Hope And Faith: A Very Naughty Christmas (MFfg,g-best,inc,drugs)
by Hamster

11-year-old Hayley and 15-year-old Sydney were alone with their aunt Faith on
Christmas Eve. Their Mom, Dad, and little brother were all conveniently for
the author all at a relative's house.

* * *

It was getting later and later and Faith had through her haze of eggnog that
her nieces were still up and it was closing on 3 AM. Her somewhat soft sense
of responsibility kicked in at this point.

* * *

Hamster, as the author, is in no way obligated to define the reason things
worked out this way. So don't bother asking why the parents didn't want to
bring their daughters. If it makes you feel better lets just say that the
girls hate said relative so the parents didn't want to drag them along

* * *

"OK girls its really late and you don't want to be here when Santa shows up."
Faith said.

"You've O.D.'d on eggnog aunt Faith. There's no such thing as Santa Clause."
Sydney laughed.

"Yeah I stopped believing in Santa Clause already." Hayley added.

Faith felt pretty sure that she was being tested by her nieces and didn't
want to blow the `big secret'.

"He's real believe me I saw him when I was little." Faith said.

"Really? You where on the sauce that early?" Hayley asked. Her sister laughed
at that.

"Oh really?" At this point Faith was annoyed with her smart-ass niece and her
judgment was clouded by the nog Sydney had spiked. "I'm going to prove it we
are all staying wide awake until he shows up. Go get some cookies we should
have a ton left."

The girls were forced be their now slightly deranged aunt to find and lay out
a large spread off sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and even old moldy
Oreos in hopes of luring St. Nick in so that they could confront him. Faith
assured the girls that Santa never misses cookies. The sisters went along
with it because it was pointless to argue with her and because they would
never let her hear the end of it when she sobered up.

The three blondes all waited by the Christmas tree. Since Faith was pretty
much now ineffective as a baby sitter the girls took advantage and began
hitting the eggnog until they were just as sloshed as their aunt.

Finally just past 3:30 there arose such a clatter that all three blondes
arose to see what was the matter. The man in the red suit appeared in front
of the tree leaving the three shocked you see. Santa's hands were empty,
there were no gifts in sight but he dove right for the cookies without even
saying hi. Now the girls' aunt Faith knew this wasn't right she wanted to
give greedy old Santa a punch in the eye.

"So planning on stuffing your face for free huh Santa?" Faith.

"Faith you've been on my naughty list 22 years running and your nieces aren't
much better. I'm going take my cookies and see you again...NEVER." Santa

"Santa where's your Christmas spirit? Are you really going to ruin my niece's
holiday? And its not like your fat ass NEEDS more cookies." Faith remarked.
Hayley and Sydney who had been in stunned silence to that point began

"You know you don't sound like a woman who wants gifts for her and her
nieces." Santa commented. "You sound like a bitch who needs a good stiff
candy-cane crammed up her cunt."

"HEY!" Faith said.

"Come on Santa this isn't fair!" Hayley whined. "Make with the presents,
we'll do anything!"

Sydney nodded her agreement.

"Yes Santa." Faith said through gritted teeth. "We promise to be good. We'll
do anything you want."

"Anything huh?" Santa said as he scratched his chin. He checked out the
cute blondes and came up with a plan. He was pretty horny and figured he
could pull a fast one on the girls and their aunt. He removed his special
naughtiness potion from a pouch on his belt then held it out. "You three
could help me out by trying my own very special eggnog recipe and telling
me what you think."

"Sounds reasonable." Faith said.

"Yeah OK." Sydney said.

"No problem." Hayley agreed.

The three each took a sip and felt all warm and dizzy. They were each filled
with a strong craving for gift-wrapped commercial junk and were willing to do
anything to get it. Santa worked for a marketing department before taking up
this holiday job. Once Santa knew the potion had taken full effect he made
his big holiday announcement.

"Now if you do whatever I want I will give you any gifts you want," Santa
said. "We can get started with Hayley and Sydney hopping on my lap so I can
tell you what Santa wants for Christmas."

The now desperately greedy girls thought that this was a very reasonable
request. Santa flopped down on the couch and the sisters each picked a lap
and sat down. Faith sat next to them.

"We do whatever you want and we get lots of presents right?" Sydney asked.

"That's the deal. First strip down." Santa ordered.

The three who were under the effects of the naughtiness potion (which made
them greedy, horny, obedient and a little happy) did not protest. Santa
watched with great interest, as they all got naked. He ogled their goodies
as he decided how to progress with the nights festivities.

"And what I want now is a good hand job." Santa said.

Santa shoved Sydney's hand down his pants, she immediately grabbed his cock,
she had never felt one that large, it was at least 12 inches and rock hard,
Santa told Haley to help her sister. Sydney started to giggle and shoved her
hand down his pants, they were both stroking his cock and laughing away, they
each had both hands wrapped around it, they had room to spare as they stroked
up and down. Santa removed his pants so the girls could get a look at his
huge cock; they then began to stroke up and down faster and faster.

"Use your mouth," Santa instructed.

Faith knelt between his legs and began to lick up and down the shaft of
Santa's cock; Hayley began to lick up and down the other side. Santa moaned
in pleasure and turned to French-kiss Sydney as his shaft was licked by the
aunt and niece team. He grabbed Faith by the hair and shoved his cock down
her throat; she began to gag as Santa began to fuck her face. Hayley shoved
her fingers in her aunt's pussy while Faith shoved six inches of Santa's
cock down her throat, Santa grabbed her by the back of the throat and rammed
another two inches down her throat. Faith was moaning in pleasure courtesy
of her niece's nimble fingers while was thoroughly throat fucked by Santa.
Santa felt the pleasure welling up inside of him but he pushed Faith away,
not wanting to cum yet.

Santa grabbed Sydney's hips and guided over his stiff cock. Sydney slid
slowly down on his cock until her cunt swallowed up all twelve inches, Santa
began to thrust up into Sydney, and she began to scream at the pounding.
While they watched this Faith had Hayley on her lap and was gently stroking
the girl's pussy. Sydney wrapped her arms around Santa's neck as he lifted
her up and down, she went limp as Santa began to slam her up and down faster
and faster, he was having the merriest Christmas he had ever had, he wanted
the little slut to cum like she never had before, but not quite yet. He
pushed Sydney away roughly and grabbed Hayley. He turned her so her back was
to him. Santa bent Hayley over, he wanted to ram her from behind, she looked
over her shoulder as Santa rammed his tool into her pussy, she squealed like
a school girl as her virginity was taken by Santa's massive `candy cane'.
Hayley started to thrust back onto Santa's tool, he grabbed her by the hair
and used it to pull her back and fourth, Santa loved the sounds of his balls
smacking against her ass, Hayley was thrusting back as hard as she could,
this was the best thing she had ever done. Santa jerked Hayley off his cock
and pushed her over, he looked at Faith and she jumped up and ran over to

Faith spun around and wiggled her ass in Santa's face, she than backed up and
sat on his giant cock, Santa groaned as she took the entire thing inside her
pussy and began grinding her tight ass against his hips, she than planted her
feet on his thighs and began to rise up and down. Faith began to jump up and
down on Santa's cock harder and harder with each stroke, it was Santa who was
screaming now, and Faith was without a doubt a better fuck than Sydney or
Hayley. Santa grabbed Faith around the waist and started lifting her up and
down. She then rammed her tongue down Santa's throat, as she rode his cock
like a wild bronco, she had a wild orgasm yelling in his mouth as she kissed
him. Faith did not quit though instead she began to ride him harder, she was
determined to make Santa shoot his load, she would never let him forget this
fuck. Santa had other plans though he shoved Faith of his cock and onto the
floor then called the youngest over. Hayley jumped up, she her lips around
his cock as Santa exploded. Santa emptied his load into her mouth; Hayley
caught it all and held it in her mouth. Santa ordered Hayley to share with
her sister. Sydney jumped up and tackled her sister over, she rammed her
tongue down her throat and started to suck out the cum. The two
tongue-wrestled for a minute as Santa and Faith looked on.

"Now girls I think we should continue with some mild entertainment." Santa
said, as in swirl of snow one of Santa's deer appeared in the room. It was a
rather small deer nothing at all like the big ones that pulled Santa's sleigh
it was about the size of a large dog. "I think Sydney and Faith should eat
out each other's pussies while Hayley gives my little deer here a good time."

The three smiled brightly and rushed to obey. Sydney lay on the floor
spread-eagle and Faith walked over and squatted on her niece's face. Sydney's
tongue flicked up to stroke her aunt's lovely pussy lips. Faith let out a
light gasp then firmly ground her pussy into Sydney's face. Faith bent over
and firmly grasped the teens butt cheeks as she opened her mouth and began to
lick and slurp at Sydney' wet juicy cunt.

Hayley meanwhile was doggy style in front of the deer. She giggled as the
deer's cold wet nose touched her warm pussy. The deer sniffed then lifted
its forelegs and climbed atop the girl. Hayley shifted as she got used to
the heavy furry bodies added weight on her hands and knees. Its cock quickly
found the recently the girl's recently de-viginised pussy. Hayley squealed
and the deer made wailing deer noises as it pumped its cock in and out of
her tight little pussy with feral vigor. Nearby Sydney and Faith were making
loud slurping noises and pleasure moans as they happily snacked on each
other's cunts. Everything reached a climax as all four participants in the
naughty Christmas orgy came to an orgasm. Aunt and niece filled each other's
mouths with sweet girl-cum and Hayley's pussy over-flowed with deer semen.

"Santa is nice and hard again and he hasn't got to hit a back door yet."
Santa motioned Sydney over to him and bent her over the arm of a chair.
"Hayley, Faith you two can entertain yourselves with these."

Santa handed them a pair of thick candy canes. He then turned his attention
to Sydney. He spread her buttcheeks and stuck the head of his cock to her
ass hole she squeaked as he drove his tool into her tight rectum. Grabbing
her hair like reigns he pulled back as he thrust in over and over while tears
rolled down her face from the pleasure and pain of her rectal violation.
Santa turned to see that Faith and Hayley were both fucking themselves silly
with their candy canes. Soon they sounds of orgasms filled the living room.

Everyone sort of collapsed into a huffing and puffing heap, all exhausted
from their fuck fest. Hayley and Faith exchanged candy canes and sucked them
clean. Faith then crawled over to the now bent over Sydney and lapped the
cum from between her ass cheeks. Santa was very pleased with the night's

"OK a deals a deal. Go on up to bed and in the morning your presents will be
under the tree." Santa

"OK Santa" They said together cheerily.

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight." Santa said after them.
_ _ _

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