Author's note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of
different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on it's own so if there
is one you have no interest in please skip it.

Hope And Faith: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 3
by Hamster (Ff,fg,inc,voy,mc,magic)

Bob the cupid was determined to enjoy this particular Valentine's Day. The
disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made
his way to Ohio in order to strike potential sexual partners with his love
arrows. The less likely the pairing, the better, so these two made the
perfect targets. He was going to show his miserable slut of a boss Venus
that he could think outside the danm box and be different.

Faith was mopping the floor as part of an agreement with her sister. Hope
gave her money to pay off a lawsuit and Faith would do a multitude of menial
chores around the house. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and small tan
shorts while she did her chores. Chores on Valentine's Day! This was going
to be the lamest Valentine's Day ever.

The shorts bared her sexy legs. Faith loved her legs and boobs and enjoyed
staring at them in the mirror. She frequently masturbated while staring at
herself in the mirror. She sometimes wished she had a clone so she could
REALLY give herself the fucking that she always wanted.

As soon as Bob the Cupid entered the household and got a look at the hot
blonde and her amazing pair boobs and her sexy legs, he knew that he had a
winner. All he needed was to find her a partner.

"Faith how's the floor coming?" Hope asked.

Faith turned to her sister and gave her a dirty look.

'Hmm, another cute blonde, who might this be?' Bob the Cupid checked his
personal love-computer and located the personal information on the two
women. 'Alright this has promise.' He put his computer away and drew his

He plugged each sister with an arrow. Plink! Plink!

Both women yelped and jumped in the air.

'Whoa I feel weird,' Faith thought.

She turned and saw her sister looking at her. The two instantly felt horny
as hell. Hope stared at her sister's smooth sexy legs then at her shorts
which tightly trapped her crotch.

"Wow hope you look great." Hope breathed.

"Yeah I know but I love hearing it out loud." Faith, she loved the way her
sister was checking out her body.

"No, I mean you really look good." Hope said as he placed her hands on her
sister's hips.

Faith leaned in and kissed her deeply again, caressing her breast through
her shirt and rolling her hard nipples in her fingers. The two of them began
tearing away each other's cloths as the collapsed on the floor in a pile of
naked kissing flesh. Faith pulled Hope down on top of her as they made out,
feeling each other up and down, taking in everything there was to offer.
Hope got on her knees over her sister and leaned down, taking Faith's breast
in her mouth. She licked at her nipple with passion, sucking and biting it
as Faith ran her hands through her auburn hair. Hope kissed and licked her
way down Faith's body, her tummy, blowing gently on her belly button. Faith
squirmed as she directed her lower down her body. As Hope came upon her
crotch, she breathed deeply.

"Oh, yes mmmmm..." Faith moaned.

Hope continued to kiss her way down her body, caressing and licking her
thighs. The feeling was driving Faith crazy and she squirmed in delight,
playing with her own breasts. Hope moved to the other foot and sucked
gently on each toe, rolling her tongue around them as she tickled the
sole. She worshipped her feet for a while longer, kissing, sucking, and
biting every part that she could, before making her way back up her leg,
leaving a saliva trail with her hungry licks.

When she came back to her pussy, she kissed it like she would her mouth,
sending waves of pleasure through Faith's body. She used her hands to
spread her lips, she pushed her tongue deep into her void, passionately
eating her cunt as she retch up to squeeze her breasts. She licked and
sucked at her pussy as Faith pushed on her head, trying to force her
deeper into her pussy.

Her moist blonde strip of hair directing her towards the prize. Faith pulled
her legs high and spread her pussy with her fingers. Hope moved back down and
located her sisters clitoris. Faith jumped at her touch. She took the bump in
her mouth and began to suck at it as she inserted a finger into Faith's wet
hole, pumping slowly. Faith squired and gyrated her hips as Hope ate her,
sucking her clitoris. Her finger began to pump faster as she inserted another
into her pussy, hand fucking her best sister. She lightly bit on her clit as
she rolled it in her tongue.

Faith was feeling the fiery heat build in her gut.

"I'm so... I'm going to come soon," she told the beauty between her legs.

"Make me scream." She continued to lick, suck, and pump now three fingers
into her in a rhythmic motion.

"Oh, God, oh, yes. That feels so...mmm, yes! Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Yes,
God, Hope, you're so amazing." She began to buck wildly as the pleasure was
coming to a point. "I'm going to explode. I'm going to... mmm, yes! Yes! Oh,
God! Nnn! Mmm! God, nng, yes! Yes! I'm so close... I'm going to... mmm...
oh...I'm going to... I'm... yes... I'm coming! NNNG! YES!"

She thrashed her entire body as the orgasm washed over her, her pussy
exploding with love juices. As she screamed and thrashed, Hope bit down hard
on her clit, causing a second wave to pass over her.

"OOOOHHHH, GOOOOOOD, YEEEEEEESSSSSS!" she screamed like a banshee, totally
lost in her orgasmic Heaven.

Hope crawled up and they kissed deeply, sharing Faith's juice as she
recovered from her orgasm. Coming down from her high, she collapsed on her
back, panting heavily. Hope nuzzled her big round breast like a kitten.

'According to my personal love computer Hope's got two daughters upstairs,
better check in on them.' The cupid thought.

Sydney walked by her sister's bedroom and peeked in through the door. 'Awww,
she's so cute,' Sydney thought.

'Time to kick this up a notch, BAM!' Bob plugged Sydney with a love-arrow.

"What a cute little fucking hottie," Sydney said aloud.

'So yummy...' Sydney just wanted to hump her. Too bad they were sisters.
But, hell, why not? She could cop a cheap feel without waking her up. Sydney
gently patted Haley's pajama-covered bottom. 'Mmm, so soft and perfectly
curved.' She rubbed her hand around, feeling the twin curves of Haley's ass.

Haley stirred and rolled over. Sydney quickly withdrew her hand, and instead
used it to liftn up her own shirt. She pulled down her sweat pants, she then
rubbed the crotch of her panties while she watched Haley. Haley soon curled
up again and resumed her slumber. Sydney massaged her sister's butt gently.
After a short while of touching Haley's butt, she gathered up the courage to
hook her fingers into the waist of Haley's pajamas. Sydney slid them slowly
down, revealing the little white and pink-heart print panties that Haley wore

Then to Sydney's horror Haley stirred then woke.

"Mmm? W-what's going on." she mumbled, blinking several times. She rolled
over and saw Sydney standing over her. As she did, she felt her exposed
panties rub against the sheets. "Sis?"

Cupid knew he had to act fast or this was not going to turn out right. Haley
yelped as she was plugged with a love arrow. Suddenly Haley realized how
pretty her sister was and she wondered why she had never noticed before.

"Sorry, Haley!" Sydney said nervously. "I saw you sleeping and you looked so
cute; I just had to feel your ass."

"Oh!," Haley said. "Well I don't mind. I don't mind at all." She smirked and
rolled back over onto her back. She then raised herself up on her hands and
knees, poking her butt into the air. "Touch away, sis."

Sydney smiled, somewhat apprehensivley, and moved behind Haley. She pulled
her sister's pajama pants down to her sock-covered feet, then leaned into
massage those soft twin mounds. Haley remained still as Sydney increased the
tempo of her strokes, gripping and kneading her sister' butt cheeks -- but
Sydney did notice that the crotch of Haley's panties was starting to become
a little wet.

Sydney climbed up onto the bed, kneeling behind Haley. She clutched Haley's
thighs and scooted in close. Haley rested her head on her pillow and allowed
herself to enjoy her sister's ministrations. Sydney reached underneath
Haley's chest and began unfastening the round buttons that held her pajama
top closed. She slid her hands through the opening and began caressing
Haley's tiny little breasts. After teasing Haley's nipples with her agile
fingertips, Sydney moved her hands up to Haley's shoulders. She pushed the
pajama top away from Haley's neck. Haley held her arms up, allowing Sydney
to slide the garment up and off Haley's body. Haley now lay in only her
underwear while Sydney knelt behind her, running her hands over her sister's
back. She dug deeply into Haley's shoulders, kneading to relieve the stress.

Haley rolled off the bed and Sydney lay down in her place. Haley straddled
her sister's legs and pulled off her sister's panties to reveal Sydney's
petite, wiggly butt. Haley patted and poked at it, enjoying its bouncy feel
and getting used to its shape. She rubbed her hands across it. Haley scooted
up and rubbed her crotch against Sydney's butt. Haley pressed forward and
down, bouncing up and down on Sydney and rubbing her pussy against Sydney's
accomodating ass. Haley felt herself becoming wet through her panties and

Resuming her massage, Haley reached under Sydney and she clasped one breasts
with each hand and rubbed them in small circles. Her index and middle fingers
clenched Sydney's nipples and she tweaked them lightly. Haley humped against
her butt some more, while continuing to kiss Sydney's neck. Then she rolled
over onto her right side, pulling Sydney with her.

The two sisters lay on their sides in the bed, Haley just behind Sydney.
Haley's hands quickly slipped back to Sydney's breasts and she began
caressing them again. Haley tucked her head over Sydney's shoulder,
nuzzling her neck.

Haley squeezed herself up against Sydney, allowing her damp crotch to press
against Sydney's jiggly butt. Haley relaxed her grip on Sydney's breasts and
slowly slid her hands down Sydney's stomach, stroking and massaging as she
went. She was about to her bellybutton when she felt a strong pang in her
crotch -- and it wasn't her arousal.

Sydney grabbed her legs and pulled her back to her face. Then she plunged
her tongue into Haley's nether regions, gently caressing her sister's most
sensitive parts. Haley grunted and squirmed as her sister ate her out.
Sydney kept her grip on Haley's legs tight, preventing the spoiled princess
from moving. As Haley bucked up and down, Sydney plunged her tongue into
Haley's vagina, rubbing it against her tender walls.

"Oooh! Oooooh!" Haley squealed as she came. She squirted a forceful stream
of her girl cum into her sister's mouth as pleasure enveloped her. After an
initial choke, Sydney swallowed all of Sydney's ejaculate.

Sydney pushed Haley up off her face, allowing herself to catch her breath.

"So, did you still want to hump me?" Haley asked.

"Oh fuck yes!"

Haley knelt down on the bed again, returning to her initial doggie-style
position. Haley turned and looked over her shoulder to observe her sister
naked. Sydney hopped onto the bed behind Haley and knelt. She gripped
Haley's butt with her hands to stabilize her sister and pressed in tightly
behind her. Using Haley as a support, Sydney lifted herself and rested her
crotch on Haley's butt. She thrust forward, rubbing herself into her
sister's soft, bouncy flesh.

Sydney grunted with pleasure and picked up the pace. She pushed against
Haley with all her might, grinding her pussy into the young girl's ass,
then relaxed. Over and over, she humped Haley. Quickly becoming wet with
arousal, Sydney began to leave smears of her juices on Haley's butt cheeks.
Haley, for her part, rammed her ass up to meet each of Sydney's thrusts.
The two bodies pressed together, sticky soft flesh meeting sticky soft
flesh with stimulating friction.

Sydney grinned wickedly and pressed her index finger to Sydney's asshole.
With a bit of pressure, she managed to squeeze her digit in. She twisted
and turned inside, burying herself inside Haley's anus and sending waves
of pain, pressure, and pleasure through her sister's rear. Haley grunted
and bucked even more wildly. Now breathing heavily, Sydney tightened her
grip on her sister's legs and continued humping her.

"Unnggh!" Sydney climaxed, and collapsed onto her sister's back. Haley
relaxed and dropped to a lying position, bringing Haley with her.

"That was awsome," Sydney said, stroking Haley's hair.
_ _ _

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Here's a list of all the shows involved in the series:

1. Reba
2. Harry Potter
3. Hope And Faith
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Sister, Sister
6. Batman - The Animated Series
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. Lizzie McGuire
9. 7th Heaven
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
11. Scout's Safari
12. Cheaper By The Dozen
13. Angel
14. Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution
15. Justice League
16. Fantastic Four
17. Lilo And Stitch
18. Grounded For Life
19. What I Like About You


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