Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Paris+Madeline+Louise/Rory

Keywords: fff/f

Summary: A kiss from Paris is the beginning of a series of sexual experiences
for Rory.

Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat Part 2 - Schoolgirl Orgy
by Phoebe ([email protected])

Rory hurriedly tugged her skirt back into place as did Paris just as the two
adults walked into the livingroom. Luckily both parents were so preoccupied
with being polite to each other that neither noticed the physical flush on
their daughter's faces or the nervous looks they shot at each other.

Rory quickly got up and said, "Thanks Paris, I'll see you tomorrow," and
hurried out of the room. Paris equally worried that her mom would notice
something untoward rushed to the door urging her mother to hurry up. Within
seconds the house was quiet again and Lorelai was standing at the door waving
at mother and daughter as the Gellars walked down the front path to their

Rory headed straight for the bathroom. She wanted to take a shower, she knew
that her mother would know what she'd just done with her classmate if she saw
her right now.

Stepping into the shower stall, and letting the jet of hot water plaster
her long dark hair to her head Rory trembled in self loathing. She'd just
committed a lesbian act with Paris. She'd let Paris do the nasty with her
mouth. And even worse, she had begun to do the same to Paris, and would
have made her come if their parents hadn't interrupted.

But what made the whole thing worse was that she'd enjoyed every moment of
it. From the first contact of Paris' hands on her skin to the moment that
she shoved her tongue forcefully into Paris' pussy. That though made her
shiver with secret delight.

Then in the next moment Rory felt like vomiting. Her self-disgust was
overpowering and she quickly soaped up her hair and then her body and
scrubbed all the evidence away as quickly as possible.

* * *

Later, as Rory lay in bed trying to find sleep; she couldn't help the
feelings that kept sprouting deep within her. In her mind's eye she kept
replaying the vision of Paris' blonde hair cascading over her body and
legs as she sucked Rory's clit. The sight of Paris' head bobbing up and
down over her and the feelings that her efforts had cause her.

She didn't want to, it disgusted her even more, but Rory couldn't help
herself. She slipped a finger into her sopping cunt and rubbed back and
forth, in and out, imagining that it was Paris' tongue.

It was funny, but when it had first happened Rory had fantasized that
Paris was really her boyfriend Dean. But as she came closer to her orgasm
the vision of Dean had evaporated and all she could envision was Paris'
blonde head bobbing up and down, up and down...

Now a couple of hours later as she fingered herself, her imagination would
only focus on Paris. Her bobbing head, her tanned athletic legs spread wide,
her fine blonde pubic hairs bristling against her tongue.

"Umm," Rory moaned as she quietly came on her fingers. She bucked against
her hand several times and then lay quite.

The door opened and her mother walked in. "Hi honey, you've been quiet this
evening, what's up baby?" She smiled down at her perfect brilliant child.

"I'm just tired mom, it's been a long day." As Rory spoke she could still
feel tiny little quakes deep between her legs as her orgasm dissipated
completely to be replaced by a melancholy that she had never known before.
She felt lost.

"Okay sweets, see you in the morning. We'll stop by Luke's Diner for
breakfast and catch up on each other's day, okay?"

"Sure okay. Goodnight mom." and Rory rolled over and pulled the quilt up,
ending their conversation.

* * *

The next day was particularly uncomfortable for Rory. She had to go to
school and face Paris. Between the time of their lovemaking and the next
morning Rory had sorted out her feelings and her intent was to never do
anything like that again.

But as she walked up the steps of the front entrance to Chilton Prep, who
was there but Paris. She was looking at Rory with a strange expression in
her eyes, almost like Dean's expression when he looked at her.

Rory tried to hurry by Paris but she reached out and held her by her
sweater-vest. "Hey, aren't you going to say hi?" Paris asked. "After what
we did last night, aren't we friends now?"

Rory looked at her classmate with a sick feeling in her gut, "No Paris. I
don't want to talk about last night, and I don't ever want you to either.
What we did last night never happened and our study sessions are over. You
do your thing and I'll do mine, okay?"

Paris' eyes hardened and she hissed under her breath, "No it isn't okay you
little slut. You can't play with my emotions like that and get away with it."
She knotted Rory's sweater in her fist and shook Rory violently, then she
abruptly let go and turning, marched away.

Rory stood there watching Paris' back as she stomped off. She thought to
herself that their encounter could have been worse. She wondered how she
would have felt if it had been Paris rejecting her. She had an instance of
guilty conscious, then dismissed it and headed into the building.

* * *

The school day was over and Rory was walking to the bus stop. The twenty
minute ride to Stars Hollow always cleared her mind of the trails of the
day. It was kind of a ritual for her. But when she turned the corner and
saw Paris with her two cronies Madeline and Louise, Rory faltered.

Paris walked up to Rory and said, "Look, we can't stop our study sessions.
I know I freaked you out last night, but frankly I need you as a study
partner. We both want to get into Harvard and we need each other. I'll tell
you what, we can study with Madeline and Louise so nothing like that will
ever happen again, okay?"

"Wh--what?" Rory looked at Paris in shock. Had she told the other girls
about their sexual encounter? She looked past Paris to Madeline and Louise
but neither girl seemed particularly interested in their conversation.

Paris noticed Rory's look and said quickly, "No I haven't told them
anything, now answer me. Will you be my study partner if we include them
in the group?"

Rory hadn't thought that she'd ever give into working with Paris again, but
she thought, "What could happen? Why not, as long as the other girls were
there Paris would have to behave herself. And besides she needed Paris'
critical mind to offset her views on their essay assignments, it always
made them just a little better than they would have been otherwise.

"Okay, we'll continue studying together as long as either Madeline or Louise
is present."

"Great, you won't regret it. We'll meet tomorrow night at Louise's house

"Sure," Rory said.

What could happen with Madeline and Louise around? She felt confident that
she could handle the situation with Paris now, and boarded the bus that
afternoon with a renewed sense of confidence.

* * *

The next day after school the girls took a cab to Louise's house. Rory
wondered why Louise's mother hadn't picked them up, but she was assured that
everyone would get a ride home alright.

When they arrived it was about 4:30 and they entered a silent empty house.
Rory turned to Louise and said, "Is it okay to be here without your folks

"Yeah, sure, why not." Louise said. Then she said, "Lets go into the
livingroom to study." Rory caught Louise giving Paris a funny look. Rory
didn't know what that look meant, but for some strange reason her heart
beat a little faster all of a sudden.

They sat down in the livingroom to study, spreading out their books. Louise
and Paris went into the kitchen to get drinks and Madeline and Rory began
laying out the work space.

As Rory was leaning over inspecting the outline for the evening's work she
felt a movement behind her. Then hands gripped her and she was being pushed
to the carpeted floor.

"Wh--what are you doing?!" she yelled in surprise.

As she thrashed in the grip of Paris and Louise she looked at them with
rising panic. What was happening, this was insane!

Then Paris said, "Don't worry little one, we're just going to have some fun.
Then afterwards we'll get our studying done and all go home."

"Let me go!" Rory yelled again.

But instead of letting her go Paris and Louise pulled her down to the floor
and dark haired Madeline came to stand over her, hands on hips, elbows askew.
"Paris tells us that you think you're better than we are. Is that true? Do
you thing you're better than us?"

Rory didn't know what to say, she tried to struggle free from Paris and
Louise but to no avail. Then Madeline continued, "We're going to find out if
you're better than us Rory, and then we'll see." She stooped over and began
to unbutton Rory's sweater, then her blouse.

All the time this was happening Paris had her hand clamped over Rory's mouth
to stifle her cries of protest. Rory was smaller and more delicate than the
other girls and they found it no hard task to hold her secure.

When Madeline pulled her blouse open and reached around under the struggling
girl to undo her plain cotton bra, Rory's muffled yells turned to frustrated
tears. Why were they doing this to her, what had she ever done to them?

Then Madeline stood up again and looked down at Rory's naked chest. "She's
got cute little tits. Not as big and yours Louise, but then none of us are
as big as you," she smiled at her own joke.

Then to Rory's horror Madeline sat down on her, squatting over her thighs
and then leaned down and started sucking on her exposed nipples. First one
then the other. Rory fought the girl's firm grip as Madeline worked over her
breasts and nipples, sighing with contentment from time to time.

Then Rory felt Paris release her arm but with Madeline on top of her she
couldn't get away. When she tried to beat on Madeline with her freed arm the
girl easily held it down.

Rory yelled again when someone pulled at her uniform skirt, it was being
removed and then her panties were being pulled down her legs. Her protests
were muffled again by Madeline's free hand as, her mouth fed hungrily at
Rory's nipples. There was nothing Rory could do to stop them.

Her body jerked involuntarily as she felt someone push a finger into her
cunt. Rory had a fleeting realization that the finger had slipped into her
without effort. That meant that she was wet. Then she realized with shock
that she was aroused. She didn't want to be, but she was.

Then Louise let go of her other arm and stood up. Rory watched as she
stripped off her clothes. She knew that she should try to fight with
her freed hand but she also knew that the effort was pointless now.
The sensations that Paris' fingers were giving her calmed her and the
thrilling feeling of being dominated by these girls made her shiver in
secret delight.

Finally Madeline stood up and began to peal her clothes off too. Rory lay on
the floor naked and panting, Paris kneeling between her spread legs still
fingering her while the others watched.

Rory looked on helplessly as her body began to squirm in the beginnings of an
orgasm. Just as she was about to go over the edge Paris pulled her hand away,
making Rory groaned in disappointment. She reached down between her legs and
began fingering herself, trying to finish the job Paris had started.

Paris looked down at her and said with a smirk, "See what I mean, she's as
big a slut as you Louise." Louise frowned at that, but Paris and Madeline
thought it was funny and laughed.

Just as Rory was beginning to feel her orgasm building again Paris reached
down and pulled Rory's hand away from her throbbing pussy. "Uh, uh, girl.
You're not getting off till I say you can." Then Paris turned to Louise, "Go
get it, you know what I'm talking about."

Louise's eyes lit up and she scampered naked from the room. Rory could her
the teenager climbing the stairs and then she looked at Paris. Her classmate
stood above her naked in a dominate stance, legs spread, hands on hips, she
looked beautiful and strong, like a viking queen with her long blonde hair
flying loose over her tanned shoulders. Rory suddenly wished that she were
a stronger person, she wished that she could stand naked in front of other
girls confident and strong like Paris.

Then Louise was back and in her hand was what Rory knew to be a life-like
penis dildo. She'd never seen one, but she'd taken anatomy and had seen the
male member erect. It looked impossibly large, but somehow it also looked
appealing. The swollen member with its huge balls and vainy shaft, and the
black nylon straps? 'Oh my god,' she thought to herself, 'what where they
going to do with that?'

It didn't take long for Rory to receive an answer to that question. As she
lay on the carpet prostrate, Paris fumbled with the straps. The thing also
had another shaft on it that was meant to fit into the wearer. It wasn't
nearly as big as the penis part but it was ribbed and about 5 inches long.

Rory watched with horrified fascination as Paris slipped the small end into
her cunt and Louise helped her close the straps around her waist and legs.
Rory still couldn't believe it, all four of them were now naked and it looked
like Paris was going to fuck her with her strap-on while the others watched.

Rory felt paralyzed as Paris stood over her with the big penis shaped dildo
sticking out from between her legs. "Now little one you're gonna really get
it. Now you'll know what you've been missing from that boyfriend of yours."
She smiled down at Rory with a strange glint in her eyes.

Before Rory could protest Madeline grabbed her legs and Louise grabbed a fist
full of hair and they twisted her over onto her stomach with a minimum of

Rory was numb with fear now as she felt Paris slide one arm up under her
stomach and pull her up onto all-fours. Then Madeline got down on her hands
and knees at Rory's head and held her chin, forcing her to look up at her.
She gave Rory a sardonic smile and moved in close and gently kissed her on
the lips.

Just as Madeline's lips pressed against Rory's she also felt Paris' penis
dildo push into her. It couldn't have been very deep but even just a little
bit of it made Rory feel like she was being split in two. She pulled her
mouth away from Madeline's kiss and yelled, "Stop it Paris, it hurts, please
don't," Rory began to cry in pain and fear.

Paris only grinned and looked at Louise who was on her back beside Rory
massaging her tits with a lusty look in her eyes. Paris shoved a little
harder making Rory cry out again. Then she grabbed Rory's hips with both
hands and shoved again.

Rory screamed in pain and anguish as Paris sank to the hilt into her. All
four girls stopped moving then and waited. Rory waited for Paris to pull out,
she had even stopped breathing, she didn't want anything at that moment other
than Paris to take it out of her.

The other girls had stopped to watch the fake dick take their classmate's
virginity. All three of them remembered the first time they'd experienced
that big dick and they knew what Rory was feeling.

Then, ignoring Rory's protests, Paris began to fuck her from behind, just
like she imagined that a man would. Madeline and Louise watched Paris humping
Rory for a minute or so, then they joined in and began kissing and touching
their captive classmate. It was so much fun to bring Rory down to their
level, the superior little princess now knew what it was like to be fucked.
All three girls were enjoying this very much.

Rory tried to get away from Paris' thrusts, she was in pain and she was
frightened by the behavior of these girls. But she couldn't fight her way
loose, all she could do was take the abuse and hope it would stop soon.

In the back of Rory's mind there was one little spark, a spark of perverse
pleasure. The feeling of not being in control, of being forced to do nasty
things with other girls was somehow exciting. Rory tried to ignore the
feelings that Paris' screwing was causing her, but as Paris' belly and
thighs slapped against her ass over and over again; with each thrust Rory
began to push back at her forced lover.

Louise picked up immediately on Rory's change and she crawled underneath
her and began to finger her clit each time Paris pulled out in preparation
for another thrust. When Madeline pulled her face to hers again and started
kissing her, Rory thought she might faint.

Rory was being fucked from behind by Paris, Louise was massaging her clit
and Madeline was sticking her tongue down her throat. Rory didn't have a
chance, she started coming even though she didn't want to.

Paris picked up on Rory's orgasm when her slender body tensed and began to
jerk wildly under her. She shoved the dildo deep into Rory and the action
rubbed the other end against her clit once more, bring her over the edge
too and both girls groaned and shivered in ecstasy as they came almost

Sweat poured off both girls as Paris hugged Rory's back. She still knelt
behind her lover with the dildo planted firmly. Louise had stopped massaging
Rory's clit and had climbed out from under the two.

When Paris pulled out of Rory she thought they would let her go. But no such
luck, Madeline shoved Rory over and climbed on top of the panting girl. To
Rory's amazement, Madeline began to shove her cunt against Rory's juicy
slickened crotch. Faster and faster she humped.

Rory was too exhausted to stop the other girl from humping her mound so she
just lay there and let Madeline pinch her nipples and hump-fuck her pussy.
Rory had never even thought of such a thing before but as Madeline continued
to hump her she began to grunt each time she thrust against her unwilling

Rory looked over at Paris and Louise and watched them, watching her getting
fucked by another girl. It was weird, but as Madeline continued to hump her
pussy Rory began to feel excited again. Maybe it was the fact that she had
an audience, an obviously appreciative audience. Whatever it was she finally
moaned and wrapped her arms around Madeline's back and began a luxurious
humping motion back at her lover.

Paris and Louise watched as Rory and Madeline got into their rhythm. It was
an amazing sight to see Madeline and Rory lost in their own sensations and
in each other's. Paris doubted that either girl even remembered that they
had an audience. It was so erotic watching them rubbing bodies like that and
kissing like lovers.

Then Madeline groaned and pressed her crotch tightly against Rory's. Paris
and Louise could see that Rory's pussy lips were spread open and were flame
red as Madeline ground her clit roughly against Rory's.

Then Madeline was coming, her body jerking and shivering like a wild beast
rutting in a field. Rory just hugged her tightly and let her lover come.

When it was over and Madeline rolled off Rory breathing heavily. She
whispered, "Oh god, oh god that was good." And then she rolled over on her
belly, placing her head on her arm and lay quietly recovering her wits.

Rory stirred. What was happening now? She raised her head to see who was
touching her. It was Louise. All Rory could see was Louise's bright blonde
hair, actually just the back of her head because she had climbed over the
spread-eagle girl and she had moved her mouth to Rory's pussy.

Paris commented sarcastically, "Shit, I still don't understand why Louise
likes a sloppy cunt so much, stuff like that would really gross me out."

But Louise paid her no attention she just continued to lick and suck at
Rory's exposed pussy while Rory lay on the carpet totally spent and

Being a healthy teenager though, it didn't take long before Louise's
enthusiastic mouth-work revived Rory and soon the girls were in another
embrace very similar to the one Rory and Madeline had been in only minutes

This time both girls came almost simultaneously. Rory had always been
secretly attracted to slutty Louise, the blonde bimbo of the group. She
of course would have never acted upon her attraction, but under the
circumstances it was easy to respond to the feel of Louise's smooth
tanned body against hers and her wonderfully full-lips first pressed
against her pussy then her lips.

When Louise finally rose up from Rory's spread-eagled body and stumbled to
the bathroom, Rory crawled on her hands and knees to the couch. After a
while she found the strength and grabbed her rumpled clothes and dressed.

Rory didn't stay to study, she didn't think that any studying would take
place that evening. She used her cell phone to call a cab and within
20-minutes she was in the back seat of a Yellow Cab on her way home.

Her mind was ablaze. What had just happened to her? Had she been raped?
Technically that's exactly what had happened to her, but before it was all
done she'd been a willing participant. What should she do now, how could
she face them at school tomorrow?

Rory pondered these thoughts during the ride home...


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