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Grey's Anatomy: Sisters, Ugh! Part 1 (no sex,F-dom)
by Fancrafted

Seattle Grace Hospital, the site of so much drama, hearthache, and love. Meredith Grey walked in on this Tuesday morning, not realizing how much her life was about to change. Today was the start of her residency at the hospital and she was determined to get her life back on track and avoid as much drama as possible. After the disaster with Derek, she needed to clear her head in her personal life and what better way to do that than by focusing on her professional life. She had made that point to her best friend, Christina, the night before at Emerald City Bar, where they all spent far too much time. Her mind drifted back to the previous evening as she changed into her scrubs.

* * *

"All I'm saying Christina is that I need to stop focusing on personal and start on professional. Derek left me screwed up and I need to concentrate on me." Meredith slurred slightly, her several shots of tequila affecting her speech.

Christina scoffed, the beautiful Asian-American doctor, knowing her friend and Seattle Grace so well. "You can say whatever you want, Meredith, but we both know that inside of the 6 weeks, you're going to be hooking up with someone new. Or Derek."

"No I won't. I'm gonna change, Christina, and I need you to help me stay on the straight and unsexed path."

Christina sat for a second, thoughts moving sluggishly through her gin-soaked mind. "Ok, I see your point, Mer, but I think this is going to an uphill battle to say the least. I promise to do my best to keep you man-free and unsexed for the immediate future."

Meredith sat for a minute, a tequila glaze in her eyes and then responded with a smile, "Bitch."




The two friends gave up the exchange and started laughing, both knowing that Meredith would try and the eventually, Christina would be proven correct. With a small wave, Meredith signaled for a final round and the conversation moved on.

* * *

Meredith finished getting into her scrubs, made sure her lab coat was clean and straight, put her stethoscope around her neck, patted her pockets to make sure everything was there, and made her way out to the meeting area where she joined her fellow new residents. Already there was Christina, the over-achiever, Izzy, nervously pacing, Karev, lounging against the wall and doing his best to look uninterested, and Miranda Bailey just walking in the door.

"Listen up! Congratulations you four for making it this far and not killing anyone. In a few minutes, we are going to be assigning you your new interns. Do not screw this up, do not lose any of them, and do not kill anyone. Any questions?"

Christina raised her hand immediately. "How many interns are we getting?"

Bailey rolled her eyes, knowing that Christina would of course have a question. "Again, for those who weren't paying attention at the meeting yesterday, everyone will be getting 3 to 4 interns. It will be your responsibility to orient them to hospital procedure, ensure that they are following medical practices correctly, and that they don't kill anyone. That answer your questions?"

The group all shook their heads indicating no, Meredith getting a flash of pain from her hangover as she did so. Bailey eyeballed them all one more time, wondering how it was going to go this year. These 4 (five including O'Malley who was repeating his intern year) had been her interns last year and she still wondered how she had survived.

First had been Grey and her affair with an attending physician, Derek Shepherd. Then had been

Christina and her affair with an attending (and subsequent pregnancy), Izzy with Denny the cardiac patient, Karev and his blunt attitude and relationship with Izzy that fell apart to Denny. They had tried her patience and her soul but she (and they) had survived. She just didn't know if they would keep surviving; this new class was going to be interesting.

* * *

Alexandra Caroline "Lexie" Grey stood nervously with the large group of interns waiting to be assigned to their new residents. She was nervous for many reasons: her first day as an actual doctor, first day at a new job, but mainly, she was about to meet her half-sister Meredith for the first time and she really wanted it to go well.

Lexie stood a little aside from her fellow interns, her dark brown hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail. The brunette knew she was smart but had never paid too much attention to her physical appearance. At 5'6", she was an inch shorter than her older half-sister Meredith but the two shared a similar bust size at 34B. Her pale flawless skin was a stark contrast to her straight, dark brown hair and made her seem even younger than her age. Her brown eyes were intelligent and clear; again a further contrast to Meredith's green eyes slightly clouded with a hangover.

Lexie started slightly as the doors opened to the room where the new interns had been waiting. Leading the group of residents into the room was Miranda Bailey, following by several other Lexie didn't recognize and Meredith Grey. Lexie felt her nerves flutter as her sister came in, even knowing that as far as she could tell, Meredith had no idea who she was or that she was even in the same time zone.

"Good morning interns!" Boomed Bailey, her loud voice coming from a deceptively small frame. "Behind me are your new residents. They will be your lords and masters for the next year, just as they were for me last year. Listen to them, learn from them and you will do fine. Stop paying attention, slack off, party too much and your future in medicine will come to an end. Good luck paying off those student loans then!"

Lexie looked around at her fellow interns, taking in the nervous looks on their faces. While she had been extremely lucky in earning scholarships for college and medical school, she knew that her situation was far from normal and that most of the others carried hundreds of thousands in student loan debt. That was no idle worry for many of her fellow interns. Lexie resolved to make sure she learned everything she needed so she wouldn't be sent home or fired.

* * *

The next few days were a whirlwind. Assigned to Christina Yang for her internship, Lexie was immediately dubbed "three" as Christina was too busy and cared too little for them to learn their names. Herself, Dani, Steve, and Ryan (the other interns) were kept on their toes as they tried to keep up with the over-achiever Yang. Lexie was experiencing culture shock of sorts. She had an eidetic memory and had been at the top of her class since junior high. Med school had been tough but again, she had been at the top of her class. At Seattle Grace, she was struggling to get by and now she was worried she had made a mistake by coming here. Christina was brutal in her criticism and her teaching left a lot to be desired. Lexie still had yet to find an opportunity to introduce herself to Meredith; it was almost as though Yang was keeping her too busy to head off just that option for her.

Christina watched Lexie from the corner of her eye as her group of interns made their rounds. When she had realized just who "three" was and who she was related to, she had made it a point to inform Meredith right away. Meredith, predictably, decided that Lexie was a complication she didn't need in her life and that like her father, probably blamed Meredith unfairly for her mother's death. She had asked Christina as a favor to keep Lexie as far away from her as possible, stating that this was drama and something she didn't need. Christina was doing her best but she knew that at some point Lexie would find time to track Meredith down.

"Three, who is our patient?" Christina asked brusquely, ignoring the conscious man in the bed.

"Alex Simmons, age 43, presented with chest pains..."

* * *

Lexie had been at Seattle Grace for nearly a week before she managed to get a chance to officially meet her sister. Tracking her down, Lexie finally cornered Meredith in a patient's room where she was eating a quick meal alone. Peeking through the small window, she watched as Meredith picked at her salad and screwed up her courage. With a small knock, Lexie turned the handle and entered the room.

"Hi, I'm Lexie, you don't know me but I know you. I mean, I don't know you know you but I know who you are. I'm you're sis-" Lexie stumbled verbally as she finally met Meredith only to be cut off.

Meredith cut Lexie off sharply, "I know who you are, Christina told me. I'm not your sister, I'm just someone who has the same last name as you."

"But, but..." Lexie trailed off, her brain having been derailed by Meredith's antipathy towards her. In all the ways she had imagined this meeting going, none of them had been like this. She had been prepared to have to explain who she was, why she was here, and what she was doing but she hadn't been prepared to be so abruptly shut down and turned away.

"Just go away. I don't know you and I don't want to know you." Meredith stated flatly and turned back to her salad in an exaggerated manner, indicating the conversation was over. Lexie turned around, stunned and stumbled out the door. Tears formed in her eyes as the sensitive younger woman felt all the hurt come crashing down again. All she had wanted was to get to know her estranged half-sister in the wake of her mother's death and father's descent into alcoholism and now even that had been denied to her. She had moved back across the country to be here, to be with her family and now she had been spurned! The tears fell down her pale cheeks as she walked away in a daze.

Meredith sighed, feeling badly for how she had handled Lexie. Maybe she had been too curt with the younger woman but she meant what she said. Her new drive was her career and she didn't need any further distractions. Lexie and her cherubic innocence was just that, a distraction, one she didn't need. Her green eyes were troubled as replayed just how brusque she had been but she consoled herself by telling herself that in the end it was for her own benefit, that one day Lexie would understand that Meredith was damaged goods and she was better off not being a part of that.

* * *

A month later and Lexie was still no closer to getting to know her sister any further than "Kind of rude and mean." She could have learned that from the other staff! Lexie had gotten her feet under her at Seattle Grace and was finally getting used to Christina Yang's personality and the demands of being a surgical intern. She had been able to successfully answer all of Yang's questions the last 3 days during rounds and thought she might even have gotten on her good side. She was even making friends among the other interns; George was even kind of cute. However, Lexie still hadn't given up on getting to know her sister better and despite Meredith brushing off her attempts to get to know one another, she wasn't going to quit. The more she thought about their first, and really only, conversation, the more steamed she got. Where did Meredith get off talking to her like that? Lexie had been polite and had gone out of her way to try and get to know her family and she was treated like a leper!

Lexie was fuming as she entered the stairwell, her rage at Meredith growing a little more everyday as she thought over how things had gone. As she went to descend the stairs, she automatically stopped as she heard voices a couple floors down. That sounds like Meredith Lexie thought.

Craning her head over the railing, Lexie could just make out her sister's brown wavy hair as she spoke to someone but the other person was too far away from the railing for her to get a good look; all she could tell was that it was another woman.

"I've told you for the last time, homewrecker, stay away from my husband. You were a fun little dalliance but we're back together now. Go slut it up with someone else." The other woman said sharply, anger pouring through her voice.

"Addison, I have been staying away. I'm on a no-man streak and-" Meredith was cut off by the other woman.

"Save it for someone who believes you, Grey. We both know you've been making eyes at my husband. It stops now! You make any moves towards my husband or me and I will get you bounced out of here, do you understand me?"

Meredith mumbled something too low for Lexie to hear. Who was this other woman and why was she speaking to Meredith like this? Lexie wondered.

"I didn't hear you Grey. What was that?" The other woman said caustically.

"I said I understand Addison." Meredith responded, her tone subdued. Lexie couldn't believe what she was hearing; she couldn't imagine who this other woman was that could get such a tone out her sister. She knew she didn't know Meredith well but she found it hard to credit that she could so easily be cowed.

"Good, and don't you ever, ever, forget this conversation Grey. I promise you that I will not. Stay away from Derek and stay away from me!" The other woman, who Lexie could identify by the conversation as Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, punctuated her statement by leaving the stairwell, the crash of the door closing showing just how upset she had to be by intentionally slamming the safety door. Lexie could hear Meredith on the landing 2 floors down, quietly sobbing.

Lexie was frozen; should she go and attempt to comfort her sister and admit what she heard or sneak back out of the stairs and pretend that no one had witnessed Meredith's humiliation? She dithered for so long that by the time she had decided to sneak away, she realized that she could hear Meredith's sneakers squeaking on the stairs leading up to her landing. Meredith turned the bend on the final flight of stairs to come face-to-face with Lexie, simply standing back from the railing with her mouth still open in shock.

Meredith looked at the expression on Lexie's face and where she was standing and immediately understood what had happened. She sprinted up the last flight and grabbed Lexie by the arm, shaking her.

"I know you heard, didn't you? Didn't you, you little sneak?" she snarled in Lexie's face.

"No, no I, I didn't hear anything. I mean, a little but I couldn't tell it was Addison. I mean I could but I, I mean, I wouldn't tell it was Addison." Lexie babbled under the face of her sister's anger.

"God!" Meredith screamed. "Can nothing go right? I'm trying to be better!"

She turned Lexie around to face her and got in her face. "I can't even go to work anymore without someone getting on my case. If it's not Addison warning me off Derek, it's you and your little saint quest to be best sisters!"

Lexie quailed at Meredith's anger, trying to shrink away from her. "I just wanted to ge-, to get to know my sister..." She mumbled, trying to think of a way to defuse the anger of the older woman.

"You want to be my sister, huh? What I'm like, what it would be like to be sisters? Fine!" Meredith hissed at Lexie, the younger woman blanching as her acid tone struck home. "Let's teach you, shall we?" Meredith spun the younger woman around and pushed her up against the wall. "So you want to be my sister? You want to know what it's like to have an older sister? I can do that!"

Meredith was furious. First the humiliating threats from Addison, despite the fact that she hadn't been anywhere near Derek! Then, just to make it better, the entire thing, or at least enough, had been overheard by perhaps the one person she was avoiding more than Derek, her half-sister Lexie! She had done everything she could think of to discourage the younger woman from getting close to her and it obviously wasn't working so perhaps something a bit more drastic was in order.

Meredith pushed Lexie up against the wall, spun her around, and stepped back. "Don't you move a muscle, do you understand me?"

Lexie nodded, not trusting her voice right now. What was going on? What was Meredith going to do? Lexie was awash in emotions at this heightened moment, her system thrumming with adrenaline in response to the older woman's fury.

Meredith stepped directly behind the younger brunette and untucked her top from her scrub pants. When Lexie started to voice a question, she snarled at her and the frightened woman turned back to the featureless wall. Meredith gathered her anger, trying to get herself under control but Lexie made it so hard! She thought for a second and knew exactly what would cure this sister thing with Lexie.

"This is what an older sister does, Lexie. Now hold still." Meredith commanded Lexie. She reached up and yanked on the brunette's neatly gather ponytail, pulling the hair all out of place and earning a small yelp from the other woman. Next, she lifted the uniform top she had untucked and painfully snapped the other woman's no-nonsense tan bra strap but she wasn't done.

Yanking down Lexie's scrubs, Meredith was mildly surprised to see a decidedly un-workplace like purple lace thong on her sister. She brutally grabbed and yanked the thong up, giving her sister a vicious wedgie before slapping her hard on the round, tight ass as a final insult. "There you go, Lexie, that's what an older sister would do. I hope you're happy now! Stay away from me and keep your mouth shut!"

Lexie collapsed in sobs, nodding her agreement as Meredith calmly walked out of the stairwell. Tears streamed down her face as she cried. She had never been so dominated and humiliated! She couldn't believe that her own sister would do such a thing but the worst part, the thing that made it even worse...was that she could feel her body responding to the domination. Lexie was turned on by being controlled by the other woman.


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