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Growing Pains Part III
(FF, MMF, oral, bi-oral, dp)

Julie awakened to movement in the room. She rolled over, yawning and
stretching, her eyes fighting to open. She had never felt so exhausted
in her life. Moving her head toward the sound, she caught sight of Mrs.
Seaver pulling on a large red sweater. She smiled at her new found
lover, arching her back coyly to give her perky breasts an uneeded lift.
"Good morning, sexy," Mrs. Seaver whispered, crossing the small space
to Julie. She leaned forward French kissing the girl. One of Mrs.
Seaver's hands snaked out, cupping the tit. Pulling away from Julie's
pouty lips, she leaned over and nibbled on a nipple. Julie moaned her
reply. The lips lingered longer, slurping lewdly. Julie's hand reached
up and hefted one of Mrs. Seaver's large breasts. She was bra-less, so
the large globs swayed and rotated in the young girl's grasp.
Mrs. Seaver's lips traveled further down, pushing the sheets aside.
The bed reeked of come, and she drank in the delicious odor. Her nose
furrowed into the girl's brown thatch, as her lips tenderly nipped at
the Julie's pussy lips. The young sexpot's pussy was already leaking a
new round of juice. Julie's thighs parted and her pelvis rocked up to
meet the mouth wrapped around her cunt.
"You suck my pussy so well," she told the older woman. It was true.
Of the family, the mother was the best lover. It was obvious from Ben's
five minute explosions and rough handling of her tits his youth still
stood in the way of his sexual abilities. Mike had shown himself to be
a great pussy eater, but he was still so shy about trying anything
beyond the normal positions.
She felt Mrs. Seaver's tongue probe into her asshole and Julie mumbled
her approval, urging more of a rim job, while the manicured fingers
slopped in her honeypot. It was only a day ago she had Mrs. Seaver''
son's dick in her ass and now his mother was lapping at it. That
thought got her hotter than anything else. She had been with two people
in one family before, but it was a father and son and she'd never had
them within the same day. Thinking about it, she realized she'd also
been brought to orgasm by the younger Seaver boy too.
The rimming and fingering was quickly getting to her and any second
she'd. The older woman glanced up, seeing the glazed look on her young
fuck's eyes. She kneeled up and tossed her sweater aside, allowing her
pendulous breasts to sway. Leaning back down, she grasped one of her
large tits and rubbed her big, turgid nipple against the girl's clit and
pussy. Julie began to go crazy, egging her on, "Oh yeah, titty-fuck
me. Put it in my cunt. Oh, oh, oh."
As her orgasm approached, Julie decided she was going to really try for
something with the Seaver family. With the exception of the baby, it
was incredibly sexy to think of fucking all of them. Ben would be
easy. If she asked, he'd come in and probably fuck her right in front
of his mother. Mr. Seaver might be trouble, but judging by how easy his
wife had fucked her, she thought it might be easy. The one challenge?
Carol. The little bitch probably would be too prissy to do anything
lesbian. Maybe Mr. Seaver too, but that would be fun. Fucking him in
this bed would be so hot, she thought as her orgasm came and shoved her
over the edge.
Julie ministered to Mrs. Seaver's twat too. She didn't have to do much
though, because the older lady was so hot from the titty-fucking and
then Julie'' subsequent sucking of her come covered tits, that she
orgasm soon after Julie's middle finger slipped into cunt. The ladies
showered together, bringing each other off once more.
Mrs. Seaver dressed after the shower and checked downstairs, verifying
that not one of her kids would be up at 9 on a Saturday morning. She
returned and led the girl to the backdoor, holding back the urge to give
her a kiss good-bye. It had been the best sex she'd had since college
and she definitely wanted more of it. The one problem in the future
would be her husband. He was home always, so an illicit affair would be
very difficult.
"Can I see you again?"
Julie blushed, glancing toward Mike's loft, "I'll see you on Saturday."
"No," Mrs. Seaver insisted, grabbing the girl's arm, "I want to see you
in the way we did last night."
"We'll find an opportunity," the girl insisted, quite familiar with the
ins and outs of carrying on with married people.

At nine that evening, Julie pulled up to the curb near the Seaver's
house and Mike appeared from the shadows. He led her upstairs, and
proudly presented her with Chinese take out. The two of them ate and
talked. Mike mentioned that Ben had been talking about her a lot and he
guessed his teen brother had a crush on the babysitter. Julie laughed,
acting like she had no idea why. She learned that Mr. Seaver had
returned that afternoon. It was only a matter of time before she could
try her wiles on the elder Seaver. "Aren't you worried your family
might drop in tonight?"
"No," he said with a laugh. "Carol never comes up here, Benny's at
Stinky's again and the old people are probably rocking their bed."
"Oh, that sounds like fun," the girl told him, crawling across the
floor to him. Her head dropped to his lap, pushing roughly against the
faint outline of his prick. She continued to rub her face against his
slowly growing member, pushing at it through his jeans. "I've been
thinking about you inside me ever since we finished fucking yesterday."
"You get me so hot when you talk slutty," he told her, pushing his
pelvis against her moving face.
"Play with it for me," she told him, propping herself up on her knees
and elbows. Mike fought to undo his jeans and then struggled to yank
his stiff wanker from his boxers. Licking his hand, he stroked at his
fuck-tool slowly, watching the girl's eyes studying every centimeter of
his veiny growth. He rubbed it proudly, yanking it to its full size.
He aimed it toward her while, sliding his fist up and down his
impressive length.
"You like watching this?"
"It's getting me so hot," she told him, rearing back and reaching under
her miniskirt. She withdrew her fingers and pushed them into Mike's
mouth. Julie watched the boy lick at it apprehensively. "Suck my
finger like I do your cock."
Mike's head bobbed back and forth on her delicate fingers, slurping off
her cream. He closed his eyes, rocking his head, while his hand worked
at his hard schlong. The girl pulled her finger away, grinning, "Mike
Seaver, I bet you give great head."
"I know you do," he told her, slowing his pace.
"You want me to just suck it," she asked, pulling her blouse up, "Or do
you want to try something else with your dick?"
Julie threw her shirt aside and leaned toward Mike. The boy's lips
immediately attached to one of her nipples and she cooed. After a
minute, she pulled his head away, "Lick between my tits, Mike. Get them
real slick with spit."
Mike did as she asked, forcing his salivary glands to produce more. He
lathered up her chest while she rocked over him, hand dipping down to
tap the head of his thick cock. When he finished he pulled away and
watched her sink down. She easily swallowed his dick, and rose up,
leaving spit slithering down the whole length. Getting down more, she
grasped her tits and wrapped them around his cock. The boy let out a
gasp. Rocking, she looked into his eyes, which were transfixed on the
breasts wrapped and moving around his throbbing cock. Massaging her
tits and moving slowly, she slithered up and down the length of Mike's
staff, listening to his hisses of pleasure. On her next down stroke,
she wrapped her lips around the head of his penis and pushed her tongue
into his come filled piss-slit.
"Oh yeah," he told her, running his fingers through her long, silky
blonde hair. She kept up her titty-fucking and dick sucking, bringing
the boy further along.
Glancing up, she saw the passion in his eyes. She reached down,
undoing her skirt and pushing her panties aside. With a flick of her
thigh muscles, she was pleasing her own cunt, "What do you want to do to
me with this big, thick, gorgeous cock, Mike?"
Her lips wrapped around him as he answered, "I wanna fuck your hot
Julie moaned approval, so he added, "And fill it full of come. Then
I'm gonna slam your sweet pussy all night."
The girl nodded on his knob, increasing her pace. Her own cunt was
dripping with come. Mike could smell her excitement and so he
continued. "After I fuck your cunt real good, I'm gonna cornhole you
Julie jutted her rear backward and let out a "HMMMMMMMMM," unable to
speak because of the thick dick in her mouth. "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck
your ass hard. I'm gonna shoot my load all over your back. And in your
As he finished his sentence, he felt one of her hands seize his balls.
Mike cried out and felt the come gush from his dick. He couldn't help
it, it was too much. "No! I'm coming."
Julie's head bobbed faster as the jism exploded from his member. In
her haste, the dick slipped from her mouth and she wrapped her hands
around the thick beast. With hands used to pumping a dick, the girl
coaxed his streams out, longer and harder than he had ever experienced
from a set of hands. She held her mouth open, tongue out, while his hot
jets spurted onto it, her chin, cheeks and across her slippery tits. As
the orgasm susbsided to a dribble across her hands, she leaned forward,
sucking out more from the depths of Mike Seaver's stem.
The front door swung open suddenly and Mike's face twisted toward the
interloper. Standing in the doorway, mouth agape as usual was Mike's
lifelong friend, Richard "Boner" Stabbone. He had one thing to say upon
seeing his friend sitting on the floor, pants and boxers down, dick in
the mouth of the naked babysitter, "Mikey?"
"Boner," Mike whined, wanting to leap up, but Julie simply twisted her
head, lips still wrapped around his dick. She caught sight of his
friend, felt the boy's eyes roving her body and saw what she wanted, he
unconsciously tugged at the tentpole in his pants. "Get outa here!"
"But, Mikey," the boy said, eyes on Julie's exposed, swaying boobs, "I
just came over cause we were gonna see that movie tonight. You know?"
"What," Mike asked back, pulling Julie off his cock, which flopped to
the side as her lips left it.
"You know that movie? The one with Shannon Tweed."
"I got company, Bone," he said, confused as to why his friend would
continue to stand there, rubbing at his hard-on.
"Oh. I'll go then," he said, taking one last look at Julie's mass of
bush, which she was running her hands through.
"Mike," she protested, "That's not nice."
"Huh," Boner added.
"You made plans with him, let him stay," the girl insisted, devising a
new plan. She'd only done it once before.
"But we were. . ."
"Let him stay, Mike."
"Yeah, Mikey," Boner added, closing the door, "Let me stay."
Mike looked at the sexy naked girl kneeling before him and then at his
friend. "Okay. I guess we can watch that movie."
He rose up and began to pull up his pants. Julie looked at him
confused, while Boner moved around her, his eyes not leaving her body.
He sat on the edge of the bed. Mike looked down at the naked girl, come
on her face and chest, "Julie, what are you doing?"
"Why are you putting your pants back on, Mike," she asked. Mike was
dumbstruck, but her next action shocked him even more. Turning, she
crawled to Boner, "Is this why they call you Boner?"
Boner gasped as the naked girl touched his rigid flesh. "Uh, yeah.
It's cuz it's always hard, right Mikey?"
"Boner, what are you doing?" Mike as asked as he moved behind his
girlfriend. Julie unzipped Boner's pants and his dick shot out of it.
"Where are your boxers?"
"Dirty," he giggled and oohed as Julie's cool hand stroked up his
length. "Oh you got soft hands."
"You ever jerk off about me?" she inquired, leaning forward to blow on
his pre-come.
"Sure," he told her, feeling electricity in his body as she slid her
fingers up and down his six inch dick.
"What do we do together?"
"I dunno," he said, looking up. "That feels real good. Do you think
you could put it in your mouth like you did Mikey's?"
"You want me to suck your cock?"
"Yeah," he said, turned on by her words. "Yeah, suck my thing."
Julie wrapped her lips around his staff and slithered her way down.
After Mike's monster, Boner's boner was no work at all. Mike looked on,
alternately excited and repulsed as he watched the girl he thought he
was falling in love with suck his bestfriend's dick. Boner just stared
at the girl's perfect lips pistoning up and down his shaft. "This is
much better than Mrs. Huffnagle's blow jobs. Oh, man she can suck good,
Julie pulled away and whipped her hair back, looking up at Mike. "Care
to join in?"
"What? Ah! No way, I'm not sucking his dick!"
"No silly, "she said, "I meant join in, like suck my box."
"Oh sure," Mike said, relieved. He was mostly afraid he would have
done it if she was really asking. He'd always been a bit curious and a
girl like Julie could easily push him over.
Julie slapped at Boner's schlong and told him, "Take off you clothes
and back up on the bed."
"Is the blow job over?"
"No," she told him, as she rose up and completely shed her clothing.
Behind her Mike did the same. Boner looked between the two naked
people, mystified by his luck. He then tossed his clothes off too and
slid back on the bed more. Julie climbed on and parted his legs. Her
mouth fell near his dick and she licked up the sides, eliciting more
rants of approval from Boner. She settled on her side and lifted her
thigh. Mike's head slipped between her legs and she lowered it down
onto his shoulder. With Boner's dick in her mouth and Mike's lips and
tongue lapping at her cunt, Julie found a nirvana she had only
experienced once before.
"Oh, Julie, that feels so good," Boner told her as the beautiful
blonde's mouth worked her magic on him. He ran his fingers through her
hair and then sat up, hand searching for and finding one of her large
breasts. Squeezing it in his hand, Boner felt the familiar clenching of
his sack and let her know, remembering how Mrs. Huffnagle got so steamed
when he came in her mouth that she refused to ever suck his pecker
again, "I'm gonna come!"
"Already," Julie complained, pulling away and replacing her mouth with
a hand. Sure enough a fountain of white jism spurted from his dick.
Into the air it flew and then fell straight down on her hand and his
pubes. But it kept going and Julie couldn't believe the copious amount
of fluid. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around
the head, sucking harder as the come continued to pour from Boner's
"Oh man, she's swallowing it," he exclaimed.
As the orgasm tapered off, Julie twisted some, giving Mike greater
access to her moist cunt. He was lapping like crazy, and she realized
that Boner's orgasm had gotten her off some too. It wasn't on the level
of the sex she'd had with Mrs. Seaver, but it was satisfying.
Boner moved some too, lowering his mouth to one of Julie's tits. He
rubbed his tongue along the soft mounds, lapping up the stickiness
covering her. It's bitter tastes struck him as odd, but he continued to
suckle. It wasn't until he kissed up her clavicle that he realized he
was licking up Mike's come. It tasted fine, so he continued.
The dual attention was too insanely great for Julie, as she writhed
under the guy's tongues. Mike was doing an admirable job of switching
between his tongue and fingers, while Boner sucked on her tits. She
realized he was licking his friend's come as soon as he touched her
there, but she wasn't going to tell him. It was too erotic. Soon she
was crushing her pelvis forward and moaning for something besides
fingers in her pussy.
Mike sat up, stroking his cock. Julie looked down to see it was mostly
hard already. "Fuck me with that thing, Mike!"
Not wanting to make her wait, he guided his tool into the babysitter's
well used fuck-hole. Julie grunted with pleasure as his full length
slithered to the depths of her. Boner simply watched his friend's big
cock appear and disappear into the girl, his hand stroking his quickly
stiffening rod. "Yeah, Mikey, give it to her."
As Mike pounded into the girl, she rolled her head toward Boner and saw
his cock was already hard. How could that be, she thought. He just
came five minutes ago. Reaching out, she adder her hands to his
masturbating, adding, "Boner, rub my clitty."
Tentatively, he reached out, his index finger, bumping her nub, while
his friend's thick cock slid in and out of her pussy lips. Julie began
to moan and move her pelvis more, her hand increasing in tempo. It was
becoming too much for Mike, he pulled out of the girl and she responded
with a grumble, "Keep fucking me!"
"Boner's turn," Mike said. The girl flipped around onto all fours.
Her ass wavered at the stunned boy. "Go ahead and fuck her, Bone."
Boner rose to his knees and grasped his own dick, guiding it slowly
into the girl's well worn snatch. Julie cooed and rocked backward until
she felt his pelvis against her ass. Boner's balls swung down,
colliding with her clit. As he began fucking her, his sack slid against
her, causing Julie to moan more. Mike reached under the sexy blonde,
squeezing her ripe, soft tits and watching in fascination as she grit
her teeth with each blow. Seeing his interest, she suggested something
he liked. "Get under me and suck my tits."
Boner stopped fucking, leaving his dick in the moist confines of the
girl, while Mike crawled under her. She lowered herself some and the
hard nipple slipped between his lips. "Oh yes, suck my titties. Fuck
me harder. Harder. Harder. Bite my nipple. Bite it."
The boys followed her instructions and she was going crazy, her body
convulsing. Reaching up, Mike touched her clit like Boner had and heard
Julie go berserk. She mumbled incoherently and rocked her body,
screaming for more. Boner didn't know what to do. He was fucking her
hard and the girl was begging for more, plus he felt Mike's finger
against the underside of his dick occasionally and it was getting him
Julie was in ecstasy. She couldn't imagine it better, but she knew it
could be. With her voice quaking, "Mike suck my clit, while he fucks.
Flick your tongue on it, baby. Com'on Boner, keep fucking."
The boy's couldn't believe what they were hearing and Boner couldn't
believe it when he felt Julie move forward. Spreading his legs some he
felt his sack land on something and realized it was Mike's forehead.
His balls were resting on his bestfriend's head, and then the tongue.
It was amazing. He had never done a girl from behind and certainly not
while a tongue licked her clit and the underside of his cock.
Mike licked at the hairy bush and the rigid flesh sliding to and from
Julie's well oiled cunt. His own dick throbbed and he felt her face
pushing against it, tongue licking it occasionally. This was the most
adventurous thing he'd ever done. He realized he was licking Boner's
dick and it was getting him off, just as the girl above him was coming
like crazy. Then he felt it, the first drop of white fluid he knew all
too well.
"I'm coming," Boner announced, driving his dick faster and pulling in
and out further. The spurting serpent blasted come deep into the girl
and also flowed out of her as he yanked back to sink in again. He knew
his come was falling on Mikey, with each pull back and that made him
come harder. The tongue brushing his slickened cock made it even more
Julie felt her body becoming weak from the intensity of the pleasure
waving through her body. She'd only felt like this once before.
Knowing Mike was running his tongue on her and Boner made it even
sexier. She'd gotten him to do what he said he wouldn't do.
Suddenly, Boner's erection sprang free of Julie's gaping pussy and as
she pushed back the dick was shoved toward Mike's face. He felt the
warm jism splash into his mouth. Leaning up, Mike took the head of the
cock in his mouth and sucked on it like a straw, feeling the cream
insides filling his mouth. Boner continued to move, fucking Mike's
mouth, while Julie was left without any attention. She twisted back to
see what had gone wrong and felt another orgasm coming. Her hand rubbed
at her neglected cunt, drawing more come as she saw Mike sucking Boner's
'Oh, Mikey that feels so good," Boner told him, trying to keep from
spraying more into his friend's mouth. It was better than Julie's loose
pussy, that was for sure. As the orgasm ended, Boner realized, his
erection wasn't leaving. Mike continued to milk his friend's wand with
his lips and tongue and he too felt the stiffness still in it. It had
stopped pulsing and now he just felt stiff flesh.
Mike felt Julie move and then his dick was enveloped in her warm cunt.
All of the sperm and vaginal juices had made her slick and sloppy. As
she rocked on him, he heard her moans and the slurping sounds her love
tunnel and his dick were making. She leaned forward on him, watching
him suck his friend's dick. Suddenly the stiff member was pulled from
his mouth and she took her turn sucking Boner. Pulling it from her
mouth, she point him back to Mike who opened wide and swallowed again.
"This is so fucking hot," she told them. "I want something else new.
Boner can you eat my ass?"
"Sure," he told her. Julie spun around and leaned forward, Mike's
thick dick still encased in her stretched cunt. With his dick still in
Mike's mouth, Boner leaned down and licked at the babysitter's ass.
After a few minutes, Boner pulled his tongue away and dragged it briefly
on Mike's cock.
Julie looked back at the scene and told them what she wanted next,
"Boner, you wanna fuck me in the butt?"
"Yeah," he told her, pulling away from Mike. Julie got off her ride
and then remounted Mike facing him. He stared up at her, disbelieving
what was happening in his life. Twenty-four hours ago he'd never fucked
a girl from behind, eaten ass, fucked a butt or participated in a
threesome. Now he was gonna be part of a double-penetration.
Bone got behind the girl and pushed against her, while she leaned
forward more, chest resting on Mike's. The two of them kissed deeply
while Boner pushed his staff past her sphincter. Julie cried out in
pleasure and pain, taking her second cock in the ass in two days. She'd
never had anal sex closer than a month apart. Her pussy and anus
radiated like a 2000 watt light-bulb. Boner peered over her shoulder,
grunting as he forced his dick to the very deepest places he could
reach. Mike squeezed at the girl's tits and heard her exclaiming as he
and Boner slowly found a rhythm. Soon as she pulled up, the two boys
pulled away and as she fell, they thrusted.
Julie couldn't believe the orgasms passing through her body. She was
shaking and her pussy quivered mightily, while her ass locked up on
Boner. The boys let out yelps of pleasure, each calling his orgasm
seconds apart. When it was over, Boner and Julie collapsed to the side,
his shrinking cock still in her ass, come leaking out around the edges.


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