Growing Pains: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 1 (MFf,inc)
by JH

It was, actually, very simple. First he had to turn illusion into reality,
then project himself into that reality and finally control the reality he
had created.


Joshua Long had been confined to a wheelchair his entire life. In a manner
of speaking it was the catalyst that had allowed him to achieve a level of
wealth most people could only imagine. In a world that worshipped computers
he became one of the most important behind the scenes players. While the
Gates and Jobs became wealthy and in the public eye only the few most
knowledgeable knew of Joshua Long.

But, if the wheelchair allowed him to amass fabulous wealth it also denied
him the opportunity to live anything close to a "normal" sex life.

That was what put him on the road to discovering the ability to create
reality. Give enough power and an ability to link his mind with that of a
computer he found he could take imagination and turn it into reality.

Initially he thought it was all "in his head" but after months of experiments
and countless trials he began to believe that he had actually accomplished
the impossible.

The TV was tuned to a repeat of the show "Growing Pains". One of the
catalysts for the process was the visual immersion in what he wanted the
reality to be. Facing the 52 inch screen he placed the electric web over
his head. The tail end was connected to a stack of PCs. Once in place he
flipped a switch on the console. First a low hum started then light began
to bend. He closed his eyes.

"No one is home. Ben is at a friend's house, Mike is out of town, my dad is
at a conference and mom won't be back `til late."

Joshua found himself staring at the soft brunette curls of Carol Seaver. She
was unlocking the front door.

"Come on in."

The room was exactly like the living room on the TV show.

Carol was wearing a nylon blue dress, long sleeves and high necked. It was
cut just at her knees and she had on low black heels. Her soft not so adult
curves outlined by the dress.

She led him to the couch and as he sat down she moved close to his left side.
He could feel the warmth of her body radiating from the thin material.

He pulled tilted her head up and lowered his lips to hers. After a moments
hesitation she returned the passion of his kiss. Their tongues entwined in
her mouth. He slid his right had along her arm and ribs to cup then gently
squeeze her breast. She pushed his hand away but there was little conviction
in the motion and he moved it back. This time he teased the nipple beneath
the nylon of the dress and lace of her bra. She made a noise in the back of
her throat and pressed her breast to his hand. As he kneaded the breast her
kisses became more passionate.

He slid his hand down her side, across her hip to the outside of her left
thigh. He began to pull the dress up exposing more of her legs. Once his hand
was on the nylon of her thigh he slid it between her legs to caress the soft
inner thigh.

Her response was to press her knees tightly together. "I can't. I shouldn't."

He slid his hand, between her legs, to the top. Even through the panties and
panty hose he could feel the heat and a wet spot began to form.

In spite of her words she didn't stop him from rubbing the nylon encased
slit. He felt the hair as it formed a mound and the wet spot grew. He stroked
the length of the cunt. She kissed him wildly in response and opened her
legs. He pressed to the top and slipped his hand beneath the band at the top
of the pantyhose and under the panties. Two fingers slid into her soaking
cunt and he rubbed her clit.

"Oooohhhhhh," a moan escaped her lips.

He pulled his hand out and unzipped his pants. Taking her hand he wrapped it
around his now hard shaft. She began to pump it slowly letting her hand move
from base to crown. His hand went back under the pantyhose to continue to
finger her cunt.

"Carol!" Maggie Seaver's voice cut through the lust saturated atmosphere. She
was taller then her daughter and her height was enhanced by the four inch
spiked heels she wore. Where Carol had the soft round curves of a teenager
she was long legged and athletically built. In place of the medium cut auburn
curls Maggie had shoulder length blonde hair. All this was accented by the
black mini dress she wore.

Carol looked at her mother through half lidded eyes. As the orgasm washed
over her she moaned. "mmmooottthhheerrr..!!!" She convulsed repeatedly.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

Carol directed Maggie's attention to Joshua's rigid prick. Maggie Seaver's
eyes grew wide, her lips parted and the tip of her tongue played over them
leaving them wet and glistening. She sat beside Joshua and watched as Carol
stroked the cock. After a moments hesitation she lowered her head and kissed
the head. Her tongue began to trace lazy slow circles all around the shaft.
Her cheeks sucked in as she drew him deep into her mouth. Maggie wrapped her
hand around her daughter's and began to stroke in time to her lips.

She stood up.

"Come on."

Maggie led them upstairs and sat Joshua at the foot of the bed. Standing in
front of Carol she reached behind her and unzipped the blue dress letting it
fall to the ground. She lowered her lips and kissed Carol deeply. It took
little time for Carol to respond but when she did it was with uncontrolled

Maggie slipped her hands into the waistband of the lingerie and dropped to
her knees pulling the panty hose and panties with her. Carol unsnapped the
bra and threw it on the floor.

Carol, now completely nude, slipped the straps from her mother's shoulders
and as Maggie stood up the dress fell to the floor. Maggie wore a strapless
demi bra, garter, thong bikini, nylons and spiked heels. She led Carol to the
bed and had her lay down. She then got on all fours above her and began to
lick and tongue her cunt. Carol almost screamed as the tongue lapped at her
sensitive clit. The orgasm swamped over the teenager as Maggie drove her
tongue deep into the cunt.

Moving around Maggie had she and Carol in a perfect 69 position. She lowered
her mound to Carol's waiting lips. Joshua moved behind Maggie and holding
onto her hips pulled her onto his cock. He could feel Carol's tongue lapping
at the exposed part of his cum slick shaft and balls. He reached around and
under the lace of the demi bra. He began to squeeze the nipples into

This went on for an unknown amount of time and Joshua held back as long as he
could but Maggie's tight cunt and Carol's licking pushed him to the edge. As
he began to shoot his cum he pulled out of the blonde slit and stuffed his
cock into Carol's waiting mouth. She sucked him dry.

Then the light began to bend.

Joshua was home...or, at least, this home. For the first time in many years
he was smiling. It worked.
_ _ _

Part 2: Designing Women


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