Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Pairing: Rory/Lorelai

Keywords: Ff, F/F, D/s, f-mast, anal, incest, spank, fist, exhib, voyeur,

Summary: Rory recalls how her special relationship with her mother became
even more "special".

Notes: Most of this story takes place way before the first episode of
"Gilmore girls", and is told from Rory's POV.

WARNING: This story (will) contain graphic sexual scenes between a mother
and her underage daughter. It's all fictional, of course, but if you don't
like to read about that kinda stuff then I suggest that you simply don't.

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Secret Sex Life Part 3 - Lorelai Takes Charge
by Oric13

This wasn't the first time mom sat me on her lap for a lengthy lecture. But
it was definitely the first time that this happened while we were both
naked; which basically explains while I kept getting distracted. It's kinda
difficult listening to mom berate me for sneaking into her room and playing
with her pussy, while my naked ass is in direct contact with said pussy and
her boobs are pressing against my back.

I tried my best to stay focussed and pay attention to what mom was saying,
but each time her rock-hard nipples rubbed against my back, my mind drifted
away... back to earlier when I had mom kneeling on her hands and knees
before me and I was pumping a foot-long dildo into her snatch...

Mmmm... Just thinking about it made me wet again. Mom sure had no problem
with me playing with her pussy then.

"... so you understand why you need to punished, Rory."


Abruptly shaken from my thoughts, I quickly tried to recall what mom just
said to me.

"Oh, yes, momma," I hurriedly replied as I remembered, "I understand."

Tilting my head slightly, I gave mom my most endearing, wide-eyed look.
"I'm sorry, mommy - I know I've been naughty."

With some effort, I managed to make a single tear run down my cheek.

"What kinda punishment are you gonna give me?" I questioned in my saddest
tone of voice.

Uh-oh! There's that familiar gleam in mom's eyes again. I don't think the
innocent/adorable shtick worked on her this time.

"I'm afraid you're in for a lengthy spanking, Lorelai Leigh Gilmore," she
told me, a tiny smile curling the edges of her lips.

"Really? A spanking?" I heard myself ask.


"But... you never spanked me before."

"Yeah, I know, honey," Mom replied while stroking my bare behind. "But you
certainly deserve one now... and I believe that a thorough butt-warming
will do you some good."

With those words, mom laid me across her lap and shifted my unresisting
body around until my bare bottom was positioned perfectly for the upcoming

To be honest, the thought of being spanked made me more curious than
scared. I'd always wondered what it would be like to be spanked by mom, and
I was instantly reminded of my best friend Lane telling me about the
numerous bare-bottomed spankings she received from her mother.

Lane's mother is really strict and a firm believer in using corporal
punishment to keep naughty, disobedient children in-line.

"That's how *I* was raised, and how I was raised *well*," Mrs. Kim snaps
whenever somebody gets up the nerve to ask her about her child-raising
methods. "Now, are you here to buy something or not."

That usually tends to end any kind of discussion about child-raising with
Mrs. Kim.

Well, say what you will about her parenting philosophy, and how outdated it
is, but there's little doubt that Lane Kim is one of the best behaved,
nicest girls in all of Stars Hallow (and that's saying something for a
village that seems stuck in the fifties). In fact, she's even got me beat
in the best behaved category. So I guess Mrs. Kim must be doing something

Of course, the question remains why a nice, well-behaved girl like Lane
still gets spanked on a regular basis.

I mean, this girl has got, like, only one vice, which is her utter devotion
to all kinds of modern music (and in my opinion that's really stretching
the word vice). Naturally, Mama Kim considers pop, rock, punk, metal, and
just about every other kind of music invented in the last decennia to be
the Devil's music. But that still doesn't explain why Lane's bottom gets
tanned almost every other week.

And I'm pretty sure that's what she's averaging these days - Lane tells me
everything, including detailed accounts of her spankings. Hmmm... and maybe
there in lies the answer to my question... Lane tends to be *very* explicit
whenever she tells me about a spanking she received, even though a simple
"Hey, Rory! Guess what... I got spanked again yesterday" would suffice. And
she always gets this excited blush on her cheeks when she relates her
latest butt-warming. I've also noticed that she keeps asking me if mom ever
spanks me.

All things considered, I'm getting more and more the feeling that Lanie has
quite the little obsession with spanking. And I'm betting that *that's* the
reason she gets spanked so often. Every time she's in the mood for a
spanking, she simply thinks of something that would tick off her mother
(which isn't that hard to do), and --


"Ouch!" I yelled, more from surprise than actual pain, as mom's hand
crashed down on my bare behind.




Mom's hand smacked down again and again on my upraised ass, rhythmically
striking a beat on my bare buttocks. Even though each of her spanks stung
and made my ass-cheeks tingle, she was clearly holding back since they
didn't really hurt a lot.


To acknowledge that I was actually getting spanked, and to ensure that mom
didn't suddenly decide to beat my ass a lot harder, I let out another yelp
and squirmed around on her lap.


"Owww! It's hurtssss!" I whined pitifully while wiggling my little butt.

Hmm. Judging from mom's giggling I don't think my act had her entirely


Suddenly the spanking stopped. Instead of rising again, mom's hand remained
on my warm buttocks and started tenderly stroking my glowing globes.

I squirmed back and forth on her lap again, this time in pleasure, and
arched my back to give her better access to my hindquarters. Mmmm... This
doesn't feel like mom's trying to punish me.


Three more spanks struck my behind followed by more gentle rubbing, and
this time she also tickled my slit with the tips of her fingers.

"Mmmm... Ohhhhh!"

More spanking followed by more rubbing... Once again, mom's fingers skipped
across my slit and I quickly spread my legs wider to give her better access
to that part of my anatomy as well.


"Oh-ohhhh!" I moaned as her hand went from spanking me to sliding between
my wide-spread legs and stroking my soft pussy mound.

Oh, God! That feels good... Wait-a-minute! I think I get what's going on
here: Mom isn't angry about me feeling her up and making her come, she's
mostly a bit upset about freaking her out by jumping naked on her bed while
she was pleasuring herself... and the whole "punishment" thing must be her
little way of getting back at me.

"Like that, baby?" she whispered into my ear while her fingers rubbed my
moist labia-lips.

"Ohhhhh!! Yes, mommy!" I eagerly called out.

"Mmmm... and how do you like *this*?" she questioned, her voice heavy with


"Yowww!!" My eyes bugged out as two stinging spanks suddenly hit my puffy

Okay, so maybe she's more than a bit upset...


Four more spanks struck my tender slit, making me gasp for air and buck
wildly on her lap.


These two landed directly on my sensitive clit triggering a very sudden and
intense orgasm.

"MOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" I screeched, bucking and thrashing on mom's
lap while her hand calmly continued its steady barrage on my defenceless pussy.

Unable to take much more of this, I was about to beg for mercy when the
pussy-spanking suddenly stopped, ending as abruptly as it had started.

Draped across mom's lap, still busy recovering from that incredible orgasm,
my ears perked when I heard mom grab something from the nightstand. My
thoughts instantly went to the enormous dildo that belongs to mom, which
I'd placed on the nightstand after drilling her cunt with it.

Breathlessly, I waited for what's to come... and gasped when I felt a cool
liquid being poured all over my sore ass and throbbing pussy. The soothing
sensation of the cold lotion coming in contact with my hot skin was
followed by the comforting feeling of mom's soft hand meticulously
massaging the lotion into my buttocks.

This comforting feeling quickly turned to arousal when her fingers slipped
into my crack and played with my asshole for a bit before sliding down to
my aching cunt. I moaned with delight when I felt her stroking my dripping

Mom then showcased her superior masturbation skills by working my pussy
like a pro. Her nimble fingers were all over my slit - tickling the
sensitive skin, stroking my swollen lips, tweaking my rock-hard clit...
Within a couple of minutes, she had me panting with lust and attempting to
hump her fingers - I was totally in her thrall.

It didn't take long before I was begging her to let me cum again. Mom, of
course, took that opportunity to tease me a little.

"Awww, does lil' Rory need to cum?" she playfully asked while tickling my
hypersensitive clit.

"YES!!! Pleeeeeaaaaase, mommy!" I pitifully whined for the fifth time.

"Do you promise to be a good girl and do whatever mommy tells you to if I
let you cum?"



"YES!! Yes, mommy! I promise!"

"Hmmm, I'm still not sure if you *really* mean it..." mom said.


Frustrated, I turned my head and glared at her. Mom responded by batting
her eyelashes at me accompanied by an infuriating, innocent smile.

I sighed.

"Okay, out with it, mom... what do you want?"

A slight shudder went through me when I noticed mom's "innocent" smile
turning distinctly wicked, and I was filled with a mixture of dread and

"I think we should have a little test," she cheerfully announced.

Seating me on the bed, she practically ran to her closet. I could hardly
believe my eyes when she came back proudly brandishing her digital camera
(the latest toy she'd bought herself).

Next thing I know, mom was putting me through a series of pornographic
poses while her camera immortalized me.

For example, she had my lie back on the bed with my legs straight up
forming a wide "V". After taking some snapshots of me in that very
revealing pose (including close-ups of my pussy and ass), she ordered me to
pull my legs back and use my fingers to hold my pussy open. She then took
numerous pictures of me displaying my cunt, followed by another series of
me fingering myself.

After that, mom placed me on my belly with my face in the pillow and my
legs drawn up beneath me, sticking my butt up in the air. She then had me
reach back and spread my ass-cheeks while she took more photos...

Although I pretended otherwise, I was actually loving this photoshoot as
much as mom did. My only regret was that she didn't allow me to get myself off.

For the grand finale, mom took me downstairs into the living room and had
me do a handstand in front of the couch, taking lotsa pictures from all
angles. Walking around me, she grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide
until my body was forming a giant "Y" and took some more pictures.

Telling me to hold that pose, mom ran into the kitchen and returned with a
single cherry, which she carefully placed on top of my pussy. While she
hovered above my pussy with her camera, snapping off pictures, the small
piece of fruit slowly slid into my wide-open pussyhole until only the tip
of the small stem peeked out.

Mom used her mouth to suck the cherry from my pussy and then came up with
some more interesting poses, which included me lying spread-eagled on the
dinner table - first on my back, and later on my belly with a candle
sticking out of my ass; leaning across the back of the couch like I was
about to get my ass whipped (mom gave my behind a couple of good whacks to
give my buns the convincing red colour they needed for this photograph);
sitting on the big leather chair with my legs hanging over the armrests and
holding my pussy open while smiling for the camera. By now I'd gotten so
aroused that mom had to wipe off the seat of the chair afterwards.

Snickering while she cleaned the chair, mom promised she'd take me back
upstairs and make me cum really hard after just one more "special" pose.
Horny as hell, I readily agreed without asking what that pose entailed...

A little later, I found myself crawling around in the backyard on all fours
with a dog collar around my neck (don't ask me what we were doing with a
dog collar without owning -or ever having owned- a dog) with mom
instructing me what to do - calling me "mommy's little bitch" and taking
more pictures.

All in all, I discovered that mom's a lot more depraved than I gave her
credit for... Guess I didn't really have to worry about not being able to
seduce her, after all.

True to her word, she took me back to her room after that - though she also
made me crawl back into the house, and then up the stairs, while the camera
snapped off one picture after the other. Once in her bedroom, mom managed
to come up with one final, humiliating pose... Still completely naked aside
from the collar, I was ordered to assume the "begging" pose... which
basically meant I was kneeling in front of her holding my arms out with my
palms facing down (like a dog begging for a treat).

As an added bonus, mom had me bark like a dog while taking my picture (not
that this would show up on the photo, but simply because it amused her).

I suppose I should've been more upset about the humiliating things she made
me do... But if anything, mom's unusual dominating behaviour and the lewd
poses she put me through, made me so incredibly aroused I could hardly see

"That's a good girl!" Mom smirked delightfully while petting my head. "You
just earned yourself a nice reward."

I trembled with arousal as mom pulled me back across her lap and returned
her expert fingers to my needy pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhh-OH!! Yessssss, mommyyyy!" I happily moaned while mom's
fingers worked their magic.

She stroked, tickled, and teased my over-stimulated slot for a good 10
minutes before finally sliding two fingers inside my sopping wet slit.

The moment I felt her fingers enter my pussy, I started humping my ass back
at her, trying to get my hungry cunt filled.

"Oh, yeah! You sure love having my fingers up your tight, teenaged twat,
don't ya, sweetie?" Mom casually remarked.

"Uhhh!! Yes, mommy!" I readily agreed. Willing to say and do anything mom
wanted as long as she kept diddling my slot.

"God! Just lookit that soaked little snatch... You're such a little slut,
Rory," she snickered.

"Mmmm? Well, like mother like daughter, I guess," I retorted, feeling much
too horny to be insulted by mom's dirty talk.

Giggling to herself, mom patted my ass with her free hand. "Touché."

Still stroking my behind, her fingers thrust deeper into my tight
pussy-hole until they encountered a slight barrier.

"Still a virgin," Mom stated relieved while her fingers carefully probed my
maidenhead. "That's my girl!"

Despite the sexual haze hanging around my mind like a thick fog, I could
still find the humour in mom's obvious relief at finding out for sure that
her little girl was still a virgin. If it's up to me, I wouldn't remain a
virgin much longer.

"Fuck me, mommy!" I panted excitedly while lustfully wiggling my ass at her.

Mom giggled again and increased the finger-fucking pace. "I'm working on
it, Rory."

"No, I mean: *really* fuck me, mom," I clarified. "Jam that big-ass dildo
into my cunt and make me a woman!"

I could hear mom sucking in her breath. "Uhh, I don't think that's such a
good idea, sweetheart."

"Fuck me!" I repeated, more adamantly, while wriggling my behind again,
"*Please* mommy! I really wanna be fucked by you!"

"Nuh-uh! I don't want you to lose your virginity like this, Rory," mom said
decisively. "Besides, my dildo is much too big for a tight virgin pussy
like yours."

I was about to plead some more when I suddenly came up with the perfect

"Then stick it up my ass instead!" I eagerly suggested. "That's no longer
virgin territory."

"You mean you let a boy..." mom started, sounding appalled at the very idea
of a boy sticking his thing up her precious daughter's ass.

"No!" I quickly cut in. "This was more of a... do-it-self project."

Mom giggled.

"Oh, good!" she exclaimed, relieve evident in her voice. "But sticking that
huge dildo up your ass doesn't exactly sound like a viable option either,

I let out a sigh. "Less than an hour ago, I had half of my large novelty
pen inside my butt, so I think I can handle your dildo, mom."

"Holy buttfuck, Batman!" Mom called out surprised, making me giggle.

"Christ, Rory! Are you telling me that you actually fucked your ass with
that huge pen I gave you?"

"Yup! And now that's cleared up... how about you stick that big dildo
inside my already primed asshole and fuck me hard until I cry "uncle"," I
suggested, doing my best to sound as naughty and adult as I possibly could.

Mom snickered and then went quiet... obviously considering the best course
of action.

"Hmm, are you sure, Rory?"

"Yes! Now will you stop worrying, and start fucking me, mom!" I called out

SMACK!!! "Ouch!"

"Watch that tone, young lady," mom said with her mockingly-stern voice, so
I don't think she was too upset. "Or you're in for another lengthy spanking."

Mmmm, tempting! But right now I was more in the mood for a nice, hard fucking.

"Yes, ma'am!" I answered demurely. She stroked my bare bottom in response,
and even though I was still lying face down across her lap, I could sense
her smile.

"That's better," she said satisfied while pulling her fingers from my pussy.

I was about to protest the prematurely ended finger-fucking when I felt her
hands pry apart my ass-cheeks, exposing my tiny asshole to her eyes. I was
immediately filled with anticipation. Does this mean that mom is actually
gonna fuck my ass, I thought excitedly.

I shuddered with delight when I felt her fingers tickle my asshole.

"Like that, sweetie?" she questioned, her voice a throaty whisper.

"Uh-huh!" I grunted while lifting my butt a little more.

"Oh, yeah! Looks like you like it a lot," Mom muttered, kinda sounding like
she was talking to herself.

I gasped when an entire finger was suddenly shoved into my butthole. Once
her finger was all the way in, mom started moving it in and out,
finger-fucking my ass in a casual manner.

"How about this? You like that as well, Rory?"

"Mmmm... Oh, yessssss," I moaned.

SMACK!!! "Slut!" she snickered, smacking my ass.

"Ouch!! Bitch!" I shot back.

"Uh-uh! That's no way to talk to you mother, Rory," mom teasingly said
while halting the finger-fucking. "Now apologize, or I'm not gonna fuck
your ass."

Desperately needing to be fucked right now, I turned my head and did my
best to give mom my most apologetic look. "I'm sorry, mommy," I said

Giggling again, mom shot me a sly wink and then picked up the large rubber
dildo from the nightstand. I watched with growing arousal as she took a
small bottle of hand lotion from the drawer and started liberally coating
the dildo's thick length with the oily substance.

When the dildo was properly lubricated, mom twirled it around a few times
like a baton. While playing around with the rubber rod, she returned her
attention to me: studying and caressing my naked body.

After playing with my tits, her hand slid down my chest, across my belly,
and then reaching my aroused pussy. I was so incredibly wet that mom was
able to stuff three fingers into my tight slot without much difficulty.

Once her fingers were buried inside my narrow sheath, she began moving them
in and out - fucking me with those three digits. With every movement her
fingers made, her hand grazed my swollen clit, making me squirm on her lap
mewling with pleasure. She quickly got a steady finger-fucking rhythm going
that had me grunting and groaning along with the sopping sounds her fingers
made while thrusting into my soaked slit.

I was so enthralled by mom's fingers working their magic on my pussy that
it took a while before I noticed another set of fingers making its way into
my asshole. Before I knew it, mom had two lotion covered fingers buried
deep inside my butt. I groaned when she twirled them around

"Just making sure your ass will be ready for my big cock, sweetie," mom
cooed into my ear while working both sets of fingers deeper into my twin
holes, her efforts accompanied by my very loud grunts and groans.

When she seemed satisfied that my asshole was loosened and lubricated
enough, she yanked her fingers out and patted my butt.

"Ready, Rory?"

"Yes, mommy!" I squeaked, wiggling my butt at her.

She playfully swatted it again. In the last couple of hours, mom seems to
have developed a passion for manhandling my behind.

Retrieving the lubricated dildo from wherever she put it, she waved the
thick rubber sex-toy in front of my eyes.

"Then let's see how much of this we can fit inside your tight little ass,
sweetie," she declared, her voice practically brimming with excitement as
she positioned the tip of the dildo at my back-entrance.

I held my breath when I felt the stub nose of the dildo press against my
sphincter, moaning loudly as it prodded my little hole repeatedly before
slowly sinking inside. Mom jimmied the rubber prick around a bit, then
pushed in again, making me gasp and groan as the fat phallus gradually
explored more and more of my anal passage.

My earlier anal adventure with the large novelty pen combined with mom's
fingers lubing up my ass had done a decent job in loosening me up, so that
even her huge dildo was able to enter my asshole relatively easy. Mom got
more than half a foot of thick, fake cock inside me without much effort.

"Mmm, very impressive, Rory," she told me after she'd shoved another couple
of inches of the thick rod inside my rectum. "That's one fuckable ass
you've got there..."

I only half-listened to what she said, since I was more focussed on her
fingers diddling my slit and that big-ass dildo drilling my butt.

Apparently satisfied with the amount of dildo she'd stuffed into my behind,
mom pulled some of its length out and began slowly screwing me with the
large rubber pole.

"Ungh... Oohh!"

"Just relax, sweetie," she cooed while pushing the fake prick further in.
"There ya go..."

"Unghh! Uhh... Oohhhh!"

Mom's fingers started pumping my pussy faster and faster with the dildo
following suit. She was really giving it to me, stuffing both my holes
simultaneously at a rapid pace that had me panting with lust while I lewdly
shook my ass in sync to the double fucking I was receiving - a sight I'm
sure mom appreciated.

I'm not certain how long this all lasted. It could've been an entire hour
that I laid across her lap while she pounded my holes with her fingers and
a big rubber cock, or it could've a couple of minutes - I completely lost
all sense of time as mom steadily fucked me into a delirium.

However, for some reason she didn't allow me any relief, no matter how much
I begged and promised to do *anything* in return. Each time I got close to
cumming, mom would halt the double-fucking until I'd "cooled off"... Once
that happened that big dildo would be shoved back into my behind while her
fingers returned to my snatch... and then she frigged and fucked me again
to the brink of another orgasm before quitting.

"MO-O-OM!!!" I cried in anguish as an impending climax was once again
denied to me. "You promised that you would make me cum - really hard - if
I'd pose for you!"

"And I will, sweetheart," mom snickered while stroking my snatch (but not
hard enough to make me cum). "You just need to be a little more patient."

"I wanna cum NOW!" I loudly demanded. I knew that I sounded like a 6
year-old demanding a treat or toy, but I really didn't care - I badly
needed release, and gosh darn it! I was gonna bug mom until I got it!

I heard mom chuckle.

Oh, I'm *so* gonna get her for this when I get the chance!

"Just a bit more patience, sweetie... I'm gonna make your first orgasm with
mommy *really* special."

Instead of resuming the finger/butt fuck like I expected, she yanked the
dildo from my rectum and, despite my objections, lifted me from her lap and
sat me back down on the bed.

Feeling frustrated by her actions, I brought my hands down to my pussy to
finish the job myself but mom quickly swatted my hands away.

"Nuh-uh, young lady! There'll be no playing with yourself unless I say so."

"But mo-o-oooommmm!" I whined in protest. "I *really* need some release!"

Standing up, mom turned to me with an impish smile on her face.

"Relax, Rory... I promised you an amazing orgasm, and that's what you're
gonna get!"

Giving me a wink, she went to her closet and searched around in it. She
quickly found what she was looking for... apparently a pair of panties? At
least that's what they looked like in the dimly lit room from a distance: a
pair of leather panties.

Then she turned around and my mouth fell open when I saw the dildo that had
been up my ass a couple of minutes ago, protruding erect from mom's groin
like an actual cock.

She'd put on some kind of strap-on harness! This kinda makes me wonder what
other "special equipment" mom owns...

With a wicked smile on her lips, mom strutted back to the bed... My eyes
automatically focussed on the big purple prick that bopped up, down and
sideways while she walked.

Standing before me, she rested her hands on her hips, striking an
impressive pose. Our eyes met as I finally managed to tear my eyes away
from her crotch, and I blushed when I noticed that she was staring at the
dog collar that I was still wearing. I moved to take it off but mom stopped me.

"No! Keep it on." A small smirk appeared on her lips. "It's very suitable
for the position you're gonna be in for the next half hour."

I shot her a confused look, which made mom's smirk grow bigger.

"Get on all fours and raise your cute ass in the air, Rory," she told me
with a smug little smile, "'Cause I'm gonna give you the fucking of a

My cheeks turned a bright pink as mom threw my own words back at me. At the
same time, just thinking about the naughty sex-play mom seemed to have
planned for us made my clit tingle and my cunt heat up.

Feeling a sudden need to hurry, I turned around and positioned myself on my
hands and knees. My arms and legs trembled slightly while I impatiently
waited for what's to come next... (hopefully me)

SMACK!! "Ouch!"

"Stick that ass up in the air, Rory," mom ordered me after swatting my ass.

Licking my suddenly dry lips, I bended my arms slightly and leaned down
until my head was resting on mom's pillow; I then arched my back to make my
bare butt stick out even more.

"Good girl!" mom purred while lightly stroking my bottom. I shivered with
excitement when I heard her climb on the bed behind me.

There was a long moment of silence with our heavy breathing the only sounds
in the room. During this time I could almost *feel* mom's gaze move across
my naked body. Knowing mom was checking me out made my pussy grow even
wetter (though that seemed hardly possible at this point).

Then I felt something... a feather light touch on both of my butt-cheeks.
Mom was stroking my behind again.

The soft stroking gradually turned rougher and was followed by the kneading
and squeezing of my buttocks' pliant flesh. I let out tiny grunts of
pleasure and pain at the rough treatment that my tender ass was receiving.

I gasped loudly when both her hands suddenly grabbed an ass-cheek and
pulled the spheres of flesh apart, revealing my tiny pink asshole to mom's

"...hard to believe that *that* tight little hole is able to receive this
big cock," I heard her mutter.

Then the round tip of the dildo was pressing against my anus again,
demanding entry and getting it... Slowly, the thick rubber rod made its way
back inside my anal tube, stretching the elastic muscle further and further
until the dildo's head popped inside.

"Unghh!! Oohhhh!"

Holding my eyes tightly closed, I tried to relax as much as I could as more
of the large strap-on was forced inside my rectum. When the dildo finally
bottomed out, tears leaked out from beneath my eyelids while my senses were
bombarded with a heady combination of pleasure and pain.

Suddenly, her hands were all over me: petting, kneading, stroking and
tickling my naked form. Despite have a foot-long cock stuck up my sore ass,
mom's "hands-on" approach made me squirm with delight.

Placing her hands on my hips, she slowly pulled the fake phallus out until
only the tip of it remained lodged in my anus.

She started rubbing her breasts against my back as her lips slid over the
nape of my neck and fastened to the underside of my ears. Her hands slid
around me and cupped my dangling breasts, squeezing them, while she ground
her hips around in slow circles, twisting the rubber cock around in my rectum.

"Oohh! Mmmm! Mommyyy! Ohhhhh! Ungh!! Oohh!"

I managed to spread my legs a bit wider and happily humped back as she
drove the big dildo down into me. Mom released one of my titties and slid
her hand across my belly down to the sticky "V" between my legs. Three
fingers slid into my drenched cunt while her thumb found my clitty and
started rubbing.

I heard her grunting and whispering as she fucked me in both holes. At
first I couldn't make out the words, then I did...

"Fucking you," she was gasping. "Fucking you! Fucking you!"

Her voice sounded strained, like she was grinding her teeth. She started
pumping the thick strap-on faster into my ass, finger-fucking my slit
swifter, and rubbing my tender clit harder. I felt my insides quivering
like jelly, and groaned in pleasure. What *really* got me going, though,
were her words, and the raw emotion behind them - the knowledge that she's
getting off like never before from butt-fucking *me*!

"Oh, fuck!" Mom panted, now clearly audible. "Oh, Fuck! Oohh! FUCKING
HELL!!! I can't believe I'm really doing this! I'm actually fucking my
teenaged daughter's sweet ass!!"

I didn't respond to mom's loud x-rated soliloquy - at least not with actual

"Ungh! Ungh! Oohh! Unghh! Ohhhh!! OH! OH! Unghh!"

With mom's fingers pumping into my pussy and that big, fat prick pounding
my ass, my mind sort of short-circuited - the overwhelming, mind-shattering
sensation of pure lust left little room for anything else except the desire
to simply remain like this for ever, enjoying the amazing feeling of
getting thoroughly fucked in both my holes by my loving mother.

But mom's never been a person of quiet enjoyment... As usual she was
feeling pretty talkative.

"What a cute little ass you have here, sweetheart!" she
lovingly told me, "and what a perfect fit for my prick... Damn! Too bad
you can't see your tiny asshole swallowing your mother's big cock."

"Ooh! Oohh!! Ooh! Unggh!!!" I grunted nonsensical.

"Yeah! That's right! You love mommy's cock, don't ya, Rory!"

"Ohhhh... Oh! Mmmmm!"


"Ouch! Ungh! Oohh!!"

"Tell me how much you love it," she suddenly demanded while slapping my ass


" it, momma," I managed to get out.

"You love mommy's big cock fucking your ass?"


"Then say it!"


"Owww!! Ooh! I love it! I-I love your... Ungh! ... b-big cock f-fucking ...
my t-tight little ass, momma! Ungh! Oohh GOD!! I love it so ... OH!! ...
fucking much!"

"Horny little bitch!" she suddenly growled in my ear while pinching both my
nipples hard.


Mom's words and actions shocked and surprised me, but also made the sexual
heat flare up higher inside me as her right hand returned to its previous
place between my thighs and continued working on my cunt and clitoris.

I could hardly believe my ears when she started to hum a merry tune while
fingering me and fucking my ass - even coming up with words to accompany
her little musical number...

"Rory and me, sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

"Rory and me, we were always very close... now we're together on my bed not
wearing any clothes."

"Rory and me, I'm busy fondling her tit... meanwhile playing with her slit
and clit."

"Rory and me, on my bed we rut... I'm fucking the slut in her tight little




"Now don't you suddenly act all shy on me, Lorelai Leigh Gilmore," mom
admonished me, "'Cause you *are* a hot little slut," SMACK!! "Aren't you?"
SMACK!!! "Aren't you?" SMACK!! "Aren't you?"

"Ooww! Oh! Yesss," I panted excitedly. "I'm a ... Oohh! ... a hot ... Ungh!
... little slut, momma! Ohhhh-oohh-oh!! Yesssss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard,

"That's right," mom said matter-of-factly while fucking and spanking my ass
some more. "Only hot little sluts beg their mommies to fuck them...
Luckily, this mommy had a big hard cock ready for her slutty little
daughter! Otherwise you'd probably be spreading your legs for some boy
right now."


"Oww! OOh! Ungh ! Ungh! OH!!! Ungh!!"

"But a hard cock isn't all you need, is it, Rory?" Mom asked me, almost
tenderly, "I'll bet that a little tramp like you also needs regular
bare-bottomed spankings as a reminder to stay in-line."


"OOwww!! Ungh! Oohh! Yes, mommy, you're right! I really do need to have my
naughty behind buggered and beaten on a regular basis! Ungh! Ungh! OH!!
Would you please help me with that?"

"Sure, honey..."

SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Ouch!! Oohh!"

"That's what I'm here for."

SMACK! "Oww!" SMACK!! "Ouch!" SMACK!!! "Owwhh!"

Her hand started to smack down harder and harder on my already sore bottom,
and my poor behind felt like it was on fire, but somehow this only added to
the pleasure roaring through my body. The pressure inside me grew and grew
until I thought I would scream if I didn't come soon, so I started humping
my ass back onto mom's strap-on even harder.


"Yeah, that's it!! Ride my cock, slut!"


"Ride it like a bitch in heat!"


"Ouch!! Ungh! Ohhh! Oww! Ohhh! Unggh!"

Just when I felt like I was about to explode from pent-up arousal, mom said
something that pierced through the thick haze of lust surrounding my mind.

"Now come for me, sweetheart!!" she shouted excitedly while spanking and
drilling my ass like a woman possessed. "Momma wants to see her little girl

I came, and came, and came again, snapping off a series of orgasms that
blasted my mind to dazzling fragments. I became a whining, grunting,
trembling mass of heaving limpid flesh, unable to form a coherent thought
or speak, unable to control my body as it rode the pounding dildo through
blistering explosions of pleasure and bliss.

* * *

Opening my eyes, I blinked a couple of times against the bright sunlight
shining through the window before looking around.

One of the first things I noticed is that I'm not in my own room - the
second: that I'm buck-naked.

And the third thing I noticed was that I'm lying in the arms of my equally
naked mother.

My cheeks coloured slightly as I started to remember what happened between
mom and me...

We had SEX - and lots of it!

Lots of wonderful, toe curling, sweaty, incestuous S-E-X.

A dreamy smile appeared on my lips as I remembered - in detail - the kinda
depraved sex-acts mom and me had performed together, especially the part
where she fucked me up the ass.

I suppose I should've felt a glimmer of guilt, or at least some shame, from
what we'd done - but guess what? I didn't.

I felt glad that we'd taken this big step in our relationship, and if I
could do it all over again, I'd do it exactly the same... Well, except
maybe get that strap-on harness out of her closet a bit earlier, so I could
give mom as good a fucking as she gave me.

Turning my head, I gazed longingly at my - still fast asleep - mother and
once again admired how very beautiful she is. Planting a soft kiss on her
lips, I snuggled deeper into her warm embrace with a contented smile on my

Feeling wonderfully safe and protected, I soon drifted back to sleep.

* * *

A loud noise woke me up a couple of hours later. Sitting up, I wiped the
sleep from my eyes and stared in confusion at the sight of mom hopping
around on one leg half-dressed with her other leg stuck inside her jeans.


Startled, she turned to face me with this kinda "deer caught in headlights"
look in her eyes.

"Uh... hi, Rory," she muttered while finally succeeding in getting her leg
unstuck and pulling her pants up.

"What's going on? Where are you going?" I asked worried.

As I sat up a bit straighter, the blanket slowly slid down - uncovering my
naked torso. I noticed mom staring at my topless tits for a long moment
before glancing away guiltily.

"Um... I just need to go... somewhere," she stammered; avoiding my eyes
while she stepped into her shoes. "I-I'll be back... later."

Uh-oh! I recognize that look on mom's face... she's having a major
post-coital panic attack.

"Wait!" I called out, seeing mom sneak towards the door. "We need to talk

"Later, honey," she called across her shoulder while opening the bedroom
door and stepping into the hallway. "I really need to go now... Bye!"

For a long moment, I stared at the empty doorway - trying to figure out
what just happened - then I jumped up and ran after her.

Mom was about to leave the house when she saw me running down the stairs
completely naked. I guess you could say she looked pretty shocked.

"Rory?! What--I don't know if you noticed, but you're not wearing any
clothes," she pointed out.

"Nothing you haven't seen before, mom," I replied, surprising myself by
being truly unfazed by my nudity. "What's more important is that you don't
leave until we've talked about last night."

She looked away from me away again.

"I... that... there's nothing to talk about," she finally said, sounding
unusually serious.

"Judging from your behaviour, I think there's plenty to talk about," I

Noticing mom inching towards the door, I covertly moved closer. Despite
attempting to hide it, mom spotted my movement and backed away a bit.

"Listen, sweetie... What happened last night... I don't know... I'm not
sure..." She sighed. Taking a deep breath, she went on, "It was a mistake,
plain and simple, and it shouldn't have happened. *I* shouldn't have let it

Despite my lack of clothing, I hadn't felt the least bit chilly. But while
I listened to mom talk, I felt a bone-chilling coldness seep into my body,
making it harder to breath for some reason.

"... the best thing we can do right now, is forget this ever happened and
try to move on, okay?"

For a long moment I just stood there, not saying anything... Then, all of a
sudden, a hot flash of anger drove away the coldness that kept me motionless.

"NO!!! NOT OKAY!!" I heard myself shout. "I don't consider last night a
mistake! And I know *you* wanted it as much as *I* did."

I think for once in her life mom was actually speechless. She stared at me,
her mouth opening and closing like a fish on dry land, before backing away
to the front door again.

I quickly blocked her path, striking an adamant pose with my arms folded
beneath my chest (though this pose might've been even more impressive if I
hadn't been completely naked).

Mom looked me up and down. "Uh... I really think we need to reschedule this
discussion for a later date."

Turning on her heels, she suddenly sprinted towards the back door. "See ya!"

I don't believe it! Of all the immature--

Quickly running after her, I caught up when she nearly fell while
descending the back porch into the garden. Surprising mom (and myself as
well), I took a flying leap and landed directly on her back.

"Ow!" she grunted, nearly tipping over. "Have you totally lost it?! Lemme go!"

She started running around in circles, trying to shake me off.

"You're not going ANYWHERE!!" I cried out while clinging to her back. "Or
if you are, then it's gonna be with *me* stuck to your back!"

That got her attention.

Mom abruptly stopped, sighed deeply, and slowly walked back into the house
(with me hanging from her neck like a really weird cape). Good thing our
neighbours didn't catch our little show!

Back in the living room, she carefully sat down on the couch. Only when her
ass touched the seat, did I let go - and I right away crawled on her lap to
keep her from taking off again.

But that wasn't her intention. Instead, she actually had a serious adult
conversation with me, listing the many reasons why it was wrong for us to
have sex together.

Having considered all those reasons myself, I quickly argued them away. But
nevertheless, mom seemed to have made up her mind. This left me with only
one final resort: I started to cry.

That worked like a charm.

"Don't cry! I'm sorry, sweetie!" Mom pleaded. "Look... I just want us to be
okay - like we used to be."

"It's never gonna be like it used to be," I sniffled. "But maybe things
could turn out even better for us!"

"Really?" She sounded a bit sceptical. "How's that gonna happen?"

"By stop fighting what we both want," I said. "I know it's gonna take some
getting used to... but we both love each other more than anyone else in the
world - emotionally and physically - and I know we can make it work."

Looking in mom's eyes, I could see that I was starting to convince her -
and I knew that on some level she *wanted* to be convinced. She wanted me
to tell her that it was okay for us to fuck.

Well, there's one sure way to let her know how much I want this. Like they
say: actions speak louder than words...

Taking her left hand, I placed it on my left boob and rubbed it around and
across my swiftly stiffening nipple. When she didn't pull away, I also took
her right hand, placed it on my pussy, and moved her fingers up and down my

I noticed the familiar gleam of arousal return to mom's eyes.

"Oohh! That feels so nice, mommy," I moaned - maybe a little exaggerated.

A tiny smile appeared on mom's lips. "You're a very naughty girl, Rory

"Uh-huh... you can punish me for that later."

She smirked.

"Are you sure about this, sweetie?"

"Yes, mom," I smiled, "One hundred percent."

Smiling back, mom kissed me softly on the lips.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally feeling able to relax a bit since
chasing mom down the stairs, I released her hands and snuggled deeper into
her warm lap.

Mom went on playing with my pussy and tits without any further assistance
or encouragement from me, gradually bringing me to an amazing climax.


Luckily, it didn't take mom long to get over her "Oh My God! I fucked my
teenaged daughter" guilt trip. And once the guilt was gone, she was more
than happy to embrace our new "lifestyle". A recap of our next annual movie
night showed that pretty well.

As usual we were both wearing our nightclothes and stretched out on the
couch. Or, actually, mom's the only one who's truly sitting on the couch -
*I* was sitting on her lap.

I was practically glowing with contentment as we watched the rented movies
on our big screen TV - nice and relaxed, occasionally fishing a handful of
popcorn from the big bucket beside us, and commenting on the movie. Again,
I felt glad that once we started having sex together, we didn't stop doing
these other valued mother/daughter activities together.

Luckily, some things remained the same...

Well, *almost* the same. Instead of the usual 4 movie selection of drama,
horror, romantic and classic, we'd added a fifth selection: erotica/porn,
which we were watching right now.

And on our pre-sex movie nights, I hadn't been watching TV naked from the
waist down with an eight inch vibrator buzzing in my butt. Neither did I
have mom's hand between my widely-splayed legs, playing with my
freshly-shaved pussy, like on this particular evening.

Sliding a finger between my moist labia-lips, she seesawed it back and
forth for a minute or two before slipping the entire digit inside my
steaming pussy-hole.

With her free hand, Mom pointed at the TV-screen that showed a couple of
big-breasted blonde twins in their late teens getting it on. The more
dominant of the two blondes had her sister bend across the back of a couch,
and delivered a stern spanking before stuffing her snatch with a big
strap-on dildo.

"Whoa! Look at 'em go... They're clearly enjoying their work."

We watched fascinated as DomiBlonde (as mom had nicknamed her)
enthusiastically rode her sister (SubBlonde) to several loud orgasms. Then,
with her sister lying limp and exhausted across the back of the couch,
DomiBlonde pulled the fake cock out of SubBlonde's dripping pussy, spread
her buttocks, and then shoved the dildo's entire length into the submissive
blonde's asshole with a single, hard thrust.

SubBlonde seemed used to that kind of rough treatment 'cause she hardly
made a sound, except for a low grunting noise, as her twin sister buggered
her mercilessly from behind.

"We've got to try that sometime," mom commented, clearly impressed by
DomiBlonde's take-charge attitude.

"Yeah, but a bit gentler than that!" I said, watching with growing arousal
at the lewd lustful coupling I was witnessing. Spreading my legs a little
wider, I started humping my pussy against mom's hand while keeping my eyes
fixed on the screen.

Mom giggled. "Ohhhhh! Looks like someone here badly needs an orgasm."

"Is that it?" she playfully questioned while tweaking my clit. "Does lil'
Rory need to cum?"

"Yes, mommy!" I baby-talked back, "Rory needs to cum! Please make me cum,
mommy! Make me cum HARD!!"

"Sure thing, sweetheart," she cooed in my ear, before lightly nibbling on
my sensitive earlobe.

With her left hand taking care of my cunt, mom's right hand sneaked beneath
my butt, cupping and fondling each ass-cheek, before grabbing a hold of the
eight-inch vibrator and fucking me with it.

"Ungh! Ungh! Oh! Oohh! Ungh! Oohhhh!!" I grunted and groaned in rapid
succession in response to the double-fucking I was receiving.

On TV, I saw how after butt-fucking her submissive sister to six subsequent
orgasms, the repeated friction against her clit finally made DomiBlonde cum
herself. The dominant blonde grabbed a hold of her sister's big bouncing
breasts and repeatedly squeezed the firm-fleshed mammaries while she came.

After taking a moment to recover, DomiBlonde pulled the dildo from her
sibling's red-rimmed anus and patted the moaning blonde on her behind.

"You're a great piece of ass, Sis."

I thought this would be the end of the video, but instead SubBlonde was
helped to her feet by her sister, and then led to the side of the couch.
DomiBlonde then gave her sister a push, so she fell backwards onto the
couch cushions with her legs hanging across the right armrest.

SubBlonde didn't move or say anything... She just lay there with her legs
in the air, watching with anticipation-filled eyes as her sister climbed on
the couch and squatted above her face, before barking a single command: "Lick."

Instantly obeying, SubBlonde started slowly swiping her tongue across her
sister's swollen labia-lips. She meticulously licked every inch of her
sibling's cunt, lapping up every drop of pussy-juice she could taste.

Once DomiBlonde's puffy pussy-pad was properly cleaned, she gently used two
fingers from each hand to open her sister's slit, exposing the pink opening
to the camera's eye.

There was a close-up of DomiBlonde's pussy, in which the camera was
practically shoved inside the young woman's cunt before pulling back at the
very last moment.

SubBlonde stuck her tongue inside her sister's pink pussy-hole and went to

The camera circled around the twins... followed with a shot of DomiBlonde's
face, with her eyes closed and her head tilted towards the ceiling, a
blissful smile on her face as her twin sister expertly tongue-fucked her twat.

Somehow aware that the camera's eye is on her, she suddenly opened her eyes
and looked directly into the lens. Winking at us, she gazed down at her
sister's pussy and dangling legs. A naughty idea seemed to take shape in
her mind as her smile gradually turned wicked.

Grabbing her sister's ankles, she pulled them towards her and hooked them
beneath her armpits. This position left SubBlonde's snatch wide-open.
DomiBlonde then used her fingers to open her sister's cunt even further,
and gazed down into the gaping pussy-hole...

The camera suddenly went from a shot of DomiBlonde's face staring down into
her sister's snatch, to a perfect full-screen shot of SubBlonde's obscenely
displayed cunt.

Wow! Her pussy-hole looked big enough to fit my entire hand in... And
apparently DomiBlonde thought the exact same thing: the fingers of her
right hand slowly slid inside the wide-open hole.

Mom stopped fucking me for a moment while we both stared at the screen,
watching the entire hand disappear into SubBlonde's stretched snatch.

"WHOA!!" we both exclaimed.

When DomiBlonde began to fist-fuck her twin sister, mom quickly continued
screwing my ass with the vibrator while diddling my soaked cunt.

"We should try *that* too, Rory," she whispered teasingly in my ear. "Once
you're a few years older."

"Ungh! Oohh! Ohhhh, a-actually w-we could t-try *that* Oohh! t-today, mom,"
I panted. "Just lie back -Oohh!- spread your l-legs wide -Ungh!- and I'll
get out the hand-lotion."

Mom giggled. "Good one."

The breathtaking combination of mom's fingers working on my slit and clit,
the vibrator fucking my ass, and the lesbian fuck-fest I was watching on
TV, managed to make me cum in record time.

My body tensed as I felt my orgasm building up inside me, and I started
humping her hand and vibrator more urgently.

"Ungh! Oohh! Ohhhh! OH!! MOOooo-oooooooom!!!!" I cried out as I came.

Mom held me in her arms and stroked my hair while I recovered from my
intense orgasm. Twisting sideways on her lap, I gazed up with a dreamy
smile on my face and pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss.

"Thanks, mommy!" I happily told her the moment her tongue vacated my mouth.
"You always make me come soooo hard."

Mom smiled and winked at me. "You're welcome, sweetie."

Sighing happily, I snuggled deeper into her arms and turned my head towards
the TV. I couldn't believe they were still at it! The blonde twins were
stretched out on the couch with their faces buried in each other's
crotches, eating pussy. While watching the sisters' sixty-nine, I shot mom
a shy, sideway glance and saw her staring at the screen as well while
licking my pussy-juice from her fingers.

"Hey, mom," I casually remarked, "this sorta reminds me... I've been
thinking a lot about... a certain woman lately... and wondering what it
would be like go down on her."

Mom looked at me a bit disbelievingly and began to laugh.

"It then occurred to me that I've never really licked pussy before - on the
lips I mean -" I managed to say with a straight face, "and I'm kinda
worried that I'll suck at it... and not "suck" in a good way," I added as
an afterthought.

She was now laughing really loud, and I had to poke her a couple times to
get her attention.

"Could you please, please, PLEASE teach me to become a good little
cunt-licker, mommy," I begged her with my best "innocent little girl's"
voice while batting my eyelashes at her.

I think it's that innocent act that really got mom going. In just a couple
of seconds, she turned from laughing to lusting. Before I knew it, I was
lying on my back -completely naked- with an equally naked mom straddling my
belly, gazing down at me with unbridled lust in her eyes.

"You *really* want mommy teaching you how to eat pussy, sweetie?" she
questioned, her voice a sensual purr.

"Uh-huh!" I answered, a little breathless.

Smiling delightedly, mom turned around and kneeled on her hands and knees
above me, so I was staring straight into her snatch. Smacking my lips in
anticipation, I reached out with a single finger and gently rubbed it
between her slightly-opened labia-lips.

"Mmmm... Okay, honey," mom began to instruct me, "the first thing you need
to know about eatin' pussy is that it's pretty similar to French-kissing:
in both cases you need to use lotsa tongue..."

* * *

Things only got better after that. One certainty in the Gilmore household
is that when Lorelai embraces something new, she doesn't hold back...

Not a day went by that we didn't have sex at least twice, and every night
we slept together (usually *after* we'd done a sixty-nine). Surprisingly,
most of the sex we had didn't take place in mom's bed.

Sure, we had a lot of sex there, but most of the time it didn't go much
further than going down on each other, or fingering each other's pussies.
The hardcore fucking usually happened someplace a bit more exciting.

Mom's all-time favourite place to fuck me was the living room, especially
after she came up with the new house-rule that I wasn't allowed to wear any
underwear in the house after six p.m. And breaking that, or any other
house-rule, meant a bare-bottomed spanking - another new rule mom thought of.

Besides for fucking me, these new house rules also came in handy with her
new passion for photography. Mom loved taking dirty pictures of me for her
collection. And whenever she caught me wearing underwear in the evening,
not only would I get a bare-bottomed spanking, but I also wouldn't be
allowed to wear any clothes below the waist for the remainder of the evening.

This, of course, provided her with plenty opportunities to take pictures of
me with my bare butt and pussy on display. Soon her collection contained many
precious snapshots of me doing normal everyday things half-naked. Like the
picture mom recently took of me doing the dishes, naked from the waist
below. Or the one where I'm doing my homework (I didn't even know she took
my picture that time). It clearly shows me completely focussed on my
homework while sitting bare-assed at the dinner table.

Anyhow, mom made good use of the new rules. Every evening she would
casually walk up to me, and then order me to hold up my skirt, or pull down
my pants, so she could check if I'm obeying her "no underwear rule". At
this point I'd stand up and reveal my lower body to mom's eyes. If I was
wearing any panties then they soon would be gone, and I'd be lying across
mom's lap getting my bottom tanned, after which she'd fuck me up the ass.
And if I was naked underneath then mom usually rewarded my obedience with a
pussy-lickin' - also followed with a good, hard butt-fucking.

So basically, if I was in the mood for a spanking then I'd keep my
underwear on, and when I preferred to have my cunt licked I'd take my
undies off.

One of mom's favourite ways to butt-fuck me, is to bend me across the back
of the sofa and then take me from behind. That way we could watch TV while
she fucked me.

Another popular spot for mom to fuck me was on the big leather chair. We
had come up with a little ritual for this: After stripping naked, mom would
put on the strap-on dildo and sit down on the chair. Completely naked as
well, I'd kneel between her widely-splayed legs and give mom a "blowjob".
Once the dildo was dripping with my saliva, I would stand up and straddle
the dildo (usually with my back to mom). Leaning on the armrests with my
feet planted firmly on the seat cushion, I'd slowly sit down with mom
aiming the tip of the rubber prick at my anal entrance.

By now, I had been fucked up the ass so often that even mom's giant dildo
went all the way up my ass without much difficulty.

With my ass filled to the brim with rubber cock, mom would kiss me, caress
my naked body and, of course, play with my tits while talking dirty to me,
like telling me how much she loves fucking my tight little ass and calling
me "Mommy's little ass-slut."

This always got me so hot that I'd start bouncing up and down on the dildo
without any additional help. And while I'm merrily riding her cock, mom
would play with my slit, clit and tits, sometimes using a vibrator instead
of her hand.

Most of the time, mom's the one doing the actual fucking and I'm usually
the one getting it up the ass - we both prefer it that way. But a couple of
times a week, I get to fuck mom. And just like her, there are certain
places and positions I prefer.

I guess my all-time favourite way to fuck my mother, is having her lie on
her back with her knees placed against her shoulders. This position not
only gives me easy access to both her holes, enabling me to switch between
her pussy and asshole during fucking, but I can also look in mom's beautiful
blue eyes, kiss her, and play with her tits while I pound that foot-long
rubber prick into the hole of my choosing.

My second favourite position is to take her from behind while she's
kneeling on all fours on the rug beside my bed, or downstairs in the living
room in front of the TV. I always get a twisted pleasure out of calling her
my bitch, spanking her ass, and watching her big tits bounce around beneath
her while I pound her pussy or bugger her behind.

I also love a little role-play. One of the scenarios I enjoy most is
pretending I'm a boy and mom's my girlfriend, or sometimes I played myself
and mom my boyfriend. In both cases, I'd sneak her up to my room, really
quiet so my mom wouldn't know I had a boy (or a girl) in my room. Still
wearing most of our clothes, we'd have a heavy make-out session on my bed,
kissing and groping each other while unbuttoning shirts, skirts or pants.

Once we're both naked, it would be time for a bit of oral sex... If I'm
pretending to be a boy than mom would go down on me, but if mom's the boy
I'd go down on her. However, since most of the time mom's the one doing the
fucking, I usually choose the boy part in these little scenarios so I got
to fuck her for a change.

While my "girlfriend" "sucked my cock", I played with her pussy and tits.
Once my cock and her pussy were both juiced up and ready, we'd fuck. And I
loved fucking mom - I especially loved that I could screw her in any hole I
wanted: her pussy, ass or mouth. Mom had restricted herself to just my ass
and mouth since she considered it "too soon" to take my virginity. For some
weird reason she wanted to wait until I was a little older, and then make a
special day out of my deflowering.

Personally, I just wanted her to fuck me - preferably in ALL my holes - but
if she feels it's too soon then I guess I just have to accept that.

Besides, I loved getting my ass fucked, and mom loved fucking it.

Still, I'm really looking forward to that special day mom has planned. And
after much nagging, she finally named a date: my fifteenth birthday. On
that day she's gonna take me out on a *real* date (in New York NOT in
Star's Hollow), and afterwards she'll -at long last- make me a woman.

"And fuck you in any possible way I can think of," mom told me in her very
own special way.

Dear Diary: I can hardly wait!



The End

(c)2003-2004 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]


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