Disclaimer: This is my second Fiction story. I hope you enjoy it and if I get
enough positive feedback I will look into writing more soap based fiction
stories and continuing this series. Note this is only to be viewed by over
18's. For now can you start a thread in the forums for any feedback. This
story kind of only fits with the other part as a prequel but if you all seem
to like it Part 2 will come soon.

Home And Away: Away From The Cameras Part 0 (F-mast)
by Derkbob ([email protected])

"Night Kirst" said Cain as he rolled over to go to sleep.

"Night" said Kirst as she lay staring at the ceiling.

Once again Cain had fucked his new wife and gone straight to sleep, it was a
long time since he had made her cum and she was getting sick of dealing with
herself. After 10 mins Kirsty swung her legs out of the bed and quietly
reached into her bedside table draw to retrieve her 8" purple vibrator.
Carefully so as not to wake her husband she snuck around the bed and to the
door. She opened it slightly and checked the coast was clear. Holding the
dildo by her side incase any1 saw her scurrying across the hallway to the
bathroom she made a dash for it. Closing the bathroom door slowly behind her
she let out a sigh of relief. She put the toilet lid down and sat down. She
started to massage her right breast through her night dress gently rubbing
around her nipple in circles until it became hard, then she moved to the
left pinching the nipple and rolling it between her fingers, she moaned as
she became excited. Picking up the vibrator that she had put down beside her
she flicked it on. Parting her legs she began to rub it along her pussy lips
and eventually in circles around her clit, she was getting very excited now
and was totally relaxed, she slid the vibrator into her pussy whilst rubbing
her clit with her left hand, she was rapidly approaching orgasm and she let
out heavier and heavier sighs trying not to be too loud she came hard and
tilted her head back as the orgasm ebbed through her body in waves...CLICK.

Kirsty sat bolt upright eyes wide open as she saw tash stood in the doorway,
Naked and muddy. She had obviously just got in after another of her midnight
forest runs.

"What you doing?" Tash asked.

"What's it look like?" said Kirsy still recovering from the shock and after
clamping her legs shut around the vibrator

"I dont know" said Tash.

"You really need to learn some things" said Kirst smiling, "I'm frigging
myself off, masturbating, making myself cum!"

"Can girls do that?" asked Tash.

"Do what?" said Kirst puzzled.

"Cum, I thought only men cum out of their penises how do we cum like that?"
asked Tash confused.

"We cum do you know how men cum?" asked Kirst now

"Robbie's been teaching me to give head this week. Its fun," said Tash

"And he didn't bring you off once?" asked Kirst.

"He didnt make me cum, no," said Tash, "Will you show me?"

"I'm not sure. Get in the shower and clean off whilst I think about it" said
Kirsty smiling and looking at Tash's nubile young body.

Tash stepped into the shower and began to soap herself up whilst Kirsty went
back to masturbating, after all Tash had seen it once now and it wasn't like
she hadnt done it in a room with other people before. She shared a bedroom
with Jade for all these years. Unfortunately during all this time the
vibrator had been working away deep inside Kirsty's cunt and had worn it's
batteries out so she had to resort by frigging her self off with her fingers
only. Quickly she got back to where she was and her body shook as the orgasm
she had been waiting for Cain to give her for two weeks surged through her

As she came around she opened her eyes to see Tash stood in the shower
frigging her clit furiously and shaking as she made herself cum for the first

"I'll show you more soon" said Kirst. Knowing she ought to get back to bed
before Cain noticed she was missing.

Tash just smiled and continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy.


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