GROWING PAINS: Kate And Julie Screw The Seavers (m/f,orgy)
by [email protected]

Maggie Seaver was asleep in bed when she heard the doorbell ring. She pushed
her head into the pillows and hoped someone else would answer it. Then she
realized everyone was out the kids were gone for a couple of days and her
husband Jason was at some psychiatrist thing for most of the day. She heard
the bell ring again and knew there was nothing for it but to get up and
answer it. She quickly threw on a robe and slippers and raced downstairs. She
opened the door and found two very attractive men waiting. "Yes what can I do
for you?"

"You called a plumber ma'am." The first man answered.

"Right, the garbage disposal isn't working, right over here." Maggie lead
them into the kitchen, she noticed the first man was very attractive with
blonde hair blue eyes and a muscular physique. Then the second moved past her
and she noticed he was an attractive black man with chiseled features.

"No problem, we should have this finished in no time, by the way I'm Tony."
He turned to the black man, "and this is my assistant Pete."

She shook hands with the two men. "I'm Maggie Seaver. Well if you'll be okay
here, I'm going to get dressed." She turned and left the kitchen as she made
her way back to the bedroom. A thought went through her head the two men had
barely given her a second glance. She knew she was getting older but she
thought she was still attractive so she decided she'd show the two men a
thing or two.

Maggie went to her closet and pulled out something she thought they would
like. A pair of boots that went to just below her knees then a skirt that
showed her knees and a touch of thigh and was also slit up the sides. Then
she put on a tight white blouse that showed off her large tits, she decided
to forgo the bra and give the boys a real treat.

Maggie walked downstairs and found the two men still working in the kitchen.
They had their equipment spread out around the floor. As she walked in the
two men looked up and their jaws dropped. They both dropped whatever they
were holding and stared. "You boys mind if I get in here and make myself some

"No, not at all." They both responded wanting to see as much of this
attractive lady as possible. Pete went back to work under the sink He
couldn't believe it when Maggie walked over and stood above him. He sneaked
a peak up her skirt and was amazed that she wasn't wearing any underwear
giving him a first rate view of her blonde snatch. His hard on was raging at
the sight. He excused himself to go to the bathroom so he could jerk off.

Maggie grinned as she saw Pete leave, the bulge in his jeans leaving little
doubt what he was going to the bathroom for. She busied herself in the
kitchen for a bit even rubbing up against Tony once or twice. When Pete came
back Tony excused himself. Maggie decided to grab a sneak peak. She followed
Tony out of the kitchen and gave him a couple of minutes. Then she barged
into the bathroom. "I'm sorry," she spoke as she saw Tony stroking a rather
large prick it must have been seven inches. As he looked over at Maggie she
was stunned that he kept stroking himself. She watched as his eyes roamed her
body and with one last stroke shot a load of sperm into the toilet. Maggie
beat a hasty retreat. She stayed away from the two men for a little while
after that. After a while they called her into the kitchen.

"Well we're done here Mrs. Seaver." Tony started as she came in. He continued
to work on his figures on the job.

"Call me Maggie please." She responded, they had both jerked off to the sight
of her body.

"Okay Maggie." Tony finished with a flourish and handed her the bill.

Maggie was shocked. "But this is over a thousand dollars!" She exclaimed.

"I'm sorry but we spent most of the day here and had to replace most of the
sink. If you look at my figures you'll see we were quite fair."

"Yes it's all here." Maggie looked down the list, "but its so much can't you
do anything for me? My husband will be very upset.." She responded without

"Well I suppose we could work out some kind of trade." Tony responded out of
the corner of his eye he could see Pete had a shit eating grin on his face.

"What kind of trade?" Maggie asked.

"Well you're a beautiful woman Maggie. A fact you've really shown us today,
if we could just have a little fun I'll rip up this big bill."

"You mean you want me to have sex with you two, are you serious?"

"Very serious. We could do it right here, Come on Maggie you want it, admit

Maggie was intrigued, it was wrong but her sex life with Jason had been quite
ordinarily recently. She suspected he was having an affair. Now was a chance
to even the score and a threesome had been a fantasy since her college days,
so long ago. "I'm not sure?"

"Come on it'll be fun." Tony moved closer to Maggie and wrapped an arm around
her shoulders. He then moved in and gave her a kiss as she returned it he
slipped his tongue past her lips. "That's it Maggie."

Pete moved in beside Maggie and gave her a kiss. Tony started to work on
opening her blouse. Maggie felt her blouse opening and the mens hands were
massaging her tits, as their mouths started to work on her nipples she lost
all control. "God yes," she moaned as her skirt was pulled from her body.
Pete shoved her hand down his pants and she start to stroke his ever growing
hard on. Tony moved aside and removed his coveralls she saw that his hard on
was raging. He moved between her legs. "Yes fuck me now." Tony's prick
penetrated her hot cunt in one swift stroke. "Yes harder do me now." She
moaned as Tony pounded into her body.

As Tony was fucked Maggie, Pete decided to strip out of his tight pants. As
he finished removing his clothes, Tony had Maggie up on the kitchen table and
was fucking the shit out of her, she moaned for more. Pete decided to get in
on the action and moved up beside the table and pushed his cock at her face.

Maggie saw the large black cock just inches from her face. she opened her
mouth and Pete put it closer. She licked at the head and then took the tip
into her mouth. She couldn't believe she was sucking a black cock as another
man was fucking her. She managed to take about half of the cock into her
mouth before it hit the back of her throat. Maggie tried to use her tongue
and lips to pleasure it, as she continued her mouth work she felt Tony pound
into her and shoot his load of cum into her cunt.

"God you've got a tight cunt Maggie." Tony pulled out. "You want a turn

"Damn right!" Pete pulled his cock out of Maggie's mouth and moved around to
Maggie's cunt. He jammed his prick into her cunt it was a tight fit but he
forced it inside.

Maggie couldn't believe the sensations as Pete's huge black dick penetrated
places no one else had ever reached. Tony came beside her head and offered
her his messy cock She could hardly believe it when she opened her mouth and
started sucking it in.

Kate McDonald and Julie McCoy had met earlier in the day, after talking about
their relationships with Mike Seaver they decided their problems all started
with his mother Maggie. Kate after some convincing got Julie to go back with
her and talk it out with Maggie Seaver. It was too late for Julie's
relationship but Kate felt she and Mike still had a chance.

They walked together to the back door of the Seaver's house. Kate was
reaching for the doorbell when her jaw dropped at the sight that greeted her.
On the kitchen table Maggie Seaver was getting fucked by a large black man as
a second man was getting a blow job. "My god!" Kate exclaimed.

"Well she has a good body." Julie offered. "I don't think we should disturb
them." As she said it she found she couldn't take her eyes of the three

Maggie was in heaven a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, both larger
then she had ever had before. Pete picked her up in his strong arms as Tony's
cock fell out of her mouth he objected. "Don't worry I just want her to ride
my prick."

As Pete lay back on the floor Maggie got the idea quick. "Yes I want to ride
it." She got on top of Pete's prick and was quickly riding up and down on it,
as Pete was quick to take advantage of her heavy tits. Tony came over and
offered his prick to her mouth and she quickly gobbled him up trying to make
him cum in her mouth.

Tony had other ideas, he moved around behind Maggie and pushed her body
forward. She didn't seem to realize what he had in mind till he positioned
himself behind her and opened up her ass cheeks.

"What are you doing?" Maggie was shocked. She had let Jason fuck her in the
ass once or twice, but now Tony wanted to screw her there while another cock
was in her cunt. The idea was so naughty.

"Don't worry just relax and enjoy." Tony felt the tension fall away from her
body she relaxed her ass as he pushed a finger into her.

"God it feels so good." Maggie moaned as the finger penetrated her. She felt
him start to force it in and out. "Yes fuck my ass, stick you're prick in
there now." She felt the finger pull out to be replaced by the head of his
prick. She tried to force her way back onto it but he pulled away making her
wait. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. "Fuck me
now." She screamed as his dick penetrated her ass. Pete continued to fuck her
pussy. "Yes right there, I'm so full it feels incredible."

Jason Seaver arrived home. He pulled into the driveway still arguing with
his son Ben. As he got out of the car he saw two very attractive young women
looking in at the kitchen, it took him a minute before he recognized Julie
and Kate, but their asses were so nice it didn't take long. They seemed
completely oblivious to their presence as he and Ben walked closer. He
noticed they both had their hands down by their waists what could they be
watching he wondered. As he came up behind them he said. "Hello girls what
can i do for you?" He continued to reach for the door. They let out some
unintelligible grunts then Jason looked in the kitchen and couldn't believe
what he saw. Maggie was on top of a large black man fucking him as a white
man was pounding into her ass .

Jason ripped the back door off the hinges as he walked in. "What the hell is
going on here?" He shouted. Maggie couldn't believe Jason was seeing her like
this. She tried to get up but the guys held onto her for a second. She felt
Pete fill her cunt with his seed as Tony shot his load up her ass. They
quickly withdrew as Maggie stood up.

"I asked what's going on here?" Jason demanded.

"I can explain!" Maggie cried out.

"I'm sorry." Tony offered as he grabbed his clothes.

"Get out of here now!" He threw Tony towards the door. Pete meekly followed
him they raced for their truck. "Maggie what the hell is going on."

Ben had seen the whole scene in the kitchen and much as he hated to admit it
the sight of his mom getting double penetrated excited him. He also saw that
Kate and Julie were similarly effected.. "Looks like my mom and dad will be
busy for a while. Would you ladies care to go up to Mike's room for a

"Yes I would." Kate was so hot she couldn't believe it. She wanted to cum so
badly and figured Mike's bathroom would be as good a place as any. At least
it had the plus that it was very close. Julie had the similar thoughts as
Kate, she followed Ben up the stairs to Mike's apartment over the garage. Ben
unlocked the door, Kate rushed in. "Excuse me." Kate raced to the bathroom.

'Damn' Julie thought as she ran her hand through her long blonde hair. She
had wanted to get off, now what was she supposed to do. Then she realized Ben
was looking at her with those puppy dog eyes.

"Long time no see Ben." She tried to make small talk but all she could think
of was the hot sex she had just witnessed. "I see you've grown up while I've
been away." She put a hand on Ben's shoulder. Then she heard Kate moan from
the bathroom and before she knew it she was giving Ben a deep kiss. "I want
you Ben." She whispered to him.

Ben couldn't believe this it was one of his major fantasies. As she nuzzled
on his neck he let his hands roam over Julie's tight body. Her body was
incredible like something out of playboy magazine. His hands roamed from her
ass to her tits, he squeezed on her tits through her sweater. "Oh yes," he
moaned as he felt his cock hardening.

Julie felt bens hardness through his pants. She opened up his belt then
opened his pants. She reached inside and started rubbing at his cock it felt
like a very nice piece of meat. She slid down his body, she pulled down his
pants. As she kneeled before him his cock sprang out, almost hitting her in
the face.

"My you have grown, haven't you Ben." She took his prick into her mouth, Ben
started to push forward.

"Take it easy Benny." She took his prick deeper into her mouth. Julie rubbed
the underside of his prick with her tongue, she could feel he was about to
cum and pulled off his prick. She used her hand to bring him off, he shot his
load into Mike's carpet.

"Ohh yeah that was incredible." Ben pulled Julie up until she was facing him.
He started to push his tongue down her throat.

"How about returning the favor?" Julie asked sexily.

"Of course anything." Ben was in awe as Julie started to pull off her
clothes. He ran his hands over her body, as each delectable piece came into
view. Once the last of her clothes hit the floor she lay back on the bed.

"Would you eat me out Ben?" She spread her legs.

"Definitely, yes!" He moved down between her legs it was the first sight of a
pussy up close he dove right in.

As soon as his tongue hit her clit Julie let go with a wild orgasm, she felt
herself cumming like a geyser, Ben never slowed with his mouth work. Whatever
he lacked in experience he made up for with boyish energy. He was hitting her
clit over and over no one had eaten her this good before, she felt herself
cumming again. As she came down she saw Kate was coming out of the bathroom
straightening her dress. "God YES!" She moaned as Ben started to use his
fingers on her pussy.

"Julie what are you doing?" Kate stood over the bed in shock, staring at the
two naked bodies writhing in pleasure. She realized that she hadn't satisfied
herself with masturbating over the toilet.

"I was so hot, I couldn't help myself." Julie managed to gasp out as a second
and third finger penetrated her pussy. "He's just incredible, you've got to
try him."

"Maybe I will." Kate thought a moment, then reached behind her to unzip her

Ben looked up to see Kate stripping down. He was stunned as her dark skinned
body was revealed. She had bigger tits then Julie and was maybe even more
attractive with her dark hair tanned and toned body.

"WOW" Ben groaned as Kate moved onto the bed. He immediately dove into her
snatch and started to eat out her muff. This time he started to use his
fingers immediately opening her up and nibbling on her honey pot.

Carol Seaver arrived home from school, she was about to head into the house.
She noticed the back door was off its hinges. She then heard her mother and
father really shouting at each other. From their tone she knew that she
didn't want to get involved. She looked up and saw the lights were on in
Mike's apartment, so she figured she could wait it out in there. As she
headed up the stairs she thought she heard some odd sounds coming from Mike's
room . Carefully she edged out and around the roof in order to look in the
window. Carol couldn't believe the sight that greeted her, there on Mike's
bed was Ben, her younger brother, eating out Mike's girlfriend Kate as his
old fiance Julie looked on. The sight of their naked bodies was incredible,
she decided to grab the video recorder and get a tape of this hot session.
She snuck into the house and got the recorder and made it back to the roof
just as ben seemed to be finishing up eating out Kate's cunt. Carol started
to record.

Ben crawled up between the two women. His jaw was tired and covered with the
two ladies cum. He was surprised when Julie kissed him sucking some of Kate's
cum off his chin, then Kate gave him a kiss.

"I think Ben deserves a little loving." Julie grabbed a hold of his raging
hard on. "Mind if I go first?" She asked Kate. When she didn't object she got
up on her knees and then swung her leg over Ben's prick. She started to lower
herself onto his prick, she was pleased to notice Kate was holding Ben's
hardon guiding it to her snatch. As it got closer Kate used her other hand to
open up Julie's pussy. Julie felt Ben's prick slid up and into her cunt. She
pushed down until she had taken the whole thing into her pussy. "God yes!"
Julie started to ride up and down on Ben's prick. The sensations were
heavenly she felt sucking at her nipples. Julie looked down expecting to see
Ben but Kate was sucking on her tits.

Ben was in heaven, the feelings inside of Julie's cunt was driving him nuts.
He tried to hold back but as Kate leaned over his head and suckled at Julie's
nipples was just too much for him. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned as he pushed
into Julie. She pulled off of him.

Julie didn't want Ben to cum inside of her. She pulled off and grabbed his
cock in her hand and started to jerk him off. Kate played with his balls,
then Kate lowered her mouth over Ben's cock. With one convulsive jerk Ben
shot his load into Kate's mouth.

"Yeah," Kate swallowed all of Ben's spunk. She had always loved the taste,
she came off his prick for a minute and held it as it deflated.

Mike Seaver opened the door to his room and walked inside. He threw his books
onto the bed. When he heard someone say ohh he looked over and his jaw hung
open for a minute. The two women he had most been attracted to Julie and Kate
were naked with his little brother Ben. "What is going on here?" Mike yelled
a bit louder then he'd intended.

Kate answered at once to dispel his anger. "We're just having a bit of fun
Mike, maybe you'd care to join us. We seem to have worn out you're poor
little brother."

"Well I don't know." Mike debated with himself for a second.

"Come on, we're so hot." Julie laid back displaying her body.

Kate moved over and sat on the desk. She opened her legs exposing her pussy
to Mike. "Shut up and get those clothes off." She said trying to sound as
sexy as possible. "Or should we get dressed."

"No,no." Mike started striping. As soon as his shorts hit the floor, he moved
over to rub a hand over the patch of dark hair over Kate's cunt. He was
amazed at the wetness he felt as he snuck first one finger then a second into
her pussy. "You like that baby!" He commented as he heard Kate moaning to the
ministrations of his fingers. He drove them into her faster and faster as she
stoked his cock. "Why don't you get on the floor." Mike pushed Kate down till
she was on her hands and knees. He had always wanted to do this with her but
she had never let him.

"Come on, fuck me Mike." Kate spread her legs as Mike took up position behind
her. She tried to look underneath but her large tits blocked her view. Kate
felt the tip of Mike's prick enter her. "Yes more." Kate drove back into him.
They started to move in unison fucking harder and harder.

"Yeah Mike fuck the shit out of her." Julie watched enthralled from the bed,
Ben continued to fondle her body. She felt his prick growing hard as he
rubbed it against her. "Ready for another round Ben?" She spread her legs as
Ben positioned himself behind her his cock at the entrance to her hot pussy.
"Go ahead do it Ben." She moaned as Ben started to piston his prick in and
out of her tight cunt. Julie felt herself cumming as she watched Mike fuck
Kate. She had never really been attracted to a woman before but Kate was
something else.

Mike was enjoying shoving his prick into Kate's luscious cunt. He opened up
her ass cheeks and used his fingers to start probing her anus.

"Yeah stick your finger in my ass." Kate had noticed Julie watching them and
she wanted her to know everything they were doing. "God I'm cumming." She
moaned as her orgasm ripped through her. Mike pulled out and shot his load
all over her back and ass.

Julie felt herself cum at the same time Kate did. As she calmed down Ben
pulled out of her pussy and shot a load all over her. Ben lay exhausted at
her side, she looked over and saw Mike and Kate fondling each other but Mike
wasn't getting any harder. "Well," Julie made a pretense of looking at her
watch. "I better get going." She jumped up from the bed and started to
collect her clothes.

"Right," Kate disentangled herself from Mike and grabbed her dress. She
slipped it on not even bothering with her underwear. "I've got to go too."

"You cant' go," Mike sat up, "not yet."

Julie pulled on her sweater then managed to slip into her tight jeans. After
seeing Kate skip her underwear, Julie had decided to do the same. "Maybe
we'll get together again." She bent down and kissed Mike. never intending to
see him or Ben again.

"Don't call me, I'll call you." Kate looked back at the two boys as she slid
out of the room.

Julie followed close behind her, she closed the door. "I need a shower."

"Yeah I know." Julie started to walk away. She turned and looked back at Kate
still amazed at how good she looked. "Why don't you give me a call, we'll get

"Sounds like fun." The two girls went their separate ways.

Jason and Maggie

Jason couldn't believe what he'd seen his wife being fucked by two men,
one in her cunt and another in her pussy. "My God Maggie! What were you

Maggie raced out of the kitchen and ran to their bedroom. She tried to close
the door behind her but Jason was in the room before she could lock it.

"What the hell happened?" Jason demanded.

"I don't know. They handed me this large bill and offered to take it out in
trade and then and then, we were just doing it. I'm sorry Jason!"

"How big a bill? No that's not important. What do we do now, do you want a

"No Jason. I love you, its just I lost control. I needed some wild sex, I'm
sorry I'll do anything to make it up to you."

Jason thought about it for a moment. "What could you possibly do to get the
image of you with two other men out of my mind?"

"I don't know," Maggie tried to think. "Just give me a chance and I'll make
it up to you. You can have me right now if you want."

"I don't think so maybe later." Jason was still to angry for sex. He walked
out and left the house. He didn't know what he was going to do, he headed for
the nearest bar.

Maggie showered and got dressed. She didn't know how she'd make it up to
Jason but she knew she had to do something special. She heard Carol come in.
Maggie decided she needed to talk to her daughter. As she walked downstairs
she noticed Carol was carrying the video recorder. "Carol can I talk to you?"

Carol put down the machine. "Sure mom."

"I just wanted to let you know that your father and I are having some
problems." Maggie began.

Carol got up from the couch. "Mom! I'm not really comfortable with this." She
managed to dodge any further conversation and raced out of the house.

After Carol left, Maggie was sitting alone. She started to wonder what Carol
had been taping. Finally curiosity got the better of her and she slipped the
tape out of the machine and into the VCR. When she pushed play she couldn't
believe what she saw, on the screen there was her young son Ben in bed with
Mike's old girlfriends Kate and Julie. My god they were beautiful, Maggie
thought. After awhile Mike came in and the four of them started to have sex.
As she watched it came to her how she could make it up to Jason. If she could
get those two young hard bodies to screw Jason silly, she figured he would
forget this afternoon.

Over the next week Maggie arranged meetings with both Kate and Julie. After
some convincing, including threatening to slip the tape into the evening
news, the girls agreed to come to the house in order to fuck Jason. She
planned it for a night when all the kids were going to be out. Just before
Jason came home she sneaked the two girls into their bedroom and got them to
dress in sexy lingerie. Kate was in a white teddy, while Julie dressed in a
green shift slit up the side to about her waist. Both outfits were at least
partially see through. She had the girls wait in their bathroom, as she took
a sexy position on their bed in a bright red teddy that showed her legs and
showed a lot of her cleavage.

"Maggie I'm home." Jason yelled up as he came in the kitchen. He still
couldn't get the image of Maggie and the two men out of his mind. Every time
he entered the kitchen and he got mad.

"Jason I'm in the bedroom. Could you come up here?" She yelled back.

Jason walked upstairs and entered her bedroom. He saw Maggie taking a sexy
pose on the bed.

"Maggie, I don't think I'm ready. I can't forget what I saw."

"Well I thought I might give you another image to fill your mind, perhaps
something a bit more pleasurable." Maggie stretched on the bed showing Jason
her body, she saw he was less then enthusiastic. "Well if I'm not enough I've
made other arrangements, girls." She called out.

Jason was stunned two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen stepped
out of the bathroom, both in sexy lingerie. It took him a moment to recognize
the girls, the blonde was Julie their onetime maid and Mike's onetime fiance.
While the olive skinned beauty was Kate, a recent girlfriend of Mike's, whom
he hadn't seen for awhile. Of all Mike's girlfriends these were the two he
found most attractive. As his mind cleared he realized he had last seen these
two at Maggie's indiscretion. The two sat on the bed next to Maggie. "What's
going on here?" Jason asked his hardon was raging.

"Well Jason I had a bit of a talk with the girls and they so enjoyed watching
me they wanted to help me take care of you. They've agreed to do anything we
want tonight."

"You're kidding?" Jason responded not believing this for a minute but Maggie
nodded her head. "You're not kidding!"

"No she's not Jace." Julie responded. She had agreed as much to be with Kate
as anything else, and Maggie had promised she'd get to have more then a
little fun with Kate.

"You seem a bit overdressed, why don't you let us see what you've got for us.
I can already see you're more then up for it." Kate stood and walked over to
Jason, she ran her hands over his body. Kate had agreed to this to be with
Julie she always wanted to try having sex with another woman and this was her
best chance without having to seduce one. As Jason started to take off his
clothes she ran her hands over every bit of exposed flesh. "Yes," she moaned
as his dick popped into view. A nice one, she thought, it was at least six or
seven inches long and thick "Yes I want you to use me anyway you want."

Jason ran his hands over Kate's body. He pushed the straps of her lingerie
over her shoulders and let her teddy fall to the ground. He loved the sight
of her tanned skin he quickly sucked on her nipples. She continued to stroke
his cock he moved her toward the bed. He sat on the bed. "Why don't you suck
me off Kate?" Jason sat on the edge of the bed as Kate knelt down and took
his prick into her mouth. "Oh YES!"

Julie slid up next to Jason, wanting to watch Kate sucking at his cock "She's
good isn't she?" As she spoke Jason turned to her and gave her a deep kiss.
His hands wandered over her tits. She moaned as his hands reached the area
between her legs she enjoyed the feelings as he rubbed her crotch through the
thin material of her lingerie.

"Take it off." Jason ordered and was surprised as Julie stood and pulled her
shift over her head. Exposing her naked body, it was exquisite. He noticed
even Kate came off his cock to look at her. "Get over here." He pulled Julie
onto the bed. "You mind if I take her Maggie?" He asked as he was climbing
onto Julie.

"You can take them anyway you like, fuck their pussy's asses mouths, cum
inside them anything you want. I've taken care of everything." Maggie looked
over at the two girls young hard bodies. "Do you mind if I join in the fun."

"Not at all." He positioned himself on top of Julie and moved his cock
between her legs.. He noticed Kate and Maggie taking positions on either side
of Julie. He rubbed his cock around the entrance to her slit. "It feels so

Maggie and Kate reached in and pulled her legs apart. They pulled her pussy
lips apart as Jason continued to rub his cock around her hole. "She seems
ready. Why don't you fuck her?" Maggie offered her to him. Jason slid his
cock into the girl. "Yeah fuck her hard!" Kate encouraged him.

"Feel free to cum inside her. I've arranged it all for you're pleasure
tonight." Maggie offered Jason encouragement.

"It feels so tight." Jason moaned as he pounded into her. "She's incredible!"
He felt Maggie sliding down, he felt her start to lick at his ball sack as he
continued to fuck Julie. Maggie used her tongue to slide up from his balls to
his asshole he was amazed and turned on as Maggie's tongue penetrated his
ass. He felt his balls boiling as he pounded into her. He shot his load deep
into her pussy. "YES!"

"Not bad Jace." Julie gave him a kiss as his cock slid out of her cunt. As he
fell off her body, she and Maggie started to hug, Julie turned to Kate and
gave her a kiss, Kate then started to slide down her body using her tongue to
go right between her tits right to the brown patch of hair above her pussy.
"Yes, yes!" Julie screamed as Kate penetrated her pussy and started to eat
her out. "More, more!"

Maggie and Jason watched the two young women in the throes of passion. Jason
could feel his dick starting to get hard. "Well I'm ready for more." He
turned to Maggie who had a glazed look on her face.

"I'll take Kate, you can have Julie."

"I don't want to break them up." Maggie replied.

"We don't have to, you sit on Julie's face, I'll fuck Kate." As he said it he
stood up and got off the bed. He pulled Kate down to the end of the bed so
that her legs were hanging off the end of the bed. He noted that Kate had
pulled Julie along with her and was still eating her out. He slipped into
Kate's cunt easily and was enjoying the sensations as he watched Maggie slid
up and over Julie's face. He fucked Kate's pussy for a while, he watched as
all three women writhed in orgasms, he decided he wanted something more. He
pulled out of Kate's pussy and positioned himself at the entrance to Kate's

Maggie noticed Jason switching position and decided to encourage him to live
out all his fantasies. "Go ahead Jason, fuck her ass!"

Kate felt the pressure at the entrance to her ass and Maggie's comment. She
looked back to see Jason at the entrance to her ass. "I've never," but his
cock penetrated her tight ass she felt pain at first but as he started to
fuck her ass she started to enjoy it. "YES, fuck my virgin ass!" She went
back to eating Julie out, each time Jason pushed into her ass she was pushed
into Julie's dripping cunt.

Carol came home from college. She hadn't planned it but her roommate was
entertaining some guy. As she walked in the house she heard strange noises
coming from her parents bedroom. She snuck up to the room, she saw the door
was open a crack, she looked inside and saw all four of them writhing in
ecstasy. She decided to run and grab the VHS recorder {She had really enjoyed
watching Ben and Mike with the girls} and then took up position to tape her
parents access.

"God I'm cumming." Jason moaned as he pushed far into Kate's ass and shot his
load up into Kate's bowels. "That was incredible." He climbed onto the bed as
the three women disconnected themselves. and slid next to Jason.

Julie looked down and saw Jason's prick was all soft and sorry looking. "I
think you need a blowjob, I think Maggie should suck you off."

"Great idea!" Jason perked up. "Get to it Maggie." He enjoyed Maggie's oral
ministrations, he ran his hands over the young girls bodies. "Why don't you
two take care of each other, how about a 69?"

"Great idea! How do you want us?" Kate asked.

"Well you worked hard the last time. Why don't we let Julie get on top."

"Yeah get to it girl." Kate slapped Julie playfully on the ass, she moved
over Kate's body. Kate was in heaven as Julie's tongue penetrated her pussy.
She quickly returned the favor, enjoying the sweet taste of Julie's pussy.

Jason was enjoying watching the two girls, while getting a blow job from
Maggie. His erection was coming back and he had an idea what he wanted to do
with it. He knelt on the bed behind Julie with his prick right over Kate's
face. "Here I come Julie." He warned her as he forced his prick into her
pussy, he could feel Kate's tongue running along the underside of his prick.
He pulled out of Julie's pussy and pushed his prick down into Kate's mouth,
the feeling was incredible, as she sucked Julie's juices off his prick. He
reached down and started playing with Julie's pussy getting his fingers slick
with her juices then he used his fingers to lubricate her ass.

Julie felt his fingers penetrating her tight ass, even his finger hurt at
first but as more and more of first one then two and then a third finger
penetrated her anus, she felt herself start to enjoy it more and more. She
wanted some real meat back there. "Yes, Jason fuck my ass, stick you're rod
up my bunghole do it to me." She felt him position his prick at the entrance
to her ass. The tip slid into her and she felt Kate start to work on her clit
again. "God yes do me!" She moaned as she had an incredible orgasm. She could
imagine her juices covering Kate's face, Jason was now fucking her ass in
ernest. "Yes do it!" She tried to work her ass muscles trying to bring him
off, it didn't seem to be working Jason just kept pounding her ass.

Jason was enjoying Julie's ass but Kate was right there, so he pulled out of
Julie and rammed his cock into Kate's mouth. After fucking her face for a few
strokes he switched to Julie's pussy then back to Julie's tight ass. The
feeling from each of these three holes was incredible. He continued to switch
off until he felt a stirring in his loins he rammed his cock up Julie's ass
as far as it would go and shot his load. His dick started to shrivel as it
slipped out of Julie's ass. He felt Kate use her tongue on it but he was too
spent for it to make any difference. "That was incredible!" He slumped back
onto the bed exhausted.

"Then I've made it up to you for my little indiscretion?" Maggie asked as she
held onto her husband, she was delighted when he smiled and nodded. "Alright
girls, thanks for you're help you can go now." Maggie had already made
arrangements for them to us the shower done the hall, then leave.

Carol heard the two girls leaving and quickly scurried to her bedroom to
masturbate. After the sights she'd seen as she watched the tape she got an
idea. Her mother Maggie, Kate and Julie had always intimidated her. Carol
blamed them for a lot of her problems and she wanted them to pay. Over the
next week she enlisted Mike and Ben's aide in a little plain. She used the
tape to blackmail the three women into being her slaves for a weekend, a
weekend her father would be out of town. He got Mike to invite his friends
Eddie and Boner as well as his ward Luke, who was going to be in town that

Carol made special arrangements for the weekend, preparations the other women
were going to be very surprised about. As the three women arrived she made
them wait in a bedroom. As the men all arrived and took their places around
the living room she went over her instructions to them, that she was in
charge she'd say when and where they'd have sex with the three women.

When she was confident the men would all follow her instructions she went and
brought the three women downstairs. As she led them before the men they let
out more then a few hoops and hollers. Carol enjoyed their embarrassment, she
made sure that they gave the boys a show of their bodies. Kate and Maggie
were both in tight jeans and equally tight shirts, while Julie was in a tight
dress that went to just below her knees. Carol ran her hands over their
bodies making sure they were wearing no underwear as she had ordered. "Well
boys who do you want to see first?" The guys couldn't agree but Kate seemed
to be a bit of a favorite. "Alright Kate lets see those tits of yours." Carol
went and sat by the boys.

Kate had trouble doing as ordered, she hesitated but Carol ordered her again
and threatened that she'd have the boys strip her naked and spank her. She
had no choice she opened up her shirt allowing her tits out, there were
shouts of encouragement and praise at the sight of her breasts. She kind of
liked the attention. She slid the shirt off her back and then turned giving
the boys a bit of a show.

The boys enjoyed seeing Kate half naked but know it was time for the other
two. "Alright lets have a tit contest, lets see em ladies. The boys will
decide who has the nicest pair." Carol watched in pleasure as Maggie and
Julie stripped to the waist, as they stood there half naked she decided to
push it. "Well guys you can't judge them from this distance, get up close and
examine them." The boys didn't have to be told twice, they quickly went to
the three women and started to paw at their tits. Carol slipped a hand into
her skirt and a finger into her pussy as she watched the three women getting
felt up. After awhile she had enough. "Alright guys line up behind the one
you like best."

Carol watched as Eddie and Luke picked her mother Maggie. Ben and Boner
picked Kate, while Mike stood behind Julie. "Well I guess Julie loses," Carol
thought a moment, "She loses the rest of her clothes." She motioned to Mike
and he quickly stripped off the rest of her dress leaving her naked. "Alright
Mike you can take her anyway you want." She watched as Mike pushed her down
and started to fuck her doggysstyle. "Now you two girls should thank these
guys for their votes. I think blowjobs are in order get to it ladies."

The guys liked the idea and quickly stripped. Carol looked the men over,
Eddie had an average size prick only four inches, Luke was almost six inches,
about the same as Ben and Mike. She was shocked when Boner's body was
revealed, he was very muscular from his time with the marines and he had a
prick that must have been almost a foot long.

Kate was confronted by Boners huge prick, she started to use her hands on it
as she took Ben's smaller prick into her mouth. Ben ran his prick into her
mouth and quickly shot his load down her throat. Then Kate switched to
Boner's monster, she continued to use her hands on the shaft as she took the
head into her mouth. Before she knew what was happening Boner had his hands
in her hair and was forcing more and more of his monster cock into her. She
tried to relax as more slipped into her she felt it sliding along her tongue
and touching the back of her throat. No one had ever been this deep before
she relaxed and tried to breath through her nose as the cock slipped into her
throat. Finally her nose was buried in pubic hair she could barely breath but
Boner was groaning. He pulled out of her throat as he shot load after load
into her mouth. Kate swallowed as much as she could, as Carol had ordered
earlier. As his cock slipped out of her mouth she collapsed to the ground
gasping for air.

Maggie was confronted by two pricks. She would have no trouble blowing them
separately but they both wanted to go at the same time. She forced her mouth
open as far as possible as they both slipped their cocks past her lips.
Maggie used her tongue to pleasure the tips of their pricks, within seconds
they both shot loads into her mouth but there was so much she couldn't
swallow it all and it ran down between her tits. They both left her and she
saw Mike shoot his load into Julie's pussy and Kate was just recovering from
her throating, Maggie gasped as she first saw boners prick.

Carol had enjoyed the show and the mens pricks were a bit limp it was time
for her to have some fun.. "Julie you're mouth hasn't seen much use get over
here." Carol pulled her panties down and exposed her pussy. "Make me cum, eat
me out." She watched in excitement as Julie crawled on her hands and knees
over to her cunt. Carol spread her legs allowing Julie easy access, she felt
herself cumming as Julie's expert tongue touched her clit but she held off
wanting this moment to last. "Yes stick you're tongue in there!" She felt
Julie explore new depths of her pussy. "God yes!" Carol moaned as she felt
herself cumming, she drove her pussy onto Julie's face as she came. She came
down slowly from her orgasm.

Carol looked around the room and the men were starting to regain their
erections. They were playing with Kate and Maggie's tits. Carol pulled off
her blouse and enjoyed the reactions of the men, even after seeing the other
womans large tits hers still got attention. She stood naked in the room. "I
think there are still two people in this room dressed. I think we should take
care of that.."

Mike grabbed at the waist of Kate's jeans as Ben held her shoulders. He
pulled Kate's tight jeans off her legs. As he threw her jeans aside he ran
his hands up her spectacular legs putting his hand against her pussy.

Luke and Eddie quickly pulled the rest of Maggie's clothes off spending a lot
of time admiring her tight ass. They pushed her back onto the couch between
them and continued to fondle her body. Eddie stuck a couple of fingers into
her pussy as she humped his hand.

Carol watched this and noticed Boner with his amazing boner was left out of
the groping. She really wanted to see someone take on that monster cock,
although she was too intimidated to try it. "Okay ladies I want to see Boner
use that tool of his on a women, any volunteers?" She looked over her three
slaves and decided that Kate was the one she wanted to see get fucked by that
massive tool. "Its Kate's turn, come on." Carol motioned Boner to lay on the
ground. "Go for it Kate." She motioned Kate over.

Kate was intimidated by the size of Boner's tool but her cunt was dripping
wet at just the thought of trying it. She moved over on top of Boner. Carol
helped her to position her cunt right over Boner's tool. She gasped as the
head slid inside of her it was the biggest she had ever had. "OH GOD!" She
started to slide down Boner's massive prick. She felt herself orgasming as he
opened up her cunt. "Its soo big, it feels so good." Kate moaned as she hit
the halfway point on his prick Kate noticed every ones eyes were on her and
she loved it.

"Take it all Kate." Carol ordered as she ran her hands over Kate's tits. She
kneeled down over Boner's face, she felt him opening her pussy up and started
to stroke her clit with his tongue. She couldn't believe Boner was going to
bring both of them to orgasm, she leaned forward to suck on Kate's tits as
her orgasm overcame her.

Kate started to ride up and down on Boners prick, on each downstroke she'd
take a bit more of him into her tight cunt. "YES!" She screamed as she
impaled herself on his cock, taking the last of his cock into her pussy, it
reached places that had never been touched, before. orgasm after orgasm
racked her body as she fucked his cock. Until she just slumped atop Boner and
the practically fell off his prick.

Carol was amazed at Boners staying power. After the pounding Kate had given
him he was hard as a rock and he had brought her off a couple of times with
his mouth and fingers. She fell off of him and stared at his prick. "My god
Boner, how'd you keep that boner?" She asked.

"Why I just concentrated on your pleasure rather then my own sweet Carol."
Boner responded.

"Well then its time for you to pleasure yourself. You can use Kate."

"Oh boy." Boner pushed Kate into a kneeling position. Spreading her legs
he pushed his cock into Kate's cunt. "It feels so good." He pounded away
enjoying the sensations. Carol came up beside them and pulled apart her ass
cheeks. Boner knew an invitation when he saw it. He pulled out of her sopping
wet cunt and positioned it at the entrance to her ass with Carol's help he
slid the tip of his cock into her anus.

"Its too big." Kate moaned but she felt Boner pushing more and more into her.
As he fucked her ass she found herself feeling pleasure, she loved the fact
that everyone was watching them fuck. She started to meet his thrusts sending
his cock deeper into her ass. "God yes I want it all!" She yelled. She felt
Boner shoot his load deep into her bowels. She slumped forward, Boner on top
of her, she looked back and gave them all her best smile. "That was

Carol stood up. "Okay who's next?" She looked around the room Julie's eyes
seemed glazed from watching Kate's act. "Well I think Julie is ready for some

"With who?" Julie was very hot now and wanted a cock inside of her.

"OH I think everyone gets a turn."

"What?" Julie couldn't believe what Carol was suggesting, although she was
very turned on just thinking about it.

"Come on who wants her pussy?" Everyone wanted a turn. "Okay Mike down on the
floor Julie mount up." They quickly took their position and started to screw.
"Okay who wants her ass." Again most hands went up. "Alright Luke get to it."
Carol watched as Luke positioned himself between Mike's legs putting his cock
at the entrance to Julie's ass. Carol stopped him and moved over next to
Julie. "You want to be fucked in the ass, then beg for it." She whispered
into Julie's ear.

"Fuck me in the ass, do me hard." Julie moaned as she felt Luke slip his
cock inside her tight ass. He quickly started to pound at her ass as Mike
continued his assault on her pussy, he was even sucking on her tits. "Yes,
yes," she screamed as she felt herself cum..

"Well her mouth seems open, okay Eddie." Eddie started to move over into
position but before he got there Luke groaned and shot his load up Julie's
ass. He quickly moved out of the way. "Alright Ben, take her ass." Carol
offered to BenEddie pushed his cock into her mouth as he fucked her face Ben
slipped his cock into her ass. "Fuck her boys," Carol sat back and watched as
three cock pounded into sweet innocent blonde Julie.

As they probed her body, they spent time running their hands over her body.
Mike was the first to shoot his load into her pussy. He was quickly followed
by Ben who shot his load up her ass. Finally Eddie pulled out of her mouth
just as he shot load after load into her face. As Julie stood Carol could see
the cum dripping off her chin and the cum dribbling out of her cunt and ass.
The sight gave Carol an idea, she hadn't used her mother yet and the guys
weren't ready yet. "Say mom, Julie looks all messy, why don't you clean her

"Okay, I'll go get a towel." Maggie made a motion for the kitchen.

"No, I think you should get that tongue of yours busy." Carol grinned and
could see Julie and her mother Maggie were not repulsed by the idea. "You can
start with her face, then move to her ass and cunt."

Maggie slid down to the floor next to Julie. She started to kiss and lick her
face taking the cum off of her and swallowing it. She found it incredibly
sensual and felt herself dripping with desire as she kissed and licked her
way down Julie's incredible body.

Carol was enjoying watching her mother suck and lick Julie's body. She
slipped a finger into her own pussy, as Maggie moved between Julie's legs. As
Julie started reacting to Maggie's ministrations, Carol moved over on top of
Julie's face and sat down heavily. Carol pushed her pussy right into Julie's
face. Carol loved the sensations as Julie's tongue started to play with her
clit. "Good girl," she moaned as she pushed her pussy down on Julie's face.
As her juices flooded her face, she looked over and saw Boner had another
massive erection. "Get over here Boner."

Boner jumped up and ran over to where the three women were linked in ecstasy.
"Right here Carol." He put his cock right at eye level with Carol.

"Not me big boy. I want to see if Julie can take fit all of you in her mouth
like Kate did." She stood up and guided Boner's hard prick towards Julie's
sensuous lips. "Come on Julie take it all." Carol helped Boner push into
Julie, her eyes opened as she took more and more into her mouth. She managed
to fit it about halfway into her mouth. Carol looked down and could see she
wasn't going to be able to take anymore. "Well I think that's all she can
take, let my mom try."

"Alright Mrs. Seaver." Boner moved and offered his prick to Maggie's mouth.
She quickly engulfed the head and started to suck it in. She used her tongue
on the underside of his prick as more fit into her. She only managed to fit
a quarter of it into her mouth. "She knows what she's doing."

"But I don't think she can take anymore, why don't you fuck her ass?" Carol

"Sounds good to me." Boner quickly pulled out and shoved his cock into
Maggie's ass. He loved it as she screamed in pain, he started to abuse her
anus, he pounded away without mercy feeling the tightness of her bunghole.
The pressure was too much and he shot his load up her ass. "OH YEAH!"

Carol could see most of the rest of the men had their hard ons back and she
was getting a bit tired of all this. "Alright guys last chance, pick your
hole and fuck them silly." She was amazed to see that Boner's hard on had
returned. Eddie and Luke quickly grabbed Kate and threw her on the floor,
Eddie fucked her mouth as Luke took her ass. Ben then slid underneath her and
started fucking her pussy. Boner climbed atop Julie pushing his hard on into
her tight cunt, he pounded away then he pulled her over on top of him and
fucked her as her tits fell into his face. As Julies was cumming from Boner's
assault, Mike slipped his cock into her ass causing her to squeal in delight.
Carol watched as the two girls were fucked into oblivion. As the last of the
men filled the girls with their cum.

They all fell back exhausted, Carol then let the girls go shower and go to
the bathroom. She figured they'd been through enough, besides she had hidden
cameras set up all around the room and was practically cumming at the thought
of seeing it. Carol was leaving for Europe tomorrow and if she ever needed
money the tapes might come in handy.

the end


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