Gilmore Girls: Who's Got The Biggest (F/f,inc)
by Anonymous

Part 1

"Is that my sweater?"

I looked at my mom with surprise. "What?"

"You're wearing my sweater."

"So?" I answered back somewhat exasperated. Why does mom suddenly have an
issue with me loaning some of her clothing... it never has been a problem in
the past.

"No, it's OK." Lorelai hurriedly said. "It's just I thought I asked you to at
least ask, you know, before you borrow my stuff."

"I'm sorry." I sighed.

"It's OK. It's just not too much to ask for a simple 'Can I borrow it, Mom?'
is it?" she pressed on.

"No, it's not. Jeez, lighten up." I shot back a bit irritable, meanwhile busy
contemplating what suddenly got into my usually easy going and laidback
mom... Of course! She is annoyed I didn't have a terrible time at the golf
club... and this her little way of dealing with it.

"It's my favorite sweater too."

She just isn't going to let this drop, is she? Sighing again, I answered,
"Since when?"

"Since always."

"This is not your favorite sweater."

God! That woman could be so infuriating some times!

"Yes it is and now it's going to be all stretched out just like everything
else you borrow." Mom continued tirelessly.

I looked at her with amazement. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about that you take my sweaters and you wear them and you
stretch them out."

What? She is really grasping at straws now!

"I couldn't possibly stretch them out! Your boobs are way bigger than mine."

"That is not true."

"Yes it is."

"Your boobs are totally bigger than mine!" she retorted.

I can't believe I'm having a conversation with my mother about who got the
biggest boobs! ... Besides, it's so obvious her's are bigger.

"You're crazy!" I called out.

"Do you want to measure?"


"I'm serious. Why don't you get the measuring tape right now?"

"I am not going to measure my boobs." Jeez! Mom is taking obstinacy to a
whole new level!

She shot me a pointed look. "Because you know that you are totally bigger."

This is getting way too weird for me. "I'm going inside."

"Fine, don't measure. We'll just compare bras."

"Stop it!" God! Couldn't she at least consider expressing her feelings in a
normal way? What's wrong with saying: Rory, it bothers me that you had fun at
the golf club and actually want to hang out with your grandparents, whom I
dislike... But no! SHE wants to compare tits!

"I'll stop when you quit stealing my stuff."

"You're cracked!" She's cracked! Now where is the number for the mental

"You're... bigger." Mom shot back.

Rolling my eyes, I grabbed my books and dashed inside.

Chapter Two

To my not so big surprise, mom followed me inside and continued the whole
who's got the biggest conversation. After about five more minutes, I couldn't
take it any longer.

"Fine!" I called out while storming to the cupboard and getting out the
measuring tape. "You want to measure our breasts?"

I threw her the tape, which she quickly caught and stripped off mom's
'favorite' sweater. Standing in front of my mother, I shot her a challenging
look and pushed out my bra-clad chest.

"Go ahead, measure them!"

This caught her somewhat of balance, she looked at me rather sheepishly for
a moment not sure on how to act next... she quickly recovered however.

"Okay... but you need to take your bra off before I can measure them."

Well, that was taking the joke a little to far in my book and I was ready to
put the sweater back on and call the whole thing off. That's when I saw it:
that little smirk on mom's face, with that triumphant look in her eyes she
often got when she felt she had won an other round in the never-ending
mother/daughter battle of winning arguments.

Well, this is one round you are NOT going to win, mom! Reaching back I
unclasped my bra and led it slid down; revealing my ample-sized (if I do say
so myself) breasts.

Mom gazed at my chest with wide-open eyes; she certainly didn't expect this
from me! Her reaction didn't surprise me... I am usually kind of shy about
my body, a trait I certainly didn't inherited from my mother. She is very
comfortable with her body and often walks around the house in her underwear,
sometimes even topless (which is how I am positive that hers are bigger then
mine). I, on the other hand, always go around fully dressed outside the bed
and bathroom. So it wasn't difficult to understand why me stripping off my
clothes (even if it was only from the waist up) took her by surprise.

She was studying my breasts now, for what seemed like several minutes. To my
own surprise, I didn't feel shy or embarrassed. No, I actually felt kind of
proud about not backing down and making such a bold move. I was also feeling
something else... a little naughty and excited about flashing my own mother
(who by the way couldn't keep her eyes off my breasts).

Finally mom was able to look up and shot me a little smirk. "Very impressive,

Moving closer, she whispered in my ear, "Now let's measure them, shall we?"

After saying these words, she grabbed my right breast and wound the measuring
tape around it. I gasped as the palm of her hand brushed my nipple, which
then slowly became erect. Using one hand to keep the measuring tape in place,
mom used her other hand to write my size down on a notepad.

Turning her attention back on my breasts, she released the measuring tape and
placed it across the front of my breast. Pushing down slightly, she took the
next set of measurements and wrote them down too.

My breathing had turned a bit labored by now and when she wrapped the
tape around both my breasts, I felt my other nipple also becoming erect.
Swallowing nervously, I shot a covert look at mom to see if she had noticed.
She had of course; grinning brightly, she winked at me. I felt myself blush
and quickly looked down, taking a deep gulp of air when I abruptly felt her
tickle my sensitive nipples.

After taking about every measurement she could from my breasts, including
the size of my nipples (they are half an inch long when fully erect) mom was
finally finished. She felt me up one last time (for good measure I guess)
and handed me the tape.

"I guess it's my turn now," she smiled and calmly took of her top.

She wasn't wearing a bra, so her firm, round breasts immediately jutted into
view... Wow! They are... magnificent! I mean, I know I've seen them before
but never like this... Besides, I didn't exactly get an opportunity to really
look at them prior to this... Sure, I shot a glance now and then at my mom's
boobs whenever she went topless, but it's not like I walked up to her and
pushed my face in-between them, or studied them up close.

But now they were right in front of my eyes and I could look at them all I
wanted... and look at them I did! The first thing I noticed was how firm they
were. Mom is already in her early thirties but her breasts didn't even have
the slightest hint of sag. Boy! I hope my breasts look like that when I'm her
age... Hell, I hope my breasts look that good when I'm my age!

"Ahem!" Mom discreetly coughed. Ouch! I probably shouldn't be drooling over
my mother's breasts (figuratively speaking of course!). Okay, focus Rory!
Focus at the task at hand! Which is measuring your mom's tits... Oh boy! This
is going to be more complicated then I thought...

After taking a deep breath to steady my emotions, I wrapped the measuring
tape around my mom's right boob and started repeating the actions she used on
my breasts.

I notice her nipples are already erect and lick my suddenly dry lips... Why
do I all of a sudden have a craving for milk? Maybe it's a deep-rooted
psychological need for mother's milk left over from infancy that the close
proximity of my mother's breasts triggered... Yeah, that must be it!

Either that or I have the hots for my own mother and want to suck on her
tits. Well, that could certainly complicate my life somewhat...

As I continued measuring mom's boobs, I noticed from her heavy breathing that
my hands on her breasts affected her just as much as her hands on mine had
done. My hands started shaking and I inadvertently touched one of her erect

She let out a sharp gasp, quickly thereafter my hand grazed her other
nipple (not so inadvertently this time). After playing a few more of these
"innocent" little pranks on her (Hey! Turnabout is fair play) I took the
other measurements.

Rather to soon for my taste, I finished taking my mom's measurements and just
like I had said before: hers are definitely bigger... Wordlessly, I handed
her the notepad and she read our measurements out loud.

"Well, it would seem that you're right and mine a slightly bigger then
yours..." she remarked.

I snorted at this. Hers were more then "slightly" bigger.

Hesitating for a few moments she continued, "Perhaps we should weigh them,
just to be sure."

We stared silently at each other for a while, both knowing that things were
starting to get out of hand and they were likely to get even more out of hand
if we started to take each other tits into our hands.

A big part of me however wanted things to get out of hand... wanted to feel
my mother's breasts, to kiss them and caress them and take our relationship
to a level I had only thought about in my deepest and darkest fantasies.

Needing to get closer, I moved towards her... then all of a sudden our
breasts are touching!

We both moan softly as our nipples connect, we are both a bit startled at the
sudden contact and shudder a little, making our nipples scrape across each
other's breasts. At once, we start moving some more, allowing our tits to
mash together. Next think I know: we are panting loudly and rubbing our tits
against each other's.

Horny as hell and not being able to resist the temptation any longer, I
grabbed her tits and felt their weight in my hands. I let my fingers fondle
every inch of my mother's full globes enjoying the feel of the soft flesh in
my hands.

It wasn't long before I felt mom following my example and I felt myself
becoming engulfed by these wonderful sensations... Her hands handling my
smaller pair, gently squeezing and caressing them while my hands did the
same to her.

Taking my nipples between two fingers, she rolled it between her fingers and
pinched them; a jolt of sweet pain and pleasure shot through my body and I
quickly did the same to her.

She moans softly.

Giving my nipples a few more tender pulls, she unexpectedly bends over and
takes my left nipple in her mouth and gently started sucking on it...

I groan loudly and press her head closer to my chest.

Not needing anymore encouragement she started sucking harder, occasionally
letting her tongue dance and caress across my painfully erect nipple.

"Oh god, mom! That feels sooo good!" I moaned out.

While increasing her oral caressing of my left nipple, she uses a hand to
fondle and twist my right nipple.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!"

Oh Wow! I felt more aroused and excited from mom sucking on my tits, then I
have ever felt from the few masturbation sessions I had tried so far.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!" I could feel the moisture between my legs increase... Oh God!!
I never felt like this before! I think... I think... I'm going to... CUM!!

"Yes, yes, YES!! Oh mom... oh mommy!! YES!! YES!! YESSSSS!!!!!" I grunted out
as I reached my orgasm and came with tremendous force.

As I finally start to come down from this all-time high, mom takes my now
hypersensitive nipple between her teeth and gently bites down on it. With
stars dancing in front of my eyes, I came again and again.

Shaking on my feet, I leaned onto mom to keep myself from falling. "Oh mom,
that... that was amazing!"

"I'm glad you liked it, honey." Smiling, she kissed me tenderly on my lips.

I opened my mouth and made my tongue meet mom's; we let our tongues wrestle
with each other's... Dipping it in and out each other's mouths, gently
caressing and probing we kissed like that for almost 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, our hands were busy exploring each other's bodies. I groped my
mom's tight buns with both hands, while mom used one hand to play with my
breasts and her other hand to rub across the crotch of my jeans.

God! Mom sure knows how to use her hands! If she keeps this up, I'm going to
cum again. It suddenly occurred to me that while I had already cum, with
multiple orgasms, mom hasn't had any release yet. If she is even only half
as aroused as I am, then she must be dying to cum! Making my mind up quickly,
I decided to repay mom for the wonderful orgasm she had given me.

"Your turn, mom." I whispered and let myself slide down her body to my knees.
With trembling fingers, I unfastened her jeans and tried to pull them down.
"Tried" being the imperative word, because they didn't go down easily.

Mom was pushing at her jeans and I was pulling, we were both red-faced and
panting heavily when they finally slid down her legs.

Looking at mom's damp panties, I smacked my lips hungrily and hooked my
fingers in the waistband and started to pull them down...

Just when her dark pubic-hair came into view, I heard a knock on the door
and we both froze.

"Rory?! Are you home?"

Oh God! It was my friend Lane, what a lousy timing. Normally I am happy to
see her, but this wasn't one of those times!

"I'm coming in, okay?" I heard her call.

Mom and I looked at each other, and managed to convey a similar message to
each other using only a look: Put clothes back on, QUICKLY!!

I dove for my sweater (okay, mom's sweater but I'd been wearing it) while mom
pulled up her pants, which luckily went up quicker then they went down.

I pulled on my sweater in record time and just before Lane entered the room,
mom had grabbed her top and escaped into the kitchen.

"Hey, Lane!" I managed to speak out casually.

"Hey, Rory!" she smiled at me. "I thought you would be up in your room,
didn't you hear me call?"

"Erhm... No, I must have dozed off a bit."

"Are you okay?" she gave me a worried look. "You look kinda flushed."

"Yeah, I am... uh... fine."

"Good!" she smiled and sat down on the couch next to me. "I was afraid you
were getting ill. Hey, you never guess what happened to me at school today!

She stopped speaking for a moment, lifting herself up slightly she felt
with her hand beneath her, then raised her hand back up holding a piece of
clothing. Examining it for a moment, she said, "Is this your bra?"

Chapter Three

Laying on my bed with my eyes closed, I thought about all that had happened
today. With some quick thinking I had managed to explain why my bra was lying
on the couch but just when I thought I was out of the danger zone, mom walked
into the room with her top on inside out! God! My heart practically stopped
when I saw that. Luckily, Lane didn't notice it and taking mom back into the
kitchen for a moment we managed to correct that problem.

That was pretty close though...

Speaking of mom and "pretty close", I was pretty close to having my face
buried in my mother's pussy! Unbelievable! I can hardly believe all that has
happened today...

I wonder if mom is willing to continue what she started, I doubt it though...
At the few opportunities we got to talk in private while Lane was here, she
was very silent and standoffish. I think Lane's visit shocked her out of
whatever mood she was in, so I don't think I'll be seeing her breasts or
pussy up close anytime soon.

How do I feel about that, though... Part of me is relieved that we don't
complicate or ruin the great mother/daughter relationship we have with sex.
Sure, mom is hot but... she's MOM! It's not like I can suddenly date her, can
I? Still, another part of me feels regret I didn't get a chance to taste her
pussy... For some bizarre reason, I've been wondering the entire day how
she'd taste... and every time I think about the way her hands felt on my body
and my hands felt on her, I feel a shiver of excitement course through my

My silent pondering is suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Rory? Can... Can I come in?"

Mom... I'm glad she has decided to come and talk to me, I was afraid she'd be
avoiding me.

"Sure, come in!"

The door opened and mom stepped in the room, giving me a tentative smile she
sat down beside me on the bed.

"Hello, honey... How are you feeling?"

She looked at me so cautiously and shy that I suddenly had difficulty not
bursting into laughter. This was so unlike mom's normal behavior!

I smiled at her. "If you mean: am I suddenly scarred for life and in need of
intensive psychological care, then you can stop worrying mom. I am fine."

She gave me an inquisitive and somewhat doubtful look.

"Really, I am!" I assured her.

Letting out a sigh of relief, she smiled. "Great! I was afraid that what
happened today... would ruin the relationship that we have, I mean things got
out of hand and--"

"I know what you mean, mom. You don't have to worry, I am totally cool with
what happened. In fact... I kinda enjoyed it... a lot!" I shot her an
inquiring glance. "Didn't you?"

Squirming uncomfortable, she avoided my gaze. After a few moments of silence,
she said, "Even if we did... enjoy it. You understand that it cannot happen
again, it's just... not healthy."

I couldn't help feeling somewhat disappointed, I guess that even holding
society's taboo on incest in mind didn't change the fact that I am attracted
to my mother.

"I... understand, so we just act like nothing out of the ordinary has

"Right!" mom replied in a relieved tone. "Nothing happened, just... two gals
comparing breasts."

I nodded. "Right, just two gals comparing breasts... and me having the
biggest orgasm in my entire life."

Grinning a little she responded, "Let's just stick to the first part, shall

I grinned back. "Okay, mom."

Smiling at each other, we hugged.

"I'm glad we're back to normal, how about I whip us up a first-class dinner?"

I raised my eyebrows in mock surprise. "I thought you said we're back to

"Okay, what I mean is: Pizza or Chinese?" she grinned.

"Ah! Now we're back to normal! Let's see... I could go for some pizza, right
about now."

"Pizza it is." She stood up and walked to the door.

"Oh, and by the way, mom?"


Smiling sweetly I said, "You've got a really nice rack."

She narrowed her eyes at me and I gulped, but then a smile broke out on her
face, "Well... thanks honey, so do you." Giving me a little wink, she turned
and left the room.

I stared after her as she left. 'Mmm, and you've got a really nice ass

The End


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