NOTE: This is a fantasy, and is based around the scene in "The First Time" where Finn and Rachel are lying in bed together. I do not claim to own "Glee" or the characters of Finn and Rachel.

Glee: Finn And Rachel's First Time (mf,first)
by Luke Altman

Finn and Rachel made their way to Finn's room, anxious for what may or may not await them. Finn carried Rachel to his bed, while she kissed, sucked and gently bit his neck. They finally made it, and Finn dipped Rachel down on his bed (she made the slightest little "Oh!" as she plummeted to the soft mattress), and began to kiss her with all his three-year built-up passion. She kissed him back, with the very same passion.

"Don't you think that I should give you a bit of a peek at my naked body so I can get you hard?" she asked him as he moved to her neck. "For the occasion, I decided to free all in my nightgown."

"Sure," Finn said between a break between pecks of her neck.

Rachel lifted up her gown, revealing her body in all its naked glory, the exhibitionist in her coming out and lubricating her vagina with the thought of exposing her virgin private parts to a man.

Finn looked at it for a while. Her breasts were small but perky, and her pubes were almost completely shaved, with all pubic hair being a well-trimmed thatch over her labia.

Finn began to work his way down her body, getting to her breasts and sucking on her nipples, relishing the taste and the guttural moans escaping from her. He then began to kiss her abdomen, then lingered for a minute on her belly button, licking and stroking it with his tongue, before making his way to her pussy, where he lapped up the natural lubrication from her horniness, causing her to let out a low groan, until she finally reached orgasm just two minutes later, letting out a loud, soprano cry.

She rested herself for a few minutes before saying, "Why don't we just fuck right now, and I'll be a true virgin lost?"

"Be my guest," Finn said, pulling down his pants and briefs.

He began to thrust his hard penis into her snatch, first slowly, then faster and faster, her letting out a grunt every time. As they began reaching orgasm, she began to let the fact she was a soprano really show by her sheer groans. She soon began crying out in pleasure, and then finally Finn and Rachel came. Rachel stood up, letting her nightgown flow back down her beautiful body, and Finn rolled off her, both of them panting. They began to cuddle after they caught their breath, which they thoroughly enjoyed. After that, they drifted off to many beautiful dreams about each other, and woke up ready for anything life may throw at them... until it actually did, of course. :)



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