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Glee: One Time Thing Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Santana Lopez was not what most people would call a morning person. Or an afternoon person, evening person or night person, but that's just because she didn't suffer fools who were cheerful for no God damn reason. The point was Santana never really liked mornings and they had been extra sucky lately, however this was definitely an exception. This morning was fucking glorious because Santana awoke to find her favourite strap-on still buried deep inside Quinn Fabray's ass.

The cherry on top of this fudge (packer) sundae was that they had rolled in the middle of the night so that Santana was spooning Quinn, proving even sleeping Santana could show Quinn who's boss. That thought caused Santana to grin widely as she admired her friend's sleeping form.

Honestly Santana wasn't sure what was better, the red hot memories of last night, Quinn as a little spoon, the sight of her hips almost pressed against her friend's ass with just enough of the dildo visible so it was clear it was still stretching the blonde's butt hole, or how peaceful Quinn looked. Perhaps a little ironically, given the once in a lifetime sights available to her Santana found herself focusing on Quinn's face, the Latina almost feeling like she was looking at her friend for the first time. Because she always knew Quinn Fabray was fine, because she had eyes and wasn't a moron, but damn, the girl was truly flawless.

Santana wasn't sure how long she stared at the other girl, it felt like only minutes but easily could have been hours, but one minute she was basking in the beauty before her, the next Quinn was stirring. Which naturally caused Santana to smile evilly, the wicked brunette knowing what she should do and doing the opposite. Namely roughly thrusting her hips forwards, quickly forcing the few inches which had escaped, or been pushed out of, Quinn's ass hole during the night back into the former cheerio's butt.

Quinn Fabray was not a morning person. It was the waking up part she particularly detested, something she had in common with her beloved frienemy Santana. Perhaps a little ironically that beloved frienemy was the reason why this particular wake up was worse than usual.

"OH MY GOD!" Quinn gasped as she was rudely awakened by an agonising pain in her ass.

"Morning Q." Santana beam cheerily as she began rotating her hips against Quinn's ass which in turn made the dildo churn the other girl's insides like butter.

It took Quinn only a couple of seconds to figure out where she was and what was happening to her but it took her a few minutes to do anything about it. Partly because as soon as she figured it out Quinn thought she was going to die of embarrassment right there and then, her cheeks blushing bright red as she found herself waking up with a dick in her ass. A big, thick rubber dick strapped around the waist of her friend/rival Santana Lopez who was now fucking Quinn in the ass just like last night. Well, not exactly as this time Santana was mostly moving the dildo round and round inside Quinn's butt, occasionally pushing up and down or side to side but never actually in and out. Of course that made little difference to Quinn, there was a dick in her ass, that meant she was being ass fucked. Santana was ass fucking her. Fucking her up the ass, again, Quinn being sodomised by one of her oldest female friends just like she was last night.

That of course led Quinn to thinking about last night in detail, everything she had done, everything she had allowed Santana to do to her and, "Oh God."

Quinn whimpered as she felt herself getting wet at the memories of what was supposed to be a one time thing, yet when she tried to muster the energy to tell Santana to stop the blonde found she didn't want her too. Again it was unbearably shameful but those wicked memories combined with Santana's efforts caused her rectum to loosen up just enough so Quinn could barely feel the soreness anymore. Although to be fair that was probably because she was suddenly so horny she literally couldn't think for a few seconds, and then when she could Quinn didn't want to as her head had become a scary place.

For better or for worse she didn't have time to dwell on it as Santana began slowly pulling her dildo out of the blonde's butt, Quinn letting out a cry of relief mixed with pleasure as part of her rectum was finally given a break. That didn't last long, Santana only pulling out about halfway before beginning to slowly push back in again triggering another cry from Quinn, this one with an undercurrent of surprise and a little pain but it mostly sounded like a cry of pleasure. This of course made Quinn blush, the former captain of the cheerios practically able to feel Santana smirking behind her as the Latina finished pushing the strap-on back inside her bowels only to repeat the process, Santana beginning to butt fuck Quinn again, this time with the two girls on their sides.

This finally got Quinn to complained, "Santana, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Santana questioned playfully.

Quinn gritted her teeth, "I know what you're doing, but oooooohhhhhh Gooooooddddd..."

"Relax Q, I'm helping you out here." Santana said, trying and failing to keep the grin off her face.

"What, aaaaahhhhhh God, are you, ohhhhhhhh, talking about?" Quinn struggled to force out.

"I'm talking about taking away the pain in your ass. Or at least helping you forget about it for a little while." Santana grinned, gripping a firm hold of Quinn's thigh so she could push her strap-on deeper into the blonde's butt, "See whenever Brittney fell asleep with a toy in her ass she liked her soreness to be fucked away. She said it made things easier later. And besides, it was a shame to waste a loosened butt hole. Of course Brittney is a proud super slut, but as you proved last night you're easily as big a anal whore as she is. Maybe bigger, because I mean damn girl, I don't even think Brittney ever came that hard with a dick in her ass."

The whimper Quinn let out was perhaps the most sorrowful and pathetic sounding whine in the history of whimpers. If she had been in her normal state of mind Quinn would have been horrified with herself for letting out such a sound. Not the way she blushed crimson red and buried her face in the bed sheets was anymore dignified, but Quinn was pretty sure she didn't have any dignity left. It had been robbed from her when Santana had anally violated her and made her like it, Quinn not sure whether the last of her dignity had been taken when she came from being sodomised or now when Santana told her she had cum harder than Brittney.

Now, Quinn loved Brittney. The girl could appear to be... simple, at first glance, but once you got to know her she was incredibly intelligent, in her own way. And she was sweet, and kind, and good, but not to good, girl could deliver some harsh truths and hilarious one-liners, but she was a total slut. Quinn knew that Brittney wasn't ashamed of it, and she was glad that her friend and other people could celebrate being so open with their sexuality. But the idea of being a slut horrified Quinn, and while things such as sleeping with her boyfriend's best friend and a college professor had unfortunately qualified her for the title this was a whole new level of horrifying, one which paralysed her for what felt like an eternity.

Too late Quinn realised that was the point. That Santana wanted to shame her into silence by saying things which may or may not be true so that Quinn would get lost in her own head and let Santana have her way with her. Unfortunately by the time she figured it out it was too late to stop her body from betraying her again, Quinn's ass on fire with pure ecstasy which travelled from her bowels to her brain and overloaded her. It was then she realised just how loudly she was screaming in pleasure and that her treacherous body had started humping back against Santana's skilled thrusts which only intensified the sinful pleasure of the sodomy. Worst of all Quinn could no longer bring herself to complain. No, she didn't want to complain, she wanted to cum. She hated herself for it but in that moment Quinn wanted to cum more than anything. In that moment things like giving up her dignity and being fucked up the ass seemed inconsequential next to the pleasure Quinn was currently feeling and the overwhelming ecstasy she knew was coming.

Clearly sensing her stress Santana leaned in and whispered, "It's ok Quinnie, just relax and give me that hot bitch ass of yours! Mmmmmm, I know just how to treat a submissive little bottom like you. Ohhhhhhh yeah, I'm gonna pound your little ass hole and make you scream my name. Make you scream for more. Make you scream in pleasure until your throat so sore you can't say a word and all you can do is lay back and take it up your hot bitch ass for me like the bitch you are. Mmmmm, my bitch. Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez's bitch! Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?"

Santana grinned evilly as Quinn whimpered again, her face remaining buried in the bed sheets as the Latina continued to pump into her pooper. Being in this position was heaven for Santana but it was hard for her to dish out a serious butt pounding. So as much as she loved feeling her thighs smacking against Quinn's ass cheeks and the simple joy of spooning a girl who used to boss her around Santana turned the blonde onto her back and moved her legs onto her shoulders so they were in the missionary position. She then leaned down so she was practically bending the other girl in half, Santana able to stare deep into Quinn's soul through her beautiful eyes.

Initially when she switched positions Quinn looked like a frightened gazelle faced with a lioness, the notorious HBIC of McKinley High looking so wonderfully submissive at that moment Santana thought she would cum on the spot. Submissive Quinn was so fucking hot that it drove Santana crazy, the Latina quickly beginning to pick up the pace of the butt fucking until she was slamming the white girl's booty with every ounce of her strength.


Those words drove Santana to pound Quinn's butt to almost simultaneous climax, although by the time the brunette had her first orgasm the blonde was going over the edge of her third. Santana wasn't sure whether that was a testament to her awesome skills or just how much a slut Quinn was for butt sex. Probably both. Either way Santana continued fucking Quinn's ass while staring deep into the eyes of her rival/friend, the girl being anally reamed clearly out of her damn mind while the powerful, dominant and sexy girl dishing out the rectum wrecking let her imagination run wild.

In Santana's mind she dragged Quinn back to New York and fucked her into submission. Or fucked her into submission right here. Either way Quinn agreed to drop out of Yale and become Santana's anal slut full-time, the blonde ready to bend over and give the Latina that juicy white girl booty at a moments notice. Maybe she would tie her up, Quinn becoming nothing but a piece of furniture in Santana's home, her very own personal fuck hole. Then again Quinn's pussy was far too yummy to go to waste so really she should just be Santana's slut. Or Santana's sex slave. Oh, Santana's bitch. Fuck yeah, Santana loved the idea of Quinn Fabray becoming her bitch, that thought leading the Latina to picture Quinn in a little collar which read 'Property of Santana Lopez' which in turn caused the brunette's brain to short-circuit.

By that point Santana had cum half a dozen times and Quinn had clearly cum a lot more so the brunette didn't feel guilty about collapsing down onto the blonde. Really she didn't when she regained consciousness a short while later, Santana rolling off the other girl so her strap-on was quickly pulled from Quinn's ass, the blonde wincing as her legs came down and weight was being rested on her well fucked bottom. More out of instinct than anything else Quinn rolled onto her side, unintentionally ending up facing away from the other former McKinley High student so Santana was given a great view of her handiwork.

At first it was a struggle for Santana to even lift her head to look at the damage she had done to Quinn's butt. Then when she saw that gaping hole she grinned wickedly, Santana somehow finding the energy to scoot down the bed so she was face to face with Quinn's ass. Santana would have never thought of this, and she was hesitant when Brittney brought it up, but there was something so satisfying about seeing a gaping butt hole and knowing she was the reason it was failing to close right away. That went double for Quinn, not even the bittersweet memories of Brittney bringing Santana down from her high as she stared into Quinn's bowels via the incredibly sore looking red ringed crater which last night had been a tiny virgin dot.

Santana was eventually distracted by an even more heavenly sight. Well, first it was the smell that got her attention, Santana becoming aware of it once she moved into this position and immediately knowing what it was, but her eyes had been preoccupied. When she looked down her evil smirk got bigger as she saw the girl juices literally flooding out of Quinn's cunt and flowing down her legs.

The second she spotted it Santana couldn't resist licking her lips and then leaning forward to taste a little from Quinn's legs. Of course that had led to another lick, and then another, and then another, and then another, Santana lifting one of Quinn's legs so it was easier for her to slide her tongue all over those long toned legs, the Latina hungrily gobbling up all the cum and pussy juice she could before heading north to her ultimate goal.

Maybe it would have been kinder to just let Quinn rest for a while. Let her recover. Let her think things through and decide what she wanted to do next. As her friend Santana should have really backed off. But Santana was consumed by her lust for Quinn at this stage and didn't think she could stop if she wanted too. And oh how she didn't want to stop. So Santana kept licking right up to Quinn's pussy where she hungrily lapped up whatever she could find around the other girl's downstairs lips before attacking those lips with her tongue.

As Santana had learned last night Quinn's cream was even sweeter from the source, after only a few licks the Latina having to close her mouth around her friend's pussy lips so she could swallow everything Quinn had to offer. Then Santana slammed her tongue as deep as it would go inside her long-time frienemy's cunt, remorselessly fucking the last of the cum out of her before trying to trigger another orgasm so she could devour more of Quinn's creamy goodness.

All this attention caused Quinn to awake from her sex induced haze and whimper, "Santana! Oooooohhhhhh Goooooodddddd, mmmmmm, I... I, please...oh God I, I, ooooooooh, I can't take any more..."

Quinn repeated that in some variation for the next minute or so however there was no conviction in her voice. Also it wasn't like she was making any effort to push Santana away. In fact Santana had lifted her leg to make it easier for her to bury her face in the blonde's pussy and when Quinn had come her legs had close together, holding Santana's head in between them. Then there was the matter of Quinn pressing herself into Santana's hungry mouth and moaning like she was in heaven, which given the sensations she was feeling Quinn half expected to be true. So Quinn supposed she was kind of giving Santana mixed messages.

In any event Quinn was soon changing her tune, "More! Oh God Santana please don't stop. Never stop! Please never stop fucking me! Mmmmmm fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd, mmmmmm, so fucking goooooooodddddddd, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me you bitch! Oh God!"

Some part of Quinn's mind tried to tell her she should stop this. She was straight. This was supposed to be a one time thing, not a two time thing. Or was it now a three time thing? It didn't matter because she should stop for so many reasons that... Quinn couldn't really think of right now, but she was sure they were important. However that part of her was overwhelmed by the part that didn't care about anything but her own pleasure, Quinn's words becoming incoherent jargon as she once again became lost in the joy that was being fucked by Santana Lopez.

Then all of a sudden Santana grabbed Quinn's ass and rolled them over so the brunette was on her back and the blonde was sitting on her face. She was sitting on her face! Quinn was sitting on another girl's face, her pussy pressed against another woman's mouth, one of her oldest friends Santana Lopez fucking her with her tongue! The reality of that made Quinn go berserk, the once so prudish girl grinding down on top of her friend's face... fucking it with her sex.

If she had an ounce of self-awareness or dignity left Quinn would have been appalled with her wanton behaviour, but the quivering mess which was left of her just screamed Santana's name over and over again as the Latina repeatedly forced multiple orgasms from her with the greatest of ease. In the middle of the euphoria she was feeling Quinn wondered if this would be the end of her. After all every part of her body ached, especially her ass and pussy, Quinn thinking that if she didn't die of shame then surely every cell in her body would crumble and she would just collapse in a gooey mess. It certainly felt like she suffered first the latter and then the former fate.

Luckily for Santana she had guessed Quinn would again not be up for returning the favour so while tonguing her friend she took care of business herself, one of her hands cautiously leaving Quinn's butt to travel down her own body to her needy cunt. From there it only took a few finger thrusts to make Santana cream, although to be fair she was being almost literally drowned in liquid heaven at the time, Quinn's cum completely covering her face and yet the skilled Latina still able to swallow plenty of the precious liquid.

The only downside was by the time Quinn seemingly fainted Santana desperately needed to freshen up. Because sure, she was happy to smell Quinn all day long but her hair definitely needed a shower. Or maybe she was just trying to find a reason to pull away from the heaven which was Quinn's cunt, something that Santana seriously struggled with. Even when she finally achieved it Santana couldn't help but admire the sight of a well fucked Quinn Fabray. Probably well fucked for the first time ever, Santana smirked to herself. Of course staring at Quinn only made Santana want to wake up her friend for round two, or whatever it was now, the sexy Latina forcing herself to look away and stumble into the bathroom.

Just she was about to turn on the shower Santana noticed the strap-on still around her waist. Lazily she undid the harness and was about to toss it away when she had a change of heart. Bringing it up to eye level Santana looked at the dildo glistening with Quinn's butt cream and then bit her lip. Then she cautiously took the head of the toy into her mouth and sucked on it. Brittney had loved to do this. It had always made her feel so slutty, apparently. Santana had only done it a few times for Brittney, telling her it was gross and it was, but she had to admit it was kind of a turn on. No where near as much of a turn on as seeing Brittney do it, or imagining Quinn do it. Yes, Santana liked that idea, just a few well timed thrusts of her fingers combining with the taste of Quinn Fabray's ass and the image of making perfect Quinnie suck the taste of her own ass off a strap-on cock enough to make Santana have her hardest climax of the morning. So far.

Unfortunately when she came out of the shower Santana found the other girl had split, the only evidence that she hadn't imagined the whole thing being cum stained sheets and the taste of Quinn in her mouth.

For a moment Santana just stood there, debating what she should do. Then against her better judgement she quickly grab the complimentary bathrobe she was totally going to steal anyway and stuck her head out the door in the hopes of spoting Quinn trying to make her escape. Instead she spotted a grinning Puck.

"What are you doing up so early?" Santana glared.

"You realise it's noon, right?" Puck deadpanned.

"Whatever." Santana said dismissively, stepping out of her room so she could look past him, "Why are you standing there like a less pretty Lurch?"

Puck smirked and held out something and said, "Just wanted to give you this."

Seeing Quinn was nowhere to be found Santana turned her full attention on Puck and took the object he was offering her. It turned out to be a small circular piece of plastic with something attached to it. Recognising it just after she grabbed it, for which Santana blamed Quinn, the former cheerio raised an eyebrow, "What the fuck is this?"

"It's a medal." Puck said, that stupid smug only getting more smug.

"No, this is a piece of plastic you picked up at a crappy toy store, or possibly a gas station, and you know damn well I meant why are you giving me this tacky piece of..." Santana trailed off, a half smile crossing her own face as realisation hit her like a ton of bricks, "You were totally in the room next door, weren't you?"

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the whole fucking hotel heard you." He laughed, loving life at the moment, "Seriously, that was awesome!"

"It was." Santana said proudly, before frowning, "Hey, were you-"

"No, I was with Kitty... who was eager to follow in her idol's footsteps." Puck bragged.

"Too bad you couldn't make her scream like her idol." Santana smiled wickedly.

"Hey, I've never made anyone scream like that." Puck said without thinking, then quickly continued before Santana could say anything, "I mean I've come close, really close, but... hey, since I owe you for a memorable night I wanted to give you some advice."

"Oh, and what words of wisdom could Noah Puckerman possibly offer?" Santana mocked.

"Don't go after Quinn." Puck said, suddenly serious, "We both know her, and we both know what she needs right now is space."

There was a long silence as Santana tried to think of a counter argument, but he was right. She knew he was right and she hated him for it.

"What if this is it?" She asked in a soft voice, "What if I pushed her too far... I mean I totally pushed her too far, but what if this time she never speaks to me again?"

"Then that was one hell of a goodbye." Puck briefly smiles before adding, "I went after Quinn, pushed her to like me back and well, it didn't exactly do me much good. But hey, I'm rooting for you."

"I'm not... we're not..." Santana murmured, it truly hitting her in that moment she wasn't sure what she wanted from Quinn and she really, really had to think about it some more before talking to the other former cheerleader. That Puck of all people helped her realise this pissed her off and she gave him a blank stare before briefly holding up the crappy piece of plastic and adding, "Whatever, I'm totally keeping this."

She then turned around, opened the door and walk through it.

"Hey Santana." Puck said, making her turn to see him giving her a cheesy thumbs up, "You're like my fucking God now."

Santana smirked and close the door on him, that smirk fading from her face as she became lost in thought. And Goddamn packing.


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