Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Warning: This story contains lesbian incest between a mother and her
sixteen-year-old daughter. If you don't like that stuff or are not mature
enough for it, then I suggest you don't read this story. If you do, then

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Rory/Lorelai

Summary: Rory has some erotic dreams after someone at school points out how
sexy Lorelai is and she can't shake the image, which gets out of hand in a
very erotic way.

Notes: None really.It is from Rory's POV though.

Gilmore Girls: When Dreams Become Reality Part 1
by BuffyFaith ([email protected])

It was college day at Chilton Prep and as always my mom was along for the
ride. It wasn't as though this was anything new for her, she was active in
everything that was going on in my life and I was just used to it by now.

The day was going along great and I got to look at many of the best colleges
in the US including my long time favorite Harvard.

I was all smiles as we were getting ready to leave, but as we were my mom
walked over to talk to one of the teachers and one of the boys from my
English class came up to me and said, "Wow! Rory, your mother has the most
amazing ass I've every seen. What a hotty." Now, this was not what I needed
to hear. I mean, I had seen my mother in jeans my whole life. Less at times
and yet this was different. Where did my eyes go as soon as he said that to
me? Right to my mother's ass. I couldn't believe it.

It was like the more I heard his words the more I stared and even if he was
right and she did have a nice ass, why am I even thinking about this.

I tried to put this out of my mind and yet it was impossible. If anyone
knows my mom they know jeans are her favorite piece of clothing and this was
not the last time she would be outside showing off her ass to everyone with

We drove home and I was surprisingly happy that she was sitting down for the
whole trip. My mind was able to focus on other things for a brief period of

As she drove us home we talked about Harvard of course and that was fun
because I really am looking forward to this and it was like my dream was all
about to come true.

Once we were home I made sure to walk in front of my mom so I didn't have to
freak myself out by staring at or avoiding her ass and I wondered how long I
would have to live like this!!

She went into the kitchen and said she would fix us something to eat and so
I sat down at the table and that was a big mistake.

There she was, leaning up against the counter, reaching for something in the
cupboard and I swear my eyes could not look away and just sat and examined
how perfect her ass really was.This was truly starting to wig me out, but
it was also strangely erotic in a very twisted sense of the word.

I decided it would be best for me to just remain objective here and look at
her ass as if I were a fan of a nice ass and I sat back in my chair and
watched her ass move from side to side as she walked back and forth around
the kitchen and then as she would bend over or stretch upwards, I could see
the amazing shape and definition to her ass and I could not believe how
aroused I was getting from just watching my mother's ass.

I had seen her in tight jeans before, I had seen her in her panties almost
every morning and in bikini's since I was little and I never really paid much
attention to how sexy she was as a woman and I think I know why now.It was
just easier that way.

But now I have had this pointed out to me and it's all I can see and it is
turning me on and I don't know what to do about it.

Occasionally she would turn around to talk to me and I would nod and smile
and she would go back to doing what she was doing and this was all getting a
bit too much for me to take.

Just as I felt myself slide my hand down between my legs in an effort to ease
some of the frustration I was feeling, she put the food on the table and sat
down and we both began to eat some very hot delicious food.

It was a relief to give my eyes something else to concentrate on and that
would be chewing and swallowing and avoiding eye contact with my mom.

I swear she could tell how flushed I was and would be able to see right
through me and know exactly what I was thinking and I was not ready for that,
so I really made a point of watching my food the whole time we talked.

When we were finished she got up to put the dishes in the dishwater and I
had to almost slap myself when I smiled as her ass walked slowly away from
the table.

I kept telling myself that I was Rory, the straight laced girl with straight
A's and a good clean mind and a friendly smile and I didn't think of such
things. And that would work for awhile, but as soon as I saw my mom my mind
would get so cluttered I could hardly breath. I told mom I had to go up to my
room to study and she smiled and said she would see me later and I hurried up
the stairs and hopped on my bed and closed my eyes and tried to think of
anything but my mom's sexy ass.

And why was I calling it sexy now? Before I was just looking at her ass.
Now it's her sexy ass and this had to stop.

Oh right, let's think of Dean.Kissing Dean. That was nice. Yes, we will
try that for now. And let's not forget Tristan or the new boy Jess. Yep,
this is the answer. Boys. Lots of boys.

Okay, now I'm going to lie back and rest my eyes and think of all the good
things in my life.

It started out just like I had imagined, images of me and Dean in a nice
drawn out carriage, candles everywhere and soft music playing in the

I was looking at the beautiful decorations in town and then I saw this woman
walking by and she had on the most amazing jeans. They fit just right and I
couldn't take my eyes off of them and the way she walked was something to

I don't recall when it happened, but the carriage stopped and Dean was
nowhere to be found and so I hopped off and followed this woman all around
the town square. She walked so elegantly and it was so sensual the way she
moved it was making me crazy. I needed to find out who she was and I ran
towards her, but it was to no avail. No matter how fast I ran she was always
the same distance in front of me. Finally I stopped.She stopped to.

Then it happened.She started sliding down her jeans.Right there in front
of Luke's. People all around and yet nobody seemed to see her. I did though
and I couldn't believe it. Slowly she pulled down her jeans and revealed her
sexy lace panties and I watched as she kicked her jeans to the side of the
road and then bent down to pick up something and I was breathing heavy now as
her ass was now almost naked and I wanted to move forward by my legs wouldn't

I had no idea when I had done this, but my hand was now down between my own
legs and I was rubbing myself through my panties and this felt really, really
good right now.

Then the woman slowly pulled down her panties and tossed them to the ground
beside her jeans and I saw her ass now in full view with nothing on and it
was just beautiful. So firm, yet soft and creamy and the shape was round
and curvy and I watched as she moved one leg in front of the other and then
stretched way up high and then leaned right down and touched her ankles and
this was just too much to take. I could feel my pulse speed up and my body
was way more than just warm now and I wanted so much to just walk over and
grab her and then turn her around and kiss her, but I still couldn't move.

My fingers were now feverishly working over my clit and I was starting to let
myself go and was just content to enjoy the view and that's when the woman
started backing up towards me.

I wasn't sure what to do, but it didn't matter, it was like my feet were in
glue and I couldn't move anyway.

Soon she was right in front of me, still facing away and still showing me her
amazing ass and I wasn't sure what to do next, but she made that very easy
for me to understand. She bent forward until her hands were touching her
toes and then she moved one hand up between her legs and began rubbing her
pussy and then with a flick of her finger she motioned for me to come do this
for her.

I was not sure what to do but I felt the need to do what she wanted and I was
surprised to find my feet were free now and I moved closer to her and knelt
down to my knees and looked up and saw her fingers still rubbing herself and
then she stopped and I leaned up and put my hands on her firm ass cheeks and
slowly slid my tongue over her moist lips and let it slide back and forth and
back and forth and each time she moaned I wanted to lick her more and I was
going faster now and she was really pushing her hips against my mouth and I
was just devouring her with my tongue and it felt so gooood.

Soon my tongue was focusing solely on her clit and this really sent her over
the edge and her moans turned to screams and her screams turned to orgasms
and I just kept licking every inch of her until her legs gave out and she
fell to the ground.

That didn't stop me though. Now I was able to lie down on the ground,
spread my legs and part her thighs and I pulled her closer to me and then
slid first one, then two fingers inside her very wet pussy and started to
slide them in and out at a very slow pace to begin with, all the while my
tongue was going crazy on her clit and I could see that she had lifted her
top up and was rubbing her nipples and caressing her breasts and this just
made me even hotter and I dove back down to her tasty pussy and really let
my tongue work her over. My two fingers were now moving much faster and
harder and she was pushing against them just as fast and hard and she was
breathing so fast and furious and I could tell she was ready to explode
and I wanted to make her so I just began to thrust me fingers in and out
of her as fast and hard as I could and my tongue was licking her clit like
there was no tomorrow and her hand was now holding my head close to her
and pulling it into her pussy and I was drowning in her scent and could
not get enough of her and this contact from her just made it all so much
hotter and I was so ready to make her scream with pleasure that I lost all
control over where we were and just let go with my inhibitions and my
tongue was now working at the speed of light and all's I could hear from
her was high pitched squeals and moans and I was loving it so much and
soon I felt her body shake and tense up and shake some more and I knew she
had yet another orgasm and she let her body go limp and just lay there
completely content.

I crawled up her tight little tummy and even stopped to lick her hard
nipples before I moved on top of her and leaned down to kiss her and we
kissed for a very long time, it was the softest kiss I had ever had and
I just wanted more.

I stopped only long enough to brush some hair away from her face and then I
saw my mother looking up at me and I jumped to my feet and the first thing I
saw was Rachel, standing naked in front of me with her camera just clicking

Then I noticed the whole town was watching and I just started running and
running and running and....

Yes, that's when I woke up from this dream. Or should I call it a nightmare?
No, it wasn't unpleasant, but it was very real and judging by how wet I was
it was also very hot. I needed to get my mind off of this. Or could I. I
honestly was starting to think that my life would never be quite the same,
all because some guy pointed out something I really didn't need to hear.

I hopped in the shower and went heavy on the cold water so I could cool down
and try to regroup for tonight.

The water felt strangely pleasing today though and I felt so much more
pleasure as I took a wash cloth to my breasts and even spent time rubbing my
still hard nipples and made a special point of really getting in touch with
my body for the first time ever.

It's not like I didn't think of sex, but it was so different than actually
having these feelings happen for real. Even if it was a dream and I admit
it was a very strange and confusing one, but it did feel good. All of it.
And I wanted more. What does this mean? I got out of the shower and stood
in front of the mirror and turned around and stared at my body and felt very
comfortable with it and actually enjoyed how I looked even more than I ever

I knew tonight was the night mom and I stayed home to watch bad old movies
so I didn't have to dress up much, so I grabbed an old white t-shirt and put
on a pair of my older jeans that were just a bit tight now and took a look
in the mirror and felt so sexy and I liked how that felt.


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