Growing Pains: Seaver Secret (mmbf,f-mast,inc,voy,nc-cons)

Living with an older sister had never been easy for the Seaver boys. Between
catching Carol lounging around in her underwear when she thought the bedroom
door was locked, or spying her bathrobe flutter around her a bare teenage
butt on the way back from the shower, Mike and Ben had nearly their fill of
teases already. Especially when the realization sunk in that her hot little
body was off-limits. The long years of anguish all changed soon after the
family adopted Luke into the household, making the calamitous mistake of
combining him and Mike in one mischief-filled bundle of a room.

Luke realized relatively quickly that his new environment was adjacent to
the second-floor bathroom the entire family used for showering. Quickly
conning his stepbrother into rearranging the furniture, the cunning youth
was able position his bed directly across from the shower next door.
Unsurpassed peeks at Carol's body were now within his grasp.

Without telling even Mike, for fear his plan would tragically backfire, Luke
bid his time until a quiet night in the house allowed him access to the beer
he'd stashed behind the furnace in the basement. The next morning, he was
easily able to pull off a genuine illness, sobering up while the others went
off to see to their daily business, eventually leaving the newest Seaver
totally unsupervised.

Using one of his new stepfather's drills, Luke made a carefully measured
hole through the wall near his bed, coming out right next to one of the
steel knobs for adjusting the water flow. Concealed by the loose fixture,
his intrusion would hopefully go unnoticed, at least by those who would
be on the receiving end. A sensible rock band poster was all he needed to
conceal the deed on his side of the hole, and the stage was set.

Not having the patience to wait until Carol was washing up AND Mike was
away, Luke had to make his move and risk getting pounded for having a
dirty mind. Waiting an interminable length of time after the soft "whoosh"
of water filled the house, he steeled himself for success and lifted the
poster, peering into the chamber beyond.

At first, Mike Seaver was noticeably perturbed at just what the hell his
little brother was doing. Luke shook as he directed him to take a glance,
wondering if this latest stunt had gone too far. One look at his sister's
glorious soapy body, though, was all it took to sell Mike on the ethics of
this nefarious act.

* * *

For weeks, the boys were content with the pedestrian view each time Carol
set hands to her naked flesh. The only consequence of such a show was having
to wait until she finished before they could proceed to take turns releasing
the pent-up pressure watching her brought.

It wasn't until nearly a month later when Ben happened to be hanging out with
them, that the situation really came to a head. Playing peacefully with his
GI Joes, he had suddenly become an object of irritation when Carol decided
to wash up early. When the pair hear their sister's characteristic bedtime
ritual, Mike he hurriedly tried to shoo the kid away, even going as far as
to offer his toys to him in exchange for some peace and quiet.

When the arguing started stretching into the short window in which Carol's
breasts and pussy would be visible, Luke tossed Mike a questioning sigh,
wondering if the youngest Seaver could be trusted. The maddeningly ticking
clock was enough to throw Mike over the edge. After waiting nearly two days,
he wasn't about to miss this opportunity.

After making the preteen promise not to tell anyone what he was about to see,
under pain a really serious ass-kicking, Luke lifted the barrier and allowed
Ben to gaze on the wonders of female beauty. Feeling generous for the lad who
was enjoying this sight for only the first time, the elder Seavers allowed
him a lengthy peep before his confused questioning sent them both bolting to
the hole.

"Shit, Mike!" Luke cried out after making it there first. "She is holding a
book. It's gotta be a porno!"

"Let me see, let me see!" Mike pled, pushing Luke aside to take a look. From
what he could make out, Carol had arced the shower's flow over her head, and
was holding a magazine at arm's length in front of her. The large object
obscured her face and chest, but it was clear her other hand was busy
burrowing into her slit. "Oh man... he gasped, unable to believe his luck.
She's PLAYING with herself!"

Forgetting entirely about Ben for the moment, Luke shoved himself into place,
letting his mouth fall open as his sister unknowingly pleasured herself right
in front of him. Taking deep draughts of the image of fingers meeting folds,
he waited until he could take no more and collapsed against the wall, as
googly-eyed as Mike.

At last snagging a spot at the hole, Ben crept up and placed his eye in
position. He was more perplexed by what she was doing than aroused, but the
primal part of his mind knew this was something he didn't want to miss.

Minutes passed, with each of the elder boys imagining it was their own hands
sliding in Carol's vagina while she moaned in delight. If a loud thump hadn't
broken through their fantasies, Ben would probably have had free reign for
the rest of the night.

"What was that?" Mike asked worriedly, tossing Ben to the sheets and securing
his view once again. He had to rise up a little bit to get her into view, but
Carol was indeed there. Just sprawled out on the floor of the tub. "She
fell..." he said softly, turning to Luke.

Without another word, Luke reclaimed the spot again, watching his sister
lying motionless as water flowed around her placid form.

"Did you see anything?" Mike asked with apprehension, nearly shaking the
answer out of Ben.

"Not much..." the younger Seaver choked. "She kinda got all stiff, and made
a bunch of funny noises. Then she slipped and hit her head."

"Oh man," Luke said, fear brimming from his voice. "We gotta see if she's

* * *

Even with the noble intention of aiding their wounded sibling, the thought
of walking into the bathroom made the three teenagers halt. Cocking an ear
quickly to make sure their parents hadn't heard the noise, Luke hesitantly
grabbed the doorknob, pulling it hard towards him to mute the sound.

"It's open..." he said even as the wooden frame parted in front of him. The
shower curtain was directly in front of them now, opaque enough to hide
whatever was behind. If Carol woke up while they were inside, no amount of
explaining would let them worm their way out.

Ben started moving forward, more out of curiosity than concern or arousal.
But before he could surpass his brothers, they moved into the cramped
compartment, Mike slowly easing the door shut just as Ben scooted in behind

Inching towards the bathtub, Luke knelt down and grabbed the plastic screen,
parting it away just enough for him to stick his head through. Mike and Ben
stood by silently, not even noticing as their brother's hand slid underneath
the wet obstruction.

"Is she breathing?" Ben asked.

"Does she have a pulse?" Mike added, his body taut and ready to bolt if
Luke's presence awoke the sleeping girl.

"It's so soft!" the crafty youngster beamed instead, stupefying his siblings
with such an odd description of her condition. Mike stepped closer, throwing
the curtain all the way open and instantly realizing what his pal was talking

Instead of looking after Carol's welfare, Luke had been unable to resist the
allure of her glistening skin, running his hand between the clefts of the
unconscious female's breasts and legs, trying to decide which to fondle

"Luke, what are you doing?" Mike inquired with alarm, half-wishing he'd
thought of it first. This might be the only chance they would ever get to
try something like this, but the risks were catastrophic.

"Mike, I can't help it." Luke droned, reason draining from his captivated
mind. "I need to do her." With audacious resolve, he began disrobing before
Mike or Ben could react. As the others watched in surprise, his t-shirt and
jeans pooled on the mat below, followed by the briefs containing a long-erect

"Don't Luke..." Mike warned, the words coming from years of self repression
towards the one female he wanted to be with most of all. Raising his hand to
grab the younger boy's bare shoulder, he missed entirely as Luke descended
into the tub, the soggy magazine sailing into a corner of the room in his

"She's so tight..." Luke groaned as he slid into her unprotected belly,
grabbing Carol's shoulders for support. His sister offered up no complaints
as her most private places were innocently despoiled, unconsciously shutting
her eyes tighter as her virginity was torn asunder in an instant.

"I can't believe I'm taking Carol's cherry!" Luke spurted with glee as his
fleshy stabbing brought force a hidden trickle of red from their joined
genitals. By now, Mike was beyond protest and was barely able to contain
his excitement as Carol's young body was deliciously fucked. He could only
watch as Luke's buttocks pressed into her, knowing full well what was going
on underneath.

With the simultaneous stimulus of her velvet vice pulling on his dick and
soft, pillowy breasts scraping against his chest, Luke was doomed to a quick
finish. Without warning to his higher-fuctioning brain, he began gushing
wildly in his sister's cramped depths, spraying her fertile passage with his
seed. By the time his instinctual pounding abated, he knew it was too late,
and continued pumping spunk into her until finally spent, collapsing into
her warm body with indescribable comfort.

The sound of falling water was the only discernable occurance for the next
few moments, until plaintive moans from the rapidly stirring Carol sent
everyone's hearts pounding.

"Get.... mnph... off of me..." she whined, still not aware of the six inches
of meat her groin was impaled on. "Luke, get off of... Luke?"

The first few seconds of consciousness brought absolute panic for the
terrified girl. After her first attempts at throwing off the much heavier
Luke failed, she cast open her mouth in preparation for a scream. Thinking
quickly, Luke placed his palm over her lips, wincing as her muffled cries
threatened to send him to prison.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." he babbled on, thinking of anything to calm her
down. "I couldn't help it, you're just so beautiful. I love you, Carol. I
love you..." the last few words seemed to do the trick, and the dishonored
teen slowly ceased her shrieks. Looking into Luke's eyes desperately, her
demeanor slowly convinced him to remove his hand.

* * *

"Take it out of me NOW, Luke." she ordered, looking down at the stiff rod
nestled in her passage. Luke complied swiftly, leaving the proof of his
labor in her womb. As the shower head was still aimed at the far wall,
above Carol's head, the pooled cream was reluctant to wash away, slowly
seeping into her cunny. She stared at her deflowered slit for some time
before deciding to speak again.

"How could you let him do this to me, Mike?" she asked with a hint of sorrow,
turning her head to look at him. Then, in a move that started all present,
the eldest Seaver bent down and took his sister's lips into his mouth,
kissing her more fervently than she'd ever been privilege to. Although she
was hesitant to return the favor, Mike's enthusiastic performance was more
than enough to make up for her lack thereof.

Removing his hands from her flushed cheeks, Mike prepared to take her
sister the way very few brothers do. "No, please, Mike..." Carol begged
halfheartedly as his unclothes features came into view. Her sniffling
continued as he entered the drenched cocoon, lowering his teenage meat
to her honeypot. With nowhere else to go, Carol relented, spreading her
legs as wide as the tub would allow.

"You can't!" the nude girl cried out in one last attempt as protecting
herself. "Don't do this to meeeeeeee!" The last word was cut off as Mike
stuffed her slick channel, instilling an altogether new sense of fullness
until the hilt of his cock rested against her clit.

"Oh no!" she wailed as he began speeding up, sliding with ease through the
gentle gash of her womanhood. "Ooooh... it's too big. No! Noooooooo! Take it

While she had been saved from the sharp pain of Luke piercing her maidenhead,
Carol was still a devout virgin in practice, and was nearly overcome by the
splitting sensation wracking her groin. "Mike, please. It's too much!" she
groaned, the pitch of her voice increasing as he jerked insider her harder,
incited by the forlorn whimpers of his precious sibling.

With vigorous grunts and clenched teeth, Carol endured as Mike rode her
vagina roughly. Every few seconds she would throw her head to the opposite
side, or yelp in shock as Mike went too deep and grazed her cervix.

"No more!" she beseeched her dazed lover between stabs. "Please... take it
out... you're going to get it inside of me!" She was near the point of tears
when he orgasmed, bitterly emptying his balls into her awaiting hole.

"God, sis!" he grunted triumphantly, covering her face in kisses while he
came inside her. Even when the last of his cream was exhausted, he jacked a
few times into her used pussy, slamming into the reddened lips with such
power Carol could only emit a soft "ehh" in each onslaught.

"That was the best feeling of my life!" Mike said breathlessly, smashing his
lips into hers one final time before getting up. He scooted to the front of
the tub for a second, admiring his work while Carol lay docile. Her opening
was now clearly larger than before, stretched wide by the double fuck.

"Is that it?" she asked despondently, not even caring her legs were spread
wide in the air while her elder brother stared at her previously untouched

"Well, it wouldn't be fair if you didn't take care of Ben too." Luke
interjected happily, eager to see her cute face scrunch up for another
blasting between her thighs.

"Allright Ben..." Carol conceded, looking over to the littlest Seaver. "You
can do it too. Just make it quick."

"No, it's alright." Ben responded with genuine concern. "I don't want to
have to hurt you."

"Oh, Ben!" she crooned, brightening up instantly. "You've all got the wrong
idea!" Kicking Mike with codding irritation, she continued on. "Sex isn't
supposed to hurt, it's just that those two jerks didn't take their time!"

"Oh!" Ben responded graciously.

"Oh..." added Mike and Luke, feeling a little guilty now that their
instinctual hazes had worn off.

"Come here, baby brother..." Carol sang seductively, enticing Ben over to
the tub with a calling finger. As he approached, she helped him out of his
sweatpants, grabbing the small shaft that emerged. "I'll show you what girls
do to nice boys..." she promised before enveloping his penis in her mouth.

Luke and Mike watched in awe of the little sibling Carol was openly blowing
right before them. After the raunchy sex they'd just been witness to, this
was a mere epilogue, but still worthy of attention. The big boys' eyes
followed Carol's lips as she repeatedly took Ben's cock, massaging the
cylindrical appendage with a seemingly practiced technique.

"Geez, you sure are good at that..." Luke commented with an impressed gaze.

"Well, of course!" Carol replied willingly, withdrawing to lick the head.
"How else do you think a girl gets on the debate team?" Flashing the two
astonished brothers a wicked grin, she continued sucking Ben's member with
even more enthusiasm.

Mike was the only one who thought to see to his sister getting a knee-buckler
herself before all this was over. While Ben and Luke both watched Carol's
mouth work it's magic, he extended his pointer finger and skillfully sunk it
into her sperm-soaked cunny.

"Ahhhhh!" Carol moaned, the exclamation muffled by her work. "Now you're
doing it right!" she lauded him, taking just an instant to show approval for
his fingering before getting back to Ben's satisfaction.

Encouraged, Mike wasted no time in twirling his long digit inside Carol's
secret recesses. More akin to what his sister was used to enjoying, it was
no surprise when the stimulated teenager began panting, noisily slurping on
the phallus that had been inserted into her oral cavity.

Although showing surprising resilience to her seductive charms, Ben was near
his very first climax. Sensing the pulsing within, Carol pulled off, using
her hand to pump him the rest of the way. "Come on Ben!" she cheered,
heartening him by kneading her own breasts. "Go right ahead..."

"Oh, Carol!" Ben gasped, reeling from her ministrations. "It's happening!"
Unable to look, Ben bucked as he squirted towards her. Most of the white
blobs landed square on her jutting mounds, but his wild ejaculation spread
well beyond those limits. A large spurt appeared in her dirty-blonde hair,
followed by outliers on her cheeks and belly.

When sufficiently coated in Ben's cream, Carol fell back into the running
water to await Mike's servicing to expose her orgasmic glory. Able to devote
herself to his plunging fingers completely now, the oversexed Seaver sister
began groaning with increasing frequency, her glowing skin advertising to all
present just what the correct motivation could do.

"Mike, that's wonderful..." she sighed, rubbing the greasy semen into her
breasts. "Don't stop... keep going... faster!" She was really getting into
it now, thrusting her gaping snatch onto Mike's hand, spilling goo

"Luke was right, sis." Mike whispered convincingly. "You are so beautiful..."

"Mmmm..." Carol replied dreamily, enjoying her fingering while contemplating
a response. "You should see me when I'm coming!"

"I'll make sure you do." Mike resolved, looking deep into her eyes. "And
never leave you dry again."

"I love you too Mike..." Carol huffed, close to the treasured moment. "Now
please finish!"

Knowing she was primed for climax, Mike began ruthlessly assaulting Carol's
pussy with his slender finger. While the same pressure from a bulging cock
brought her to near-tears minutes ago, a skinnier probe couldn't help but
make his young sister come her brains out. Holding his hands close to her
vagina as she erupted, Carol yelled out in glory as her own juices poured
out, being silenced out of love by Mike's affectionate lips. At the end of
it all, she was reduced to a wheezing mess, languidly catching her breath
from such a wonderful experience.

"So..." Luke sidled, coming cheek-to-cheek with his new love and locking
lips as well. "You think we can do this from now on?" His face had the hope
of endless nights of wild bucking into his willing sister, culminating in
week-long sexual orgies when their parents' heavy work schedules overlapped.

"Hey..." Carol panted, returning his gesture. "As long as you and Mike can
ease up on those big pricks of yours, you'll have a lot more of this coming!"
_ _ _

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