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Grey's Anatomy: Sisters, Ugh! Part 2 (F-solo)
by Fancrafted

It had been two weeks since Meredith had savagely disciplined her younger half-sister Lexie Grey in the stairwell and Meredith had already forgotten about the incident. Lexie, on the other hand, continued to stew over the events that had transpired. It had been a far cry from the happy family reunion that she had once pictured for her eventual meeting of Meredith Grey. Mistakenly overhearing Meredith get savagely embarrassed by another doctor at the hospital, Lexie had been subsequently discovered herself and treated like a small child by Meredith and told in no uncertain terms to "stay away and keep her mouth shut."

Lexie had lain there on the ground, her thong dug deep into her crack courtesy of the wedgie from her older sister, tears streaming down her face as her family reunion crashed and burned. Later, when she was able to pick herself up, she was devoutly grateful that no one had come along and added to her humiliation by finding her in that condition. She had unstuck her underwear, fixed her pants and shirt, retied her hair, and simply strolled out of the stairwell in a feat of nerve that she was unsure how exactly she had accomplished. A normally nervous and slightly edgy woman, Lexie finished her shift and went home to her family's home and cried herself to sleep.

Not only had she embarrassed the half-sister she had moved back across the country to get closer to, she had then been treated in an utterly humiliating fashion by that same sister. To make matters worse, there was a small part of Lexie that had been aroused by the whole matter. An analytical person, Lexie had forced herself to remember the event in detail and the only conclusion she could arrive at was that the thrill of being so dominated, so controlled had been the thing that had excited her. Once she reached that conclusion, Lexie did the only sensible thing someone in her situation could do and buried her head in the sand and ignored it. Of course she didn't get off on being so submissive, she had been with a few lovers and had never been excited by a loss of control. She was obviously missing something; therefore it couldn't be that.

Lexie spent the first week avoiding Meredith at all costs; to the point that people began asking Meredith if her sister owed her money in a half-joking tone. Lexie quickly came to the conclusion that such an approach was unsustainable in the long term and decided that what she would do from now on was to ignore Meredith. They were both adults, there was no reason that they had to be so antagonistic. She didn't seek her out; Lexie wasn't quite that bold but no longer was she fleeing the room when the elder Grey walked in. In the rare instance that Dr. Christina Yang's interns were required to speak to Meredith Grey, Lexie answered in as few words as possible. Unknown to her, this was raising a couple eyebrows as well, though not to the extent of her previous fleeing.

Dr. Christina Yang sighed mentally as once again, Three did her best to speak to Meredith as little as possible. She was normally all for avoiding of people or societal niceties but in this instance, her intern's poor behavior was reflecting on her and that was unacceptable. In a rare burst of tact, she elected to speak to Three after rounds were complete, in an isolated conversation.

"Three, I need to speak to you," Yang stated flatly. "The rest of you, leave."

Lexie walked over nervously; in her limited experience, Yang didn't do "nice" so this was unlikely to be pleasant.

"Three, I've noticed that the past few times during rounds that Dr. Grey asked you a question, it was the least I have ever seen you speak. You barely answer her before your mouth snaps shut. What's going on?" Christina managed, in a rare moment, to sound minutely sympathetic to the overwhelmed intern.

Lexie was unsure how exactly to answer Christina's question. As the well-known best friend of her sister, she was unlikely to not know of the antipathy between Meredith and Addison Montgomery-Shepherd but that still didn't mean that Lexie was about to blurt out what had happened. After a second of thought, she decided on a somewhat safer middle ground.

"Dr. Yang, I'm sure you know, Dr. Grey is my half-sister." Lexie paused as she looked to Yang for a confirming nod; getting one, she continued. "I've tried to reach out to her, to try and get to know her. That's a large part of why I wanted to intern here. Unfortunately, Meredith doesn't want to know me, she doesn't want to talk to me, she won't even acknowledge that we're sisters. So I've decided that it's easier to just not talk to her unless I have to." With that, Lexie decided that she had maybe said a sentence or two too much and closed her mouth abruptly with a dismayed look on her face.

Christina smiled in her most Christina way; there was little sympathy in that grin. "Three, I thought it might be something along those lines. I understand; family can be very tough."

Lexie was confused. She recognized the Christina grin but the words didn't match. However, Yang wasn't done speaking and as she finished, Lexie felt her confusion lift.

"However, understand this: I. Don't. Care. Your juvenile single word answers are beneath you and more importantly, it's starting to make me look bad and that I will not tolerate. You will learn to speak to your sister as a real person and doctor or you will find yourself a new hospital to intern at. In fact, I have an idea on how to speed up this process. For the next week, you will be on Meredith's service. Do you understand me, three?"

Lexie nodded glumly, her mood darkening as she realized that she was going to have to force herself to stand to be in Meredith's presence. She was going to have to learn to face her every day and all day.

"Yes, Dr. Yang, I understand."

* * *

5 days later and Lexie was ready to scream. She had been prepared for the week with Meredith to be difficult; what she had not been prepared for was to be frozen out and ignored by her resident. Meredith had taken her intern swap in silence and then proceeded to ignore Lexie at all times. She couldn't bar the younger woman from accompanying the others on rounds but not once did she ask the brunette doctor a question or solicit potential treatments. The past 5 days had been a complete waste of time!

Meredith and her interns were about to enter a patient's room when Addison Montgomery-Shepherd rounded the corner with a furious look on her face and stalked over to Meredith.

"Dr. Grey, do you remember the conversation we had a few weeks ago?" the older redhead hissed.

Meredith was torn; she didn't want to be seen as backing down to another doctor, especially this one but she also didn't want to be having this discussion in public. Opting to believe that Addison wouldn't repeat herself so blatantly with the interns at her shoulder, she selected her words with care and responded.

"Yes Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, I do remember that discussion and -" the green eyed Grey was cut-off by the angry OB/GYN.

"Then why am I hearing that you spent an hour this morning, not long ago, in an exam room with my husband? Alone?" The older doctor asked quietly with an icy calm that fooled no one.

"Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, I don't know why you would have heard that, " Meredith stammered, feeling her face burn in shame as she lied. "I haven't seen Derek, uh, Dr. Shepherd, in 2 or 3 days."

"Oh please," Addison responded with extreme vitriol, rolling her eyes. "Don't lie to me, homewrecker." She hissed the last word and almost physically threw it at Meredith, relishing how the younger woman flinched back at the accusation.

Meredith flushed at the insult, hurled at her in a way that was nearly physical from the sheer vitriol the fiery redhead crammed into three syllables. She started to sputter another denial that she knew no one listening would believe when rescue came from an unexpected quarter.

Watching the scene, Lexie was torn. After the way Meredith had treated her, she was petty enough to enjoy seeing her brought down a peg but she also felt very badly over just how hard Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd was publicly raking her over the coals. Without a conscious thought that she ever could recall, Lexie cleared her throat and said, "Excuse me, Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd?"

As two sets of eyes, one green and confused, the other blue and very angry, turned her way, Lexie briefly wondered why she had opened her mouth. She nearly meeped like a Muppet in terror at being noticed by the angry woman but deciding that she couldn't go back, Lexie plunged ahead without regard for the consequences.

"What I mean to say, Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, is that I think, I mean, it must be, at least that's what I think happened, is that someone lied to you. Or is mistaken. Yeah, probably mistaken. I mean, who would lie to you? Nobody would of course." Lexie managed to stop her near arrival into incoherence and inhaled before continuing. "Dr. Grey has been doing rounds with us for the last 2 hours. At least. I mean, it could 3 hours or maybe closer to 2 and half hours. Or so. Give or take." With a nearly audible snap, the babbling intern closed her mouth and breathed in deeply through her nose as she realized that she had forgotten to breath. And then nearly vomited in terror as she saw the emotions of anger, rage, and fury move across the redheaded woman's face.

"Excuse me?" The older doctor shot back to the near-cowering resident. "Did your intern just interrupt and the correct me?"

Meredith took a second to answer, knowing that Addison's informant was partially correct. She had been in an exam room with Derek for an hour but all they had done was talk. Now, out of nowhere, Lexie, of all people was defending her and lying for her!

"Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, I sincerely apologize for Dr. Grey's rude manner of speaking but she is correct in one aspect. We have been doing rounds for some time now." Meredith had a moment of rare second thought and decided it would be prudent not to mention Derek.

Addison paused before speaking, mulling over what she had learned. She was well aware of how poorly Meredith and her half-sister Lexie got along, all because of the elder Grey. She found it hard to credit that the younger woman had spoken up to defend her sister with a lie but still...

"Dr. Grey, it seems that I may have been incorrect. I'm sorry for my interruption and please continue with your rounds." With that last abrupt statement, the older woman turned and strode away, not bothering to explain her reasoning.

Meredith turned to look at Lexie, frankly confused. Where had that come from? And why of all people was Lexie defending her? Meredith puzzled over it for a moment but decided to worry about it later; they had rounds to finish.

Lexie, for her part, decided that if any time was right to keep her mouth shut, it was now. Meredith now owed her a favor and she was going to get to know her sister if it was the last thing she did. At that moment, she decided that she would take it slow and work just one step at a time, whatever it would take to get to know Meredith.

* * *

Meredith slammed back another shot of tequila as Christina downed her own of vodka. The two were at Joe's bar as usual once they got out of the hospital for any period over 12 hours. They were off for the next week or so as the new interns started to take over some of the work and had been discussing Meredith's encounter with Addison that morning.

"So let me get this straight," Christina said a little slowly, the vodka working it's way to her brain. "You ignored what she told you and spent an hour alone with Derek, her husband, and when she confronted you, Lexie of all people lied for you and managed to get you off the hook?"

Meredith sat for a moment and mulled over Christina's words, finally speaking. "When you put it that way, it sounds crazy but I swear it's true."

"Are you sure she's given up on getting to know you? I mean, that was a huge thing she did for you Mer. I don't know that I would have lied you up to Addison."

Meredith glared at the Asian-American woman but she knew what Christina was saying. Addison hadn't been at Seattle Grace too long before a reputation for temper had caught up with her. "Still, what was she thinking? I don't know how much clearer I could have been about how little I want to know her." She had shared with Christina how Lexie had overheard Addison threaten her in the stairwell but she had left out how she had half stripped the younger brunette and treated her like a child.

"Meredith, you know me well enough to know that I don't do family well. Burke was the family guy not me. I told her last week that she needed to get past her reluctance to speak around you but if this is what she thought I meant, I don't know where she got that from." Christina sipped her vodka tonic as she thought for another moment. "That being said, maybe she hasn't given up on you. should think about giving her a chance."

Meredith started to snap back at her friend and then stopped. Thinking about her friend, she knew what it had cost to her to say that. Taking another sip of tequila, she leaned back in her chair and watched George and Izzy as they danced to the music from the jukebox, enjoying each other and just being in the moment.

"Maybe you're right, Christina, but I'm trying to stick to my guns this time. I want to focus on my career, stay away from drama, and just lead a boring life. A brand new half-sister that just lost her mother, in my hospital, is not no-drama."

"True," Christina slurred in response, "But she is family and she seems to be genuinely interested in getting to know her sister. Why not give her a chance? She is so eager to be a part of your life, she is probably willing to jump through whatever hoops you want. She could be your sister on your terms, not hers."

Christina was well on her way to complete inebriation and so missed the flare of light in Meredith's eyes at this statement. She had never considered the situation from that angle; of course Lexie would be willing to bend over backwards for her! The young brunette practically screamed willing to please and was, at least had been, desperate to engage her unknown half sister. Christina knew Meredith better than anyone at Seattle Grace but there were depths to her friend that even she didn't know about. If Meredith handled this correctly, this could perhaps be brought to a much more satisfying conclusion than simply long lost family reuniting.

* * *

Meredith spent the next few days pondering just how would be the best way to go about reuniting with her sister. She knew that with a little planning and effort, she could get Lexie to agree to what she wanted, she just needed the right way to set it up. After mulling it over, Meredith came up with a simple but straightforward plan. Her first day back to Seattle Grace would be step one. Appproaching lunch time, she grabbed her usual small lunch and retreated to the room of the old comatose patient for peace and solitude. She had quietly and discretely let it be known that this was where she would be and that she may be willing to talk to Lexie. Meredith knew Lexie wouldn't hesitate if she heard that and would come charging in, exactly as desired. 10 minutes into her salad and tranquility, the patient door opened abruptly as Lexie Grey came charging into the room.

"Meredith, I-" She started to say before a sharp look from Meredith stopped her.

"Lexie, first you embarrass me in the stairwell and were punished for it. I thought I made it rather clear then that I had no intention of getting to know you. Then, for some bizarre reason, you defend me to that shrew, Addison. Now, you interrupt my lunch. What the hell is wrong with you?" Meredith said acerbically, disdain dripping from her voice. Her caustic tone lashed into the younger woman, bringing unshed tears to the brunette's eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Leie whispered softly. "I just wanted to get to know my sister and I can't even do that right. I'll go then." She turned to leave, ready to go find a quiet corner to cry her heart out in when she heard Meredith speak again.


Lexie turned back around at the command with a puzzled look in her eyes. Meredith had discarded the remainder of her lunch and was only a couple steps away from Lexie.

"You want to get to know me?" Meredith asked softly? "You want to get to know your sister?"

Lexie nodded, too deep into emotional whiplash to trust her voice.

"Then here is my condition." Meredith leaned forward and place her lips just mere inches from the sexy young brunette's ear. "Submit to me. You have to agree to submit to me and obey me in everything. Agree and we're sisters. Say no or tell anyone and you're some intern that I don't care to know and will forget before the end of the month. It's up to you."

The older Grey pulled back when she finished speaking and without even looking at Lexie, calmly walked to the door, opened it, and walked away without a backwards glance. Meredith didn't look back because she wanted Lexie to see it as self-confidence but she also couldn't conceal the smile on her face. The next step in her plan was in motion. She had nothing to do now but wait.

* * *

Lexie sat down in the chair Meredith had just vacated. When she had finally tracked down Meredith and gotten the nerve to speak to her, she had been wildly unprepared for how the conversation had gone. She had rehearsed many different scenarios in her head before finally confronting her sister. All the thought she had given to how the conversation might go, to the arguments she could use to try and get to know her notoriously prickly sister and none of it, none, had come close to what she had gotten.

Lexie sat there for several minutes, thinking about what Meredith had said, what she had implied, and what it all meant. I'm in shock. That's it, shock. Who wouldn't be after hearing something like that? She had known of her sister for a few years know, after her father had finally confessed to his daughters that he had another child but when she had applied to Seattle Grace for her internship, she had expected, well...anything but what Meredith had just told her! She had been prepared to grovel, to beg, to wear her down with pleading to be a part of her life but not...that. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized that she would never get to know her sister, would never get to be a part of her life. There was just no way she could ever agree to that demand.

* * *

Two weeks later and Lexie was no closer to getting inside Meredith's defenses. Every time she approached her and tried to speak to Meredith about anything not strictly related to work, she was frozen out. Oh, Meredith knew as a resident, she was expected to be available and to teach but she always managed to slide out of any conversation Lexie tried to initiate. If others were around and the topic came around to any non-work subject, she verbally parried away anything resembling input without seeming to. Lexie had no idea how she did it! She had tried directly talking to her and Meredith just gave her that smile, the one that said " I know you didn't think I would change my mind". Lexie had even tried the indirect method and worked to befriend Meredith's best friend, Christina Yang, and hit a stone wall. Christina didn't even try and pretend to be nice. She simply told Lexie to shut up and leave her alone unless someone was actively dying.

And the whole time, she heard Meredith's words echoing in her mind. When she was diagnosing in the Pit, when she was doing rounds, when she (rarely) accompanying a resident or attending in surgery. When she was falling asleep, when she was in the shower, and once though it embarrassed her even though she would never admit it to a soul, when she masturbated herself to sleep one hot, stifling, lonely night. The thought of saying yes, of what it would entail, of what it mean to her terrified her. Lexie had always been ahead of the curve academically and she was fortunate enough to have been emotionally mature enough to grow at the same pace. She had never been a partier, or at least any more than her peers, and she was too smart to dabble in anything stronger than marijuana. The idea of giving up control, of ceding her independence, of surrendering, scared her.

It also aroused her. Loath though she was to admit it, even to herself, Lexie secretly found the idea of that surrender to be an intoxicant. Her public face and persona said that she could never do it, could never make herself submit control, even to, or especially to, her sister! It was, was, it was wrong! And yet...the past few nights, when she had been unable to sleep, she found the idea slinking back into her conscious mind. Found herself actually considering just what that surrender would mean, what it would allow her to be. Finally, one hot and sweaty summer night, on a rare night off from the hospital, she tossed and turned in her stifling one bedroom apartment. Unable to sleep and yet unable to stop pondering just what Meredith had meant, she gave in to her curiosity and indulged herself in fantasy.

She quickly skinned out of her tshirt and panties, loving the hedonistic feeling of being naked and aroused. One hand reached up to cup her B-cup breast, softly flicking the hardening nipple as the other searched for more fertile ground further south. Her questing fingers teased along the edges of her moistening pussy, feeling, even in the humid environment of her bedroom the heat emanating from her cunt. She began to slowly alternate her left and right breasts, making sure both were pleasured as she ran her fingers around the edges of her pussy, collecting moisture on her fingertips. She was shocked at how much moisture had already leaked out, she was more aroused than she had thought! Mmmmm, just imagine being told what to do! Being Meredith's slave and forced to do whatever she commands. I bet she commands me to bathe her, to pamper her. Her now dripping fingers slowly invaded her soaked slit, drawing a gasp of pleasure from the horny brunette. With barely a conscious thought for it, she began to pump them into her, her movement bringing a barely audible squelching noise from the fluids leaking out of her.

My god, me on my knees before her, being spanked. Being punished. Her forcing me to pleasure myself in front of her, to fuck myself while she watches. Lexie moaned at that image, never before understanding the fascination some had with exhibithionism but feeling the forbidden thrill now. I wonder if she would make me pleasure her? Meredith grabbing my hair, forcing me to my knees and my face into her crotch...Yes!! Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes!

Lexie lost control at that point, her fantasy of surrendering overcoming her and commandeering her libido. Her hand was a blur as it pistoned in and out of her slit, her moaning a near-continuous noise as she closed in on her orgasm. With a final groan and a third finger jammed into her pussy, Lexie came, her cum washing over her fingers. Hands shaking at the intensity of her orgasm, she slowly removed them from her body and brought her now thoroughly coated fingers to her mouth...and licked them clean, relishing the wantonness of the act.


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