Hi And Lois: Lois Earns Her Commission (MF,reluc)
by Wilcox

Bob Johnson was starting his life over. First came his divorce and then his
company had transferred him to a city three hours away from his ex-wife and
children. After he'd thought about it, the transfer actually was a relieve.
His ex-wife was getting remarried and he'd only be a few hours from his kids
so he would see them on a regular basis without having to bump into his ex
and her new husband around town.

It was Saturday morning and Bob had driven over to where he'd be situated.
He'd arranged to look at houses with the real estate office the company had
recommended. He drove to the office and hadn't been there ten minutes when
a pretty little blonde drove up. Bob got out and said hello and asked her
if she knew where he could find Lois Flagstone.

"I'm Lois." The pretty blonde woman said.

"The secretary didn't say anything about you being so pretty when she told
me to meet Lois here at 10:00 o'clock." Bob said surprised but very pleased.
"I've never dealt with a female realtor before so you'll have to excuse me."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you." She said with her best smile. "But
seriously, Mr. Johnson, if you would prefer a man to handle you I can make
a call or two and get someone down here right away."

She hoped that he wouldn't take her up on the offer because she really needed
the commission a sale would bring her. With a growing family of four children
things were tight. Her husband Hi had a good paying job but the extra money
her occasional commissions brought into the family coffers definitely helped.

"No, I have no problems with you handling me at all." Bob said with a big

He knew her wording wasn't meant to be a come on but what the hell, he might
have more fun house hunting than he thought. They got into her car and headed
out. He glanced over and checked her out as she drove and pointed out the
local places of interest.

Her soft blonde hair was cut short and she had the most amazing blue eyes.
She was wearing a white silk blouse under a soft light blue business suit.
She had a great figure with a set of big full tits and her legs were long
and nicely shaped. Bob couldn't help himself as he wondered just how far
she would go to close a deal on his house purchase. Maybe if he played his
cards right he'd find out, he thought. She was wearing a wedding ring and
probably had kids, which meant that this was her way of making extra money.
She just might be persuaded to 'handle him' to get the commission on this

She questioned him about his reasons for needing a house, what price range
he was looking for and other related topics. When Bob told her about being
divorced and his ex getting remarried she put her hand on his arm and
sincerely expressed her regrets at his sadness.

They were soon entering the first house on her list. She showed him the
living room, kitchen, guestroom and bath. They got to the master bedroom.
He tried to direct everything he said innocently toward having sex.

Bob talked about where the bed would go, how the view out the window would
be nice to wake up to. He got as close to Lois as he could every chance he
could. He would brush against her passing her in doorways. He stood very
close behind her and looked over her shoulder when she was describing things.

He checked out the bathroom and got a new idea. He talked about the shower
and how this one might be a little crowded for two. He asked her to stand in
it with him to see. She was hesitant but when he pressed her and told her
that he needed to find these kinds of things out if he was to buy the house,
she reluctantly stepped in with him.

It was cramped, she agreed, laughing nervously as they were standing
virtually pressed up against each other. He turned her away from him which
was a bit of a relieve for her until he asked her to try to pick up a bar
of soap that might have dropped. She said that wasn't necessary but when he
insisted that it was she reluctantly agreed. As she bent over her rear end
pressed against his crotch and she once again agreed it was rather tight for
two people. When they left the house, Lois was a little flushed. Bob opened
her car door for her and they headed off to the next house on her list.

Bob put her through this same routine in each house, finding some reason to
get next to her, but not always the shower bit because that would be too
obvious. In one house he stood up close behind her staring out the back
picture window talking about the view and how nice it was. Lois didn't seem
in a hurry to get away from him because she'd recognized the game he was
playing. It happened sometimes in her business and a little flirting helped
close the deal with certain men.

When she did step away from the window her ass brushed against Bob's crotch,
causing a stirring in his pants. He had come to grips with the fact that his
wife was gone but he hadn't had any interest in starting up with anyone else
so he hadn't been on the dating scene. Lois was getting him hot as she smiled
sweetly at him and seemed to sway her hips a bit more now than when they'd
first started their tour of the houses on her list.

The next house was a two story that looked out over a golf course. Lois
showed him around the first floor and then headed to the stairs saying,
"There's a great view from up here Mr. Johnson. You're going to love it."

As she walked up the stairs in from of Bob his eyes locked on the gentle
swaying of her tightly clad ass. The motion of her firm meaty cheeks looked
wonderful and just as he was fantasying bending her over, she tripped on a
step and fell backwards. Bob caught her by the waist, his hands sliding up
to cup her breasts as she slid against him.

"Are you ok? That could have been a nasty fall Lois." Bob said as his hands
gently fondled her full boobs.

She turned her head with a gasp. Her head landed on his shoulder. Her soft
blue eyes looking into his. Her mouth and full pouty lips inches away from
his own. He pushed her up and she straightened herself, said she was sorry
and thanked him for catching her and headed up ahead of him.

They looked through the bedrooms and baths. The master bedroom looked out
over a beautiful vista. The rolling hills and the layout of the golf course
made a picture postcard scene. As Lois was pointing out the view from the
huge windows Bob suddenly took hold of her waist and pulled her back against

"Mr. Johnson, what ....?" She didn't complete her question as she felt his
swelling cock pressed firmly between the cheeks of her firm ass.

He put his mouth close to her cheek and began to breathe hotly in her ear. He
felt her wiggle her ass ever so slightly against him. He started pulling her
blouse out of her skirt; soon his fingertips touched her naked tummy. Her
stomach quivered at his touch, she sucked in hard, her skin bounced against
his hands.

"Mr. Johnson, please, I really want to sell you a house but you shouldn't do
this." She sighed. "I'm not that kind of girl."

"Lois, you're so beautiful and you smell so sweet, good enough to eat." He

His hands were working their way up her ribs, his fingers touched the firm
bottoms of her breasts, his thumbs gently massaging the sides of the full
globes. One by one his fingers climbed the big round mounds making their way
up her titties. He unhooked the clasp on her bra as her breasts turned to
goose flesh at his touch, breaking out in little bumps all over. She pressed
her hands against the window frame and pushed back against him. He buried his
teeth into the soft flesh on the back of her neck and began to gently massage

"No ... Mr. Johnson ... stop ..... pleaaaassseeee!" She moaned.

As Bob's fingers touched her hardening nipples she gasped out loud and her
head fell back against his chest. Her hot mouth was half-open, her gorgeous
eyes merely hot steamy slits. She arched her back, pushing her ass hard into
Bob's growing cock; she was writhing against him, massaging his dick with her

"Mr. Johnson ... Bob .... stop ... please stop." She moaned between hot
sighs. "It's been so long since I've made love with my husband, I don't think
I can resist, please don't, I'm a married woman."

"Well, Lois, if you're a married woman, why has it been so long since you
were screwed?" He asked.

"Whaaat?" She asked getting hotter with each circling motion of her round
little ass.

"Doesn't your husband take care of you? Doesn't he make love to you? Doesn't
he touch you like this?" Bob asked.

"Well ... we have four children ... and he works so hard.... Ohhhh, Mr.
Johnson please don't." She moaned.

Bob was kissing the back of her neck, his hands now working on her breasts
with a fevered pitch. He had her blouse unbuttoned and he could see her
awesome breasts reflected in the windowpanes. Her nipples were hard as rocks,
he was rolling them in his fingers and pinching and pulling on them. They
were light brown and standing out to greet the world. He couldn't wait to
taste them. His cock was fully swollen and he was running it up and down the
crack of Lois's sweet little ass.

Bob dropped to the floor behind her. His hands took her hard calves; his face
was staring at her sensual rotating ass. As his fingers rose up her legs she
slid her high heels slightly to the sides and began moaning, she dropped her
head down to her chest, staring at her aroused nipples, awaiting Bob's next
move as though in a trance. His hands were on the backs of her curvaceous
thighs lifting her blue skirt.

He could smell her sweat mixed with her perfume, Lois was getting hot and
there was no stopping now. When his thumbs touched her ass she let out a
groan that sounded more like an animal stalking it's prey than a woman
resisting his advances. Once again her flesh was covered with goose bumps
from her thighs to her firm tight ass.

Bob's thumbs continued up her buns, pushing her skirt up and revealing her
white bikini panties. Bob gently parted her cheeks and pressed his mouth to
her silk draped asshole. Lois let out a sharp short cry and began wiggling
her butt crazily.

"Oh God, Mr. Johnson, please stop please!" She was sighing almost

He could smell her pussy and feel her body heat against his face. He took the
left-hand edge of her panties in his right hand and pulled it to the side.
Her panties were already damp. Her hot aroma filled his nostrils, bathing his
senses with its sweet smell of arousal. He blew gently against the naked skin
of her bare asshole and pussy lips.

When his tongue licked the soft flesh between her ass and her muffin she
began to cry at the pleasure. When he kissed her puckered little butt hole,
smacking against it with his lips, she pressed harder against his mouth.
When his wet hot tongue touched her tender pink flesh she dropped to her
knees, laid her head on the carpet and stuck her naked ass into the air,
surrendering it to Bob's will. She was done for; nothing was left for Bob
to do but to carry out his dirty deed.

He got on all fours behind her and pulled her panties down to her knees. She
looked so hot like that. Blue skirt up to her waist, silk panties stretched
between her knees and that swollen engorged cunt. Bob had never seen such a
hot bloated pussy in his life. This woman was a real blonde, her curly pussy
hair crowning her juicy slit.

He licked her wet pussy lips, her flower bloomed at his touch and soon Lois
was as hot as she ever remembered being. She laid her head on her crossed
arms and moaned and sighed and cried out as Bob licked his way through her
crack from her cunt to her asshole and back again.

He penetrated her pussy with his thumb, fanning his fingers through her pubic
hair. He began to flex his thumb rubbing the hot velvet roof of her wet cave.
She crouched down as low as she could get. Her belly was just a few inches
off the floor; she worked her panties over her knees and spread her thighs as
wide as the silk restraint would allow.

He slipped her panties off her ankles and over her high heels, her legs were
free to spread wide open and they did. Lois bent both her knees, moaning as
though she were begging him to fuck her, opening her sweet jewel to Bob's
every whim and wish. She heard the zipper of his pants easing down.

Lois turned over and stared at his fly. Her skirt was up to her waist, her
golden pussy hair crowning her wet lips. She stared at him as his pants
dropped from his waist. The bulge in his briefs enticed her eyes. She
couldn't believe the size. He pulled his shirt off exposing his hairy chest
and slightly paunchy belly.

It was what was under the bulge that she was waiting to see. He slid his
hands slowly inside the elastic waistband all the time watching her yearning
eyes, they were glued to his cock. As he pushed his briefs down, his hands
covered his swelling meat. As the head slowly came into view Lois began
breathing deeper and harder. As Bob slid his hand down the full eight and a
half inches of hard thick muscle her mouth fell open and she looked up at

"Oh my gosh Mr. Johnson, it's so big," she said reaching out to touch it. It
jerked at her touch and she let out a little giggling sigh. As she played
with the head, Bob unzipped and removed her skirt. She took a break from her
play to take off her jacket, blouse and bra. She lay naked except for her
high heels. What a picture she made he thought as he looked down at her.

"Mr. Johnson ... Bob ... I was a virgin on my honeymoon. I love my husband
but one problem we've had is his size. He is so small, maybe five inches but
no girth at all; he's so skinny. I've imagined what a big cock would feel
like for a long time." She said. Part of it was true; part of it was what she
thought he'd want to hear. "Show me what it feels like Bob," she said knowing
that this was what it would take to earn her commission.

"Suck it Lois and then I'll show your hot pussy what it's been missing," He

"Oh yes, Bob I'd love to suck your awesome tool." She said sliding on her
back between his legs.

When her neck got to his balls she looked up into his eyes and took his cock
and brought it to her lips. She puckered her lips and eased some spit out and
rubbed it on his head. As she got him wet, her mouth opened and engulfed the
head. She began to lick it and flick at it with her tongue. Soon she had him
half way into her mouth; the head was just entering her throat.

She lifted her head began to work on his wet throbbing cock. Bob began to
force his blood-engorged member deeper and deeper down her throat on every
long slow thrust. She moaned through her tightly stretched lips as he did,
the sensation of his head moving like that on her tongue turned her on. She
began to rotate her head around his cock licking it and sucking it and
kissing it in every possible way.

Bob slipped his pants and briefs off. He pulled Lois back up and lay down on
her naked body, their hot sweaty stomachs rubbing gently against one another.
Her firm breasts stabbed her hard nipples into his chest. Her thighs spread
open to let him in. They both took hold of his hard shaft at the same time
and guided it together to her burning wetness; their eyes looked at each

As the head entered her wet juicy body she gasped at the size, it was so
thick; she wasn't used to anything this big inside her. As the rim of his
head stretched each inch of her tunnel her sweet hot pussy would melt back
down on the shaft and caress it in her creamy grip.

With each inch her back arched further up and her eyes shut tighter and her
mouth opened wider. With two inches left Bob pulled back out to the head and
pushed the full length back inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck
pulling him tight to her and pressed her constricting cunt back against him.
She was lost in the sensation, she had dreamed of taking a cock larger than
her husbands' and now she was finding out what she'd been missing.

Ohhhh, oh .... Mr., .... Bob, that feels so unbelievable! Oh my !" She sighed
through clinched teeth.

Bob had opened her up like she had always dreamed of being opened. His
massive cock was stroking her gently, letting her get used to this new
wonderful thing she had discovered. But soon he was hunching her
uncontrollably. His cock was slamming hard against her pouty pussy lips.
He hadn't had any pussy in a long time and he mentally thanked her husband
for being so neglectful. He was reaping the rewards of this horny little

Each time his cock would thrust inside her she would moan yes or let out a
whiney whimper of pleasure. This new toy inside her had her ready to come.
Her ass was writhing in the floor, her belly heaving wildly. The quivering
in her belly began to shoot down her stomach and bath her pussy and ass in
tingling sensations she had never felt before.

Her husband had brought her to orgasm many times before but nothing like what
Bob was building up inside her. He slipped a finger into her asshole and she
came unglued. Lois's body began to shake in his arms as the juice began to
splash against the head of his hard tool. She shoved her hips up to meet his.
She twisted and gyrated in circles on his drilling cock.

He hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgasms in the hot little
housewife and mother. Sweat covered her luscious body as she worked her
spasming cunt on his huge cock. She came over and over. She yelled and
screamed as she climaxed endlessly. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, ... G-G-G-Godddd,...
G-G-GGoddddddd ......ohhhhhhh.......!"

He quickly pulled up and out of her then rolled her over and lifted her sexy
little ass up high. Her full ripe tits shook and flopped about wildly under
her as Bob slowly slid it back into her glove tight pussy to the hilt and
began to pound her doggie style. His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty
body to her big full tits as he fucked her hard and deep.

Her firm breasts were melting in Bob's skillful hands and her nipples got
even harder within seconds as he circled them ever so lightly with his
fingers. The only things he could hear now were her moans and pussy

He had her spread wide open and his big prick was stretching her like she'd
never been stretched before as it embedded itself fully again and again. He
reached down and coated his fingers with her oozing pussy juice then circled
her tiny anus with his finger as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her virgin asshole.

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, he was not
surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second finger up Lois's tight
colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the pace. He could feel
her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the thin wall between
her pussy and her rectum as she shoved her hips up to meet his. She twisted
and gyrated in circles on his drilling cock as he pounded her hard and deep.

Bob tensed and then groaned. He could feel the end was approaching fast
when his heavy balls began tightening up signaling his need to cum in this
beautiful woman's sweet pussy. She cried out as she felt him begin to shoot
into her, blasting his wad into her womanhood in long heavy spurts of his
potent sperm laded cum. He grasped Lois's flaring hips tightly and slammed
his throbbing cock to the hilt. "Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." he groaned as
his big dick shot it's thick potent seed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....noooooooooooooooo!" Lois moaned as her tautly
stretched pussy milked Bob's big cock as it spewed his load deep into her
hungry cunt. The feeling of being filled with his heavy cream set Lois off
on more orgasms. She fucked him like a whore as her pussy milked him for
every drop of sperm with Bob hunching her sweet cunt until he was completely
spent and fell over to her side.

They lay there for several minutes basking in the afterglow of their
incredible coupling. He stroked her hair, fondling her breasts and whispering
softly in her ear. He asked if she'd ever taken it up the ass and she shyly
told him that she'd never tried it. He told her she'd love it if it were done
right. Nice and slow at first to let her get used to it and then she'd be
hooked on anal sex forever. "The way you reacted to my fingers, I just know
you'd love it up the ass," he told her.

He thought he had her convinced to let him sodomize her when suddenly they
heard a door shut downstairs. They raced to get dressed. Lois ran to the back
window of the bedroom and Bob disappeared into the bathroom. Lois was staring
out the window describing the view and telling Bob what she knew of the golf
course. He answered her from the bathroom. Another realtor from Lois's office
walked through the open door with a couple looking at the house.

"Oh, hi Lois. I didn't know you were working today." The other realtor said.

"Oh, hi Janice, yes, I'm showing Mr. Johnson some houses. He's new to town."
Lois said.

"Oh well, maybe we should come back later?" Janice asked Lois as she looked
her disheveled hair.

"Oh no, Janice, you're fine, we were just leaving." Lois said. "Mr. Johnson.
Is there anything else you would like to see?"

"No, I think that should do it. Nice house I have to admit," Bob said leaving
the bathroom.

Bob put his shoe on the wet spot he and Lois had left on the rug. "Seems
to be a stain here though. You may want to get a carpet cleaner in here

Lois was headed down the stairs a smile across her lips and her face turning
bright red. She was waiting for Bob when he got to the car. She slapped him
on the arm hard but playfully.

"How could you say that? You're going to get me in trouble." She said smiling

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." He answered with a laugh.

Lois drove back to the office. They talked about the houses she had shown
him. He decided on buying the first one she had shown him. He told her that
he'd decided on it before they had left it. She asked why he had looked at
all those other houses if he had made his mind up on the first one?

"I needed to give you the time to convince me and earn your commission." Was
all he said?

"You know that I can't see you anymore," Lois told him. "I have a husband and
four children. This was the one and only time I will make love to you. Don't
even ask again, alright?"

"No problem honey," Bob told her with a big smile. "I got what I wanted.
A new house and a piece of the prettiest realtor's ass I've ever had the
pleasure of dealing with. Life is definitely looking up."


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