Good Witch: Grace Explores Her Sexuality (F+f,anal,cream pie,first,inc,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

Grace had just turned 16 years old and had sexual feelings for some time now and had woken from a wet dream, her bed sheets were soke and her head spinning as she removed her pajamas and stripped the bed. She grabbed her tampon holder that resembled a torpedo dildo and got on the bed on her back, slowly inching it into her and feeling her hymen snap.

The holder became coated with her virginal blood as she continued to work it back and forth in her and taking great pleasure in her first masturbation event. With her eyes shut and body writhing as she caressed her plump breast and smooth stomach with one hand while the other worked the tube back and forth in her, Grace moaned loudly as she orgasmed; spraying her liquids all over the bed and onto the floor.

When she got up she could see the mess she made and needed to clean it up before her Mom seen it. That's when she noticed the blood and felt sick to her stomach, like she damaged herself in some way. Grace felt like she needed to see a doctor, but the only one in town is dating her Mom; that would be too embarrassing. Grace decided to confide in his assistant, Eve.

Eve invited Grace to come to the office during the doctors lunch break and that she would have a look at Grace's problem. Grace agreed and showered before heading off to see Eve at the doctor's office. Upon arrival, Grace had on tight jeans and a white cashmere sweater that showed off her teen breasts perfectly.

Eve gave her a smile and directed her into the examining room...

"Now, what seems to be the problem Grace?" eve asked of her.

Grace became red in the face as she hesitantly described what happened...

"Well...I...I was sort of playing with myself and...Well...I used my tampon holder and put it in me...I mean, it felt good and all, but I noticed blood after I was done...I'm really worried." Grace exclaimed.

"It's ok, honey...Why don't I have a look and see if there's a problem...I need you to take off your shoes, socks, jeans and panties and sit back in the gyno chair. You can leave your top on." Eve instructed.

Grace removed everything she was told and sat into the gyno chair and outstretched her legs so they were spread open onto the arms of the chair. Eve smiled at the young girls beauty, her smooth silk-like legs and amazing pussy that wasn't over grown but had a nice peak that fluffed at the center where her vaginal slit is.

Eve moved in and began to pet Grace's fur mound and slowly pried open Grace's vaginal lips to have a peek at her inner pink vaginal walls: "There doesn't appear to be a problem. Looks like you just popped your cherry...It happens when you lose your virginity."

Grace let out a sigh of relief and then a gasp as Eve sunk her finger into Grace's pussy and began to work it slowly as she leaned in close to Grace till their lips almost met. Grace was becoming excited and horny at what Eve was doing to her...

"Maybe you should stop, Eve...You're gonna make me...Oh my gosh..." Grace begged of her.

"I don't think I will." Eve replied as she slid her tongue into Grace's mouth, making her eyes pop open with surprise as Eve did several come-hither motions with her finger inside of Grace's pussy.

Grace's pussy exploded with orgasmic delight as their tongues continued to flirt with one another...

"I my GUSH! You're a little squirter, aren't you? I had no idea, Grace...Lets see if I can make it happen again..." Eve said with a delightful smile.

Grace watched as the young woman went down on her, dipping her tongue into Grace's pussy and tasting her berry-like juices and making Grace explode once again within seconds of Eve's wet tongue nailing Grace's G-spot.

Grace's legs shook as they remained propped open on the chair and Eve rose to her feet and unzipping her pants, pulling out a huge 8" erection and stroking it in front of the dumbfounded teen.

"Holy! I thought you were a girl? I mean, did you have a sex change or something?" Grace asked of her.

"Nothing like that...I'm a hermaphrodite and was born with both female and male genitalia. I look and have everything a girl does, but I have this dick also. Wanna touch it?" eve stated and asked.

Grace shrugged her shoulders in a 'I guess' fashion as she lowered her legs and slid off the chair, approaching Eve and taking the rigid boner into the palm of her hand...

"It's so hard, Eve." Grace stated with splendor.

"I know. How about you make me feel good now...Go down on me and put it in your mouth." Eve told her.

Grace found herself being pushed down to her knees and Eve swiping her cock against Grace's pretty face and neck, precum smearing Grace's face as she opened her mouth enough for Eve to put it in...

"That's a girl, just like that...Yeah, suck it baby...Use your tongue, too...Yeah, I can really feel my cock swelling up in your mouth now...Holy fuck, Grace! I'm gonna cum! Look up at me, baby...I'm gonna cum all over your hot face!" Eve stated as her body jolted with excitement as she withdrew from Grace's mouth and jerked off onto her face.

Grace was shocked by how much semen landed on her, thick strands glazing across her forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, lips and neck. Eve used the tip of her cock and swirled her cum up onto it and then fed it to Grace, who readily slurped the semen off of Eve's cock with a smile as she looked up at her.

Grace stood and got cleaned up and dressed as Eve tucked away her erection...

"I'd love to fuck you but the doctor will be coming back any second." Eve stated.

"We can still do that. Just come over around 5 P.M. tonight, my Mom will be in town on errands." Grace said enthusiastically.

The bell rang at the time Grace stated and she answered the door in a bold black laced bra and panties look, her gorgeous young body reflecting her youthful appearance with exuberance as she stood there with a cheerful smile and let in the stunning blond Eve. Eve was horny as hell in her all white getup, dressed in a tight tank top that hugged her medium sized breasts and allowing her stiff nipples to show through; making it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. She had on a pair of tennis shoes and no socks, along with shorts that were shorter than Daisy Dukes, showing off the bottoms of her ass cheeks and long sultry legs.

Eve entered the house, her long mid back straight blond hair bouncing side to side as Grace took her by the hand and led her up to Grace's bedroom where they hurriedly undressed. Eve could now see Grace's full splendor and Grace Eve's as well, her cock growing to new proportions as Eve shoved the young girl onto her back on the bed and quickly got between her legs and entered Grace's tight pussy.

Grace let out a sharp yelp followed by soft coos and purr-like whines as she balled the sheets up into her hands while Eve took her. Their tongues lashed into each others mouths with heated passion as Eve felt Grace's tight snatch clench around her hard cock as she worked it into Grace. Grace lifted her legs and encircled them around Eves waist as she fucked Grace...

"God! Your so tight, baby...You're the hottest fuck I ever had! Grace! GOD!" Eve squealed, when...

"GRACE! STOP THAT! MY DAUGHTER! EVE! HOW COULD YOU!? SHE'S ONLY 16!" A shocked Cassie screeched from the bedroom doorway as she walked in and caughter Eve and her daughter doing it.

Grace looked over at her stunned Mother and smiled as Eve still continued to fuck her...

"But it feels so good, Mom... don't want her to stop." Grace begged of her mom as her body rocked under the older Eve.

"Oh, I know honey...But you're too young to do that sort of thing." Her Mom stated understandingly and still amazed at what was happening to her daughter right there in front of her.

"You're gonna make me cum, Eve!" Grace screamed.

"YES! Lets show your mom how you cum! Come on baby, do it! DO IT! DO IT!" Eve ordered Grace and with each commanding 'DO IT', Eve thrusted hard into Grace.

Grace's eyes began to water and she nodded her head in a 'YES' fashion, signaling the start of her orgasm and giving off panting squeals as Eve pulled out of her mid orgasm and let Grace's squirts shower her lower body and soak the sheets.

Cassie couldn't believe her eyes and what just transpired in front of her, the shocked look on her face turned to eyebrow raising curiosity as Grace blurted out...

"Your turn, Mom...Let Eve do you now." Grace stated as she knelt on the bed.

"Yeah Cassie, come on...It'll be fun-and you're so fucking hot!" Eve exclaimed.

"Ohhhhhh I don't know about this..." Cassie replied.

But Eve went to her and placed her hand over Eve's cock, forcing her to stroke the still wet penis from her daughters orgasm as Eve slipped her some tongue. Cassie was taken aback by her first lesbian encounter-with a hermaphrodite. Eve broke her lip lock and ordered Cassie to strip.

Eve and Grace watch as the hot MILF stripped out of her black dress and high heels, removing her black bra and panties that matched her daughters earlier. Eve and Grace stared at the gorgeous figure of Cassie-her large breasts standing firm and her toned stomach leading down to a muff that equally matched her daughters and was jet black like her hair. Cassie's long legs and shapely curves setting off her almost dark tanned skin tone excited the girls on the bed waiting for her.

Cassie went to the bed and climbed onto it and laid on her back. Slowly Eve pushed the older womans legs open and licked her way down the inside of her leg until reaching Cassie's pussy, where she plunged her tongue deep into Cassie's vaginal crevice and fluttering it about inside of her. Grace watched with horny delight as her Mom found pleasure in what was happening and a huge smile came over her face as she purred and her hips sprang up off the mattress.

Cassie sprayed her love into Eve's mouth and onto her face as her body violently shook with spastic orgasms. Grace couldn't believe her Mom came so hard and leaned down and gently kissed her, working her tongue into her Mother's mouth and making Cassie's eyes pop open with surprise and shock at her daughters incestual advance towards her.

"Grace...You put your tongue in my mouth..." Cassie exclaimed with discontent.

"Just go with it Mom...I love you you know-in more ways than one." Grace exclaimed to her mother.

Eve licked her way up the gorgeous mother named Cassie until she reached face to face with her, they stared into each others eyes as Eve rubbed her hard shaft against Cassie's bush as Grace reached down between them and took hold of Eve's shaft; guiding it into her Mother's pussy until Cassie gasped from the sudden penetration.

Tears formed and rolled down the sides of Cassie's cheeks and Grace licked them up as Eve took her Mom again and again. Cassie moaned with delight and her legs lifted and encircled Eve's waist just as her daughter's did moments ago. Dizziness and swirling naughty thoughts formed in Cassie's head as Eve fucked her hard and rapidly, grunting like a beast and making the whole bed shake as she began to cum...


Cassie's eyes opened wide with surprise as did her daughters at the moment of insemination...Eve, with each powerful thrust, groaned hard as her squirting cock spilled cum into Cassie's pussy until she had nothing more to give. Eve pulled form Cassie's pussy as Cassie released her leg lock and everyone watched as Eve's cum slowly oozed from Cassie's pussy...

"I can't believe you did that to me..." Cassie revealed.

"Looks good to me, Mom..." Grace stated as she went down on her Mom along with Eve and scooped the wet white mess up with their tongues....

Cassie squirmed from her daughters playful licks and Eve's tongue prodding her asshole, making her body twist and contort in writhing pleasure. Grace placed herself over her Mom's body in a 69 position and Eve got behind her doggy style, propping her hard cock up aginst Grace's tight ass entrance and pushing firmly...

"Watch this, Cassie...I'm gonna take your daughter in the ass..." eve exclaimed.

Grace's eyes bulged and she bit into her Mother's inner legs as Eve took her ass cherry for the first time. Plunging deep into Grace's ass and making it stretch beyond belief, Grace whimpered and saliva drooled from her mouth into her Mom's cunt, making Cassie cringe in disbelief at the sight of anal penetration to her daughter.

"GOD! MY ASS! MOM! MOMMMMMMMY! MY BUTT! IT'S ON FIRE! SHE'S TAKING ME! TAKING ME SOOOOOO HARD! GOD! FUCK!" Grace screamed as Eve fucked her in the ass, making her tight hole pull outward with each backward pull as Cassie stared up through her daughters legs in a 69, licking her berry-like pussy and tasting her flowing juices as she began to orgasm.

Grace flooded hr Mom's face with powerful squirts and forcing her Mom to shut her eyes and take the spurts as they showered her with 98.6 degree heat. Grace's pussy came to a halt and her bush rested against her mother's soaked face as Eve pulled from her ass, leaving it gaping and pouring hot cum fom it. The cum slowly worked its way down Grace's inner legs and also dripping off the ends of her pubes and int her Mom's mouth, who readily lapped it up with her tongue.

Eve went around to between Cassie's legs with her and her daughter still in a 69 and forced her hard cock into Cassie's ass, making her cream from her first ever anal penetration. Grace smile at the sight of her Mom's hot ass being filled with girth and rigidness as her Mom gasped and her hot breath steamed her daughters inner legs.

Grace playfully licked her Mom's juicy pussy as she got ass fucked, making her squirt endlessly until Eve yanked her dick form Cassie's ass and sprayed her hot cum all over Grace's face. Grace giggled as the cum splashed onto her and her Mom's pussy slowed to a dwindling waterfall-like emission, then getting up and laying across her Mom's body and sharing the cum with her.

Cassie enjoyed the playful cum swap with her daughter as Eve came about aand fed her cock to the mother-daughter duo, letting them lick her ass flavored cock clean until she spent another huge cum shot onto both their faces. Grace and Cassie's faces became glazed with goo and their hair shamppoed with the cum as Grace slurped the mess up off of her Mom's face and impossibly full lips.

Cassie never knew this side of her sexuality before and Grace explored hers for the first time with her own Mom and a hermaphrodite, filling her to new levels and making her want more. Cassie eventually became pregnant from Eve's insemination and Grace knew she would be the sister of her Mother's Mother-Father lover...


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