The second installment of this sex spoof the hit Aussie show, again all
comments and suggestions are welcome about this or anything else to do with
British or Aussie Celebs.

Home And Away: Erotic Episode Part 2 (ff, Fff, MF, inc?)
by Anonymous

Hayley gasped as Gypsy gently pulled down the straps of her skimpy top and
slid it to her waist. Hayleys mind was in a whirl as she watched Gypsy take
off her bra, she had small but beautifal breasts and Hayley couldn't resist
imagining herself sucking on Gypsy's erect little nipples. Gypsy rubbed and
caressed her breasts, staring intenly at an ever more aroused Hayley as she
did it. "You wanna touch them?" Gypsy asked.

Hayley gulped, "I don't know Gypsy I'm so confused."

Gypsys leant over and kissed Hayley passionately rolling her tounge over
Hayley's. "Relax for fuck's sake," she breathed, she took Hayley's hand and
placed it on her breasts running it slowly over them. "Isn't that nice?" she
said, "Doesn't that feel good?"

Hayley nodded, she began to lose all her inhibitions and woke up to her
lesbian side bobbing her head down impulsively and sucking on Gypsy's tits.
Gypsy grinned and stroked Hayleys mop of blonde hair, she was in charge now
and the fun was just about to start.

* * *

Sally was laying naked on the kitchen table, her legs wide open as she played
with herself under Vinnie's eager gaze. She moaned as she came all over her
fingers and the table. "I'll have to clean that later." she said.

"Yeah, yeah later" Vinnie said approaching her. His cock was now at highest
point of erection, Sally grinned at the monster before her all ready to be
fucked within an inch of her life.

Vinnie got between Sally's legs and immediately pushed his huge cock into
her wide open pussy, Sally squealed in agony and ecstacy as he pushed in and
out of her. Despite her prim and proper image Sally was a slut who loved
nothing more than being fucked.

"Yeah Vinnie, fuck that pussy!" she screamed. "Fuck me, Fuck me harder."

* * *

"What are you two doing?" Natalie stammered as she stared at her two topless
foster daughters.

"Oh come on Nat," Justine said, "I'd say it was kinda obvious."

"I can't have this kind of thing in my house," Natalie began but she broke
off as Justine moved toward her and began to stroke her long brown hair and
stare deeply into her eyes.

Peta approached from the other side and began to run her hand down the soft
skin on Natalie's arm.

"We've seen the way you look at us," Peta said, "and we want it too."

"Don't be ridiculos, I didn't look at you anyway." Natalie insisted.

"I guess we imagined you eyeing us up in the changing rooms while we were
shopping heh?" Peta said.

"I-I..." Natalie was too stunned to speak, one of her deepest darkest
fantasies was about to come true, she'd always secretly hoped that fostering
would lead to some kind of sexual encounter. Just then reason came into her
mind and she said firmly. "We can't do this, I'm your foster mother that
makes it..."

"...incest," said Justine. "Yeah we know."

She began to kiss Natalie affectionately at first then with an increased
lust, Natalie tried to fight her desire but when Peta began to rub her
breasts through her tight fitting top she could hold back no more and began
to reciprocate the girls desire.

* * *

Gypsy smiled satisfiedly as Hayley discarded her little white panties and
stood naked in front of her. She had a beautifal tanned body with medium
sized breasts, a mop of blonde pubic hair hiding a tight virginal pussy and
a gorgeous pert arse. Gypsy had also got naked losing the tight red top
and micro-mini skirt she'd been wearing as well as the blue panties beneath.
She had a thin milky white body with small curved breasts and a fox red bush
that Hayley was aching to lick every inch of. Gypsy took her by the hand and
they both stood. "Let's go to your room Hayley." she said.

"O.K." Hayley replied.

They walked naked, hand in hand to the small downstairs room. Hayley closed
the door and turned to find Gypsy right in front of her. They began to kiss
again, running their hands over one anothers naked bodies as their lips and
tounges crashed together. Next Gypsy lay down on the bed and opened her long

"I want you to finger me." she said

Hayley was more than happy to oblige, she jumped on to the bed and
immediately slid two fingers up the wide opening.

"I think you could get at least four in their sweet stuff." Gypsy said,
Hayley grinned and added another two fingers thrusting them in and out as
Gypsy moaned with pleasure.

* * *

Sally came for a fifth time and then pleaded for a rest, Vinnie slid his
cock out of her dripping wet pussy and they lay side by side on the table.

"That was fucking great Sal." Vinnie said gasping for breath.

Sally nodded, "Yeah and it's not over yet." She grinned and rolled over, then
slid down to Vinnie's still erect penis and began to suck. Vinnie quickly
shot a load into her mouth which she happily swallowed, there was nothing
Sally liked better than a mouthful of warm, milky come.

She rolled back over and pointed to her pussy, Vinnie needed no further
instruction and moved back between her legs then bobbed down and began to
eat out her come covered pussy. Even after that Sally's insatiable sexual
appetite wasn't satisfied.

"Take me up the arse Vinnie," she said enjoying being in control as always.

* * *

Natalie slid several fingers down between her legs, unable to resist
masturbating as she watched her two gorgeous foster daughters writhing naked
on her big double bed, Their think adolescent bodies were locked together in
the heat of passion as they kissed, licked and even bit one another. Despite
all her misgivings Natalie just had to get involved and couldn't wait for an
invitataion once the girls had finished their little show.

Peta slid up to the pillows and spread her legs, Justine was left perfectly
positioned to finger her foster sister and eat out her tight, virginal pussy.
Peta had come close to sex but was too self concsious about her body and
unsure about oral sex, this was proving to be an education. Justine was
vastly experienced, having been a prostitute while hooked on drugs in the
city and thus being forced to suck cock, eat pussy and fullfill any other
wim of her customers.

When the two girls had finally finished exploring each other and they could
see Natalie was completely turned on they lay beside each other and beckoned
her. Both had had crushes on Natalie ever since she took them in, she was
still a youngish, very beautifal woman with an impressive body thanks to her
work as a P.E. teacher.

Natalie grinned nervously and slid on to the bed moving between the two
girls. Peta began to kiss her passionately while Justine licked and rubbed
the length of her body then began to suck on Natalies big, fully developed
breasts. Natalie moaned and wailed with desire, she still couldn't believe
she was doing this but there was no turning back now.

* * *

Hayley emerged from between Gypsy's legs having eaten her cunt dry and
savoured every drop of the warm,sticky liquid.

"Your turn now," Gypsy said grinning. Hayley smiled nervously, she wanted
this but she was scared of it too. "Don't worry," Gypsy said pushing Hayley
down on to the bed, "I'll be gentle."

Hayley relaxed and spread her legs. Gypsy slid four fingers into her cunt,
it was a tight fit but she made it and Hayley squealed with the agony and
ecstacy of first entry, she'd fingered herself before but it never felt
like this. It took only three thrusts of Gypsy's long, boney fingers for
Hayley to come. Gypsy withdrew and happily lapped up the warm, deflowering
juice trickling down her fingers.

Hayley gasped for breath, "Oh that felt great Gypsy" she said excitedly.

"Well, the fun's not over yet," Gypsy said, she bobbed back between Hayley's
legs and thrust her long tounge into the wet and slightly bloody pussy.

Hayley writhed and moaned with pleasure, the pair were so engrossed that they
didn't hear the bedroom door open or see Will standing there in amazement.

"What the fuck?" Will said loudly.

Hayley started but Gypsy calmly turned her head and through come covered
lips said, "Hi will, wanna join the fun?"

* * *

Joel sighed with relief as he entered the house, he'd decided not to do
that double shift and was looking forward to spending some time with his
wife. He looked around but couldn't see her anywhere. He decided to take
a look upstairs and quietly padded up to their room hoping to surprise
her. He slowly opened the door and was stunned to find a naked Natalie
with Peta sat on her face and Justine munching away at his wifes pussy.

* * *

Sal groaned with delight and agony as Vinnie rammed his cock up her anus once
again. "Yeah, fucking hell Vinnie, that's the stuff," she said grinning.
"Harder for fucks sake, do me harder."

Vinnie was just about to ram into her again when the back door flew open
and Shannon and Chloe screamed, "Surprise!!!"

They broke off and stared open mouthed at the sight of Sally on all fours
on the kitchen table with Vinnie's cock as far up her arse as it would go.

To be continued....


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