Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Lorelai/Rory

Keywords: F/f, F-mast, incest, fist, 1st, tv-parody

Summary: In order to convince her mother that she didn't have sex with Dean,
Rory allows Lorelai to verify her virginity. From then on, Lorelai regularly
checks her daughter's pussy to see if Rory's still a "good girl". This new
routine leads to a lot of sexual tension between the two Gilmore girls...

Note: This story is a sequel to my earlier Gilmore girls story "Who's got the
biggest" and takes place a couple of days after Episode 1x09 - Rory's Dance.
Here's a short synopsis of that episode: With some encouragement from Lorelai
and Lane, Rory gets up the nerve to ask Dean to Chilton's formal dance.
Lorelai makes Rory a beautiful dress, but gives herself a back spasm in the
process. Emily comes over to watch Rory go to the dance, and ends up sticking
around to take care of an immobile Lorelai. Rory and Dean have a great time,
despite Paris's insecurities about bringing her cousin as her date and
Tristin trying to pick a fight with Dean. Dean and Rory finally decide
they're boyfriend and girlfriend, and end up falling asleep while reading a
book together at Miss Patty's studio after the dance. Emily and Lorelai wake
up to find Rory not yet home and freak out. Emily yells at Lorelai and
accuses her of having raised an irresponsible daughter. Lorelai defends Rory
and kicks Emily out, but when Rory finally gets home, Lorelai yells at her
and worries that Rory is going to make the same mistakes she did at age
sixteen. Rory apologizes for screwing up, but insists it was an accident and
assures her mother she's not doing anything she shouldn't be.

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Regular "Check-ups" Part 1 - Good Girl Or Naughty Girl?
by Oric13 ([email protected])

After their big fight early Saturday morning (when Rory finally returned home
after having spent the night with Dean), the Gilmore girls had been mostly
incommunicado with each other for several days. Lorelai had been too upset to
have any kind of civil conversation with her daughter, and Rory had spent
most of the time sulking in her room because Lorelai had grounded her. So it
wasn't until Wednesday afternoon that they'd both cooled down enough to
discuss Friday night's events.

"Look, for the millionth time: I did *not* sleep with Dean," Rory stated
emphatically while gazing into her mother's accusing blue eyes, willing
desperately that Lorelai believes her. "Well, okay, so I did sleep with him,
but it was the sleeping of a non-sexual variety," she quickly added.

Lorelai sceptically raised her eyebrows in response to her daughter's
insistent denial. She remembers telling her mother the exact same thing about
Christopher, which, of course, had been a total lie: she'd been having sex
with him on an almost daily basis from the moment she turned fourteen.

So despite the fact that Rory normally never lies to her, and she's got a
much closer relationship with Rory than her mother and she ever had, Lorelai
suspected that maybe for the first time ever her daughter wasn't being honest
with her. But she actually felt pretty understanding about that, since it's
somewhat of a tradition to lie when your parents ask you if you're having

Hell, even if she was married to Christopher for seventeen years now and they
had seven kids, she'd still deny to her parents that they're having sex.

The thing is, in this case it's important that Rory fesses up to the truth so
she could put her on birth control. Because even though her life eventually
turned out great, there's no way in hell she's going to let Rory follow in
her footsteps by becoming pregnant and dropping out of school. Her daughter
was going to fulfil her lifelong dream of going to Harvard. And that's that.

Lorelai let out another sigh. 'I'm suddenly feeling twenty years older.'

"Okay, enough!" she said decisively, using her
I'm-your-mother-and-I'M-in-charge voice she saved for special occasions like
these, "I don't want to argue about this anymore -- just to be safe, I'm
putting you on the pill."

Rory stared at her mother in disbelief. 'She still thinks I'm lying to her?!'

"Oh. My. God! What do I have to say or do to make you realize that I'm
telling the truth," Rory called out desperately. "Maybe you'd like to check
for yourself if I'm still a virgin?"

Lorelai looked surprised for a moment, but then a familiar smirk appeared on
her lips. "Well, yeah, THAT would probably convince me."

Rory felt her cheeks grow hot. She couldn't believe she just offered *her
mom* to verify her virginity. But Lorelai's response to her 'offer' had been
even more surprising! Or perhaps not, come to think of it... 'Mom's always
been much wilder than me, especially when it comes to sex, which of course
is why she had me at such an early age.'

Rory was suddenly reminded of the 'boob comparing incident' that happened a
couple of months ago. After that talk with mom in her bedroom, neither of
them had mentioned it again, and in the days that followed the 'incident'
seemed more and more unreal, like a strange and erotic dream.

It's almost like it never happened.

But she still often thought about it, though... especially late at night
while lying in her bed. She only needed to close her eyes and the entire
scene replayed itself in her mind's eye: her mother's hands holding her
breasts and playing with her stiff nipples bringing her in record time to
the best climax of her life.

The memory caused a familiar tingling sensation in her pussy. 'Let's face
it: Mom's one kinky chick... And considering the many orgasms I've had while
thinking about her feeling me up, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
But still... would she really go so far as to actually check my pussy to see
if my maidenhead is still intact? I mean, even for mom that's a bit much...
she must be bluffing.' The tiny possibility that maybe, just maybe, Lorelai
*wasn't* bluffing caused the pleasant tingling sensation in her pussy to

Rory noticed that Lorelai was looking at her with that familiar infuriating
smug little smile on her lips, obviously thinking that she'd won this
argument. 'Well, guess again, mom... I'm not going on the pill just because
*you* got pregnant when you were my age.'

Meeting her mother's gaze head-on, Rory shot back a defiant look. "Okay,
fine, if you're that worried about my precious virginity then you can check
my pussy." There! She did it! She threw down the gauntlet. Now Lorelai would
have no choice but to back down and stop this birth control nonsense.

"Hmm, okay... then get over here raise your skirt, sweetie."

"What?" Rory stared perplexed at her mother's face, not sure if she'd heard

"Come here and raise your skirt so I can check your pussy," Lorelai slowly
repeated while issuing her daughter a challenging look. Checkmate, little
girl! Her eyes seemed to say. Don't ever try to outbluff ME.

For a long moment, Rory seemed to be frozen in her seat. Then, taking a
deep breath, she slowly stood up and walked around the table to her waiting
mother. Standing directly in front of her, Rory reached down and grabbed the
hem of her Chilton uniform school skirt. She lifted the cloth up a few inches
and then paused to study her mother's face to see if Lorelai really wanted
this situation to go any further. Well, judging by that impish smile on her
face, the answer to that is a definite YES.

Swallowing nervously, Rory raised her plaited skirt higher till her modest
white, cotton panties were completely exposed to her mother's watchful eyes.
She shivered slightly as she held this revealing pose while Lorelai's gaze
focussed on her undergarments. Even though her mom had seen her in her
underwear before this was definitely different -- the sexual tension coupled
with the sense of taboo made it much more exciting.

With that same impish smile still playing on her lips, Lorelai carefully
hooked her index fingers in Rory's panties. "Now, my darling daughter...
let's find out if you've been a good girl or if you've been naughty..." and
started pulling down her daughter's underwear.

'Oh my God! She's really going through with this,' Rory thought with a
combination of shock and excitement as her panties were slowly pulled down
to her knees and her hairless little slit was revealed to her mother's eyes.

Being suddenly confronted with the sight of her daughter's snatch only inches
away from her face was a real eye-opener for Lorelai (in more than one way).
Suddenly she realized why the mere *thought* of Rory and Dean sleeping
together had made her so upset. Cause truth be told: even though she kept
arguing with Rory about her having sex with Dean, she knew that her daughter
wasn't lying to her when she kept insisting that all they'd done together was
read a book and then fall asleep. And, damn, that sounds boring! Maybe that's
why she had so much trouble believing her at first. If it would've been her
in Miss Patty's dance studio all alone with someone as yummy as Dean then you
can be sure that they wouldn't have done any reading or sleeping 'cause they
would've been too busy screwing their brains out! And if she would've been in
Dean's shoes (all alone with someone as loveable and gorgeous as Rory) then
she certainly would've done her utmost best to seduce her.

Anyhow, it's thinking along these lines that made Lorelai realize she's
actually jealous! At first, she tried telling herself that she's simply
upset (and rightly so!) for the obvious reasons: Rory haves sex with Dean;
Rory gets pregnant; Rory DOESN'T go to Harvard; Rory's live is ruined and
all because she hadn't been a good enough parent, thereby confirming *her*
parents low opinion about her.

However, after a bit of soul-searching, she had to admit to herself that
these weren't the real reasons why she'd been so angry... Sure, she had these
fears about history repeating itself with Rory for a long time, but she'd
always known that those fears were unfounded because Rory isn't her. They may
be a lot alike but her daughter is a much more sensible person. So even if
they would've had sex after the dance then Rory would've certainly made Dean
wear a condom. Nope, the main reason she'd been so upset about the Rory/Dean
thing is because she's envious of the two lovebirds.

That's not exactly a good character trait to begin with, but what made
matters worse is that she's way more envious of Dean screwing Rory than the
other way around. Sure, the boy is undoubtedly attractive, and she certainly
wouldn't mind finding out what he's like in bed, but for some perverse reason
her mind kept getting sidetracked by the tantalizing vision of her gorgeous
daughter: lying beneath her completely naked with her feet pushed up against
her shoulders, getting the fucking of a lifetime. Depraved fantasies like
these had been popping up inside her head ever since she talked Rory into
comparing their tits, which had quickly turned into a steamy make-out
session. That had been without a doubt the most thrilling sexual encounter in
her entire life (and considering that she's got quite a bit of experience in
that field that's saying something). However, knowing full well that diddling
your own daughter is considered a big NO-NO in polite society, Lorelai
realized that it's best not to go there and so she tried to avoid any kind of
sexual vibe between them, even though Rory had hinted that she'd enjoyed
their make-out session as much as she did.

Well, all her efforts to repress the strong sexual attraction she felt
towards her own daughter now proved to be in vain... Lorelai realized that
she'd been subconsciously manipulating the Rory/Dean situation, resulting in
Rory standing bare-assed before her, ready to present her virgin cunt for
inspection. But having just been faced with the very real possibility of Dean
taking Rory's cherry also made her realize something else: SHE wanted-No,
NEEDED to be Rory's first, and because of this she felt surprising little
guilt about her subconscious manipulations.

Also, considering how very close they are, it's only natural that SHE would
be the one to guide Rory through this important stage of womanhood and
adulthood - no matter how immoral it may seem in the judgemental eyes of
society. She considered the task of deflowering her wonderful daughter to
be a way too delicate and important thing to leave in the hands of some
inexperienced, horny teenage boy.

'But I'm getting WAY ahead of myself... This isn't the right time to think
about taking your daughter's virginity,' Lorelai admonished herself. 'Let's
try keeping to the task at hand, which is inspecting Rory's perfect teen

With hungry eyes, she gazed intently at her little girl's cunt, noticing with
delight that except for a tiny triangle of downy chestnut-coloured hairs at
the top of her slit, Rory's snatch was otherwise completely hairless.

"That's a pretty little pussy you've got there, honey," she remarked somewhat
offhandedly while continuing to stare directly at her precious daughter's
hairless little muff.

"Uh... thanks mom," Rory replied, blushing slightly. This entire situation
seemed so unreal that she wondered if she wasn't dreaming it.

"Did you shave your pubic hair, or...?"

"No! I mean - no, I just... don't have a lot of hair... down there," Rory
stammered, her blush growing darker.

"Oh, that's nothing to be ashamed of, honey," Lorelai replied in a reassuring
tone of voice while pulling the panties further down her little girl's lovely
long legs, and then finally all the way off. "You're actually lucky 'cause
you won't need a bikini wax when we go to the beach."

"Yeah, if we would actually *go* to the beach... which we never do," Rory
helpfully reminded her mother.

"Okay, sure, I guess you could focus on that one tiny detail," Lorelai said
with a grin, "But believe me, you're still lucky that you don't have a big
ole bush down there. For starters, it's not very hygienic; men usually don't
find it very appealing; and it's a lot of work whenever you want to wear a

"Got it - Bush=Bad," Rory replied. 'I can't believe we're having this
conversation while I'm standing bare-assed before her!' After a moments
pause she added, "Hey, don't you have a bumper sticker that says 'Bush=Bad'?"

"Yeah, different Bush, though," Lorelai laughed. "Anyhow, let's focus on the
topic at hand, shall we?" She patted Rory's bald pussy, bringing a fresh
blush to her daughter's face. "Sit your cute little butt down on the table so
mommy can inspect your snatch, honey."

'Oh, yeah... She's definitely one kinky chick!' Rory considered while hopping
on the table; she squirmed slightly when her bare ass came in contact with
the cool surface of the table.

"Now, raise your legs and plant both your feet on the table beside you...
That's right, go on, just spread your legs a little further... That's it...
now put your hands flat on the table behind you... Yes, like that. Okay, now
lean back and push your pussy out to me... Perfect!" Lorelai said with a
satisfied smile while staring straight into her daughter's completely exposed
cunt. With Rory squatting on the table right in front of her, the teen's
snatch stood partly open and she could clearly see the pink labia-lips and
even her stiff little clit! The latter explained why her normally modest and
inhibited daughter didn't utter a single protest about having to present her
bald little cunt in this lewd manner - the little slut's as aroused as she
is, perhaps even more so! This little revelation caused a great deal of
relief and made a wicked smile appear on Lorelai's face. 'At least now I know
that she's not gonna object to what I've planned next.'

Lorelai slid her hands across Rory's smooth thighs, savouring the silky
softness of the teenager's skin. She gradually moved her hands all the way
down to her daughter's hairless snatch. Once she reached her target, she
started gently rubbing Rory's slit with one hand while using her other hand
to stroke Rory's hard clit.

Lorelai's ministrations proved to have quite an effect on her sweet, innocent

"Oohhhhhh! Mommmm!" Rory moaned; her eyes half-closed and trembling slightly.
"W-what are you doinggg?"

"Oh, I'm just making sure that your tight little pussy is well-lubed before
I go in to check if your hymen is still intact," Lorelai replied with an
innocent smile. "I wanna be absolutely certain that I won't hurt you."

"Oohhhh, okay," Rory gasped while pushing her pussy out a bit further.
"G-good idea... g-go ahead."

"Sure thing, sweetie," Lorelai giggled. Fixing her eyes on her daughter's
sweet cunt again, she started gently flicking her index finger against Rory's
glistening pink clit while simultaneously stroking the tips of her fingers
swiftly up and down the teen's twat, occasionally rubbing sideways. Rory
*really* seemed to enjoy that, judging by the way her darling daughter was
panting and moaning and humping her hand.

Her darling daughter looked so delightfully sexy and wicked that the sight
made her salivate with lust. And her mouth wasn't the only thing watering:
her own pussy was becoming wet as well while watching sweet, innocent Rory
act like a bitch in heat. In fact, seeing her pristine prodigy acting so
sexy and out of control was such a huge turn-on that Lorelai had to resist
the sudden temptation to shove her entire hand into Rory's slot and treat
her little girl to the fucking of a lifetime. Not that she would really do
such a thing; Lorelai knew that it's way too early for kinky stuff like
fist-fucking. But then she always had a tendency to get overly kinky when
it comes to sex (if she didn't, she probably wouldn't be playing with her
daughter's snatch, right now).

"OOh! Ohhhhh! Mommmm!" Rory moaned ecstatically as Lorelai's nimble fingers
expertly diddled her slit. This felt sooo much better than her own
masturbation efforts! Even though her mom had only been playing with her
pussy for a couple of minutes, she was already on the verge of coming.

Though her mind was mostly preoccupied by the wonderful feelings coursing
through her body, Rory absently wondered what had changed her mother's mind
about doing sex stuff together, because by now she knew that this wasn't
about 'checking her virginity' anymore: her pussy had been dripping wet and
therefore well-lubricated less than a minute after Lorelai started touching
her down there.

A satisfied smile appeared on her lips when it occurred to her that this
might have something to do with all those times in the last few month that
she let Lorelai catch glimpses of her naked body. Like last week, when she
'innocently' started undressing with Lorelai still in her room talking to
her. Of course, she'd modestly faced away from her mother while taking off
her bra and panties as not to be too obvious. But still the effect on her
mom had been clearly noticeable by the way Lorelai's voice suddenly faltered
while in the midst of asking her about the school project she was doing with
Paris (there's not a lot that can turn Lorelai Gilmore speechless).

'Well, considering that she's fondling my pussy right now, I think it's safe
to say that I finally wore her down.' And the "how" or "why" didn't really
matter to Rory, especially not when her mother's ministrations made her cum.

"OOOOHHHHH!! GODDDDDD!!!!" the teen cried out as an amazing orgasm shook her
tense body -- even more intense than the orgasm she had a couple of months
ago when Lorelai had played with her titties. "OOOHHHH!!! OHHH MOM!!

"What's the matter, sweetie?" Rory heard her mom ask in an innocent tone of
voice. "Are you in pain? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

Still trembling from the after-affects of that incredible orgasm, Rory
attempted to focus her bleary eyes on her mother when she suddenly felt a
couple of fingers being inserted into her snatch. "OoOoHhhh!!!" she yelled
in shock and pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh Goddddd!!!" she cried out again as those agile fingers started
rubbing her vaginal wall, triggering another climax. Though this orgasm was
less intense than the first one, it lasted a lot longer... probably because
Lorelai kept on sliding her fingers in and out of Rory's tight little slit.

A lascivious smile appeared on Lorelai's lips while watching her darling
daughter go through a second orgasm. 'Mmm, two orgasms in a row, what a
little fire-cracker! She seems to love sex as much as me... I guess we're
even more alike than I already knew.' Sliding her two fingers an inch or
so further into Rory's sopping slit, Lorelai marvelled at the heat and
tightness of her daughter's virgin cunt, and she now knew for a fact that
Rory's still a virgin when her fingers encountered a slight barrier.

"So you've really been a good girl all along," Lorelai noted while carefully
probing Rory's maidenhead with the tips of her fingers.

"Told you!" Rory groaned\grunted, still in the throws of her second orgasm.
'Oh, WOW!! She's REALLY good at this!' the young brunette thought amazed as
she felt yet another orgasm approaching.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you, sweetie," Lorelai said, doing her best to
sound remorseful while still busy finger-fucking her little girl's sopping
snatch. She "accidentally" rubbed her thumb repeatedly against Rory's
engorged clit, watching with delight as this triggered a third orgasm that
caused her daughter to flop around on the table like a fish on dry land.
She especially enjoyed the way her darling daughter pumped her pelvis in
the air made her look like a total slut begging to be fucked. Once again,
she had to physically restrain herself from shoving her fist into Rory's
virgin cunt and fist-fucking the little clit-tease till she forgot her own

"MommyyyyyYYYYYY!!!!" Rory cried out while wildly humping her mother's
fingers without the slightest hint of bashfulness.

Lorelai watched her daughter's debasement with a wicked smile on her face.
She loved seeing Rory all out of control like this -- with her bald little
pussy and bare butt on display, humping her mommy's fingers like she never
wants to stop. 'Damn, she looks HOT! I just have to know how that
delicious-looking twat tastes.'

After pumping her fingers in and out of her daughter's snatch a couple more
times, she pulled them out and, after making sure that Rory's still too
occupied with her orgasm to notice, cleaned both digits with her tongue,
lapping up every drop of her teenaged daughter's sweet pussy-juice. 'Mmmm!
Yummy! She tastes even better than I imagined.'

Seeing Rory lying on the table with her eyes closed - panting heavily,
Lorelai decided that it was safe to snack some more on her daughter's
delicious snatch, so she quickly dipped a digit back inside Rory's honey
pot and swirled it around a couple of times before scooping out a large
amount of her daughter's tasty cunt-cream. Bringing the cream-covered
finger to her lips, Lorelai licked it clean with a satisfied look on her

A little while later, Rory opened her eyes and saw her mother gazing down
at her, looking suspiciously pleased with herself. "Hey, sweetie," Lorelai
greeted her, "How are ya feeling?"

"Um... pretty great, I guess," Rory replied a bit hesitantly. After all, it
was no one less than her very own mother who just made her cum so hard, which
is kinda embarrassing.

Lorelai giggled. "Yeah, I thought it looked like you were having a pretty
good time... THREE pretty good times, actually."

Rory blushed again. She started to stammer, trying to think of something to
say, when Lorelai stopped her by gently placing a finger against her lips.

"It's okay, I'm just teasing," Lorelai grinned.

"Nice timing, mom," Rory pouted.

"Aww, don't pout," Lorelai said while stroking her daughter's hair. "I'm
sorry if I embarrassed you... you being bare-assed just brings out my bad
side, I guess."

"Ack!" Rory groaned, covering her face. "No lame word jokes, please!"

"Okay, okay," Lorelai laughed. "No more lame-assed word jokes... Here's an
idea: since you're all sweaty why don't you go take a shower and afterwards
we can finish our little talk."

"Sounds good to me," Rory replied, sitting up. Looking down, the youngest
Gilmore noticed that her pussy was still on display and quickly pulled the
hem of her skirt down, covering up her private parts. 'Though they're hardly
"private" anymore, considering that mom just got a very good look at 'em,'
she considered sardonically. 'All things considered, it's a tad late for me
to be modest.'

Scooting off the kitchen table, Rory was about to head upstairs to take a
shower when Lorelai stopped her. "Why don't you take off those sweaty clothes
first," Lorelai suggested with an impish smile, "I'll put 'em in the wash,
and make sure they're clean, dry and ironed tomorrow before it's time to go
to Chilton."

"Wow... clean, dry AND ironed. Aren't you the little homemaker all of a
sudden," Rory dryly remarked while checking out her school uniform and giving
it a little whiff. 'Hmm, I suppose it could use a good washing... And it's
not often that mom volunteers to do my laundry.'

Looking back at Lorelai who was eagerly awaiting her answer, Rory smiled and
mentally shrugged. 'Hey, why not? It's not like I mind mom seeing me naked.'

Steadily gazing into her mother's amused eyes, Rory slowly stripped off her
school uniform. When Lorelai suddenly started humming Baby Hit Me One More
Time during her little striptease, she giggled and began doing a sensual
bump-and-grind routine along with the "music".

Despite doing it as a joke, both mother and daughter were starting to get
aroused again during Rory's impromptu striptease. And when Rory finally stood
completely naked in the kitchen, both their faces were sporting an excited
flush as they stared at one another.

"You know, add some real music, work on the choreography a little, and this
could be a big hit during Stars Hollow's annual talent show," Lorelai
remarked, looking thoughtfully at her naked daughter.

Rory sighed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I don't think so, mom."

"Are you sure?" Lorelai pressed on, a roguish smile on her face. "This could
be our chance to finally beat Kirk. You know he's won seven years in a row
now and rubbing it in our faces every chance he gets, and I think that we--"

"I'm gonna go take my shower now," Rory declared, abruptly turning around.
As she walked away, Lorelai swiftly delivered a playful swat unto her darling
daughter's cute bare butt, causing her to squeal and shield her behind with
both hands.

"Mom!" the naked brunette called out while shooting an accusing look across
her shoulder.

"It wasn't me!" Lorelai grinned, holding up her hands.

Rory shook her head in exasperation and speed-walked out of the kitchen, not
releasing her buttocks until she was well out of her mother's reach.

The moment her daughter was out of sight, Lorelai hastily stripped off her
tight jeans and soaked underwear, and shoved three fingers into her wet
quim. 'No time for subtlety,' she figured and started enthusiastically
finger-fucking herself. Even though Rory had reached no less than three
orgasms, she had gotten no release whatsoever and was about ready to burst
from pent-up arousal.

Slumping down a bit on the chair, Lorelai propped her feet up on the kitchen
table while spreading her legs wide open. Now that she had better access to
her needy cunt, Lorelai pounded her digits deeper and faster into her tight
fuck-tunnel and used her thumb to stroke her stiff clit.

Sliding her free hand up to her chest, the horny brunette started rubbing
and squeezing her boobs through the tight t-shirt she was wearing. Luckily,
she had forgone wearing a bra, which saved her the trouble of having to
take that off as well.

As she played with herself, Lorelai visualized her hands exploring Rory's
tight teenaged naked form and imagined her daughter's little pink tongue
lapping hungrily at her pussy. 'Mmmmm, yesssss!! I bet you'll love being
mommy's little cunt-licker...'

After using the tips of her fingers to tease her nipples till they were hard
as pebbles, she took one of them between her thumb and forefinger, pinching
and pulling at it a couple times before switching to her other nipple.
Lorelai loved putting her titties through this kind of mild torture, and had
even bought nipple-clamps for this purpose. She felt that occasionally
throwing a bit of pain in the mix during sex made the pleasure even more
intense. Unfortunately, those nipple-clamps were safely tucked away in her
bedroom upstairs, kept in a well-hidden box together with her other sex toys,
so she had to make do with her own hands this time. Though, luckily, Lorelai
had plenty of practice with "just her hands" and knew just what buttons to
push (so to speak) to make herself cum in record time.

With her right hand busy between her legs and her left hand toying with her
tits, she was quickly helping herself to a much-needed orgasm. But now that
she was almost there, Lorelai wanted something... special to help her over
the edge. And since her first choice (Rory's tongue) obviously wasn't
available, and her second choice (her favourite foot-long dildo) wasn't on
hand either, she needed to come up with a third viable option.

'Hmmm... well, since I'm already going for a "hands-on approach" here, I
might as well take it all the way,' Lorelai decided while gazing down at the
three fingers sliding rapidly in-and-out her slit. With little difficulty she
added a fourth finger into her slick pussy-hole and pushed the four digits
deep inside with each thrust.

Moaning softly, Lorelai steadily finger-fucked herself for about a minute
before trying to shove her thumb into her twat as well, which obviously took
a lot more effort than that fourth finger.

Lorelai's face turned red from exertion as she slowly but surely wriggled
first her knuckles and then the rest of her hand into her straining snatch,
breathing a sigh of relief when she finally saw her entire hand disappear
inside her widely-stretched cunt. 'Holy Fuck!! I should probably wait a
while before trying something like this with Rory.'

Biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out, Lorelai slowly started fucking
herself with her fist. Gradually going quicker and quicker, grunting loudly
each time she pushed her fist into her pussy. Letting go of her tits, she
hurriedly slid her left hand down to her clit and repeatedly rubbed her
swollen pleasure button while driving her hand as deep into her snatch as she
could get it, triggering an amazing climax.

"Ooohhhhh! yesssssssss!!" she groaned, shaking on her chair as she twisted
her hand around inside her cunt, grinding her knuckles against the vaginal
wall, bringing forth a second, smaller orgasm.

Trembling slightly, Lorelai carefully withdrew her hand from her sensitive
pussy and remained slumped down in her chair for a minute, trying to catch
her breath. Although she usually likes to take her time and relax after a
good orgasm, Lorelai knew that Rory could be finished with her shower
anytime now. And unless she wanted her daughter to walk in on her while
she's sitting here without any pants with her pussy on display, she better
hurry up and get dressed.

Sure, she was half-tempted to remain this way and find out if Rory is as
eager to taste her mother's pussy-juice as she was to taste her daughter's,
but on the other hand she didn't want to rush things with Rory and risk
ruining the great relationship they shared. After all, her little girl is
still a lot more innocent than she is...

Quickly getting up, Lorelai walked over to the sink to freshen up a bit
before putting her jeans back on followed by her shoes. Not exactly keen on
wearing her still moist panties, she decided to put them in the wash along
with Rory's things and simply go commando for the rest of the day. She kinda
enjoyed walking around without any underwear, anyway.

Right after she turned on the washer and sat back down, Rory re-entered the
kitchen. 'Perfect timing,' Lorelai thought satisfied. If she'd needed just
five minutes more to make herself cum then Rory would've caught her

"Hey, mom," Rory said smiling as she walked over to her mother.

"Hey, sweetie." Lorelai was pleased to see that her lovely daughter hadn't
bothered to get dressed yet, though she wasn't naked, either. Instead, Rory
was wearing a large white fluffy bath-towel, which she'd wrapped tightly
around her naked, nubile body.

'Mmmmm' Lorelai had to resist the urge to pull that towel right off and
reveal the beauty that was hidden underneath.

Rory was about to pull out a chair and sit down at the kitchen table opposite
to her mother when Lorelai stopped.

"Come sit here, honey," Lorelai said, pushing her chair slightly back and
patting her lap invitingly.

It wasn't exactly a normal habit for Rory to sit on her mother's lap -
after all, she's sixteen years old already - but occasional, during special
mother/daughter talks, or when she needed to be comforted, the young brunette
enjoyed the closeness of sitting on Lorelai's lap with her mother's arms
around her.

Keen to feel that closeness again after being at odds with her mom for
almost an entire week, Rory eagerly accepted the invitation and sat down on
Lorelai's lap.

Putting her hand on Rory's shoulder, Lorelai gave it a gentle rub while
exchanging a smile with her all-time favourite daughter. "First of all, I
want to apologize for not believing when you told me that nothing happened
between you and Dean," she started, "You've never lied to me and I should've
trusted you."

Rory's smile grew bigger. "Thank you," she simply replied, "apology

"Thanks, sweetheart," Lorelai said, beaming back. "Secondly, I'd like to
explain to you why I got so... out of control."

"There's no need for that, mom," Rory said, interrupting the speech Lorelai
had prepared, "I already know the reasons: me not being home when you woke
up; the call from Miss Patty with grandma being there and her lecturing you
on being a bad mom; and then there is, of course, your own pregnancy when
you were my age... Honestly, I don't blame you for going off on me like that.
I get why you were upset."

"Hmm, okay..." Lorelai said, sounding a bit dazed. "This talk is certainly
turning out to be a lot easier than I expected."

Rory grinned.

"But there is still something else we have to discuss."

"What's that?" Rory said, frowning slightly.

"The Pill."

"Didn't we just cover this subject?" Rory questioned, looking chagrined. "I
told you: I'm not having sex with Dean."

"I know, sweetie," Lorelai said with a soothing voice, "and I believe you.
The problem is that even though you're not having sex with him *now* this
might change in the near future."

Lorelai held up her hand to stifle Rory's protests, which she knew was
coming. "I know! I know: You're not planning to have sex with him yet for a
long time, and when you finally DO decide to fuck his brains out then you'll
make sure you're on the Pill and he's wearing protection... That all sounds
very well thought-out and perfectly logical, just like everything else you
do. Unfortunately, the problem is that with relationships, and especially
sex, logic often doesn't factor in - it's much more... an emotional, and a
spur-of-the-moment decision."

Rory nodded thoughtfully, understanding her mother's point of view. "Okay,
I get it... but what now? Are you gonna have me take the Pill just because
I have a boyfriend? Even though I'm not having sex with him yet, and may
decide not to for several more years?"

"Well, that's one option," Lorelai replied.

"What's the other?" Rory wanted to know.

'Here we go!' Lorelai thought, trying to hide her anticipation.

"Well... if you *really* don't wanna go on the Pill then we're going to have
to do virginity checks on a regular basis. That's the only way I'll have some
peace of mind about the whole dating-Dean thing," she quickly added.

"You mean you're... gonna be checking my pussy after every date I have with
Dean?" Rory questioned, looking at her mom wide-eyed.

"'fraid so, sweetie," Lorelai replied, smiling slightly. "At least, I assume
you want to continue dating Dean?"

"Oh, I do!" Rory hastily responded.

"Okay, then..." Lorelai said, sounding pretty pleased with herself, "these
are the rules from now on: whenever you've been out on a date with Dean,
you'll come to me afterwards and present your pussy for inspection. Failure
to present pussy within one hour after date will result in a lengthy
bare-bottomed spanking... Agreed?"

A bright blush crept across Rory's cheeks that went all the way up to her
ears. After a few moments of fidgeting on her mother's lap, she nodded shyly.
"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, I'm glad that's settled," Lorelai said, smiling brightly. Rory smiled
back and the two Gilmore girls hugged each other, holding unto one another
for a long time.

When they finally broke their embrace, there was a slightly awkward moment
of silence between them as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"Uhhh, I guess I better get dressed now," Rory said as she somewhat
reluctantly got off her mother's lap. "I promised Lane I would help her
with some special class project... She would stop by after school, so she
could be here any minute."

"Okay, just one last thing..." Lorelai said with a mischievous gleam in her

"What?" Rory asked, looking puzzled.

"This!" Lightning-quick, Lorelai grabbed an end of the towel and yanked it
away, leaving a flabbergasted Rory standing totally naked in the kitchen.
The surprised teen still hadn't moved as Lorelai sprinted towards the
living room waving the large white towel behind her like a flag, all the
while yelling, "Wheeee!"

"That's REAL MATURE, mom!" Rory called out after her.

Still shaking her head in disbelief, the naked brunette walked over to the
fridge and started to make sandwich to take with her to her room.

Busy pouring herself a glass of milk as well, Rory blanched when she suddenly
heard her mother's voice say, "Oh, hi Lane! Rory's waiting for you in the

To be continued in Chapter 2...


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