Good Witch: Cassie's Grey House Or Whore House? (bbgF,inc,anal,cream pie,facial,first,DPP,DP,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

Grey House had so many families come and go but none would be as memorable as the Swansons with their two 12 year old sons, Eric and Josh. Both boys were quite good looking and Eric resembled the boy actor, also named Eric, in the movie Jurassic Park 3; while Josh resembled a young Dominic Scott Kay when he was 13 years of age.

From the start the boys were clinging to Cassie's hot 16 year old daughter, Grace; following her around like a couple of horny puppy dogs with their tongues hanging out and wagging with excitement every time they seen her. Grace was annoyed at first but became quite attached to the younger brothers and began to admire their physiques in a similar way that they did hers.

After a week at Grey House the boys and Grace became all too familiar with each other in ways Cassie would never imagine but would soon find out as she came home late from work one day and was getting ready for bed when she realized she hadn't seen her daughter all day and wanted to say good night to her.

Cassie strolled over to her daughter's bedroom in just a button-up shirt that barely cover her shapely bottom and opened the door and stumbled in on a stunning episode carrying out in Grace's bedroom...There on the floor on her knees and totally naked was Grace with Eric's 6" shaft in her mouth and her sucking on it with a huge smile on her face as Josh rubbed his equally hard length against her pretty face.

Cassie stood stunned and speechless with her mouth hung open and watching her daughter give oral to Eric. Eric's stomach contracted and he squinted his eyes shut as he let out soft moans as his orgasm covered Grace's pretty face with globs of semen and a long string of it dangling from her chin. Grace tilted her head back and the strand of cum swung back and stuck to her neck like static cling as Josh pushed his brother out of the way...

"My turn, Grace...Make me cum now..." Josh begged of her as he stood naked over her.

Cassie gazed over the boys prepubescent bodies and how handsome they both were and the unmistakable growth between her daughters legs. Cassie knew Grace was a hermaphrodite but never imagined it in its 7" erect form as it stuck out from her body in a hardened state.

Cassie took in her daughters beauty as she remained on her knees and began to pleasure Josh, her hard nipples on her pert breasts and slender teen frame and sweet legs curled up under her as her long wavy black hair hung down over her naked back...Cassie snapped to and shook her head in an abrupt 'No' fashion while blurting out: "Stop that!"

Grace broke her oral segment with Josh and all three quickly looked over to the doorway to See Cassie standing there in just her shirt with a dumbfounded 'I can't believe this' look on her face. The boys quickly got sexual ideas in their perverted heads and went to Cassie, grabbing each of her arms in a restraining fashion as their hard cocks rubbed against her smooth motherly legs.

Cassie looked down at their boy toys doing their business against her and post cum smearing against her left leg from Eric and pre cum smearing aginst her right leg from Josh. Cassie let out soft whimpering 'Nooooo's', begging the boys to stop, but Eric motioned for her daughter to come over and join in.

Grace rose to her feet and came to her mother as Josh and Eric watched...

"Take off your mom's top, lets see them big tits of hers." Eric demanded of Grace.

Grace slowly reached out with a smile and began to unbutton her mom's top and then pushing it open and off of her body, exposing her mother's full breasts in full view for the boys to fondle and suckle. Cassie struggled with what was happening and wanted it to stop, but didn't at the same time...

"Take her panties off, Grace...Lets see what her muff looks like." Josh told Grace.

Grace let her hands slide down the sides of her mothers stomach until they reached the elastic waistband of her undies and then tugged them down her gorgeous legs to Cassie's ankles. Cassie stood there with both boys still holding onto her arms and her daughter playfully twirling her fingers through Cassie's thick brunette pubes.

Cassie gasped from her daughter's incestuous touched between her legs as Grace's fingers became moist from the droplets of vaginal fluids appearing at the ends of Cassie's pubes. Cassie kept herself properly groomed down below and the boys took great pleasure in looking at her motherly pussy as Grace slowly slid her hard shaft up against it as the boys licked Cassie's nipples into a hardened state and coerced goosebumps to appear on her body and make her hairs on her arms stand on end.

"Kiss your mom, Grace...Use your tongue on her." Eric told Grace, wanting to see if she would.

Cassie had a 'Please don't' look on her face as her daughter leaned in with a cum soaked smile and slowly prodded open her mother's lips with her tongue and sunk it into her mouth. Cassie shut her eyes and began to kiss her daughter back, swapping her tongue over and around her daughter's as the boys ground their hard cocks against Cassie's legs as pre cum from Grace's cock soaked her mother's bush.

"You like the taste of my cum on your daughter's face, don't you?" Eric whispered into Cassie's ear.

Cassie's eyes sprang open with a sudden realization that things have gone way too far and that she WAS liking what was happening and pulled away from Grace with cum now smeared onto her own cheeks and lips...

"Hey Josh, why don't you show Grace's mom what you like to do to Grace." Eric told his brother.

Cassie watched as Josh led Grace to her bed and she got on it lying on her back with Josh going down on her between her legs. Grace opened her mouth with a gasp of excitement as Josh played with her smooth shaven private area, fondling and fingering her pussy as he took her hard dick in his mouth and sucked it like she did him so many times that week.

Eric got behind Cassie and pushed his hard cock up between her legs so it would pop out through the front and get tickled by her pubes. He pumped his hips softly while watching his brother from behind Cassie as he made Grace orgasm.

Grace's cum blasted into the air and back down onto Josh's back as he jerked her off and had her finish on his face as she panted heavily on her back and her body twitched from orgasmic delight. Josh licked his way up the young teen body of Grace until they were face to face and slid his tongue into her mouth the same time his dick slid into her pussy just under her dick.

Grace cooed with delight as she was taken in front of her stunned mother...

"God! Is he? Is he in her?" Cassie asked with a shocked look on her face.

"Yep..." Eric stated as Grace wrapped her heavenly legs around the boy fucking her.

Within a couple minutes Grace was squealing: "I'm cumming, Josh! You're making me cum, baby! Give it to me! Fill me up, Josh! I wanna feel that hot cum shoot into me!"

"Grace! No! You'll get pregnant!" Her mother shouted back to her.

"Mom! No! I'm ok, I'm on birth control!" Grace replied in a squinting fashion as they both came at the same time, Josh filling her pussy with a throbbing orgasm as she squirted back onto his shaft and they French kissed in front of her mom.

Eric could feel Cassie's wetness from her pussy begin to soak his shaft and glisten the insides of her legs as her body became filled with wanton desire and a horniness she's never felt before...

"Wanna join in?" Eric asked of the Mom he was seducing from behind.

Cassie shook her head in a 'Yes' fashion and Eric took her by the hand and led her to her daughter's bed where Josh rose to his knees and his hard cock popped from Grace's pussy and his cum oozed from it freely. Josh twirled the tip of his dick around in his cream pie and then pushed it into Grace's tight ass, making her cringe and let out a loud squeal from her first anal penetration.

"Get on her, Cassie...In a '69 position..." Eric told Cassie.

Cassie climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over her daughter in a '69 and took hold of Grace's hard shaft and just before putting it in her mouth uttered: "I can't believe I'm doing this..."

Cassie sucked her daughters dick with a smile and dimples forming on her cheeks from the applied suction as she watched Josh take her daughter anally. Eric leaned down and pried open Cassie's ass cheeks and flicked his tongue about her puckered asshole as Grace licked her mom's pussy from underneath.

Eric got behind Cassie doggy style and slowly swiped his cock tip over her pussy slit as Grace pried it open and exposed her mother's wet, pink vaginal walls...

"Your mom's so hot, Grace..." Eric stated, just before sliding his cock into Cassie's wanton pussy.

Cassie broke her oral of her daughter and looked back over her shoulder with a huge smile on her face as the young boy penetrated her and fucked her with a horniness that made her pussy quiver and explode with gushing squirts onto his dick and her daughter's face as she screamed in pleasure while jerking her daughter off.

In seconds after this Grace erupted with cum spurting onto her mom's face, shoulders and back as Josh pulled from Grace's ass and jerked off onto Cassie's face. Eric moaned softly as he thrusted forcefully into Cassie as he orgasmed, filling her pussy with his hot cum and then slowly pulling from it. Eric watched as his mess poured from Cassie's pussy and dripped off her pubes into her daughter's mouth and drizzling down both sides of Grace's face.

Grace lapped up the cum from her mom and pulled it from the ends of her pubes with her lips just before Cassie rose to her knees and positioned herself over her daughter's erection. Eric came around to her front while Josh straddled Grace's stomach just behind Cassie as Grace remained on her back under both of them.

Eric went down on Cassie and scooped up Grace's dick into his mouth and pushed it into her mother's pussy with his tongue. Cassie lowered herself onto her daughter's cock and began to fuck her as Eric knelt directly in front of Cassie with his hard dick rubbing against her pubes as Josh slid his cock up her ass cleavage from behind.

"Wow! Grace and my brother really made a mess of your face!" Eric exclaimed, just before he began to lick it off of Cassie.

Cassie shut her eyes and let the boy clean her up as did his brother, licking the cum off her back. Then, she felt a sharp pain as Josh forced himself into her ass...

"My ass! God! It hurts!" Cassie screamed out as her eyes sprang open with surprise.

"Relax, baby...It'll feel better..." Eric exclaimed as he began to push his dick into her pussy along with her daughter's still in it as well.

"Wait! What are you doing to me?!" Cassie questioned as she never imagined sex like this before.

"I'm fucking you with your daughter and my brother up that hot ass of yours...I know you like it! Say it!" Eric told her as he pecked at her lips with his and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Cassie replied with loud words being muffled by his tongue in her mouth as she was triple penetrated: "I do! Shit! I really do! Fuck! You're all in me...At the same time! All three of you! In my pussy! My ass! Shit! Fuck! I can't believe this! I'm not like this! GODDDDD! DAMMMMM IT! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIING! JESUS! GRACE! ERIC! JOSH! YOU'RE FILLING ME UP!"

Cassie's body convulsed and twitched between the two boys as they finished in her as did her daughter as she squirted her orgasm onto Grace's and Eric's cocks in her. As their orgasms subsided they all withdrew from Cassie and let her fall back and off of her daughter's shaft where Cassie layed at her daughter's side in a dizzy state.

Grace curled her leg up over her mom's body and draped it over her as she tenderly kissed her and Josh and Eric nestled themselves up to her as well. Josh did as Grace did on the other side of Cassie and gave her a dual tongue lashing along with grace as Eric used Cassie's muff as a pillow and fell asleep between her legs.

Soon, they all drifted off to sleep, allowing their orgasms of vaginal fluids and cum to dry onto their bodies; allowing their skin to tighten as it did so. It's a shame the Swanson's were leaving the next day, but Cassie left an open invitation for them to 'Cum' back anytime...





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