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Gilmore Girls: Rory's First Dessert Part 2 (Ff, BBW)
by LL

Rory Gilmore looked at the inside of her notepad and went a light shade of red. Scrawled on the page was a heart, not a biological one, with arrows pointing to the aorta and the left ventricle, but the romantic one with a '4' in the middle and her and her lover's initials either side of it. The teen glanced round the bus wondering if anyone had seen, but if they had noticed her pen scribbling back and forth they'd paid no attention - a young woman wearing her school uniform and writing wasn't noteworthy enough to care about.

Quickly Rory closed the book. She was normally so sensible and calm, almost prim, but this evening she was as giddy as a schoolgirl with her first love mainly because she was a schoolgirl with her first love. The bus pulled into the Star Hollow's stop and Rory grabbed her bag and jumped out. It was a quick trip to her house, where she dropped her satchel in he room, changed into jeans and a sweater and took hold off the suitcase she'd packed that morning, wheeling it into the kitchen. She smiled as she saw the envelope on the table, its flap tucked into the paper and a great big X scrawled across it, representing a kiss. Rory opened the enveloped and quickly scanned it, there wasn't anything she didn't already know.

'Ror [the letter read]. I'll be back Saturday night from the conference - if I'm staggering a little when I come back that'll be from the wine and nibbles they're providing. Thank Sookie for agreeing to look after you and tell her I'm not going to go mad on new furnishings, I'll decorate our inn with the freebies the exhibitors are providing. Missing you already. Lorelai.'

Folding the letter Rory put it in her back pocket. There was hardly a night she and her Mom had spent apart and it felt strange to them both that Lorelai was in New York walking round an hospitality exhibition, looking for bargains for the new inn she was setting up, whilst Rory was still in Star Hollows. It had taken some coaxing to get Lorelai to agree to go, she seemed to think Rory wasn't old enough to stay the night on her own - though the teen didn't tell her she had no intention of being alone. It was only when, with a little hinting from Rory, that Lorelai spoke to Sookie and found her friend thought it was a great idea that Lorelai checked out the exhibit and that she'd be willing to take Rory for the night that Lorelai relented.

It made Rory smile as she remembered her Mom talking to Sookie, trying to persuade her to let Rory stay at her place little knowing that if Rory had been left in her own house she'd still have been staying with Sookie. There was a lot Rory told her Mom, but she hadn't, yet, told her that she was no longer a girl, but a woman, deflowered by her lover Sookie in the most magical night of Rory's young life. They'd managed to do it a few times since, Rory's friend Lane covering for her, but this would be the first full night Rory had spent with Sookie. As she closed the door behind her and trundled her suitcase down the street she wondered how many times they could do it in just less than a day and what positions Sookie could initiate her in. The thoughts made Rory's pussy tingle with excitement, being a teen with an older, more experienced lover, there was so much to learn and Rory was loving her lessons; she just need to make sure that Sookie knew how much she appreciated her.

It seemed to take forever for Sookie to answer her bell. Rory fidgeted with excitement and her heart leapt as her lover opened the door and Rory saw her for the first time in a couple of days. "Hi Rory, come in," the plump older woman gestured in the teen with an innocent looking hand gesture. It wasn't until the teen was over the threshold and the door was closed that Sookie greeted her properly. "Hi sexy," the chubby woman purred and slid her arms round Rory's waist pulling her closer.

"Hi Sookie, thanks for having me," the teen giggled as her own hands wrapped round Sookie and she pulled herself into the woman's large titties, so they snuggled at her.

A puzzled expression forced its way onto Sookie's face, "But I haven't had you yet." she said in a perplexed tone, before grinning "but I will."

"Good," Rory giggled. She was going to say more, but Sookie mouth was opening and coming towards her and the teen was experienced enough to know how to react. She opened her own mouth and met the older woman halfway, their lips pressing together and Sookie's tongue slowly moving down, deep into Rory's mouth. The teen let her lover swirl it around, her own tongue moving in unison, licking and teasing at her lover's, the two of them enjoying the taste and the tenderness of their touches. Rory felt herself coming closer to Sookie, wrapping her thin frame in the older woman's larger body. Sookie's hands were on her ass, kneading and massaging her butt-cheeks through her denim. Rory quivered with excitement as Sookie's fingers pushed hard, gripping at her and making the flesh ache in pleasure. Her own hands slid down Sookie's back and onto the older woman's butt. It was large and round and fleshy and it wobbled as Rory's hands moved up and down the denim clad cheeks; her fingers pressed down and she squeezed, feeling the flesh move. Sookie tongue seemed to flicker faster and more passionately, slipping over Rory's tongue and dominating her mouth.

"Mmnnn, Mom said to thank you for letting me stay," Rory smiled as they broke the kiss.

Sookie's hands continued to play with Rory's ass, "Tell her the pleasure was all mine." Their mouths moved together again, lips pressing together and tongues intertwining as their bodies touched and rubbed and their hands gripped and grasped. Rory found herself lost in paradise, every second a lifetime of enjoyment.

But like all good things, it had to end. Sookie pulled her head back and reached for the suitcase handle, "Let's get your things upstairs. You don't mind sharing a bed?" she smiled teasingly.

"No," replied Rory with a smile. She moved her hand to Sookie's fingers and gently disengaged her from the suitcase handle, "but first I want to show you personally how much I appreciate you letting me stay."

Still lightly holding her fingers Rory led Sookie over to the couch. Stopping in front of it Rory said, "Could you take your sneakers off?"

As Sookie kicked them off Rory's hands moved to the buttons of her lover's jeans. Deftly she unpopped them and slid the denims down to reveal Sookie's panties. The teen paused, licking her lips nervously, before she placed her fingers under the elastic and brought them down as well. Sookie's pussy was as smooth as silk. The older woman reached for her jeans and panties and brought them down the rest of the way, stepping out of them. She pulled off her sweater and T-shirt together next, she wasn't wearing a bra, making Rory's pussy stir as she looked at the big bosoms as Sookie stood naked by the couch. She smiled, "So what next?"

Pausing for a second to try and calm herself Rory answered, "Do you want to sit down and open your legs?"

The chubby brunette did so. Rory got down on her knees and between them, pushing her long hair over her shoulder as she shuffled forward. Sookie had gone down on her a few times but Rory had never returned the favour. Now she was going go and she was anxious, and excited; she wanted to give Sookie the same pleasure that the plump woman had given her. The teen looked up and said, "I hope you enjoy this."

"I will," said Sookie with more confidence than Rory felt.

The teen slid her finger up to the pussy and started to pull it open. The hole was moist, Rory thought, as she pried it apart; she must be exciting Sookie - that was encouraging. Equally promising was the slight giggle Sookie gave as Rory's digit touched her and quiver as the teen's mouth went to her mound and started to kiss. "Good girl, Rory, take your time, make me wet, get me hot," moaned Sookie.

Rory slid half her finger into the damp slit as her lips made small butterfly kisses round the mons and lips and on the flesh of the cunt itself. The skin outside was dry and smooth, in the hole it was wet and soft. She continued to peck at the inside of the hole as her pursed lips gently kissed and teased at the damp, bubbly pussy hole. Her finger moved a little bit further in and Sookie giggled and quaked, "Okay Rory, take it as fast as you like, a little tongue."

The teen did as suggested sliding her tongue out into the hole, making it compete with the finger. The two objects pushed in and out of Sookie's hole, exploring and swirling round as they went deeper and deeper. Sookie moaned and shuddered in pleasure, "That's good Rory."

Rory finger pressed in, caving a path for her tongue to follow. Her other hand was sitting on Sookie's leg, using the large, plump thigh for balance. One of Sookie's hand was stroking it; Rory briefly looked up, the other hand was around one of Sookie's large breasts, the older brunette squeezing her tittie in pleasure as Rory's tongue went down her hole. She saw Rory looking up, "You're doing well, keep on licking it."

The teen's tongue splashed down, driving deeper into Sookie's cunt. The plump woman's juice was yummy and Rory found herself slurping harder and harder, drinking like a cat faced with a bowl of cream. Her tongue lapped at the juice, feeling as much as tasting, the tang against her tongue. And each dive of her tongue made Sookie gasp and groan and brought more of the lovely cum out of the woman's walls. Rory moved faster and harder, slamming her tongue in as she pressed and probed with her finger.

"Aaaaarrgghhh, that's it, that's it," squeaked Sookie, almost jumping from her couch as Rory's finger found a small bud of hard flesh, "Oh Rory, lick that spot."

Rory was turned on herself, her pussy wet and buzzing with excitement as she pulled her finger from Sookie's hole. Her tongue drove into to where the digit had been and Sookie gave a yell and shuddered passionately as Rory's tongue found the same solid button. "Ooooohhhh, fuck, fuck, eat my pussy, eat it hard," the plumper gasped. Rory did as she asked, pounding her tongue at the spot. Sookie shook, her bonding bending as the orgasms flowed through her, "Ohhhh, urrrhhhh, oh my clit, tongue my clit."

Even as she continued to lick at her lover Rory was desperately trying to undo the top button of her jeans. It seemed to take forever before it snapped open and she could bring her hand down under the elastic of her panties and bend a finger into her finger. She drove the digit at her own pussy, which was as soaked as Sookie's was, as her tongue rammed at Sookie bud. The plump brunette was screaming and crying, gasping out in loud pleasure as each lap seemed to make her cum. Her body quivered and shook, her large breast jiggling up and down like jellies on a plate. "Oh yeah," Sookie screamed, "Eat me, lick me, use your tongue Rory."

Harder and harder Rory rammed her tongue, until it ached and Sookie was shrieking so loud it was a miracle Lorelai didn't hear in New York. "I'm going to cum," screamed Sookie, "I'm going to squirt."

It was like a faucet had been switched full on. The cum blasted from Sookie's twat in a wave into Rory's mouth. She tried to swallow, but after a second gave up and let the liquid wash over her, over her face and down her sweater. The squirt must have lasted less than five or six seconds, but it was enough to leave Rory soaked. She pulled her finger from her own pussy, breathing heavily, and licked the soaked hole as she looked at Sookie. The older woman was slumped back in the couch, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

"How was it?" asked Rory nervously.

Sookie frowned at her as if surprised, "Rory I've just squirted my cum all over you. I think it's safe to say you were just the underside side of being absolutely perfect."

Rory smiled, "Well I'll be perfect next time."

Sookie smiled, "Now that sounds fun." The plump brunette got to her feet and reached down to help her teenage girlfriend up. Licking her finger Sookie wiped a little bit of girl cum from Rory's chin, "You're all wet."

"Yes, I am, very wet," Rory pointed down to her half-open jeans.

"Mmnnn, soaking," Sookie hand slid down Rory's jeans and under her panties, to touch the teen's cunt. Rory giggled and smiled as the brunette's finger drew round her hole, tracing a sexy pattern. "We'll have to do something about that," Sookie smiled, drawing her finger out and licking like she'd just dipped it in a perfectly flavoured sauce.

"Yes," Rory nodded enthusiastically.

"We could have dinner first or..." smiled Sookie.

"Or..." asked Rory, beaming back with a grin that suggested that dinner was not the first thing on her mind.

"Or you could remove those jeans and I can show you an alternative use for a cucumber," said Sookie.

"Definitely that," said Rory and began to undo her jeans. Sookie watched for a moment as the teen peeled the denims down, smiling as they got to her knees and Rory realised that in her haste she had forgotten to remove her pumps. She sat down on the couch and got undressed as a naked Sookie vanished into the kitchen.

By the time she reappeared Rory had managed to get undressed. She posed, hands on hips, her gaze falling towards the cucumber that Sookie was holding. She licked her lips lasciviously, it was thick and long, with a tiny knob on the end which looked like it would dig nicely into her wet flesh. "Shall I get on the couch?" the teen asked.

For a moment Sookie seemed to be considering as she rubbed the cucumber between her heavy breasts, her eyes as lustful as the teen's as she gazed at Rory's firm, naked body. Then she shook her head, "No Rory, lie down on the rug, on your back and spread your legs."

The teen did as she was bid, the furry rug tickling pleasantly at her naked back. Sookie got down beside her, lifting herself half-up as she turned on her side and moved close to the naked teen. "It's just been in the cooler," she said and moved the vegetable over Rory's firm tits. The teen shivered and giggled.

It was cold, but it also felt solid and substantial; it would soon warm and it would remain hard as it was jammed up her cunt. "That's alright, let it heat up for a few minutes, I can keep myself in trim."

She moved her fingers to her snatch and started to slowly rub herself. Her cunt was wet and tingly, a slow heat suffusing from it and keeping her horny and excited. And her lust was dampened by Sookie gently moving the cool cucumber round the teen's nipples making them stand up erect, like little coolie hats. "Oohhhhh," she moaned as Sookie moved the cucumber lower to rub its chilly surface over her tummy. The plumper's mouth clamped down on one of Rory's tits and taking the erect nub between her teeth she began to gently worry it. "Ooooohhh," moaned Rory slightly louder and ran her own finger round her damp hole, teasing herself. The feel of the cucumber sliding over her belly was enticing, making her quiver as she imagined it in her. Sookie's mouth moved to her other tit, biting lightly at the teat and pulling it up. Her tongue pushed just enough through the open gap between the rows of teeth to tickle the nipple. The cucumber slowly moved up again, sliding between her titties and warming up between the cleavage. Sookie's spare hand was stroking at the bottom of Rory's neck, just above her shoulder and as the teen let out another sigh of pleasure she thought if there wasn't an erogenous zone there, there should be. The cucumber slid down again, tracing a cool line from her tits to just above her pelvis. "Ohhh yes," sighed Rory as Sookie's mouth moved up from her teenage titties to underneath her chin to kiss and lick the soft flesh.

"Oooooohhh," Rory's moan was deep and heartfelt as Sookie began to enter the cucumber into the teenager's wet cunt. For a few seconds she still felt a chill, but her wet cunt was soon warming the veg. "Ooooohhh," she gasped again as Sookie pushed the toy deeper into her hole, the woman's arm moving up and down slowly as forced Rory open.

"How's that? I can tell you're liking it?" Sookie moved her face up so she could look at Rory's expression as she worked. The teen nodded and gasped as the end of the cucumber scraped over her wet tunnel walls, gouging a line of pleasure through her. Sookie smiled and began to move faster and faster, her own body shaking with the effort, her large titties bouncing against Rory. "How's that? Tell me how good it feels?"

"Oooohhhh yes, oooooohhh yes... it's great, it's lovely, it feels so good," gasped Rory. She gasped, her body tensing and relaxing in paroxysms of excitement as the cucumber stimulated her clit. Sookie smiled and continued to ram it down, each shove of her wrist ramming the cucumber adroitly at the teen's erogenous zone. Rory squeaked and squealed, her body arching and her back rising and falling as the orgasms hit her. Her face was wreathed in pleasure, her mouth opening and shutting, her cheeks wobbling and her forehead creasing in a rapid series of contortions. "Ohhhh yeesssss, ooooohhhh Sookie....oooohhh"

"I'm going to go harder and really give it you," the chubby brunette said. She was as good as her word, hammering the cucumber vigorously into Rory. The friction of the teen's tight cunt heated the cucumber and soon its chill had dissipated to be replaced by a warm wetness. And still Sookie continued to ram it into Rory, making the teen orgasm so hard.

"Aaaaaarrghhh," Rory back bent as the biggest wave of pleasure yet hit her. If the others had like punched by a boxer this was a Mike Tyson of an orgasm. Her body twisted and almost lifted of the ground, her expression one of someone being taken by the rapture. "Aaaaaaarrrghhh, aaaargggghhh." Her cunt was exploding in pleasure, soaking the cucumber with her juices and blowing warm liquid out over Sookie's hand. "Aaaaaarrghhh, aaaaaargggghhh, aaarrrrggghh," Rory's screams were loud and passionate.

And then she was lying back on the rug, panting heavily as Sookie lent over and kissed her slowly on the lips, saying "I was going to make us a salad, but you've ruined the cucumber." The plumper smiled and held it up for Rory's inspection. The vegetable was soggy and bent and obviously inedible, but the use it had been put too was a much better end for it than being eaten.

Rory smiled and nodded, she felt happy and satisfied and she hadn't even got her suitcase up the stairs yet.

* * *

Despite what Sookie said about their now being no cucumber she must have had a second, or at least, once sliced and diced it wasn't as ruined as Rory thought as for dinner they had salad with chicken and a home-made sauce; and like all Sookie's food it tasted delicious. After they had eaten Sookie put on a DVD of Pretty Woman, Rory thought that as a movie it trivialised the very real issues of women being forced into prostitution - plus she had seen it before. But she didn't mention either of these points being content to snuggle into Sookie on the couch and rest her head on her lover's chest, sinking contentedly between the big boobs. As they watched Sookie stroked at Rory's arms and legs and down her chest, drawing little lines with her finger over the sweater. Rory just cuddled in closer, luxuriating in the soft feel of her lover and the sexy scent of her perfume.

The credits began to roll and Sookie leant forward with the remote control to switch it off. She gave an exaggerated stretch and yawn, making Rory smile, "Is that a hint you're tired and want to go to bed?"

"Its certainly a hint I want to go to the bed," Sookie said as her hand stroked her lovers thigh, "but I'm not sure I'm tired."

Rory twisted her head round so that Sookie could see her face, "I'm sure we can do something."

"Like banging your sweet pussy?" grinned Sookie and kissed the teen.

Rory giggled, "I like the way you think."

She stood up and took Sookie's hand as they went up to the older woman's bedroom. Once in, they kissed, their lips pushing together and their mouths opening, before Rory broke back, "I packed my PJs, I didn't want Mom to wonder why I was sleeping nude. I am sleeping nude?"

"I'll leave how you sleep up to you, but I want to fuck you naked. I've seen your pyjamas and nothing kills passion quicker than striped flannel," smiled Sookie, "Now let's get your sweater off."

No help was actually needed by Rory to pull of her sweater and unclip her bra. She stood topless for a moment, wiggling her tits at Sookie, showing the plumper what a fine, firm pair they were. The older woman grinned and pulled off her own top. Her tits were larger and more floppy, but Rory loved them all the same; loved sucking and licking at them, running her hands over them and gripping them tight, loved them bouncing and banging into her as Sookie plugged her young pussy with a strap-on. She looked at them lustfully as she pulled off her jeans and reached for her panties.

"Not Hello Kitty this time?" teased Sookie gently. Rory gave a small blush as she remembered the first time she'd stripped for Sookie she'd been wearing her most childish pants. It wasn't a mistake she'd made again and this time her underwear was little more than a tiny strip which covered her pussy and parts of her ass cheek. She slid it down and kicked away, standing naked for her lover's admiration. Sookie swiftly finished herself, pulling away her jeans and panties, giving Rory yet another look at her sexy pussy.

The plump woman turned to her drawer and began to rummage for her strap-on. Rory waited excitedly, hoping it was a large one that Sookie could really pound her pussy with. She wasn't disappointed; Sookie turned round holding a pair of panties attached ten-incher, complete with ribs and ridges and began to pull it up her thighs, "This alright?" she asked smiling, she knew Rory's mind though.

"Perfect," giggled the teen, "Can I prepare it?"

"Oh," Sookie gave a mock sigh of impatience, "Come and suck my cock then."

The teen almost ran over to Sookie, dropping to her knees in front of her girlfriend. She didn't know what sucking a real dick was like, but she loved sucking Sookie's fake ones, getting them slippery and soaked for her cunt. And taking it in her mouth, running her lips over it and her tongue round it, made her pussy drip in excited anticipation as well, lubricating the tunnel for the big slab of rubber that was going to fill it. Rory moved her head up and down, slurping greedily at the dick all the time looking at Sookie, the plumper's face showing her lust for the young teen below her, "That's it Rory, use your mouth," she moaned.

Rory felt her lips bounce over the ridges, a small shiver vibrating through her jaw as she went up and down. Her finger moved down to her pussy and she began to finger her hole, opening it wider and making it even wetter. Her touch excited her, but it also thrilled Sookie who was quivering like a dog on a leash, her large titties shivering and shaking. Rory smiled inwardly and moved quicker, her head going back and forth and her fingers digging deep into her cunt; knowing that if Sookie had been a man her cock would have shot its load into her with the pleasure she was giving. Faster, harder, deeper, Rory sucked at the dildo, dragging her mouth as far forward over it as she dared. She took her finger out of her cunt; she didn't want to spoil herself before the big treat, but she also wanted both hands to grip on to her lover big butt so that she could lever her throat even further down the toy. Sookie's was breathing hard with excitement, licking her lips and staring down transfixed with lust as Rory took the dick far into her mouth.

"Hmmmpf," Rory shot her head back and gasped in a deep breath. She looked at the dildo, the rubber was dripping with her saliva, the spit running down the ridges and slowly dropping to the floor. She smiled at her lover as Sookie reached down to help her up. Standing up the teen leant forward and kissed Sookie quickly, "Fuck me now... please."

"Yes," Sookie said. She put her arms round Rory's waist and gently turned the teen in the direction of the bed, "I want to try a new position."

"Okay," giggled Rory, always ready to increase her experience and knowledge of different lovemaking techniques.

"Doggy style. Get on your hands and knees on the bed," the plumper said.

Rory skipped over and got into position, wiggling her butt at her lover as Sookie approached at a more leisurely place. The older woman smiled, "Are you deliberately facing the mirror?"

"Unless you mind," Rory nodded, "I've always be underneath as you're fucking me and I kinda like watching you enjoy me. I guess I'm a romantic."

"Me too," smiled Sookie. "I love watching your face crinkle like an old bag of potato chips as you cum," she added less romantically.

The teen giggled and wiggled her buttocks at the older brunette, "As long as you still think I'm fuckable."

The bed creaked as Sookie got on it. "You're always fuckable," the chubby woman said as she moved behind her lover. A plump hand reached down to Rory's cunt and she rubbed at lips and mons. "In fact you're about the most fuckable fuck I've ever fucked," Sookie continued. Her hand went the teen's wet hole, massaging the labia and the skin around, sliding over the velvety warm flesh and making the teen quiver. The big brunette's fingers moved round and into the hole, slowly working back and forth, pushing into Rory and gently prying her apart. "So fucking fuckable," said Sookie, almost to herself.

"Oooooohhhh," Rory let out a moan of released tension as the dildo entered her cunt. Her lovers fingers had left her in mounting excitement and the feel of the ridged rubber moving up her hole was just what the doctor would have ordered if he knew how horny Rory Gilmore was. "Oooohhhhh yesssss," the teen moaned again and pushed herself back to meet Sookie's next thrust. The toy pushed deeper, spreading apart her walls and sliding over the soaked tunnel floor, its grooves and ridges grazing over the soft, pink flesh and sending flashes of stimulated pleasure coursing through the teen. It repeated the feeling as Sookie pulled it backwards "Ooooooohhhh, yesssssss!"

Hands on the teen's waist the plumped banged at Rory's wet cunt. It didn't take her long to thrust the entire length into the teen, ramming it down so far that it filled the younger woman and only stopping as her thighs slapped at Rory's behind. The hole filled Sookie began to concentrate on power and speed, ramming harder and quicker into the hole, slamming the teen's pussy with a passionate vigour. Rory's face crinkled like a bag of potato chips, her facial muscles loosing all control as the orgasmic excitement took them over, "Oooooohhhh, aaaaarrggghhh, Sookie!"

"I love that face," laughed her lover and thrust deeper, hitting the teen's clit again and again.

"Oooooohhh," squeaked Rory. Her body shuddered with every shove, her teen titties wobbling as they dangled beneath her, shaking and jiggling as she rocked back and forth. In the mirror she could see her lover's large, melon-sized, boobs bouncing, the two massive titties jumping up and down and swinging and slapping as the big woman ploughed her pussy. The teen could see the intensity etched on Sookie's face as she concentrated on giving Rory orgasm after orgasm, the plump brunette's eyes fixated on the dildo ramming into the teen's soaked hole.

Harder and harder Sookie rammed, the toy blazing over Rory's clit and make the teen squeak and squeal with ecstatic bliss, her body shaking as the orgasms hit her. Sookie gripped her harder, going quicker, slamming the fake phallus's full length down the teen's cunt. The teen gasped and staggered, driven forward by the weight of her lover crashing into her. "Yessssss," Rory squealed and gripped the bed tighter to keep herself from being forced so far forward she fell off. "Yessssss! Yeesssss!" she screamed again in a high pitch, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss! Fuck me, Sookie, fuck my pussy hard."

"Doing it Rory, I'm giving that sweet fuckhole of yours my big plastic dick," Sookie relied her face moving from an concentrated frown to a smile of enjoyment as Rory's mouth opened and the teen let out a caterwaul of pure pleasure.

Cum soaked Rory's hole, seeping from the slit and over the labia as the dildo pounded in. It dripped from the toy, liberally lubricated in girl juice, and soaked over the teen's Mons. More and more of it oozed from Rory as the huge dildo excited her pussy, each thrust making more seep from the teens wall, oiling the toy and smoothing the way for a frictionless ramming. It was hitting her clit, driving the bud wild with pleasure and sending zings of ecstasy through Rory. She clenched her fists and buckled her back as she came again, "Aaaaaarrghhh, yessssss, aarrrrggghh!" Her body writhed and twisted, her face contorting and turning as her insides seemed to whiz round like they had been placed on a merry-go-round, "Aaaaaaarrghhh, yessssss, aarrrrrggghh."

"That was...." Sookie pulled the dildo out as a spent Rory fell forward, the teen gasping for breath and panting like she had run a marathon. The plump woman smiled and dropped down on her back beside her lover. Rory rolled over and snuggled her head into Sookie's large titties. The plumper wrapped an arm round Rory and continued, "That was one of the best fucks ever."

Rory smiled happily; she didn't disagree.

* * *

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