Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Rory/Jess

Keywords: m/f, oral

Summary: A kiss from Paris is the beginning of a series of sexual experiences
for Rory.

Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat Part 3 - Finding A New Talent
by Phoebe ([email protected])

Rory had a hard time sleeping that night. Thoughts of the orgy she'd just
experienced with the 3 other girls kept running through her mind. She'd never
seen other girls completely naked before, and it had been a wonderful feeling
to be naked in front of them.

The sex they'd had was almost too good to believe. Up till Paris forced her,
Rory had only known masturbation, and although that was good, it was nothing
like the wild abandon that she'd experienced, first with Paris and then with
Paris, Madeline and Louise.

The thought of their sexual escapades made Rory blush hotly, not from
embarrassment but from remembered pleasure. The feel of sweaty slick female
skin against her own and the dildo, oh god, that dildo was really something.
It made her think guiltily about Dean. Rory put that thought out of her mind.

* * *

It was the weekend and it was totally unfair that Dean had to work both
Saturday and Sunday at the store. But he needed the cash and jobs for
teenagers didn't grow of trees in Stars Hollow Connecticut. But Rory was
still disappointed that she would only be able to see Dean in the evenings.
She had nothing to do all day but wait for Dean to come over after six.

Then the sound of something lightly tapping at her bedroom window made Rory
look up from her thoughts. She got off the bed and went to the window. It
was Jess! She hadn't thought about Jess for at least a week.

Rory hurried to the front door. She knew that her mother was working that
weekend at the Inn, and Dean was at work, so no one would see them together.
She liked Jess, he was exciting. She loved Dean, but she was attracted to

"Hi," Jess said as Rory opened the door.

"Hi yourself," Rory returned, with a smile. "So what brings you out here?"
she asked.

"I missed you," Jess said, looking longingly at her.

With all that had happened to Rory over the past few days, she was looking
at life differently than before. For one thing she knew what it felt like to
fuck, and that experience with Paris made her wonder if the real thing might
feel even better. Rory blushed as she thought of Jess' naked body and his
stiff penis. She had an overpowering urge to see him naked and hard.

Rory said, "Yeah, I missed you too. But Jess if Dean finds out that you've
come to visit it could get difficult."

Jess looked into Rory's eyes and placed a finger under her chin tilting her
face up toward his. Without saying a word he leaned in and kissed her.

Rory was amazed at the intensity of her feelings as their lips met. Her body
shivered and she felt a tiny thrill run through her from the tip of her head
to the end of her toes. It was almost like a mini orgasm.

Then Jess kissed her again and Rory drew him into the house and shut the
door. Without saying a word she knelt down in front Jess like a supplicant,
right there on the hardwood floor of the entrance hall and reached for his
belt buckle.

Jess stood stock still, he couldn't believe what was happening. Rory was
acting totally out of character, but he wasn't going to say or do anything
to break the spell.

And it was like he was under a spell. He watched in a fevered haze as Rory's
delicate fingers undid his belt, and then popped his jeans open. He almost
fainted when he felt her tugging at his pants.

The feel of being exposed to her, knowing that he must be the first boy she'd
ever seen was almost too much for him. His dick sprang to life before their
mutual gaze. One moment it was a shivered dangly thing and the next it was a
heroic male shaft straining, full of lust and manly pride.

Rory reached up and grasped it in her cool fingers and watched the skin move
under her touch. She pulled the sensitive flesh of Jess' cock back and forth
amazed at the feel of it, the texture and hardness. It looked even better
than Paris' fake penis dildo, although it wasn't as big. But what it lacked
in size was enhanced by what it was attached to.

Rory looked up at Jess' face and saw that he'd shut his eyes and leaned back
against the door. She could tell that he was enjoying her touch, and that
only made her want to do more.

Rory moved closer to his erect penis; she could smell his arousal, it was a
tangy smell, a pleasant smell, she sank down on him feeling him with her
lips, feeling him even more with her tongue.

Jess jerked at the feel of her moist warm mouth engulfing him. He stopped
breathing, it was a dream, he knew that it had to be, he wanted to pinch
himself. This wasn't the Rory he knew, but it was a Rory that was making
him crazy. She was wonderful, absolutely beautiful.

Then Rory began bobbing her head up and down. She knew that she was doing a
pretty good job of it when she felt her mouth finally come in contact with
Jess' pubic bone. She could feel him at the back of her throat, he was even
pushing into it slightly. Rory knew that she should be gagging, she'd heard
stories about oral sex, but she wasn't gagging. It all seemed to come
naturally to her.

Kneeling in front of pantless Jess on the hardwood floor just inside the
front door, Rory gave of herself, enjoying her gift to Jess. Then suddenly
she did gag, Jess was coming.

Rory didn't pull away, but kept sucking and swallowing. She looked up at
Jess' face and saw that he had thrown his head back and was gritting his
teeth. He looked like he was in pain, but Rory knew he wasn't, she'd seen
that look on Paris' face when she'd come on the other end of her dildo
while fucking her.

Then it was over. Jess gently reached down and pulled Rory to a standing
position in front of him. They kissed, deeply and for the longest time.
Rory was grateful that Jess hadn't pulled away from her, she wondered if
he would because she had just given him a blow job.

But he hadn't, in fact it didn't seem to bother him at all. Rory reasoned
that it shouldn't have, since it was his own come, after all it had come
from inside him so it was his.

Rory's train of thought was interrupted by Jess' next move. His hand slipped
into her blouse. He'd unbuttoned a button and had slipped his hand into her
blouse without her realizing what he was doing.

Rory began to protest, but Jess kissed her to silence, and whispered against
her lips, "I promise to do nothing you don't want me to."

Rory looked up into his dark eyes and shivered. She wanted him to do
something to her, but she didn't know what exactly. She knew that she
shouldn't let him do what Paris had done to her, not if she didn't want
to end up pregnant like her mother had.

Rory just stood there waiting for Jess to do whatever he was going to do.
She was powerless to deny him anything.

Jess took Rory by the hand and led her to her bedroom. He gently pushed her
to the bed. Rory obeyed is implied commands without protest. She kept looking
at his semi-erect penis still waving in front of him. Jess had kicked off his
jeans and walked down the hall to her room half naked.

He looked so nice, so strong, Rory felt weak next to his athletic sinewy
body. His maleness only served to make her feel faint, and willing at the
same time.

Then Jess was kneeling down on the carpeted floor and began removing Rory's
Levis. She wanted to tell him about her fear, about how her mother had messed
up her life when she'd become pregnant with her 16 years ago. She wanted to
tell him that she wanted to be a good girl and how much she didn't want to
disappoint her family and friends.

But she didn't say any of those things. She just gasped, "Ohhhh," as Jess
began to rhythmically eat her out with his mouth. When he began to fuck her
with his tongue she writhed on the bed. And when he started to suck her clit,
nibbling it on occasion for variety, Rory moaned and let her self go. Her
body jerked once, then twice and then over and again as a long succession of
agonizing orgasmic surges rushed over her.

Jess drew it out impossibly long with his mouth firmly planted between her
legs. Finally Rory could take no more and begged him to stop.

She looked at him through dazed eyes as he rose from his lying position
between her legs. She could see her cunt juice smeared all over his mouth,
he smiled and she loved him then, maybe more than Dean...

* * *

After they had dressed and gone into the kitchen for some tea, Jess asked
Rory to the Halloween Dance. She told him that she'd already committed
herself to go with Dean. He didn't seem hurt by this, he only made her
promise that she'd dance with him once in a while at the party.

Then Jess kissed her, and making an excuse he left. She'd expected him to
say something about the incredible oral sex they'd just had together, but
he hadn't said a word.

Maybe that was for the best, Rory wasn't sure how she felt about things.
After all she was going with Dean. He was a great guy and she loved him.
But then why had she just given Jess a blowjob?

Rory knew why. Jess was dangerous and unpredictable. Jess made her excited,
she never knew what was going to happen. But she loved Dean.

* * *

When Dean came over at 6:15 that afternoon, Rory had taken a shower and
changed the sheets on her bed. She tried to forget what she'd done with
Jess, but every time Dean kissed her or touched her Rory remembered what
she'd done only hours before...


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