Good Witch: Grace's Sexual Awakening (Ff,inc,first,anal,cream pie,facial,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Grace's 16'th birthday and all of her friends had left for home and she found herself up in her room getting an uneasy feeling. Grace kept thinking of her best friend, Kate, and how pretty she was at the party and Grace's feelings and desires quickly turned to sexual thoughts; thoughts she never had before...

Grace found herself getting hard under her dress and pressing her hard member up against the rounded edge of her dresser and pumping her hips in a humping fashion. Her jaw dropped wide as the feeling tickled her dick and the sensations shot up her spine like a bullet and made her moan...

"Grace...Honey, I thought we could...Oh my God!" Cassie said as she walked through the door to see if her daughter would like to go for a walk in the town when she stumbled upon what Grace was doing to herself.

Cassie was stunned at first at what she stumbled upon, watching as Grace pulled away from the dresser and tried to hide her erection by pulling her dress down over hit, but the bulge was too much and easily shown through the dresses fabric. Cassie gave her young daughter an understanding smile as she approached Grace and stood behind her, reaching down the front of Grace's body and grasping her hard cock through the dress and playing with it...

"I know honey, you're getting to that age where things spring up on you and surprise you when you least expect it...It's especially tough for you since you not only have a penis but a vagina as well, giving you the ability to experience the nuances of both sexes. But, I can help you with your awakening if you wish." Cassie told her daughter as she stroked Grace's cock through her dress.

Grace looked over her shoulder with a surprised smile as her Mom stood behind her in her all black outfit with her tight fitting black pants and black-laced top. Grace gave her Mom a 'Yes' nod and spun around. Cassie slowly lowered Grace's shoulder straps of her dress and let her dress fall to the floor. Grace had already removed her panties earlier so she stood there totally naked and gorgeous with her pert nipples and breasts heaving outward and beautiful legs leading up to her...

"Wow! Grace! You shaved yourself smooth and clean down there!" Cassie stated with an astounded look on her face.

"Yeah...It's the in thing these days, Mom." Grace replied.

Cassie lifted her top off her amazing body and unsnapped her black-laced bra, exposing her huge melons to her daughte who fondled them with her tongue. Cassie tucked her fingertips under Grace's chin and lifted her head so she was looking directly into her mother's eyes. They both stared into each others eyes as they leaned in and their lips parted, slipping their tongues into each others mouths and flirting with one another for several minutes before Cassie made her way down to her knees.

Grace's cock slid between her mother's breasts and Cassie pushed her tits together and let her daughter tit fuck her before she put Grace into her mouth. Grace's face lit up with pleasure as her Mom gave her her first ever blow job, feeling her Mom's tongue swish over her tingling cock until...

"Mom! I never felt like this before! What's happening!?" Grace squealed as she began to have her first orgasm...

"Mmmmmm Hmmmmm....Mmmmmm Hmmmm...." Cassie mumbled as she knew her daughter was cumming and her mouth remained filled with the 6" cock in it.

Cassie stared up at her daughter as Grace looked down at her, her hard cock throbbing and she could see the sides of it pulsing in her Mom's mouth as it remained clamped tight around her shaft. Grace became dizzy and sparkles emitted in her pupils as cum began to trickle out the corner's of her Mom's mouth and drizzle down either side of her neck and onto her tits where the cum would dangle off her nipples a good 4".

Cassie pushed Grace out of her mouth using her tongue and Grace gave one last shot, her hot cum shooting onto her Mom's face and into her hair; surprising Cassie as Grace giggled...

"Oh my God, Mom! I can't believe you made that happen! Is that my stuff?" Grace asked, knowing full well it was...

"I had no idea you could cum so much, Grace...I could bottle this stuff and sell it at my shop as a moisturizing cream...Jeez!" Cassie confessed as she lapped up the sperm with her tongue twirling over her lips and swallowing it.

"Lay back on the floor, Mom." Grace commanded of her Mom.

Cassie did as she was told and watched as her young daughter undid her pants and pulled them off her long, smooth legs. Grace reached up her mother's legs with both hands and took hold of her black-laced panties at the waist line and tugged them down and off her mother's hot body. Grace pushed open her mother's legs and went face first into her black thicket of pubes.

Cassie's bush wasn't over grown but well maintained and the coarse pubes tickled the sides of Grace's face as her tongue burrowed deep into her Mom's pussy. Cassie squirmed with delight as Grace's tongue plowed into her womb, flailing about against her inner vaginal walls until her whole body spasmed on the floor and squirts began to shower Grace's face.

After her Mom stopped twitching from her orgasm, Grace licked her way up her Mom's body until her hard cock was slowly massaging its way through her mother's pubes. Cassie looked down between her legs and watched as her daughter dry-humped her pussy, her vaginal lips wrapping around the sides of the cock without it penetrating her and teasing her with frustration...

"I can't take it anymore, Grace...Put it in me!" Cassie begged of her daughter.

Grace slid into her Mom all the way and Cassie reacted by wrapping her legs around her daughter's waist with a screaming: "YES!"

Grace plunged her tongue into her Mom's mouth and the two mad passionate love. Grace fucked her Mom for nearly 10 minutes, making her Mom orgasm 7 times in that amount of time before Grace was ready to cum herself; filling her Mom's pussy with cum until she pulled out and finished in her Mom's black pubic mound.

Grace and her Mom kissed with tenderness before Grace shot up to her feet...

"Lets try something, Mom...Here, come over here to the mirror and do a headstand facing it; press yourself up against it, too..." Grace asked of her Mom.

Cassie had a 'I wonder what she's up to?' look on her face as she scurried across the floor on her hands and knees until she reached the full length wall mirror and did a headstand facing it and pressing her body against it. Cassie's tits flattened against the mirror and Grace's cum slid down the front of her Mom's stomach off her pubes and smearing onto the mirrored surface. Cassie felt Grace take the palm of her hand and scoop up as much cum as she could off her Mom's pubes and force it into her ass with her fingers.

Cassie couldn't believe her daughter was going to do what she was going to do...Give her anal! Her first ever ass sex! Cassie felt a sharp pain and then a deep swelling as Grace's cock sunk into her Mom's ass as she remained in the headstand and her legs split to either side, making her Mom look like a human T.

Grace caressed the backsides of her Mom's sweaty legs as her hard cock took her Mom's tight ass and made her groans rumble over the hardwood floor. Grace slid both her hands down her Mom's legs to her pussy where she pried opne her Mom's vaginal lips and tickled her clit as she ass fucked her, making her scream as she squirted onto the mirror and feeling Grace pull out of her ass and spray cum into her gape and down her back.

Grace stepped back and let her Mom right herself into a sitting position on the floor where she then sat next to her Mom and the two made out while stroking each others long, silky hair. Cassie gave her daughter the best birthday gift ever, a sexual awakening and experience that would be relived again and again in Grey House...





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