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girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Keywords: F/f, spank, nudity, cons-reluc, no-sex

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Summary: Feeling extremely guilty about missing her mother's graduation
ceremony, Rory asks Lorelai for a spanking.

Notes: Takes place right after episode 2x21 - Lorelai's Graduation Day and
is inspired by this quote from Rory when she's offering suggestions to
Lorelai on how to punish her: "...You should beat me, ground me, take the
phone away..."

Gilmore Girls: Rory's First Spanking
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Rory Gilmore had been lying in her bed for over an hour, but instead of
falling asleep like she's supposed to, she'd spend the entire time tossing
and turning. She just couldn't sleep. This was partly because she'd gone to
bed way before her usual bedtime - not because she was feeling tired, but
because of her self-imposed punishment.

Since Lorelai refused to punish her, Rory had come up with her own punishment
for missing her mother's graduation, and she'd been pretty hard on herself: a
6 months grounding, during which she wasn't allowed to watch TV, listen to
music, or do any non-educational reading. She would also do all the housework
during that time AND would have to go to bed a lot earlier.

Lorelai had listened to her list of self-imposed punishment with a vaguely
amused expression, but declined to comment on it (which in itself was pretty
unusual behavior from her talkative mother). Despite Lorelai's repeated
assurance that she forgave her, Rory got the distinct feeling that her mother
was still angry with her. And frankly, Rory didn't blame her: she was still
angry with herself about what she'd done.

'Skipping school to visit Jess in New York - what WAS I thinking?!' Rory
thought, disgusted with herself. 'Ungh! Not only did I miss mom's graduation
because of this but I basically cheated on Dean as well.'

Rory was now 2 weeks into her 6 month punishment schedule, but she still felt
just as guilty as she did at the evening of Lorelai's graduation day. The
memory of that heart-breaking look of disappointment in her mother's eyes
still made her cringe.

And this was the main reason she couldn't fall asleep: her guilty conscience
kept her awake.

'I have to do something 'cause this is killing me!' Rory pondered
desperately. 'I just *have* to make things right with mom.'

She'd made many -failed- attempts these last two weeks to fix that special
bond she had with her wonderful mother, but there was one thing she hadn't
tried yet. Something she'd dismissed the moment she thought of it, but which
kept popping up in her mind nonetheless: a good old-fashioned spanking.

Now Lorelai never actually spanked her, but had occasionally threatened her
with one, though you could tell from her tone of voice that she was mostly
kidding. So Rory never took these "threats" very seriously, not even when
about 5 or 6 years ago, her mom had purchased an actual "spanking paddle" at
a yard sale.

She remembered how Lorelai considered her new purchase to be pretty damn
hilarious while - a then 11-year-old - Rory had found it to be mostly

It was a long, slender oak paddle, nicely polished, with a hand-painted
drawing on one side of a cute little girl bent over a barrel, skirt up and
panties around her knees. The young girl was surrounded by a Deer and Grizzly
bear looking on with sympathy. The inscription read: For the cute little Deer
with the Bear Behind.

It was cute and cheesy and one of those embarrassing things parents seem to
find so endearing. And, of course, after Lorelai had purchased this paddle
the spanking jokes/references/threats her mother made remained at an all time
high for at least an entire month.

Despite not taking any of this very seriously, Rory couldn't stop thinking
about that paddle for several months. She'd become so fascinated with it
that she even briefly considered doing something very naughty just to see
if Lorelai would actually spank her.

But doing something naughty just wasn't in her genetic makeup. And when the
novelty finally wore off, Lorelai eventually stopped with the spanking jokes
and the paddle was (mostly) forgotten. Rory still thought about it
occasionally, sometimes looking at it in the drawer where her mother kept it,
and wondering what it would be like to be spanked, like her best friend Lane,
who she knew got her bare butt blistered by Mrs. Kim quite often.

And now that paddle was once again occupying her mind... Perhaps if Lorelai
would just spank her, working out the anger and disappointed she felt on
Rory's bare behind, then things would go back to the way they were. Besides,
truth be told, she still felt kinda curious about what it would be like to be

She knew from her talks with Lane that her best friend didn't really much
mind her spankings and the resulting sore butt. Heck, she even suspected that
Lane kinda enjoyed them, which is probably why the idea of a spanking sparked
her interest so much. And taking into account Lorelai's thousand-and-one
spanking jokes, her mother probably also possessed more than a passing
interest in spanking.

Sitting up, Rory gathered up her courage and got out of bed. She was wearing
her usual skimpy nightwear: a large t-shirt and a pair of panties, but didn't
bother putting anything else on. 'Not much use in putting on pants if mom has
to take them down anyway for my spanking.'

When Rory padded bare-footed into the living room, Lorelai looked away from
the TV and issued her daughter a surprised look. "Hi, honey, what's the
matter... can't sleep?"

"Nope, I just keep lying awake," Rory confirmed.

Lorelai gave the empty seat on the couch an inviting pat and Rory sat down
beside her.

"I told you it's way too early to go to bed," Lorelai said, putting an arm
around her daughter's shoulder.

"I know, but its part of my punishment," Rory reminded her mom.

Lorelai sighed. "I already said that you don't have to punish yourself,
sweetie. This whole martyr-routine is completely unnecessary."

"No, it isn't," Rory stubbornly insisted. "I deserve to be punished for what
I did, and if you're not willing to perform your parental responsibility by
dealing out discipline then I have to do it myself."

Just like Rory had silently predicted when she said those words, a flash of
anger appeared in her mother's eyes.

"Don't lecture me about "parental responsibilities", Rory," Lorelai frostily
replied. "I'LL decide whether or not you deserve to punished - that's MY job
and no one else's, not even yours."

Rory stared down at her lap for a couple of seconds before looking up into
her mother's blue eyes again. "The problem is: you may not think I deserve
punishment, but I do."

Lorelai's expression softened somewhat and she sighed again. "Just let it
go, sweetheart."

"I can't," Rory said; a hint of desperation in her voice.

Lorelai threw her hands up in exasperation. "Okay, fine then! Keep on
punishing yourself with that silly six month self-torture program you thought

"Actually... that's not working, either."

"Then what do you suggest we do?" Lorelai asked; frustration evident in her

Rory nervously gnawed on her bottom lip for a moment, then got up and walked
to the dresser. Opening one of the drawers, she retrieved something from
within and walked back to her impatiently waiting mother.

Lorelai rolled her eyes when she spotted the spanking paddle in her
daughter's hands. "You've got to be kidding me! You do realize I only bought
that paddle as a joke, right?"

"Perhaps," Rory shrugged. "Or maybe there's a bit more to it than that... you
did keep it in that drawer for about six years instead of getting rid of it."

"So what?" Lorelai, also shrugging, countered. "You know I hardly throw
anything away."

"Well, whatever the reason, I think it's about time you got your money's
worth from this paddle."

Lorelai stared at her daughter with increasing fascination. "You really want
me to spank you with that thing?"


Lorelai's eyes switched from her daughter's face to the paddle she was
holding and silently considered Rory's rather bizarre request. After almost
a minute of thinking, she shook her head. "Nuh-uh, I don't think so sweetie."

Rory looked surprised at her mother refusal. "Why not? Don't you want things
to go back to the way they were?"

"Of course I do," Lorelai replied. "I'm just not sure that spanking you is
the best way to go about doing that."

"We tried just about anything else," Rory pointed out. "But there's still a
lot of tension and distance between us... Tell me honestly: are you really
no longer angry about me missing your graduation because I was in New York
visiting Jess?"

Lorelai hesitated for a moment... then truthfully replied, "Okay, I admit
that I've still got some anger issues about that particular subject, but
I'll get over it eventually."

"Well, here's an opportunity to resolve your anger really quickly, and at
the same time you'll also be helping me get rid off my guilt," Rory explained
matter-of-factly while offering the paddle to her mother.

Lorelai stared at the wooden implement again for several long seconds before
looking back into her daughter's inquiring eyes. "You're absolutely sure
about this? Because once I'm walloping your butt with that thing, there's no
changing your mind anymore - I won't stop till you're sporting one thoroughly
punished, well-spanked behind! And I can pretty much guarantee that it's
gonna hurt like Hell - during AND after the paddling."

Rory nodded determinedly. "I already thought about this long and hard and
I'm sure I wanna go through with this."

With a bittersweet smile, Lorelai accepted the paddle. Standing up, she took
her daughter's hand and led her to the back of the couch. "Okay, sweetie, you
-literally- asked for it: pull your shirt up till it's no longer covering
your naughty little butt and lean across the back of the couch."

"Yes, ma'am," Rory replied almost eagerly. Pulling up the bottom of her
t-shirt till her butt & belly were bared, she stepped forward and laid
herself across the couch, presenting her panty-clad ass to her mother.

Rory shivered with anticipation when she felt Lorelai's fingers hook into the
waistband of her panties and slowly pull them down to her ankles. She could
practically *feel* her mom's eyes inspecting her bare butt, probably painting
a Bullseye in her mind on each of the alabaster globes.

The young brunette tensed up as she breathlessly waited for the first stroke
to land. A slight gasp escaped her lips when Lorelai softly patted her tense
buttocks with the paddle. "Try to relax, honey, or it's gonna hurt even

Knowing her mother was right, Rory forced herself to relax... She had just
managed to do so when the paddle struck her bottom full force: WHACKK!!!!

"Yowww!" the teen shrieked surprised.

WHACK!!! "OH!!!"

WHACK!!! "Owww!!"

WHACKK!!!! "Aahhhh!!"

WHACK!!! "Ouch!"

Lorelai gazed with a sense of satisfaction at the red imprints she was
planting all over her daughter's cute little butt. 'I'm gonna teach her a
lesson she won't soon forget...'

Though she didn't admit it to Rory, she did possess a certain perverse
fascination with spanking, probably as a result of the many spankings she
got as a young girl from her parents. But even though she had, on occasion,
threatened Rory with a spanking, this was mostly in jest and she never
actually felt the need to go thru with it... Because let's face it: she
lucked out with Rory - the girl was incredibly well-behaved. And other than
the (extremely) rare grounding there was never any need to punish her.

But now that she was paddling her lovely daughter's bare behind, she actually
kinda wished that Rory would've been slightly less well-behaved - not a lot,
mind you, just naughty enough to deserve a few spankings.

'Well, she's certainly got it coming to her now! First ditching school to go
to New York to "visit" that little asshole, Jess, and then having the nerve
to diss my parenting-style! You're sooo gonna get it, little girl.'

WHACKK!!!! "Yowww!!!"

WHACK!!! "Ouchh!!!"

WHACK!!! "Ohhhh!!"

WHACKK!!!! "Ahhhh!!!"

'Damn! Mom's definitely not holding anything back,' Rory pondered, slightly
awed by Lorelai's prowess with the paddle, while the onslaught on her swiftly
reddening behind continued.

WHACKK!!!! "OWWW!!!" WHACK!! "OH!!" WHACK!! "Ouch!!" WHACKK!!!! "AHHHH!!"
WHACK!!! "DAMN!!" WHACK!!! "OHHH!!!" WHACKK!!!! "Yowww!!!" WHACK!! "Ouch!!"
WHACK!!! "Owww!!" WHACK!! "OHH!!!" WHACK!!! "Shit!!" WHACKK!!!! "AHHHH!!!"

At first the paddling had actually felt kinda... comforting, in a way. Sure
it was pretty damn painful, but with each stroke of the unyielding wood,
she could sense more and more of her guilt ebbing away. Liberating! That's
how it felt. But as the paddling progressed it was getting to be a lot more
than she'd bargained for. Her poor butt already felt like it's on fire, but
still Lorelai continued to paddle her unmercifully.

WHACK!!! "Owww!!"

WHACKK!!!! "AHHHH!!! Please!"

WHACK!!! "OHHH!!! No more!"

Lorelai couldn't help but feel a bit pleased with herself when she heard her
naughty daughter begging for mercy. She knew that wasn't very nice of her,
but she just couldn't help it.

"I'll bet you're regretting asking me for a spanking now, right Rory?" she
stated smugly while delivering another hard wallop across her daughter's
pretty red ass.

WHACKK!!!! "Yowwww!!! N-No... not r-really," Rory stammered on the verge
of tears. "I told you I deserved a spanking and I was right. Just because
it hurts and I want it to stop, doesn't change that."

A tiny smile formed on Lorelai's lips. "Well, you're certainly willing to
suffer for your beliefs."

WHACK!!! "Ouchh!!"

'Rory of Arc,' Lorelai thought with a grin. 'But instead of getting burned
at the stake, her butt is the only part of her anatomy catching fire.'

WHACK!!! "Owww!!"

WHACK!! "OH!!" WHACK!!! "Ahhh!!" WHACKK!!!! "AHHHH!!!" WHACK!!! "OHHH!!!"
WHACKK!!!! "Yowww!!! NO MORE PLEASE!!" Rory cried out, her poor bottom
feeling like it could spontaneously combust at any moment now.

"Sorry, but it doesn't work that way, sweetheart," Lorelai sympathetically
said, but delivering another swat on Rory's red ass, nonetheless.

WHACK!!! "Ouchh!!!"

"A spanking, or paddling in this case, doesn't just end because you think
you've had enough..."

WHACK!!! "Ahhh!!"

"It stops when I, the parent, consider you to be properly disciplined."


"Because I'M the one who decides your punishment around here, Rory," Lorelai
(now fully into her new role of strict disciplinarian) sternly said while
swatting Rory's bare bottom extra hard to hit the message home.

WHACKKK!!!!! "Owwwww!!!"

"Not you - ME!"

WHACKK!!!! "Ouchhh!! Mercy!"

"And before we finish here, I'm gonna make sure you understand that."

WHACK!! WHACK!!! WHACKK!!!! "Ahhhhh!!! I get it - I UNDERSTAND - Please no
more, mommy!!" Rory whined, sounding very much like a naughty 8-year-old
girl instead of the mature 17-year-old young woman she actually is.

Ignoring her daughter's plaintive pleas, Lorelai proceeded to give Rory's
tender ass a final series of whacks that would've even satisfied her strict
parents. When she finally finished, Rory was lying limply across the back
of the couch, crying softly. The young brunette's pretty face was almost as
red as her well-punished ass. And not only had she kicked off her panties
early on, but sometime during the paddling Rory's shirt had slipped off as
well without her even noticing it, leaving her pretty much naked.

Putting the paddle down on a nearby table, Lorelai took a moment to admire
the job she did on her beloved daughter's bare behind. Rory's butt was
literally glowing red. Now that the rush she felt while paddling her little
girl's bare ass had passed, Lorelai was feeling kinda shocked at the damage
she did to that previously unblemished perfect bottom. 'Wow! Apparently,
Rory was right about me holding a grudge...'

And Rory had also been right about this being a great way to get rid off
her anger. She was once again experiencing that familiar feeling of almost
overwhelming love for her intelligent, beautiful, brave, wonderful daughter.

"It's okay, sweetie," Lorelai spoke softly in Rory's ear while comfortingly
stroking her sobbing daughter's bare back. "Your punishment is over now."

"It is?" Rory asked, looking up hopefully. "So you're feeling no more
resentment... we're really okay?"

"Yup!" Lorelai grinned, and gave her daughter a warm hug. "We're good again."

Despite the pain she was still in, a brilliant smile broke out on the
youngest Gilmore girl's face. Still blissfully unaware about her state of
undress, Rory threw her arms around her beloved mother and hugged her back
as tightly as she was capable of. They remained locked in this tight embrace
for about half a minute... then Rory was painfully reminded of her burning

Lorelai looked on with a mixture of sympathy and amusement as her daughter's
eyes suddenly grew wide and she frantically started to rub her red behind.

Feeling pretty shy about her still-developing teenaged body, Rory wasn't in
the habit of walking around naked in the house like Lorelai often did. So
it's been a while since Lorelai saw her little girl naked, but she was sure
getting an eyeful of her beautiful daughter's young charms at the moment!

Without the slightest hint of her usual modesty, the youngest Gilmore girl
hopped around the living room bare-assed naked, frantically rubbing her
throbbing red butt. It was rather an adorable sight, really... and also
quite erotic, Lorelai ruefully acknowledged, as she watched Rory's firm
round B-cup breasts bounce around unrestrained while also getting a good
look at the small patch of soft-looking fur surrounding her daughter's
little virgin slit. 'I'll bet that our young handsome Dean, or that punk
Jess, would give anything to see Rory like this.'

After jumping around like she's auditioning for the part of the Easter Bunny
and rubbing her butt for several minutes, the fire in Rory's ass slowly
subsided to a relatively tolerable level. Somewhat relieved, the young
brunette stopped her frantic hopping & rubbing. Looking around, Rory noticed
that her mom was staring at her with an amused expression on her face. And
that's when Rory finally became aware that she was totally naked.

Letting out a little shriek, Rory swiftly shielded her breasts with her left
arm while simultaneously covering her pussy with her right hand. Lorelai
almost lost it when she saw this and had to cover her mouth to stifle her

"This ISN'T funny, mom," Rory said, blushing furiously as she tried to shield
her naked charms from her mother's eyes.

"I'm sorry, honey, but it kinda IS," Lorelai countered with a grin.

Rory shot her mother a dirty look, but after a few seconds she somewhat
grudgingly smiled as well as she became aware of how silly she looked
standing bare-assed naked in the living room trying to cover herself up.

'Oh, what the hell... She's already seen everything I have, anyway.'

Sighing in exasperation, Rory gave up on trying to cover herself and let her
hands drop to her sides. Standing completely exposed, once again, she noticed
that Lorelai kept looking unabashed at her naked form. 'She could at least
*pretend* to look away!' she thought with a pout.

Lorelai knew she was embarrassing her daughter by staring at her in her
current unclothed condition, but she couldn't make herself look away - Rory
just looked so darn adorable, standing there in her birthday suit with her
red spanked behind and that cute little pout on her face.

"How does your little butt feel, sweetie?" Lorelai questioned. She already
pretty much knew the answer to that question, but she needed something to
break the ice.

Rory's eyes narrowed slightly. 'How does she *think* my butt feels?'

"It hurts like hell," the teenager answered truthfully.

Lorelai issued her daughter a sympathetic look. "Yeah, I kinda figured it
would... I could rub some cold cream on it, if you'd like?" she offered.

Rory's face lit up. "That would be cool," she replied with a smile.

"Exactly," Lorelai grinned. "And you could use some coolness on your butt
right about now... I think I have a jar of cold cream in my handbag."

Searching through her bag, Lorelai swiftly found what she was looking for
and pulled out a small jar. "Here it is!" she called out, while raising the
tiny container triumphantly in the air like a trophy she'd just won.

Sitting down on the couch again, Lorelai patted her lap. "Okay, honey, lie
down across my lap and let's see if we can cool off your butt a bit."

Rory eagerly complied and stretched her naked body out across her mother's
lap, wriggling back and forth a bit until she was positioned perfectly...
for a spanking, actually, but also just right for her mom to rub some
cooling ointment on her burning bottom.

Gazing down at her daughter's bare ass, Lorelai briefly marveled at the
unexpected turn her boring evening of watching TV had taken. 'This is WAY
more interesting than that Blossom marathon I was watching.'

Smiling to herself, Lorelai scooped out a big dollop of cold cream and began
applying it to her daughter's butt. Rory flinched briefly when the cold cream
came in contact with her hot ass, but she gradually relaxed when her mom
started rubbing it tenderly into her skin. And after a while, she even let
out a satisfied moan as the soothing ointment worked its magic on her sore

"Ohhhh... that feels nice," Rory sighed happily.

"Happy to oblige, honey," Lorelai replied; listening amused to her daughter's
happy little moans.

Rory had subconsciously parted her thighs during her mom's ministrations.
Lorelai smirked when her sharp eyes detected drops of telltale moisture
coating her daughter's little slit. 'Rory's really full of surprises these
days... I wonder if this is a result of the ass-paddling or the ass-rubbing.'

After making sure she'd coated every inch of her little girl's spanked ass
with cold cream, Lorelai gave Rory's butt a friendly pat. "Finished,
sweetie," she cheerfully announced.

"Already?" Rory mumbled drowsily. She'd felt so comfortable and at ease lying
across her mom's lap, she'd almost fallen asleep.

"Well, I did spend a good 15 minutes rubbing ointment on your cute little
butt," Lorelai noted. "That should be plenty, I think."

"Yeah, I guess so," Rory replied while climbing (somewhat reluctantly) off
her mother's lap. Having pretty much given up on modesty this evening, Rory
stretched her naked body while yawning softly. Her eyes then fell upon the
large living room mirror and she walked over to it and turned around,
looking back across her shoulder.

"Wow! You sure gave it to me good, mom," Rory observed, bending over a bit
as she inspected her red behind in the full length mirror.

"Yeah, not bad for a beginner," Lorelai casually responded while observing
her daughter's naked antics with an amused smile. 'Yup, full of surprises
my little girl... Not that long ago, she wouldn't even let me see her tits...
and now she's walking around bare-assed naked right in front of me without
even the slightest hint of embarrassment! Way to go, Rory!'

"That's putting it mildly - I'll bet I won't be able to sit comfortably for
several days," Rory said with a fascinated look on her face as she carefully
placed her hands on her still hot-to-the-touch buttocks.

"You'd probably win that bet," Lorelai grinned. 'I'm not exactly sure what's
going on with her, but I sure hope it lasts. I don't think it's possible to
love my daughter more than I already do, but I definitely find her more
entertaining this way.'

Having finished with the damage assessment of her spanked behind, Rory
skipped over to the couch to retrieve her lost clothes. But even after a
surprisingly long search, she was only able to find one article of clothing:
her t-shirt - as it turned out Lorelai was sitting on it. This, of course,
resulted in a lengthy argument between the two Gilmore girls whether or not
Lorelai knew she was sitting on her daughter's shirt while a very naked Rory
was turning the living room upside down looking for it.

Lorelai denied any involvement in T-shirtgate.

Once again wearing her comfy XXL t-shirt, Rory made one final valiant attempt
to find her lost panties. After shooting her mom a suspicious look (which
Lorelai countered with the most innocent look she could manage), the teenager
started crawling around the living room floor searching for her favorite pair
of panties. But when she still had no luck finding anything after a lengthy
15 minutes search during which her t-shirt kept riding up, causing her to
inadvertently flash her bare butt & beaver at her watchful mom, Rory decided
to give up. 'I'm sure my panties will turn up eventually.'

Slowly getting up, Rory wiped the dust of her knees and (ignoring that
slightly annoying smirk on her mother's face) considered her next move. She
could just get a fresh pair of panties from her room, but after giving this
some thought decided not to bother with it. As long as she doesn't crawl
around on the floor, her long t-shirt covered her privates pretty well, and
besides: even a thin layer of cotton pressing against her sore bottom would
be too uncomfortable right now.

"If you're no longer busy with your panties-quest, why don't you come sit
with me and we can watch the final episodes of the Blossom marathon
together," Lorelai offered, patting invitingly on the couch-seat beside her.

'That actually sounds pretty good,' Rory decided. Even though she was getting
kinda tired now, she didn't want to miss this opportunity to bond with her
mom after spending the last two weeks apart.

Grabbing the bowl of chips from the table, Rory snuggled on the couch next
to Lorelai and they started watching the sitcom together, occasionally
commenting on Blossom's crazy outfits.

"You know, I've missed the two of us hanging out like this," Rory confessed
during a commercial break.

"Me too, sweetie," Lorelai replied, putting an arm around her daughter's
shoulder. "That self-imposed grounding & early bed-time of yours put a real
crimp on our mother/daughter time."

Rory nodded thoughtfully. "I was thinking... that maybe we could alter the
terms of that punishment."

"Huh?" Lorelai said, honestly confused. 'What punishment? Didn't we just
settle this?'

"Instead of spending the remaining 5 months and 2 weeks being grounded with
no TV, music, and not allowed any non-educational reading, you could just...
spank me every week for the remainder of those six months," Rory explained.
"Just like you did today, although not as hard, I hope," she added as an

Lorelai had listened with growing amazement to her daughter's strange (and
very unnecessary) suggestion, and was about to ensure Rory that this one
paddling had been plenty of punishment, and that she'd been absolutely 100%
forgiven for missing her graduation.

But something stopped her before she could say the words... a quick flashback
of Rory bend across the back of the couch, her cute bare butt up in the air
receiving a thorough paddling, coloring those bouncy cheeks a nice rosy-red.
A very enticing sight, she had to admit. And part of her didn't want this to
be a onetime event. And besides... perhaps Rory had been right all along
about her being a bit lax when it comes to discipline... in which case she
had some catching up to do.

So instead she said, "Sure, honey. If that's what you want..."

It almost broke Lorelai's heart to see the grateful smile on her beloved
daughter's face as she agreed to transform Rory's non-existent grounding
into a weekly spanking for the next 25 weeks, or so.

'Hey, *she* suggested it - not me!' Lorelai reasoned with her nagging

"Thanks, mommy," Rory smiled while enveloping Lorelai in a warm hug.

"You're welcome, sweetheart."

Her conscience be damned! Lorelai was already looking forward to next


The End?

(c)2005 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]


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