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Characters: Brittany, Rachel

Pairings: Brittany/Puck/Finn, Rachel/Blaine

Codes: mf, mmf, anal, dp, first

Glee: Quinn's World Part 5
by The Chemist

No one noticed as Santana snuck out of the basement. After a few minutes had passed, Quinn led her boyfriend Sam out of the downstairs and up to a bedroom on the second floor. Finn noticed them leave. He didn't quite know what the relationship status between Quinn and himself was. Sure, he went over to her house every day for the last 2 weeks to fuck her before her parents got home but she was still openly dating Sam.

"So is it corny to play spin the bottle," a very drunk Rachel Berry asked the high school quarterback.

"Whoa! Spin the bottle! Let's due it," Artie shouted upon overhearing the question.

The 8 remaining party guests sat down in a circle and used a leftover beer bottle to spin. After a brief debate, they decided Rachel should be the one to start the game since it was her amazing party. She grabbed it and give it a flick of the wrist and everyone watched on in fascination until it stopped in front of Blaine.

Blaine was a handsome boy that from an all-boy's school in the area. He was here tonight because he was a friend of Kurt, a former member of the McKinley High Glee club until he transferred to Blaine's school a month ago. It was common knowledge that both boys were gay and that Kurt was crushing on Blaine but that didn't mean Rachel couldn't appreciate how good looking he was.

"You guys know the rules," Brittany stated. "Let's see a nice juicy kiss."

"I'm game if you are," the drunk boy said to Rachel.

They both were already resting on their knees so they leaned forward to rest on their hands as well. They moved their face until finally their lips made contact. It started off with them just pressing together until Blaine escalated things. Gaping his mouth, he stuck his tongue out and into Rachel's mouth, who had mirrored his action.

"I thought he was gay," Puck asked.

"Apparently not as gay as we thought," Kurt replied as the group watched the pair continue to wrestle with each other tongues.

"Whoa," Blaine screamed after a solid minute of kissing.

"That was amazing," Rachel gushed, looking flushed in the face.

The gang continued to play and drink for another 10 minutes. By that time, they had mostly all kissed each other and were all quite drunk. Tina and Mike had already left the game, presumably to find a room to have sex. Artie had wheeled away and was now passed out on a nearby couch. Kurt, still upset at Blaine for his heterosexual make out with Rachel had stormed off.

"Fun night," Puck said to Finn as they sat at each end of the only free love seat left in the basement.

"Yeah for sure man," Finn agreed.

"Is this seat taken," Brittany asked before throwing herself down in the small space between the two muscular boys.

"It is now," Puck said with a smile as one of the hotter girls in school was now resting on him.

Even though both of the guys had other girls they were interested in, they couldn't help but get hard. Brittany was a super-sexy blonde cheerleader with an amazing body, superhuman flexibility and had quite the reputation when it came to sex.

"You seem a little drunk Britt," Finn observed.

"Maybe just a little," she laughed.

With her shirt already unbuttoned from body shots earlier, her flat stomach flexed to show the outline of her abdominal muscles when she giggled. They also noticed that her laughter made her good-sized tits bounce in her pink bra she wore under her blouse.

"So I was wondering if it's true that high school girls get really horny when their drunk," Puck asked the pretty yet gullible girl.

"Oh my God it's so true. Like feel my panties right now. They're so wet right now," she admitted happily.

Puck had quickly placed his hand onto her flat stomach and was migrating down but just before he went under her shorts, Finn stopped him.

"You should probably track down Artie and let him do something about that," Finn suggested to the impressionable cheerleader.

"I would but he's fast asleep. He threw up twice then past out on me," Brittany told.

"How about I help you out then," Puck offered.

"It's tempting, especially since you're so gorgeous but I was hoping you two were a package," she replied with a horny look in her eye.

"Won't you feel guilty cheating on Artie? Or worry that he'll find out and you guys will break up? You seem so happy together," Finn asked, acting like her conscience.

"Dude, shut up now," Puck whispered to him. "Don't ruin this for me."

"I'll be too drunk to remember whatever we do in the morning and so will everyone else. This is a one-time deal with no consequences," she informed them.

Brittany shuffled her body around enough that she could use her right hand to undo Puck's pants and her left to work on Finn. Finn was running through his mind whether it was wrong or right to do this since he was seeing Quinn. Then he remembered watching her leave with Sam.

"So what do you guys say," she asked while rubbing their hard cocks under their pants.

"I'm in. How about you friend," Puck asked.

"There's a rec room beside the bar that we can use," Finn stated, knowing the house well from the time he spent in it when dating Rachel earlier in the year. "It has a door with a lock to guarantee privacy."

With her hands still stroking their penises, the three teens stood from the couch. Finn patrolled the room to make sure no one saw them go into the games room, but everyone else was either passed out or not paying attention. He got them inside then shut the door and turned the latch to lock it.

"So you're into being double stuffed," Puck asked the horny girl.

"Been dying to try it ever since Artie stuck it in my ass," she admitted.

Brittany had removed her hands from their pants so that the boys could undress themselves. She bit her lower lip as she took in both of their naked bodies. Finn was a few inches taller and probably 20 pounds heavier, but by no means fat. Puck had a darker skin color, proudly wore a Mohawk and she'd be surprised if he had any more than 5% body fat.

Puck was the first to step towards the beautiful blonde and finished removing her clothing. He loved how heavy her perky boobs felt in his hands as he covered her mouth with his and danced his tongue with hers.

They sidestepped their way closer to the pool table until Brittany shoved the boy down onto it. His scooted as far down the table as he could so that his head rested on the end of the table. He got comfortable then watched as the curvy cheerleader climbed on and crawled between his legs.

"Let's see those lips where they belong," he told her.

"You ready my mind," she replied before turning her attention back to Finn. "As long as Finn uses his mouth for something other than singing."

Finn had pushed his complicated situation with Quinn as far to the back of his mind as he could. He was tall enough that he could kneel and still have his face level with Brittany's crotch, despite her resting on her knees.

By the time Finn was set up behind Brittany, she already was sucking on Puck's hard cock. She was presently surprised to find out that one of her one night stands was rather long in the crotch department. She could only hope that Finn was just as well endowed as he was.

The blonde wasn't the only one give oral pleasure. Finn was now licking Brittany's pussy, starting at her stubby clitoris and going all the way through her pink folds until ending at her tight hole. After a few passes along her cleanly shaven pussy, he got an idea and went for it. Rather then dipping his tongue into her opening, Finn continued upwards until he was licking her tightly puckered asshole.

"Whoa," she screamed in response to the bold move. "You're pretty kinky Mr. Hudson."

"What can I say, you have an asshole that's begging to be licked," he justified.

"Well I'm happy it knows how to ask for what it likes," Brittany replied with a wink.

It was now tougher for the simple-minded girl to keep focused. Much to her delight, Quinn's ex-boyfriend was really good at licking pussy. And if the pleasure he was giving her wasn't enough, he quite her guessing by sticking his tongue deep into her anus after every few swipes at her folds.

Puck picked up on the fact that her attentions were divided and decided to remind her of her main job. Grabbing the top of her head, the football player pulled down on her head to make her take at least 6 inches of his pole into her mouth. Brittany got the hint and started to concentrate on sucking him off, taking his whole length into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Finn couldn't resist his urge to finger her amazing ass. With ample spit already coating her tight rosebud, the quarterback eased his pointer finger into her ass until his hand was pressing against her groin.

"Mmmppp," Brittany moaned around Puck's cock, still lodged firmly in her mouth.

Finn couldn't stop watching as his fairly thick finger glided into her rectum. It was extremely tight and he felt constant pressure surrounding his digit, but he could tell the slutty cheerleader was loving every minute of it. Wanting to give her a sneak preview of what was to come later, the boy worked his middle finger into her pussy so that now he was thrusting into both of her holes at once.

"Damn that feels nice," Brittany swore before returning her lips around Puck's dick.

"Oh man, you're totally going to love this mouth," Puck panted to his buddy. "It's like a vacuum cleaner that doesn't ever run out of steam."

"Share the wealth then," Finn said.

The tall quarterback got to his feet before taking a seat at the edge of the pool table with his legs dangling off the end. Puck let go of the girl's head so that she could pull herself off of his penis and get off the table. She didn't go very far as she took a step over, flexed forward at the hips and filled her mouth with Finn's 9-inch pole.

"Enjoy the top end because I sure as hell am going to enjoy back here," Puck stated.

With Brittany bent over at the waist, her amazing ass was pointed out and at the perfect level for the boy with the Mohawk. Lining his cock up with her wet pussy after Finn's excellent oral work, Puck crammed his bulbous head into her hole.

"Mmmnn," she moaned as a result. "That feels great."

Puck wasted no time by plowing strongly into her pink opening. Despite possessing a teen pussy that tightens after every sexual encounter, Brittany was well adapt at sex.

Doing her best to maintain focus on Finn's cock, the slutty cheerleader kept moving her lips up and down his length. It was challenging to try and please both men at the same time. The alcohol may have inhibited her morals but it wasn't helping her balance. Plus with Puck slamming into her with such force made her take Finn into her throat without her control.

Finn couldn't help but feel slightly jealous for cheating on Quinn in some way, but he justified it by her still seeing Sam. The whole situation was confusing for the simple-minded football player but at the current moment, his body was telling him to ignore Quinn and concentrate on Brittany.

"Alright my turn with her now," Finn told his friend.

"Fine, but just know that you're having my sloppy seconds," Puck laughed.

Brittany was mildly upset when Finn shuffled back further onto the pool table and pulled clear of her mouth. She was even more irritated when Puck pulled out of her pussy after he was doing such a good job at filling it.

Hating the feeling of not having any cocks stuffed in her at the moment, the curvy blonde decided to do something about it. She got Puck's help climbing atop of the table and walked over to Finn, straddled his waist and lowered herself down. She was surprised when Finn's strong hands grabbed her hips and spun her around so that had her back to the boy.

"Not if I go to a new hole," Finn replied.

Brittany may be dumb as a doorknob but she knew what he meant. Biting down on her lip to help with the initial pain, she slowly lowered herself down onto Finn's penis, which was currently pressing firmly against her puckered asshole. The tight hole offered ample resistance but both of their determination won out and the quarterback's swollen head entered her anus.

"God damn I'm a tight bitch," Brittany swore as the pain of being pulled apart started to increase.

Puck wasn't going to be left out. He jumped onto the table and stood by Brittany's head until the bubbly blonde noticed he was there. Opening her mouth Puck leaned forward and put half of his tool into her awaiting orifice. The cheerleader could taste herself on his penis. It made her suck him even harder to try to get every last flavor off of him and onto her tongue.

"Keep banging her hard dude," Puck encouraged his friend. "It feels great when she moans on my cock."

"Consider it done buddy," Finn grinned.

Finn was now really forcing it into Brittany's tight hole, making the girl gasp and groan onto Puck's penis that was buried in her throat. She had gripped firmly onto Puck's leg in an effort to support herself and to help with the discomfort of getting her backdoor plowed into with great intensity.

"So you think you're ready for the main event now," Finn asked the slutty cheerleader.

"Totally. Let's do it," she replied with excitement.

"Dude, I don't care if you climbed that mountain first but I want a chance in her ass," Puck pleaded.

"Yeah that seems fair," he answered.

In the blink of an eye Puck had appeared between both of their sets of legs. Using his impressive strength, the football player picked up and spun the blonde girl around so her chest was pressed against Finn's body.

"I'm so excited! I already feel like I'm gushing," Brittany squealed.

She reached around and put Finn into her pussy then started bouncing on his penis. Puck let the cheerleader build up a good rhythm before pressing her back down so her large tits squashed onto his friend's sweaty body.

"No eye contact and no crossing swords," Finn told him.

"Trust me man, the only thing my cock is going to be touching is this girl's tight asshole," he replied.

Brittany's anticipation was pushed aside and replaced with mild pain as Puck's tip pushed apart her puckered hole. He rested inside of her for a few second to let her adjust to the fact she had 2 penises in her tightest holes. Brittany was thankful as the initial pain was replaced with a mixture of discomfort and fullness.

"Okay keep going," she instructed.

Puck wasn't going to argue. Pushing up further onto the balls of his feet for better control, the horny boy drove more of his length into her stretched asshole. The more he thrust in, the more full Brittany felt but at least there was no pain. However, despite the discomfort and being spread out in two holes, the blonde was really enjoying herself.

"How you doing," Finn asked.

"I'd be better if you two started to really fuck me," her response stunning both boys.

Not wanting to leave a girl unsatisfied, both Puck and Finn doubled their effort until there was over 15 inches of hard cock pounding viciously into her curvy body. Finn was forcing his hips well off the felt cover of the pool table while Puck had already worked up a healthy sweat as he energetically plugged her butt.

"This hard enough for you," Puck grunted.

"Ahhhhh," she could only manage to say in reply.

Brittany couldn't believe she could enjoy herself this much during sex. Hell, enjoy anything in life as much as she was at this very moment. When she first had anal sex she noted how much more intense the sex was, but now that she had one in her twat and the other in her was a whole new level of passion.

"Ohhh....ahhhhh....please keep banging me hard," she encouraged.

Even though both of their energy levels were starting to drop, they weren't going to leave a girl's request like that unsatisfied. Searching their bodies for whatever strength they could muster, the boys redoubled their effort and made their penises hammer into her sensitive holes at neck breaking speeds.

Their exertion wasn't going unnoticed by the girl. Her string of non-stop grunts was the reward they craved. She was happy it took so long for her to notice how close she was as it made her absorb all the pleasure for longer than she'd thought she'd last.

"UURRRGGGHHHH," Brittany screamed as she came harder than ever before in her life.

Finn felt his dick become soaked in her juices as her cum flowed out. He stopped thrusting his hips upwards and just laid on the table, completely exhausted. The blonde's body was resting on his chest, she too losing the will power to support herself. Puck likewise slumped forward so that his glistening chest was pressed on Brittany's back, his cock still lodged in her ass.

"I don't even care that I didn't cum. That was the best sex ever," Puck grunted.

"Ditto," Finn agreed.

"Well I care," the girl replied. "Roll over."

Puck summoned his last reserve of energy and pulled out of her butt before laying face up on the table. Brittany crawled off of Finn's cock and immediately placed it right in her mouth. She was glad that there was so much of her juices on his penis as she gobbled up every last drop.

"Oh yes," Finn groaned before blasting his load into her mouth.

The sweet taste of her cum mixed with the warm, salty flavor of his nearly made her have another orgasm. She kept her mouth latched onto his tip until the last blast of his load emptied and she was able to swallow it down with a smile.

"Your turn," Brittany told Puck.

He moaned when her plump lips wrapped back around his cock. He didn't last nearly as long as his friend did though, as once Brittany made it halfway down his shaft she started to cum in her mouth. The cheerleader was surprised at how quickly he came but she was still able to collect it all before gulping it down her throat. She continued to suck him off afterwards to make sure she tasted as much of her ass on his penis as she could before giving up.

The three were so exhausted that they fell asleep almost instantly. At some point in the night Puck swore he heard the door open but he thought it most have been a dream since Finn said he locked the door. One by one they woke early in the morning and left before waking anyone else up.

* * *

Blaine had been thinking about Rachel ever since they shared a kiss during spin the bottle. The kiss had made him very confused because he liked it so much. For the last several years he had been an openly gay high schooler, but now he wasn't so sure.

Rachel was just as confused. She knew Blaine was gay and that her friend Kurt really liked him. But if Blaine wasn't as gay as everyone thought, then she felt like it wasn't betraying Kurt if she went after him.

"Hey Blaine. Where'd Kurt go," Rachel asked as she strolled over to the couch that the tall, dark and handsome boy was sitting on.

"I'm not exactly sure. He seemed all pissy about something. I think he might have left," he replied with an obvious alcohol-induced slur. "Who needs him though when I have you?"

Rachel couldn't help at smile as the cute boy slid his arm around her. "You're so sweet. You're boyfriend must be the luckiest guy ever."

"Oh I don't have a boyfriend," Blaine answered, giving Rachel the answer she wanted after her probing comment.

"Girlfriend then?"

"No girlfriend either. 100% single," he replied.

Rachel was obvious with her questions. Blaine could see right through them, even if he was drunk. Knowing how she felt about him, the boy lent forward and engulfed her mouth with his own. Their hands ran up and down each other's sides as their greedy mouths smacked together and their tongues danced together.

"Did you want to go to my bedroom," Rachel asked the horny boy while he felt her breasts through her clothing.

"Why not stay right here. No one else is around," Blaine answered.

Rachel looked around the room and realized that they were alone. She had no idea where Brittany, Puck and Finn went. It didn't matter now though as their absence meant that her and Blaine didn't have to move from the basement.

Blaine lent forward again and slithered his tongue back into Rachel's awaiting mouth. The boy pressed his body against her slim frame, causing her slowly fall backwards onto her back. His hand moved from her side then Rachel felt his cool touch on the inside of her inner thigh. Her mind was racing, seemingly going faster the further his hand traveled up her skirt.

"Aagghhh," she moaned when his long fingers grazed her folds through her panties.

After rubbing her pussy and feeling her pant into his mouth, Blaine hooked onto the waistband and pulled the silk material down her smooth, tanned legs. Now that the barrier was removed, Rachel was grunting in pleasure as his finger passed easily through her wet slit.

"You want this really bad, don't you," the boy huffed into her ear.

"Please," Rachel begged in response.

Blaine smiled before pushing his middle finger into her pink hole. She bit her lip rather then scream at the top of her impressive lungs but he didn't mind. Never one to rest on his laurels, he continued to work his finger into her extremely tight opening while he used his free find to explore up her shirt.

The brunette had small but firm breasts Blaine noted as he felt them through her lacy bra. He reached around her back and undid her bra with one hand so that he could feel her boobs with the obstacle. Her skin was even suppler and her nipples were already erect before he pinched them.

"Mmmmhhh," Rachel moaned from the pleasure coming deep with her pussy and the extra attention from her sensitive nipples.

Rachel was on cloud nine. Lost in her delirium, she didn't remember Blaine pulling if her shirt and bra, leaving her upper body completely bare. His lips moved from kissing her mouth and traveled down the nape of her neck until reaching his target. Squeezing her tit hard, his lips latched onto her responsive nipple.

"Do you want me to do the same for you," Rachel panted, not wanting to be a guilty lover.

"Would love if you did," he answered.

Rachel wasn't very experienced sexually. She had only fooled around a few times in her life. The first time was with Jessie, who turned out to be a jerk and rather small in the pants. Next was Finn and he was the complete opposite of Jessie, both mentally and physically. Lastly was Puck, who she gave a blowjob in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Dropping off of the couch and onto her knees, the topless girl unbuttoned Blaine's pants. He helped her get them off his legs by lifting off the couch until the denim was crumpled around his feet with his 7-inch penis on full display.

"You're hands are so smooth," Blaine gasped as her small hand wrapped around his stout pole.

Rachel started gliding her hand along his shaft slowly at first, getting use to the feeling of one in her hand again. Her speed gradually increased and she smiled to herself as she caught a glimpse of Blaine's face. His facial features were contorted and the panting escaping his mouth were those of ecstasy.

"It looks so tasty," Rachel commented.

"Only one way to find out," Blaine encouraged.

Rachel dropped her hand down to the base of Blaine's penis. Opening her large mouth wide, the nervous teen lowered her head and engulf the first half of his member.

"Oh yes," he gasped as her warm tongue glided along the underside of his tool.

Blaine threw his head back and enjoyed the blowjob. Rachel had a determination about her as she repeated slid up and down his pole with her plump lips. Her training as a singer was serving her well as she was easily inhaling all of his penis, even holding him down her throat for several seconds. When she withdrew it afterwards to catch her breath his cock was coated in her spit.

"Alright so should we get to the good stuff now," Blaine asked as Rachel continued to deep throat his length.

" want to have sex," Rachel asked.

"Yeah. I thought you knew. I want to see if I'm gay or not and the only way is by having sex with a girl," he explained.

"I figured the blowjob by a girl would answer that question," she replied.

"A blowjob could be done by anyone. The true test is sex," he told. "You have had sex before, right?"

"For sure," Rachel lied.

Even though she wasn't prepared to have sex, she desperately wanted to gain life experience. In her mind, what better event was there then either turning a gay guy straight or confirming he was in fact gay. And there was no way he could tell she was still a virgin as she popped her own cherry last year the first time she used her dildo.

Standing up, she quickly dropped her dress down her legs. Blaine soaked in the image of the naked sophomore and couldn't get over what a tight body she always covered up with hideous clothing. Her boobs were small but she had nice pink nipples, dark olive skin, long legs and an amazing ass.

"So how do you like to do it," Rachel asked, hoping that he wouldn't pick up her inexperience.

"Lay down here on the couch," he instructed while covering his penis with a condom.

Rachel laid her back down on the couch and spread her legs in the shape of a V. Kneeling beside her, Blaine ran his dick along her wet slit. Excitement was running high in both of their bodies as the drunk boy climbed on top of the virgin.

With his head pressed firmly against her opening Blaine asked her, "You ready?"

Biting her lip, the brave girl nodded in response. That was all Blaine needed as he pushed forward and penetrated her for the first time in her life by a real person. Her walls yielded slowly as the considerate singer took his time pushing into her. It hurt for Rachel as she was stretched opened but after he was completely in her and had pumped his length inside a few times, it really started to feel good.

"Ummm...uh...uh," Rachel moaned, her first time because of bliss rather than pain.

Blaine heard her grunts and decided it was now safe to go harder. Raising off of her thin frame, he came crashing back down on her. His length drove into her vacated pussy, the force causing her small boobs to bounce.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard," Rachel cussed.

The singer listened to her requested and repeated the same action. He felt her legs wrapped around his strong waist as she used her heels to dig into his backside. The extra motivation spurred him on and made him drill deeper and harder into her tight teen hole.

"I want to ride now," Rachel demanded, wanting to make the most out of her first time.

"Sure thing," he replied before pulling out of her tight pussy.

Getting off from on top of the pretty girl, Blaine rolled over and laid on his back. Rachel propped herself up and straddled his lap before guiding him back into her opening. Blaine had to grit his teeth as her hole had tighten back up and nearly made him cum on the spot from the intense pleasure.

"Wow you're huge," she panted as she bounced slowly on the top of his length to let her pussy expanded back to accommodate his girth.

After a few minutes of shallowly riding his pecker, Rachel was able to sink down fully. It felt great for both of them to have him balls deep in her tight canal. With him completely buried in her, Rachel grinded her hips on his lap to make it feel even better for both of them.

"Oh yeah...shake that sexy ass," Blaine encouraged, giving her plump cheek a hearty slap.

"Oooh...yes, yes, yes," Rachel passionately moaned from atop of the drunken boy.

The two moved in unison. Rachel rose up before crashing down hard onto his sweat lap. Meanwhile Blaine was thrusting his hips off of the sofa to meet her drops and plow deeper into her canal then he'd ever thought possible.

"I'm so close," he warned.

"Oh God! Cum with me," Rachel pleaded.

After a few more powerful thrusts they were both ready to explode as the intensity reached its peak. Rachel was the first to cum as she let out a scream that everyone in the house could surely hear.

"Oohhhhhh....AHHHHHHHH," the singer screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her pussy clamped down as a result of her orgasm. Her body also thrashed about as well with Blaine still buried deep within her opening. That proved to be the push that he needed to achieve his own powerful climax.

"Oh shit! I'm cumming babe," Blaine grunted as he came inside of Rachel.

"Wow," Rachel gasped, her body crumpled against Blaine's sweat-covered body.

"I know right," Blaine replied.

"So was I good enough to turn a gay guy straight," she asked with hopeful eyes.

"Don't get me wrong Rachel, you were great. It's just that you kind of confirmed the fact that I really am gay. I hope that doesn't upset you," he apologized.

"Upset? I'm not upset. Do you know how many famous songwriters had an experience like making love to the wrong person! I'm not upset Blaine, I'm excited," she beamed.

The pair pulled each other off of one another and started to get dressed. The party was already starting to wind down. People were scattered all across her house as Rachel went to lock the house up for the night. Inside the closed game's room was Puck, Brittany and Puck, all passed out naked on the pool table. In the guest bedroom was Mike and Tina in a similar position. Likewise in her own bedroom where Quinn and Santana were both curled up against Sam.

Rachel was too drunk to care and probably even remember when she wakes up in the morning. When she eventually stumbled her drunk self downstairs she found Blaine passed out on the sofa they just had sex on. Rachel went into the closet and grabbed two blankets. She draped one over Blaine's nude body before she covered herself in the other as she rolled into a ball onto the love seat and fell asleep.


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