite
time of the year. A time when warm breezes returned and life was reborn as
everything started to grow again. Shaking her short blonde hair about, she
looked at the framed picture of her family on her desk in the reality office,
thinking of her husband, Hi Flagston and four wonderful children. She then
checked her folder on the property fact sheet again, wanting to be
knowledgeable on all aspects of the property she so desparately hoped to

She had shown this property once before to this potential client, who had
sounded very interested over the phone but then had to go out of town for a
week. He'd called the office in response to an ad she had placed in the local
real estate magazine. Lois however felt a little uncomfortable with this
potential client when they finally met, perhaps because he was black and she
had not had much contact with blacks.

She was not prejudiced, she'd made friends with some black people in school
but this was her first business dealing with a black man, and this was a huge
muscular black man standing a good 6' 5" and weighing about 240 lbs. He'd
exuded the aura of confidence and power and she felt somewhat intimitated in
his presence.

Lois thought hopefully that this potential sale would come true. She only
worked part-time, fitting in what showings that she could around her growing
family's busy schedule. She could certainly use the commission. What with
four kids to raise and a morgage to pay off, every little bit helped. Hi made
a decent living but she was proud of her contributions to the college fund
for the kid's educations.

She thanked her lucky stars for spending the extra money on advertising in
this particular magazine. They'd run a color picture of the property and also
a color picture of herself at the top of the page. A sale would assure a
large commission, allowing her and her husband to build up thier nest egg
quite nicely.

The magazine ad had really been the key for Sam Johnson's initial call to see
the property. Little did Lois know that it was not the picture of the house
that prompted the call but the picture of herself in the magazine.

When Sam first saw her picture, his long cock stirred in his tight fitting
pants. "Man, I'd sure like to have her spread out on a bed squirming under
me! Wonder if she had anything like this before," he thought as he stroked
his thickening black cock, knowing full well she had not from her naive
looks. "Man, she's so fuckin' innocent looking! I swear, this blonde haired
babe looks like a beauty queen!" And with that thought, he had placed the

On the first meeting, Sam brought one of his bimbo call girls with him,
posing as his sweetheart. Sam had instructed her to wander about the house
while he spent time with the white blonde beauty. This scheme had worked, as
Lois's initial apprehension could be seen when she spotted Sam's muscular
black body get out of the car.

He could see that the white bitch felt relieved to have another female
there, not mattering if that female was black or white. Lois just felt more
comfortable, having another female there, instead of her being alone with
this huge black man.

The thought came to her mind as she took in his tall muscular black body, her
eyes lingering on the huge bulge in his tight pants, as to whether it was
true what they said of black men and she blushed as she felt an unwanted
tingle start up between her legs. "Get a grip," she told herself as the lurid
image of the big black stranger pounding his long thick black horsecock,
deeper than she'd ever felt before, up her now warm squishy little cunt
flooded her mind.

The home for sale was a brand new executive model on display, with various
decorators placing their works and furnishings in the model. The model would
be sold as is or there were two other models to choose from but those were
being shown without the furnishings.

Lois was excited that the prospective client expressed his interest in the
display model with all the furnishings. The asking price of $550,000 did not
faze him at all and he indicated that he would pay cash if he decided upon
it. Seeing how well he was dressed and the fancy sports car he drove, Lois
had no reason to question his ability to pay.

Looking at his business card, it indicated he was the owner of a trucking
firm located on the north side of town. Little did she know that there was
no such trucking firm, just the impression the expensive business card eluded
to. The fancy sports car had been loaned to Sam by a buddy who was out of
town for the month.

The fancy suit served him well for his job, that of pimping at the big hotels
downtown each evening. Sam would be lucky if he could qualify for a loan to
buy the living room furniture on display, let alone the entire house. He only
dealt in cash and very little showed on his income taxes.

The house showing unknowingly revealed more than Lois would have wanted any
stranger to know, especially a lusting black male. When Sam commented on the
beautiful picture of her in the magazine, Lois blushed and revealed that she
was trying to earn as much as she could to help support her growing family,
you know how expensive colleges are and I've got four children to put
through, she told him.

As Lois led the way upstairs, she was unaware of the reaction behind her. Sam
stared at her long slender ivory legs, encased in her slim white heels. Man,
he thought, she was absolutely georgeous with big full tits, a slim waist and
flat tummy, flairing hips and a killer ass with firm high riding meaty buns
to go with those long sexy legs. "Man who'd believe that she spit out four
brats," he thought as he watched her firm little ass rolling seductively
before him.

Unknown to Lois, her follower was stroking his big cock through his pants and
cranking his neck to get a nice view up under her skirt. Sam had sized up the
lovely blonde to be about 5' 3", about 115 lbs., but she sure looked in great
shape. In chatting with her, Sam learned that she was 32 years old. She'd
mentioned that she'd married young at 18 and then later stated that her
oldest boy was now 14. The math had been easy to work out and had he not
learned that, he'd have sworn she was in her mid twenties.

What a young looking beauty, just what he lusted for. A petite blonde to have
squirming on his long black horsecock. With her so desperate to earn money
for her family's growing expenses, as a part-time real estate agent, Sam knew
she would go way out on the limb to close a deal like this.

"God, this gorgeous little babe is going to be screaming under me real soon!"
he mused.

Sam's cock twitched in learning Lois was going on vacation with her family a
week from Saturday. "God, it'd be nice to get into this bitch's tight little
panties before she leaves! If I get in there, she won't even feel her hubby's
little pecker the entire vacation. But how do I go about this? Man, what I'd
give to have those long white legs wrapped around me! Man, this sweet little
thing's going to scream when she gets a feel of my black meat!" he thought to

This sweet thing was getting his dick rock hard as he looked at her beautiful
face. The bed upstairs looked so inviting, but Sam held himself in check
rather than throwing Lois down on it and raping her right there. A thought
had gone through his mind of yelling down to that bimbo to lock the front
door, while he raped this sweet blonde married woman on the master bed. No,
he wanted to deceive her rather than raping her. Deceive her to the utmost so
that she would call the cops on him.

At the end of the initial house showing, Sam acted the part of a perfect
gentleman and carried out his illusion of wealth. He told Lois that he had
to go out of town for a week and would be thinking the property over in the
meantime. He told her that he would call her upon his return on Thursday and
maybe look at he property a final time on Friday, if she could pull herself
away from her last minute vacation plans.

Lois thought quickly, certain that Hi, would see to any last minute details
regarding the vacation. She reassured her client that it would be no problem
and she was sure she could accommodate his request for a showing on Friday.

Being in real estate sales provided many benefits. A part-timer could take
off anytime he or she wanted to, which worked out well when she had to tend
to a sick child or some other family related requirement.

Lois was thankful for the company policy and the way she was treated. But
her boss understood that her vacation was approaching and he did not expect
to see much of her during the week. As she did not want to miss the client's
call, and the huge commision, by being away from the office, so she
unthinkingly gave Sam her home phone number.

The Flagston's home was in a nice upper middle class subdivision, one that
Lois had loved when she first began to sell homes in it. A community of young
families and lots of children, one that they fit in very well.

The following Thursday, Lois kept the cordless phone with her as she tidied
up the house. Lois was naive but not a prude. In her long relationship with
Hi and with four children, she had made certain protective measures were
taken in their intimate times. Lois was totally in love with Hi and never
gave any thought of ever being untrue to him.

But men being men, she wasn't going to let Hi get away with the excuse of
`forgetting' to have a condom when they become intimate. Thus, she had bought
a box of condoms and kept one or two in her purse should such an occasion

Late that afternoon, the expected call came. Lois was excited that Mr.
Johnson was still interested in the property. As Mr. Johnson wanted to see
the property again, to see the view at early evening, she readily agreed to
meet with him at 6 p.m. Friday.

She tried not to think about the commission but the sales price in the
$500,000+ range would be a nice windfall. This being the furnished model
home, the developer was adding on a hefty bonus for the sales person that
wrapped up the deal. Since she and Hi had such a large family to support,
the commission and bonus would assure them financial security.

The next day, Lois reviewed the property sheet again. She was a very good
sales agent and knowing the property, before showing it, was always a good
factor in closing the sale. Being well dressed also played an important part.
Though naive, Lois knew well enough that a male client was more inclined to
go along with her views on the property, especially if she was dressed in a
sexy but yet business-like manner.

Thus, she dressed carefully, selecting a white skirt, pink silk blouse, white
blazer, and white heels to accent her ivory legs. She omitted the nylons,
even though it was a bit cold. She'd noticed early on that her ivory legs
attracted men's eyes even more than with nylons on.

Once fully dressed, Lois looked into the mirror. Any man would rather look at
her than a piece of real estate and this was the edge she was hoping would
close the sale. As she looked at her reflection, Lois wondered if she should
dress in this alluring way, especially with her client being a black man, a
huge muscular black man at that but she dismissed the thought. She was just
being prejudiced and this was the way she would dress for any male client she

At 5:30 p.m., Lois drove out to the model home, wanting to get there before
Mr. Johnson. She went to the lock box on the door. Using the combination, she
got the master key from the box and opened the house. Before going in, she
looked up to the sky and realized it was darker than she anticipated. She
shook off the ominous feeling and went in and did a quick tour of the house
to be certain that all was in order before taking her client through it.

At 6 p.m., Lois looked out the window to see Mr. Johnson pulled up in his
sports car. She greeted him at the door, shaking his hand in greeting. Sam
Johnson greeted Lois, holding her dainty hand a moment longer than necessary.
He could see the beautiful white wife and mother shiver a bit from his touch
and Sam's big cock began throbbing at the thought of that dainty white hand
trying to encircle it.

For half an hour, Lois showed her prospective client throughout the house.
She felt very uncomfortable being alone with this huge black muscular man.
She felt as if his lusting eyes had stripped her of all her clothing and she
trembled at the lurid thoughts filling her conciousness.

She quickly tried to end the tour of the master bedroom. Being alone in the
bedroom, with Mr. Johnson, and the large king-sized bed only brought more
lascivious thoughts to her mind. She was totally in love with Hi but being so
close to a black man, she couldn't suppress the thought of what it would be
like to have a muscular black man fuck her. Fuck her right on the bed a few
feet from where they stood. "Oh, God, what if he tries to rape me!" came the
horrified thought. Quickly, Lois led the way to another part of the house.

Back downstairs, Lois tried her best to sell Mr. Johnson on the sale. But she
met with some resistance as Mr. Johnson indicated he wanted to think somemore
about it. "I need another day or so before I make a final decision," he told
her. Lois was getting nervous, now it was not with being alone with this man,
but at the thought of losing the big sale.

She knew from experience that the longer a person put things off on a
property, the probability rose that he would pass on it. Besides, she was
leaving town tomorrow and would be off on a two week vacation. In that time,
this client would probably end up buying another property from a different
sales agent. It was now or never with Mr. Johnson. She was determined to
somehow finalize the sale tonight.

Lois didn't want to put pressure on her potential client but time was of the
essence. She was glad when he suggested they go a restaurant nearby and have
a quick dinner and drinks, allowing her to go over the property's high points
again for him.

Mr. Johnson suggested they take one car as he probably would want one final
look after dinner, should he decide to go with the purchase. Lois was
hesitant about getting into his car and suggested they take her car, allowing
her to feel safer and more in control of the situation.

For sales dinners, Lois would normally pick up the tab as an expense. But Mr.
Johnson told her from the start it was on him, whether he decided upon the
purchase or `not'. Thus, Lois did not want to offend him. But with Mr.
Johnson picking up the tab, she couldn't say much when he ordered a bottle of

Dinner, plus a continuous pouring of the champagne, after dinner drinks, and
Lois was undoubtedly feeling it. She had drank alcoholic beverages before but
only in moderation. Now she was way over her limit with a black man that she
barely knew. Her blue eyes now clouded from the effects of the alcohol.

But Lois was happy now. Mr. Johnson had agreed to purchase the model home.
The only change was that he wanted to finance it rather than paying it in
cash as indicated earlier. This due to the write-offs he would get from the
interest payments on the home.

This was a true fact on home ownership and Lois thought nothing of it. Over
dinner, she got Mr. Johnson to fill out the loan application with the
mortgage firm she normally dealt with. As to the deposit, Mr. Johnson would
give her the customary $1,000 check as downpayment and to reserve the model
home. But Mr. Johnson wanted that one last look at the home and would write
the check there.

Exiting the restaurant, it was obvious Lois shouldn't drive. Thus, she gave
the keys to Mr. Johnson for the short ride back to the model home. Sam helped
the petite beauty into the passenger seat. Getting into the driver's seat,
he carefully placed the extra bottle of champagne he had purchased at the
conclusion of dinner. A bottle to celebrate with at the new home.

Sam glanced over at the lovely wife and mother, licking his lips at the
lucious blonde beauty. Sam couldn't keep his cock down, anxious to get into
the tight panties of this naive little bitch.

Lois opened the door again to the model home, carrying her briefcase with
her, allowing Mr. Johnson to enter behind her. Going to the kitchen, Mr.
Johnson got down two display glasses and popped open the new bottle of
champagne. They toasted one another on the purchase. As Lois had been
looking about in the living room when the drinks were poured and was not
aware of the powder that quickly dissolved in her drink. The herbal drug
would soon create a need for sex that would be overpowering.

Sam had gotten it from a dealer in the city. It was a new one that the guy
said worked like a charm. "Man, the bitch will think it was her idea to fuck
you," he'd told Sam. Lois' mind was already clouded from the amount of
alcohol consumed and this drug would push her over the point of any rational
thinking. Otherwise, she certainly would have her guard up when Mr. Johnson
asked her to show him the master bedroom again. Sam proposed a toast to the
purchase of the property and to each other and sales agent and client clinked
glasses and downed the drinks.

Lois led the way up the stairway for the final viewing of the master bedroom.
She began to stagger a bit and welcomed the supporting black arm around her
waist. The alcohol was obviously affecting her, for she would not have
allowed anyone holding her so close except Hi.

Her eyes closed momentarily as the large supporting hand moved under her
blazer and slowly moved upward upon her silk blouse. She swallowed hard,
trying to continue walking up the steps, shivering as the exploring fingers
began caressing the bottom outline of her lacy bra. Just as they reached
the top of the stairs, Lois gasped as a finger moved up to caress her soft
nipple. In a second, the unwanted touch made her nipple stand at attention.

With her mind fluttering with reality, Lois panted "Oh, please... please, Mr.
Johnson... you mustn't... please, I'm a happily married woman!" She was led
along into the bedroom by her prospective client. "I just want to have
another look from the bedroom," he told her. "I want to see how it looks at

"Let's see how beautiful the view is!" Mr. Johnson said, leading the young
wife and mother to the large window area. Passing the king-sized bed, Sam
took the briefcase and purse from her hand and tossed it upon the bed. Lois
panted as her client now towered behind her, both of his hands around her,
cupping her full thrusting breasts, fingers flicking at her aroused buds.

"Isn't the view beautiful? You're leaving tomorrow, aren't you? Mrs.
Flagston, at this same time tomorrow you'll be off on vacation!" Sam
whispered. At 5'3" the petite blonde wife and mother only came up to his

He was going to love hearing her scream when he forced his 12" black
horsecock into what should be reserved for her white boy husband. What would
Hi Flagston say now if he could see his precious little wife, being caressed
by a muscular black man. The alcohol and the unwanted stimulation caused Lois
to moan softly, closing her eyes she lay her head back against the muscular
chest as he fondled her big full tits. Her head feeling heavier from the
sexual stimulant in the champagne.

The caresses continued, causing Lois to moan even louder and began to pant
for breath. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, as her silk blouse was being pulled
from her skirt. She shivered and groaned, "Ohhhhhhh, awwwwwwww!" as large
strong hands began to move up her soft flesh.

Now the large black fingers pushed under the bottom of her lacy bra, up to
her stiff pink nipples, pushing the lacy bra above her beautiful breasts.
"Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee... please... noooooooo... you must stop!" she groaned.

The poor drugged little wife, could only pant in her arousal as her white
blazer was removed and dropped to the bedroom floor. Suddenly she gasped as
the once gentle black hands tore the front of her pink silk blouse open,
popping all the pearly buttons off. She gasped again as those hands returned
to cup her big milk white breasts, fingers again flicking her hard pink
nipples. Then the front clasp of her lacy pink bra was undone and drawn down
her arms to fall upon her white blazer.

"Oh, God, Mr. Johnson... please, you must stop... ohhhhh!" Lois moaned as she
felt her white skirt being undone. In a moment, it lay puddled at her white
heels. Now the lovely wife and mother was only in her lacy pink panties and
white heels. She gasped as an exploring black hand began moving onto the last
protective article of clothing, touching her most private spot. A spot that
was reserved for her husband Hi Flagston. Lois began to move her thighs,
rubbing her aroused slit together, her juices beginning to flow

Sam grinned. Here he was feeling up the naive white wife and she was calling
him Mister. He wondered if she'd still be addressing him as `Mr.', once his
big black horsecock slammed up her tight groove. "Boy, this little white girl
is such a sweet thing," he thought. "Yeah, I'm going to make this little
bitch scream like hell, gonna give her something to measure her hubby with.
Hope the SOB doesn't fall into the open cavern when I get through with his
precious little gem."

In a moment, the pink wisp of protection was slowly fluttering down her long
ivory legs, falling atop of her white skirt. "Ohhhhhh!" Lois gasped as a
thick black finger prodded her slick vagina, the entrance of Hi Flagston's
private treasure chest. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned again as the thick finger
wormed its way in a few inches.

"Oh, God, his finger is as thick as Hi's cock. What am I doing? Why am I
letting him do this to me?" she thought to herself. Then she found herself
being easily lifted by a set of muscular black arms, her skirt and panties
dangling briefly from her right heel before falling back to the floor.

The georgeous blonde wife was laid upon the king-sized bed and the bedroom
lamps were turned on to reveal the beautiful white woman in all her splendor.
There she lay, head moving slowly from side to side, trying to get her senses
back as the effects of the boose and sexual stimulant coursed through her
lush ripe body.

Then her gaze was upon the black muscular body, disrobing before the bed.
She gasped when Mr. Johnson dropped his pants and jockeys, revealing the
12" monster that rose to attention. "Oh, no, Mr. Johnson, this is all a
mistake... please... I must get up... this is all wrong."

But in her drunken stupor and drug affected mind, Lois could not summon the
strength nor coordination to move from the bed. Then Lois observed the naked
muscular black figure step up to the edge of the bed as Sam looked at the
beautiful, sexy but naive blonde spread out before him. "God, she's so sexy!
I can't believe this sweet little bitch is 32 yrs old. She looks like a
fucking beauty queen. Man, I wish her hubby was here to see this. She looks
so damned sexy in just her white heels," he mused.

In just those few moments, the effects of the potent drug really took effect.
Lois could now barely speak coherently "Ohhh, ..G-Godd, ..M-Mrrr.
Jo-Jo-Johnson ...mustn't!"

He climed on the bed next to her, embraced Lois and kissed her. She answered
passionately in spite of her earlier protests, as her desire pushed against
him. She accepted his tongue into her mouth and used her own to give the
deepest, sexyist kiss of her life.

He broke off the passionate kiss and spent several minutes perusing her more
than ample chest, fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy mounds and spiky
nipples before burying his head between her faboulous tits. He kissed and
sucked both nipples as she moaned in delight, unable to stop herself from
loving the deep rooted feelings consuming her.

Reality suddenly returned as to her dismay, Mr. Johnson slipped down her ripe
body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her clitoris was up hard as he twirled
his tongue around it and feasted on her flowing juices. MMMM, he thought,
four kids and she's still got an incredibly tight cunt, it's so beautiful, so

His tongue slid up and down her hot crack as he alternated between her sweet
pussy and tiny puckered anus. His demanding tongue was digging deeply up her
tiny asshole as she loosened up and her tingling body unconciously gave in to
his every demand.

Sam climbed up between her wide spread legs and stroked his cock to its full
12 inch length, then lifting Lois's legs up onto his shoulders, he slid his
long thick pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen
blonde fringed slit.

She blinked her eyes several times, trying to focus on the massive cock that
seemed to move on its own lass though it were alive. Then her trim white
arms moved and her hands pushed back at the shoulders of her lust-crazed
assailant. "Ohhh, ..M-Mrrr. Jo-Jo-Johnson ..can'ttt ..mustn't ..pleaseee,"
she stammered, hoping desperately to somehow fend him off.

Then Sam was whispering in her ear, "I'll sign that downpayment check when
we get back downstairs. Think of what that commission will do for Mr. & Mrs.
Hi Flagston. Think how happy your husband will be knowing money isn't a
problem." All this was so true, but the alcohol clouded Lois's mind from the
consequences of the elict mating that was about to happen.

The guilt that would forever remain with her, the vow she had made when she'd
married Hi. The vow to remain forever true to her husband, Hi Flagston. The
potential consequence of such a adulterous mating. All the while, the thick
black cockhead was rubbing itself through the slick entrance to her womanhood
and becoming coated with her flowing juices.

That last thought brought Lois back to a flash of reality. Her head was now
hazy and the room spinning. She couldn't let this man have his way with her.
This was her most fertile period. She could very well get pregnant from this
mating. Getting pregnant by a black man would be the ultimate humiliation
imaginable, violating the very core of her strait laced and strict southern

The very thought of allowing a black man fuck her before tonight had
previously been utterly unthinkable. But here she was with the previously
unthinkable about to happen. She pushed at the broad black shoulders,
"Pl-pl-lease, ..Mrrr.. Jo-Jo-Johnson ..c-c-connndom ..preg-pr-pregggnanntt."

"Ain't got none and never use `em!" came the reply, as his cockhead dipped
a little into the slick entrance but not enough to push through the tight
elastic like fissure.

Lois, even in her drugged state, was panicky at that thought of what could
happen from an unprotected mating with this big black man. She continued to
push at the muscular shoulders, then the solution came to her befuddled
mind, "Ohhh, M-M-Mrrr. Jo-Jo-Johnson ...p-p-purrrseee

With the thick black cockhead still at her slick entrance, Lois was let up
a bit to reach for her purse. Scrambling clumsily in her drugged state, she
somehow got her purse. Losing control, Lois was desperate and turned the
purse over, dumping the contents on the bed.

With the wide black cockhead ready to plunder her temple of love, and the
itch now burning between her legs, Lois no longer thought of the sale or
the commission. Her focus now was somehow preventing Mr. Johnson's potent
sperm from spilling into her fertile womb. Grabbing a condom, she struggled
to tear open the foil packet.

Lois tried desperately to sheath the menacing black cock, but her
co-ordination was lacking at this point. She observed the slimy cockhead
with hazy eyes but still knew the danger she faced, even though dazed and
woozy, if she failed to sheath his mighty cock before allowing him to fuck

In her haste and clumsiness from her drugged state, Lois tried to stretch
it too wide and her sharp manicured nail nicked it. She watched horrified
as the nick in the thin condom stretched into a wide cut, rendering it
useless. "Ohhhh, ...G-G-Godddd ...ohhhh, ...G-G-Goddd ...w-w-waiiittt
...h-h-haaavve ...a-a-anoootherr," she stammered.

Clumsily, the other foil packet was torn open and the protective condom was
successfully rolled onto the throbbing black pole, but only with the help of
Sam who was getting impatient with the drugged beauty's fumblings and had to
stick it to her now or cum all over the sheets.

Lois sighed with relief, laying her drugged body back upon the bed as the
now sheathed menace began probing her vital spot again. Lois closed her eyes,
moaning as the rubbered monster began to get itself slick from her juices.
Thoughts about Hi flashed into her mind, but the alcohol and mind numbing
drug clouded her reasoning, telling herself she was doing this for Hi, and
for the commission she would earn for herself and her family.

It'd would only make her love for Hi stronger, after all, this was only
business, she was closing a very lucrative sale, it posed no danger,
especially with the protective condom on it. That protective condom would
be the mighty barrier that prevented a bared black cock from soiling Hi's
treasure chest. Thank goodness for the condoms she carried for Hi.

She gasped as she felt his massive cock enter her and sighed as he began to
push it in and out of her, the wetting passage becoming covered with her
juices as he pushed deeply into her. "Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..toooooo ..biggggg
..hurtsssss ..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lois moaned loudly as the thick cockhead
forced its way into the slick glove tight entrance.

Her mind getting foggy and speech slurred from the effects of the drug.
"Ohhhhhh, ...Goddddd ... caaaaan't.. tooooo biggggggg ...h-h-urtsssssssss!"
she moaned as the thick shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another
few inches.

Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched around Sam's thick black dick
like a glove a size to small and he continued to push himself foward until
he'd buried his 12 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. He felt
the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped against
her upturned little ass. The sensation of splitting her tight, velvety cunt
muscles almost made him cum after one plunge.

Her eyes popped open at the deep intrusion of his 12 thick inches to her
private sanctuary. Sam's long thick horsecock was almost double the size of
her husband Hi's and even though she was the mother of four children, he was
fucking virgin territory, never before penetrated tissue.

She was besides herself, horny beyond belief and was milking his fully
embedded member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled
her hips up to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt. Never
had she felt such sensations. She had gotten herself so slick that the once
hindering condom could not be felt.

It was as if she was being fucked without the rubbery precaution. Little did
she know that the protective sheath had been deviously slipped off moments
earlier. When the cock had been fully withdrawn, the hand that was being used
to guide the shaft back in had quickly shucked off the damned hindrance. Her
slick juices allowed the bared cock to slip easily back into her greasy
groove without any notice of the difference. The protective rubber that would
protect the `ruining' of this white beauty lay useless on the bed beside
their joined bodies.

Grasping the trim white hips tightly, Sam reared back and slammed it back
home. "Aiiieeeeeeee ... argggghhhh ... owwwwwwww!" Lois screamed, as the
plundering shaft ripped through her. Her thighs contracting in spasms, never
having being split as this before. Her long sexy white legs were held up with
the large black hands now at the back of her thighs.

Nothing as big as his cock had ever entered Lois's cunt before and he was
stretching her wide. Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from her cunt
as they fucked. Sam pounded into her, plunging deeply into her cunt with long
steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as his balls slapped against her ass
repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with
each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed little quim.

She strained upward, her dainty feet pointing to the ceiling and her toes
curling from the sensations. His assault was merciless as he ravaged the
beautiful married realtor. He leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her
knees back to her shoulders and fucked for all he was worth, pumping her
glove tight little pussy for a good twenty minutes, ramming her as hard
and deep as he could, making her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls
deep thrust as he slammed home repeatedly.

Once the drugged wife became accustomed to the long invading shaft, she
began to make soft mewling sounds, her petite body hunching up as he began
his descent. A few of these long strokes and Lois began to move in earnest.
"Ohhhhh, ...p-p-p-pllllleaseeee ... Mrrrr... Jo-Jo-Joohhnnssoonnnnn ...
ca-ca-caaan't ... m-mustn't!", as she unconsciously hunched her tiny body up
and down on his mighty shaft.

Sam sighed, dropped her long sexy legs off of his shoulders and leaned down
on top of her, pushing his rod hard into her to the hilt, loving the sounds
of her moans. She kept moaning but she did nothing to stop him from fucking
her hard and fast.

Suddenly, Sam was surprised by the young beauty, she wrapped her trim white
arms around him as her hands wandered to his ass and pulled him towards her
in sync with every thrust. She was also using her muscles in her vagina to
massage the entire shaft of his manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her
pussy even though his fat cock had filled up her cunt.

His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 36C tits as he
fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were melting in Sam's skillful
hands and her nipples got even harder within seconds as he circled them ever
so lightly with his fingers. The only thing he could hear now were her moans
and pussy squishing.

With every stroke, he made sure he pulled all the way out, then shoved it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his long thick
black horsecock pounding on the entrance of her cervix. He had her spread
wide open and his big prick was stretching her like she'd never been
stretched before as it embedded itself fully again and again.

He reached down with his hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With
her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny anus
with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
he saw her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her virgin

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, he was not
surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second finger up Lois's tight
colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the pace and he could feel
her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the thin wall between
her pussy and her rectum.

She shoved her hips up to meet his. She twisted and gyrated in circles on
his drilling cock. She'd never be able to enjoy fucking her husband Hi after
this, he thought, Christ her pussy won't even know his limp dick is in her
after I'm done with her today.

Sam hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgams in the hot little
housewife and mother. Sweat covered her luscious body as she worked her
spasming cunt on his incredibly huge black cock. She came over and over.
She yelled and screamed as she climaxed endlessly. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, ...
G-G-G-Godddd,... G-G-GGoddddddd ......ohhhhhhh.......N-n-noooo ......
n-n-nnooooo!" The unwanted mind shattering climax shook the naive beauty
to the core.

Lois had never cum so hard in her life and she wanted more. Her body was
wracked with tremors as she peaked again and again. She was losing her mind
and becoming an animal. She finally crested after another orgasm and started
to calm down. But Sam wasn't finished yet.

He slammed her like a rutting bull. She quickly got hot again and the next
wave of climaxes started. She fucked him back like a maniac. She needed his
cock in her oven. She was on fire. Sam tensed and then groaned. He could
feel the end was approaching fast when his heavy balls began tightening up
signaling his need to cum in this beautiful woman's sweet pussy and she
cried out as she felt him begin to cum into her, blasting his wad into her
womanhood in long heavy spurts of his potent sperm ladened cum.

A moment of lucudity flashed through her drugged mind as she realized what
was happening, "G-G-G-oddddddd ... wr- wr- wroooonnnggggg,
pl-pl-pl-pleeee.. nooooooooooooo!" Lois stammered in her rather incoherent

"Oh, Baby, you're so sweet, oh .......gonna cum ........gotta cum!" Sam
groaned. With that, Sam grasped the flairing hips tightly and slammed his
throbbing black horsecock to the hilt. "Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." came
the guttural sound from Sam, as his long black dick shot it's thick potent

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....noooooooooooooooo!" Lois moaned, unable to stop
her tauntly stretched pussy from milking the long thick black horsecock as
it spewed his load deep into her hungry cunt.

Wads of hot white cream shot into her voracious cunt. And this set Lois off
on more orgasms. She fucked him like a whore as her pussy milked him for
every drop of sperm. Even in her stupor, Lois could feel the warm, soothing
flood of cum erupt deep in her womb, a sensation that surprised and confused
her, but she dismissed it assuming Sam was still wearing the condom and there
was no cause for concern.

When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy he was still hard and
ready for action. Lois had collapsed in exhaustion. Her body was weak and
her head rested listlessly on the bed. She twitched and jerked in the
aftermath of her orgasms. Moments later, the defiled blonde wife and mother
finally sucumbed to the full effects of the powerful sexual stimulant,
drifting into a deep sleep.

Sam had to rest for a while. Never had he had the pleasure of fucking such
a beautiful angel. He laughed, the beautiful wife and mother continued to
call him 'Mr.' even when he had his cock buried deep in her womb. The thought
of fucking this pretty angel again caused his cock to twitch back to life.

He looked down at the passed out beauty, obviously out from the amount of
champagne he fed her plus the potent drug. The foolish little bitch thought
she could have her fun without any risk. He had just given her the ride of
her life and that ride may soon puff up her little belly. Let her explain
to her loving husband how a little black baby ended up in her little belly.

Finally Sam pulled his dwindling, but still twitching, cock out of the passed
out blonde's stretched and gaping cunt. He laughed as he watched a thick flow
of his jism coat the ivory thighs and soak the bed. He got up and stroked his
throbbing cock, looking upon the beautiful fallen angel. Man, he just had to
leave her more of a reminder.

He rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe tits
shook and flopped about wildly under her as Sam parted Lois's perfect ass and
saw her tiny tightly clentched anus. The rectal opening winked at him. He
laid his long thick horsecock in the crack of her georgeous ass and slowly
slid it through her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it
snifted out her sweet little asshole.

"Mrs. Flagston," he said, "you want to feel my cock in your tight little
asshole now, don't you. Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass."

In her stupor he knew that she'd agree to anything, but he wanted to here her
say it. "Yes..please...," she said incoherently, "Fuck my ass, I want you to
fuck me up the ass."

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he
forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, stretching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big black footlong horsecock.

Lois couldn't do anything to stop him from fucking her virgin asshole. She
unconciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and
permitted him to enter. She grimaced as his huge cock split her wide open.
The pain would have been undescribable. Lois would have wanted to scream out
in agony but she was unable to.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Sam shoved forward
and buried his whole cock into her tightly clenching asshole, all 12 long
thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into her
ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm laddened balls slapping loudly
against her firm little buns.

The pain soon faded and Lois got used to the sensation of having a cock in
her asshole. She even came to love ass-fucking. His cock slid in and out of
her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and pushed back acting like a
total slut and revelling in it. He reamed out her tight little asshole hard
and deep for a good half an hour before dumping a huge load of sperm into
her quivering anal passage.

He fell back off of her, his big dick pulling out of her tiny ass with a loud
plop. Sitting on the bed, gazing upon the beautiful young wife and mother,
Sam thought of one last thing he needed to do. Looking at the silky blonde
hair surrounding her angelic face, Sam decided to give her a taste of his
spunk covered cock.

With that, he knelt upon the bed by her head and rubbed his slimy cockhead
all over her face, painting her with his jism. He then pressed it against
her sweet pink lips. He began to stroke his big black dick and in no time it
slipped into her opening little mouth. He pumped it in and out deeper and
deeper as it regained it's strength and mass. He soon regained his erection
and buried all 12 inches down her throat. He face fucked her until he felt
another twich from deep in his heavy balls and pulled back so that only the
head was in her softly sucking mouth as his shooting cum struck its
unsuspecting victim.

A stream of his hot jism shot between the slightly parted lips of the
sleeping beauty. She would awaken to the taste of a 'real' man. Then he
directed a couple of long streams directly into the angelic face and short
blonde hair. He scooted over to the edge of the bed and got up, looking
down at his handiwork on the sleeping beauty's cum drenched face.

Catching his breath, Sam went to his coat and retrieved his expensive little
digital camera that produced high quality prints. He photographed the
sleeping beauty, taking several of his slimy cockhead resting on the beauty's
soft pink lips. There would be no mistaking who this little white wife was,
nor what the white streaks were on her face and hair. These photos would come
in handy when he decided to pay Mrs. Hi Flagston a visit at her home. As she
had foolishly given him her home number, it would be easy to obtain the
street address through the city's cross reference directory.

Sam's evil mind began to play with some money making potentials, all from
this sweet little beauty. The few girls he pimped, on the northside, were
real dogs. Nothing at all compared to an blonde angel like this. He knew the
girls' clientele well. Knew they sought out his girls only when absolutely
desperate. He also knew they'd pay, and pay very well to bed a white beauty
like this, one looking so pure and innocent. He licked his lips knowing that
they'd pay even more for this sweet young beauty if they knew she was a
married housewife and more so if they could fuck this wedded angel on her
marital bed without the fear of her screaming rape.

As the sun rose the next morning, Lois groaned from the sunlight and a mean
hangover. "God, what a nightmare I had! My head hurts!" she groaned aloud.
Her eyes were a bit blurry and she rubbed her right hand over them. Then she
looked at the white flakes that came away in her hand.

Blinking, she realized she wasn't in her own bedroom but in the bedroom of
the model home. "Oh, my God. It wasn't a nightmare. It really happened," she
groaned. She then looked down and groaned again in despair, seeing the dried
white streaks on her breasts, belly and thighs. She felt she would never be
clean again, her body soiled with another man's cum, a black man's cum.

She struggled to sit up. As she did, she gasped in horror as she viewed the
limp condom on the bed. She grasped it and looked carefully at it. Where was
the sperm that he had shot off into it. She desperately bent to look at the
spot where it had lain, but there was no telltale stain. She gulped and with
her right hand slowly moved her hand down to her mound.

Lois groaned in shame and horror as she felt the mushy contents that flooded
her slick groove. Dipping a finger all the way in, she removed it to show it
covered with a thick layer of male jism. Lois began to sob, knowing that the
protective covering had been removed unknowingly. She had been fucked royally
and filled to the brim with the cum of a black man. Looking at the bedroom
clock, she scrambled out of bed. Her first steps were painfully taken, never
had she been so stretched before.

Fortunately, the model home had running water and towels. Lois knew her
husband had gone to his parent's house yesterday to visit with the kids. They
would be home early to leave on theer vacation. She couldn't let her husband
see her in such a state. A quick shower would have to do. She washed off all
of the caked on jism and then directed the stream of water from the movable
showerhead into her ravaged pussy and flushed out as much of Mr. Johnson's
thick cum as she could.

Once that was accomplished, Lois put on her torn blouse and covered it by
buttoning her white blazer. Getting her briefcase, she saw the purchase and
financing paperwork, along with the downpayment check. Thank goodness, I have
something to show for this shameful act, she thought with a sigh of some
relief as the thought of her big commission entered her mind.

Rushing home, Lois was relieved to see that Hi hadn't returned yet. She
rushed in and prepared to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened
the night before.

The two weeks of the vacation was exciting. But Lois was far from excited in
bed. The first night her husband drank too much and passed out as soon as
he hit the bed. The second night, he was too exhausted from the drive and
activities to do anything. The third night he managed to get it in Lois'
slick groove, but Hi was so excited that on an outstroke he accidentally slid
out completely and came on her belly.

After that, Lois knew there was no way her loving husband would satisfy her
the way Mr. Johnson's long thick black horsecock had. Not only in size but
also duration. Lois could only bite down on her lip to let the frustration
pass, glad though that she had pleased her loving husband and that there was
a heafty check waiting for her at the reality office. Other girls had screwed
their way to the top and used sex as a business tool, why should she she
reasoned as she lay next to her snoring husband.

Going back to work at the reality office was a joy, as Lois was becoming
increasingly frustrated with her husband's poor performance in bed. Once in
the office she greeted all her co-workers and had coffee with them. An hour
later, her boss got in and immediately called her into his office. The way
he was shaking his head, Lois knew it was a problem he wanted to discuss.

As she sat down across the desk, her boss handed her a stack of papers
saying, "Looks like you got screwed on this one Lois." Lois gasped and her
heart pounded as she gazed upon the documents, documents she had submitted
for the purchase of the model home. Holes were punched in the downpayment
check with a stamp on it, indicating no such account existed.

The mortgage application was stamped in red `REJECTED'. A credit check on
Mr. Johnson showed no such person lived at the address on the application
and the business address turned out to be a massage parlor rather than the
stated trucking firm. Everything on the mortgage application had been
falsified. The phone number for Mr. Johnson was an inactive number.

Needless to say, the large commission would never be seen nor the developer's
large bonus. That damned Mr. Johnson had not only screwed her out of her
large commission, but worst of all, he had screwed his black horsecock into
her so deeply and masterfully that her husband could no longer satisfy her
needs in bed.


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