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Home And Away: The Warehouse Party Part 2
by bigpapi

The two weeks since the warehouse party had been the longest in Maddie's life. On the day she had wandered aimlessly in the woods outside Summer Bay while she sobered up before managing to sneak in to her bedroom unnoticed. Coming out only when she had to, she had spent her time reliving every glorious moment of the day, from the beer, vodka and coke to Callan taking her virginity. She had wanked herself to sleep more times than she could remember. But now she had noticed a slight tremble in her hands and a near permanent headache. A quick websearch had indicated she was suffering coke withdrawal.

Martha's words that there was a party everyday had stayed in her mind, and she had found herself back at the warehouse, again dressed in school uniform, but the doorman had told her schoolgirls weren't allowed, despite her protestations about being with Callan. She had sat on the ground sobbing, with only a packet of cigarettes for comfort.

Retreating to her bedroom her spirits had been massively lifted by a text from Martha suggesting a meet-up in a coffee shop in the city. A wide grin spread across her young face as her oldest friend entered the coffee shop. After a long hug, and ordering coffee and cake the two girls exchanged stories.

Martha explained how, after breaking up with Jack Holden and being fired from the Diner by Irene she had met Robbo who was opening a club in the City. She had been the world's worst barmaid so Robbo had suggested she try her hand at pole dancing. After being inititially terrified he had suggested some coke would be Dutch courage, and gradually she had developed a dependency on it. A few months had passed and she had moved in with Robbo, and now, as well as dancing, she was his business partner, investing the money her father had put in a Trust Fund for her.

Maddie told her all about Ric and Cassie, and how she felt trapped by the small town environment of Summer Bay, the constant expectation to get straight A's at school, and generally be Miss Perfect all the time. In answer to Martha's question she admitted how much she'd enjoyed being fucked by Callan, and how she had spent the time since masturbating, trying without success to recreate those feelings. She cursed being 14 and how it banned her from getting into the parties.

"I heard, and maybe I can help" Martha said, sliding an ID card showing Maddie as being 18 across the table. Her young friend was ecstatic and squeezed Martha's hand in gratitude.

"How long before you have to be back?" Martha asked. "Who cares, I'll go when I want. Why?" Maddie replied. "Why not come back to mine and meet Robbo?" Martha suggested.

Thirty minutes later they were climbing the stairs to Martha's third floor apartment. In the courtyard a group of drunks jeered them, but Martha just blew them a kiss and flashed the smile that Maddie had always envied and they laughed in reply.

Maddie was shocked by the state of the apartment, clothes strewn everywhere, beer cans and other alcohol bottles wherever she looked, empty takeaway cartons on the floor, furniture that looked like it could collapse at any moment. On the sofa Robbo sat, smoking a joint and drinking beer, a porn movie on the TV. He grunted greetings to Martha but showed some interest when Maddie was introduced.

Martha cleared a space on a chair and Maddie tentatively sat down. Martha sat next to Robbo, kissing him deeply, before taking the joint from him and inhaling deeply.

Maddie had no hesitation taking the joint as Martha held it towards her; something told her she couldn't afford to look like a kid in front of Robbo, who exuded aggression from his very presence.

The afternoon passed with the three of them drinking and taking coke - Maddie needing no encouragement when Martha offered. She noticed the effects were slightly less severe than before. When Martha went into the kitchen Maddie assumed it was for more beer, but was baffled when all she returned with was a tin box. She watched as Robbo opened the box and removed two syringes, a foil wrapper and a trouser belt. "What's going on?" she asked timidly and listened in stunned silence as Martha explained that coke no longer gave them the buzz they loved and craved and for the last few months they had been using heroin. Maddie watched in awe as Robbo prepared two fixes and Martha fastened the belt around her upper arm. Within minutes she had seen two people take heroin for the first time in her life. After they had shot up they seemed to forget she was there and after a few minutes of heavy kissing left wordlessly for the bedroom.

Before she realised it was early evening and she knew she should have been home ages ago. Deciding she would have to walk for a bus she wrote "call me" on an empty cigarette packet and left it under the heroin paraphernalia.

Letting herself out of the apartment she saw both Martha and Robbo apparently asleep in each other's arms.

As she descended the stairs to the courtyard she realised the drunks from earlier were still there but had grown in number. Putting her head down she walked purposefully trying to ignore the lewd remarks coming her way. She had got halfway across the courtyard when four bodies blocked her way, insisting she was rude not to join them for a drink, and other not pleasant suggestions. Feeling tears welling up she turned and ran back up the stairs into Martha's apartment and threw herself sobbing onto the couch.

Moments later a still groggy Martha appeared asking what was wrong; Maddie explained the encounter with the drunks and Martha sat next to her, pulling her young friend into a comforting embrace. Soon Maddie's tears began to subside as she felt comfortable and safe in Martha's arms.

Martha reached for the tin containing heroin and read Maddie's note.

"How long you used that?" Maddie asked, nodding as Martha answered it had been six months ago after she had caught Robbo using. "You want to try baby?" Martha asked, a slightly harder edge in her voice.

Maddie's usually sharp mind failed her. Thinking that her friend seemed perfectly ok after six months using she nodded. Gently Martha rolled her friend's sleeve up. Taking a wrap of heroin out of the tin she carefully poured the contents onto a spoon before using a cigarette lighter to turn it into liquid. She inserted a clean needle into the syringe and drew the liquid into it. Turning back to Maddie she tied the belt around her upper arm. Checking once more that the teenager was sure she made sure that Maddie didn't see the evil smile playing across her lips. "So fucking easy" she thought as she inserted the needle into Maddie's arm causing the youngster to moan gently as the warm liquid entered her bloodstream.

Maddie immediately felt dizzy but as trouble free as she could remember. She realised how suddenly tired she felt and within minutes was sound asleep.

Martha put the equipment away, scrunching Maddie's note up and throwing it away. Then she scooped Maddie into her arms and carried her to Robbo who was sitting in bed.

Setting her down she laughingly said "here she is" and climbed into bed with Maddie's sleeping body between the two addicts.

Maddie had no idea how long she slept for, but when she woke her head hurt, her mouth was dry, and her stomach was churning. She drowsily looked around her, and was surprised to see Robbo in bed next to her. When he answered her question about Martha's whereabouts by telling her she had gone out she became frightened.

Robbo's next revelation, that Martha owed him thousands of dollars for drugs and that Maddie was part payment, turned that fear to terror.

She felt his hand run up her leg and tensed with fear. She couldn't understand how her friend could do this to her. His fingers had found her pussy and he forced them inside, moving them up and down. Maddie was used to fingering herself, she even had a toy hidden away in her bedroom, but Robbo's fingers felt bigger than anything she'd previously had inside her, Callan's dick included.

Ok she thought, I can live with this, and relaxed a little. Sensing it Robbo told her she was a good girl; her Little Miss Arrogant side always enjoyed being told she was good so she relaxed some more, realising this actually felt quite good. She even enjoyed the inevitable orgasm that shot her cum onto his fingers. When he asked if she wanted to lick them clean she didn't hesitate, remembering how much she had enjoyed Callan's juices.

Robbo lifted himself on top of her, telling her to relax as she tensed again. His cock pushed its way inside her, and she heard him grunting softly as he thrust ever deeper inside of her. She bit her lip to suppress the squeal of pain that was threatening to show her fear; she had already figured that Robbo was the kind of man who thrived on fear. Harder he thrust, until she could feel her body surrendering and with a cry she again came. But Robbo wasn't yet even close to finished, and still Maddie could hear his balls smacking against her petite teen ass. Eventually he shot his load inside her, and she had to confess the feeling was good.

She started to relax thinking her ordeal was over. She was wrong. Roughly Robbo turned her over onto her front and the terror returned when she realised he was going to fuck her ass. She begged him not to, offering to do anything in return for him stopping. It was to no avail and she screamed in agony as his cock penetrated her virgin arse. Grabbing the sheets and burying her head in the pillows she sobbed, screamed and begged him to stop. The pain was so great she thought she would pass out, but still the arse rape continued until she lost control of her body and convulsed in a mixture of involuntary orgasm and reflex.

Robbo seemed sated and withdrew. He lifted himself off her sobbing body, picked her up roughly and pretty much threw her into the bathroom, telling her to clean herself up, which she did as best as her weak body would let her, still sobbing and praying silently that the pain would stop.

She staggered out of the bathroom barely able to walk. Martha was standing there waiting for her. She began to apologise but Maddie hurled a torrent of abuse, swearing that one day she would kill her. Robbo grabbed her roughly by the arm and threw her out of the apartment.

Stumbling down the steps she fell straight into the arms of one of the drunks. She gratefully accepted the offered brown paper bag containing a bottle and drank heavily, feeling the alcohol start to dull her pain.

Minutes later she had accepted the invitation to join the group, and was gratefully sharing extra strong lager and vodka. She felt herself relaxing, even laughing drunkenly, and realised she wouldn't be seeing Summer Bay again for quite some time.


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