Gilmore Girls: Part 1 - Lane Comes Home (ff)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Lane got her gift bag and ran to her best friend house. She had been away
for six months over in Japan with her Auntie and her cousins. At first she
was mad at her parents for sending her to this foreign place but she learnt
to have fun and had learnt all this stuff and her cousins turned out to be
really cool. She was glad that there had been a lady customs officer on her
return from Japan or she would have been more embarrassed with the stuff she
had returned with.

Lane knocked on the door and waited. Lorelai opened the door and there
was her daughter's best friend, they hugged and said hello. Lane wanted
to surprise Rory so walked up the stairs and stood outside the door. She
knocked on the door and heard her ask come in mum, Lane knocked again and
this time she heard footsteps. Rory opened the door ready to tell her
mother off when she saw Lane, she laughed and then cried and then just
grabbed onto her friend and kissed her and then repeated it all over again.

"Why didn't you tell me you coming home I would of got you from the airport?"

"It's ok Rory, I hadn't seen mum and dad for a while and knew we would catch
up soon and I wanted to be in a private area when I showed you your present."

Lane reached into her bag and pulled out her first two presents and watched
as Rory started to remove the 1st present, "Oh Lane it's lovely, it's a
Kimono isn't it."

"Yes and when you put it on you need to be naked underneath, that's why it
such a special outfit."

Rory stood up and remove her blouse and then her jeans and went to grab the
Kimono and Lane said no you had to be naked. Rory embarrassingly took of her
bra and panties and put on the Kimono, Rory couldn't believe how it felt on
her body. The coldness of the material made her nipples get excited and
hard but the warmer her body was the more her nipples became more sensitive.
Walking around in the Kimono made her nipples excited and this caused her
pussy to get wet, Rory felt the urge to masturbate but she couldn't because
Lane was here. Rory sat back down on the bed and Lane leaned over and gave
Rory her second present, Rory removed the ribbons and the wrapping and opened
the box and started to move the paper to see what it was when she suddenly
dropped it and yelled, "Lane!"

Lane looked at Rory and noticed that her cheeks were flushed red, "What's
the matter Rory I know you touch like I do this is just something you can
use when touching isn't enough."

Rory looked down at the box and picked up the object, it's a vibrator. Rory
rub her hand up and down the length, 'It must be 8 inches,' thought Rory and
it seemed to get warmer the more it came in contact with her body. Rory
wanted to use it but thought that with Lane here that she will use it later
but Lane had other ideas. Lane walked over to the bedroom door and locked it
and walked back to where Rory was sitting on the bed and grabbed to Kimono
from the back and removed it from Rory body in one quick pull. Rory didn't
have time to grab the Kimono before it was off her body and went to say
something when she felt Lane touching her breasts, Rory felt strange but also
excited. She looked at Lane and noticed that her face was coming towards her
and then suddenly Lane's lips were on hers and then they were kissing. It
felt wrong to be doing this but it felt so good, she had kissed boys before
but had never let them touch her the way Lane was touching her, she then felt
Lane's tongue touch hers and Rory moaned her approval.

Lane stopped kissing and stood back and looked at Rory and then started to
remove her clothes, she undid her pants and let them drop to the floor and
started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Rory stood up and helped remove
the buttons from the blouse, and then help remove her blouse, Lane unclasped
the bra and let it fall. They stared at one another and Rory grabbed Lane's
panties and pulled them down and Lane stepped out of them. They stood there
naked a feet apart, Rory was the first one to move and her hand reached up
and caressed Lane's breast, she flicked her nipples and they started to grow
under her touch. Lane reached out and felt through Rory's pubic hair, only a
little but enough and then started to move her fingers around the outline of
Rory's pussy lips. Both girls moaned slightly by this touch and they looked
at each other as they both started pleasuring the other. Lane's hand moved
two fingers into Rory, Rory pussy was already wet and Lane's finger moved
quickly to Rory's special spot inside her pussy. Lane's nipples were now as
hard as they had ever been and Rory moved down and started to kiss and lick
her breasts. Lane started thrusting her fingers into Rory faster and faster
and Rory was moaning her approval. Lane pushed Rory back on the bed and got
between her Rory's legs and started to kiss her clit while she continued to
finger Rory's pussy. Rory closed her eyes and played with her pussy and
moaned to herself from the feelings she was now feeling. Lane teased Rory's
pussy and clit the way that Lane liked herself and now knew that Rory enjoyed
the same things. She heard Rory getting closer to her orgasm and she wanted
to bring her friend to her first girl on girl orgasm and moved a hand to
Rory's ass and then placed a finger in her ass. This was enough for Rory her
body was on fire and she screamed out in pleasure. Lane continued to lick
and finger Rory as the wave and wave of Rory's orgasm took over.

Lane waited until Rory orgasm subsided and moved up her body until they
were face to face, Lane leaned in and kissed her friend. Rory first the
first time now tasted her own juices on the tongue of her friend. They
kissed passionately and their hands moved over each other's body. That
was fantastic, moaned Rory; I guess it's your turn and slowly started to
kiss down Lane's body. Rory finally got down between the legs of her
friend and for the first time saw a pussy close up, she had looked at her
own pussy with mirrors but never one this close. She pushed out her tongue
and licked the outside of Lane's pussy lips and noticed the little head,
which much be her friends clit. She licked around it's little head and
blew on it. She heard her friend moaning and she licked it more and then
moved her hand to her friend's pussy. She remembered where her friend had
touched her and how she did it when alone in her own bedroom at night. She
put two fingers inside and then slowly snuck in her third finger, she felt
along the upper part of Lane's pussy until she found the spot that always
got her off herself. Rory moved her other hand to Lane's clit and then
moved her face to where her other fingers were and started to lick her
friend. She opened her friend's lips and started to lick deeply in her
while she continued to rub her clit. Lane was moaning widely and started
bucking her pussy forward and Rory felt Lane's hand on the back of her head
pushing her deeper into her pussy. Rory then felt a rush of her friend's
juices flowing into her mouth and new that her friend was orgasming and
continued to lick her friend until her friend let go of her neck.

They lay side-by-side and Lane reached over and brought out her final
present. Rory smiled and slowly opened it up. As she unwrapped it a huge
smile came over her face when she saw it. She grabbed it and it felt warm
and it was certainly big, it had a strange thing in the middle and Lane
moved to show me how to use it. Lane turned around and place the big double
headed dildo in her own pussy and then showed me how to put the other end
in mine. Lane was the first one to get the dildo to the middle of the dildo
but Rory was not far behind. Rory felt her friend's pussy rubbing up against
her friend's pussy while the dildo was both inside each other. Lane hit the
button and the dildo's head started spinning inside us both, Lane grabbed my
hand on one side and then on the other side as well. We were now connected
by our hands and this dildo, Lane started to move her lower body back and
forward and I felt her pussy moving against in me and I started to do the
same. Rory had only had two guys fuck her and this brought back memories of
her first time, her lover had been this big but this was different, more
erotic. Rory felt her second orgasm hit her and could hear lane going through
the same and started screaming. She thought about her mum and was glad that
her mum had to back to work, it certainly would be funny for her to walk in
now. Lane was first to remove it from her pussy and they both moved back and
laid side by side again, both licking their own juices off the dildo.

They both kissed each other and both gently went off to sleep, naked in each
other's arms.


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