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Gilmore Girls /Pretty Little Liars: Helping Hanna Over Her Broken Heart (FFF,anal,dp,inc)
by LL

All teenage boys were bastards, thought Ashley Marin. She didn't know the ins and outs of why Caleb had split up with Hanna, but at the bottom of it was the same old truth, teenage boys were bastards. And thinking of her ex-husband she concluded they didn't get much better as they got older. She hated seeing Hanna walking around as if her dog had just died, forlorn and devoid of any spark; she'd taken her plate smashing to try and buck her up and put some joy back into her. It had worked... for the evening, but the next day Hanna was as listless and distracted as ever.

It was time for stronger measures.

She looked up from her laptop as Hanna entered the kitchen. It was past lunch and Hanna still hadn't put on her make-up and there was puffiness to her eyes that spoke of tearful embraces of pillows and long nights without sleep as she thought and rethought her relationship with Caleb. The teen muttered a perfunctory greeting and started to root in the cupboard for cookies and chips. Ashley watched as Hanna pulled out a tub of toffee flavoured dough before motioning for her daughter to come and join her at the table, they needed to talk and there was no time like the present.

It was something her own mother had introduced her to when she was eighteen and breaking up with her first boyfriend and when her marriage broke up she and her sister had done it. Now she wanted to do it with Hanna.

Hanna sat down and opened the lid. "I'm hungry," she explained.

Hanna used to be overweight; it made her miserable and Ashley hoped that she wasn't going to use food to get over Caleb only to balloon in weight and fall into more depression. She didn't take the tub from her daughter though, instead she swivelled the screen so that Hanna could see it. Her daughter's eyebrows raised so high that they almost entered her hairline and her hand stopped midway to her mouth. She continued to stare for a moment, "Er... Mom... you seem to be showing me a porn site."

"It's an escort site," said Ashley.

"Whatever... they're still women without clothes," Hanna replied, though she continued to look.

"Nice looking women without clothes?" asked Ashley.

"I guess, yeah" said Hanna nodding. She blushed slightly, but continued to look. They'd never spoken about their sexuality, but Ashley enjoyed women as well as men as had her mother and sister, and the Hanna apple was unlikely to have fallen far from the tree. It was a suspicion enhanced by her daughter getting busted in Rosewood's Lesbian club - innocently, she claimed.

"So which is your favourite?" asked Ashley.

"Why?" asked Hanna, but before her Mom could answer she swung the laptop fully round and started looking at it. Ashley waited patiently as Hanna looked down, clicking the mouse to browse through a couple more pages, before turning it back to her Mom. "She's kinda cute."

Ashley looked at the photo that her daughter had chosen, it was a petite Korean aged about eighteen or nineteen, with glasses, but also naked with her legs spread and a dirty smile on her face. She read below, "Lane Kim," she said aloud, "M, M+, F, F+, anal, dp, w/s, fist..." the list of what the teen would do was impressive; she glanced down at the rate below, that was more than impressive.

"Why?" Hanna asked again.

Her Mom smiled, "Because we're going to share her."

* * *

For about the tenth time in as many minutes Hanna glanced at her watch, it seemed that time had slowed to a halt for the teen. She glanced at her Mom, Ashley Marin was sitting on their couch reading a magazine, a model of calm sophistication, if she was as excited as her daughter she was hiding it well. Hanna wasn't a lesbian, but she was curious and while her visit to Rosewood's Lesbian Club hadn't been for the reasons her Mom thought, she had to admit that it had left her interested. So when her Mom suggested that the way to get over Caleb was them both to share a girl Hanna had been surprised, for about half a second, and then enthusiastic, eagerly agreeing. She had left it to her Mom to book, Ashley e-mailing the address Lane Kim had put on her profile and quickly agreeing a price. Now, it was a week later and within minutes Lane would be here.

Standing up Hanna began to pace the floor, her Mom looked up and smiled, "That won't make the time go faster."

"No, at least it's good exercise, limber me up."

Her Mom smiled, "I think you'll limber up fine when Lane arrives." She put down her magazine, "Are you nervous?"

Hanna almost lied, but then she decided the truth was better, "Yes, of course I'm nervous. I've never banged a woman before."

Her Mom smiled, "You'll enjoy it. I always have. And it's more fun sharing it with someone, it makes you extra close."

"But what if I'm no good?"

"You will be. And even if you're not, Lane's going to say you are," Ashley smiled, "Relax, Hanna, it'll be enjoyable. Once Lane arrives and you stick your toy in her and begin to fuck her amazing body you'll be a natural. I was nervous the first time. But me and your grandma quickly got into rhythm and fucked this hot eighties chick. Soon I'd forgotten my ex-boyfriend's name - but I can still remember the hooker's, Brandi - she looked like Michelle Pfeiffer."

Her Mom's sexual reminisces were interrupted by the doorbell. Hanna pulled her robe closer and walked over to the door. Looking through the spyhole she saw a pretty petite Korean with glasses her hair neatly combed in a long bob, wearing a trench coat and with a small rucksack over her shoulder. She didn't look like a girl whose anonymous reviews on the site gave her a 5/5 and comments such as 'insatiable' 'adventurous' and 'a sex crazed nymphomaniac'. But then looks could be deceiving.

Hanna turned to her Mom. Ashley had put down her magazine and was sitting expectantly, her own robe open but her legs crossed so that whilst you could see she was naked everything was hidden. "It's her," said Hanna.

"Invite her in," said her Mom.

Hanna did so. In stepped the young woman, she seemed even more petite than in her picture, not a doll, but close, with light brown skin and a warm, sensual smile. Her eyes cast down as Hanna's robe opened enough to flash a touch of toned belly and side boob. The petite Korean smiled appreciatively for a moment before looking up; "I'm Lane Kim," she said.

Luckily, as Hanna suddenly felt tongue-tied, Ashley was at the door shutting it behind the hooker and saying in introduction, "I'm Ashley Marin, this is my daughter Hanna."

The Korean teen grinned happily, "I love Mom-daughter threesomes, they're so hot. Your first one?"

"No," said Ashley.

"Yes," said Hanna at the same time as she found her voice. Seeing Lane looking confused she quickly continued, "I haven't, I've not even been with another woman. But Mom has with my Gran, when they were younger."

"And I loved it as well," said Ashley.

Hanna looked at the hooker still, clad in her trench coat, "Shall we take that?"

Lane looked at her Mom and Ashley shook her head. "Not yet."

Hanna, had been reaching out to take the jacket, stopped and took a step back as her Mom smiled and said, "You know what we're wanting?"

"The full-experience," nodded Lane, "I read your e-mails;" she smiled, "I'm happy with it all. I go more than all the way."

"Shall we go to my room then?" asked Ashley and as Lane nodded she turned and walked up the stairs, Lane immediately following. Hanna came up the rear, wondering why Lane hadn't removed her coat and what was the full-experience that she and her Mom had been talking about. It was her Mom who had made all the arrangements. Hanna knew she'd be having sex, of some sort, with the teen hooker and her Mom had dropped some hints that this might involve sex-toys, but the details were as much a mystery to Hanna as why gentlemen didn't always prefer blondes.

Hanna took a seat on her Mom's bed as beside her Ashley also sat. It felt strange to be sitting in here with them both wearing robes. Not that Hanna hadn't wandered around in a robe after a bath or shower and many times she'd come into her Mom's room to search through her clothing to see if there was anything she wanted to wear. But, her Mom was very seldom in the room at the same time, even less so wearing a half-open robe herself and never looking lustfully at a Korean of Hanna's age as she brought out a CD player from her rucksack and attached it to two small speakers.

Lane turned to look at the two Marins, "Are you ready?" she was speaking to them both, but it was Ashley who nodded. Lane smiled and touched the CD player.

As the first chords of tune Hanna didn't recognise played Lane turned away from them, her hands moving up to unpluck the buttons. Hanna briefly looked at her Mom, Ashley was staring with rapt attention at the teen in front of her, desire written on her face. Hanna turned back just as Lane swung round, her hands dragging the jacket together. There was the sound of a drumbeat and Lane pulled the coat's lapels back and shrugged it swiftly off her shoulders.

"Wow," murmured Hanna as the coat dropped away. Underneath Lane was wearing a suspender belt and stocking tops, with a tiny thong in-between; her tits were held up by a sexy black pop-up bra, which lifted her titties and pushed them together to accentuate their size. Dangling from belly button was a silvery chain with a tiny diamond encased in it and at the top of one of her legs, almost hidden by the suspender garter round her thigh, was a tattoo of a butterfly.

Her Mom smiled at Hanna's stunned reaction, "Isn't she hot? And we're going to get to fuck her soon."

Hanna nodded and continued to watch entranced as Lane swayed sexily to the music, her hands reaching up to the bra to unclip it at the front, and gently to move it away. For a second the Korean's wrists covered the boobs, but when they were removed Hanna could see the nipples were covered by a pair of tassels. For a moment she thought they'd been cheated, but a glance at her Mom's face told her this was part of the show. Lane started to move faster, jerking her titties up and down so the tassels flew through the air like tiny windmills. Hanna had to admit that the teen was wetting her appetite and it wasn't the only thing she was wetting.
"Let's see those goodies," called her Mom and Lane twisted away. When she swung back the tassels were in her hands and her tits were naked. She bounced them energetically, smiling as she watched the lustful reactions of the Marins. She turned round again and bend over, wiggling her sexy ass cheeks at them, her butt bare apart from a thong covering the hole. Ashley laughed, "Get those panties down, Lane."

The teen took a few moments to oblige, wiggling her buttocks some more to the music before kicking away her slip-on shoes. Then remaining bent over she slid down the thongs, dropping them to her ankles. Her hands moved up to her cheeks and she massaged the buttocks, before gently pulling them apart giving Hanna her first proper glance at another woman's back hole. It was only for a second and then the Korean teen swivelled round to show them her pussy, shaved apart from a tiny landing strip of neatly trimmed dark hair above it. The teen placed her legs apart and planted her hands on her hips in perfect time with the end of the music.

"That was something," said Ashley, "Did you think so Hanna?"

"Wow, I don't think I've seen anything so sexy before," agreed her daughter. She blushed slightly, but Ashley and Lane just smiled and laughed.

"I think it's time for Lane to lick some pussy," said Ashley and Lane nodded enthusiastically. Ashley smiled at Hanna, "I'll go first, shall I? Let you see how it's done."

Hanna nodded as her Mom slipped off her robe and sat naked on the bed, her legs spread. The teen Korean sashayed across the floor, her titties wobbling as she walked, her hips swaying seductively. Hanna looked as the young woman dropped down to her knees in front of her Mom and placed her hands on the older woman's thighs, pushing them further apart.

"Oh God, yes, eat me," murmured Ashley as Lane dipped her head down and began to lick with enthusiasm, her fingers sliding up to the hole to stimulate the clit. The sexy teen hooker's mouth latched onto the pussy lips, slurping at them and teasing them with her teeth, her tongue continuing to stroke the wet hole. Hanna licked her lips, suddenly dry, as she watched the scene unfold beside her. She couldn't help but open her robe, bringing her hand down between her legs to massage her own sweet sex. Her Mom was gasping and shaking, one hand on one of her own tits, squeezing and fondling the boobie, the other gently placed on Lane's head, moving up and down as the petite Korean bobbed. "Oooohhh, that's good," moaned Ashley, "That's so good."

"Mmmnnn, yum, I love pussy," Lane's head lifted just long enough to say those words, before it was back down again, munching and teasing the wet cunt and making Ashley shudder and gasp in pleasure.

As her own passions rose Hanna rubbed at her pussy, moaning softly. She had never imagined that sitting next to her naked Mom, watching her get her pussy licked by a naked hooker could be so hot. But it was and she felt as horny as a satyr, her pussy wet and warm, tingling with desire and lust for the sexy teen Korean. She slid a finger in, working it down her pussy, trying to find her G-spot and manage her lust, her thumb rubbing her clit as she did so. It didn't work; she was still feeling as excited and horny as ever.

Her Mom gasped and squeaked in pleasure, her body shuddering, "Ooooohhh, Lane, that's it, that's the spot, make me cum...oooohhhh." The teen on her knees licked and slurped harder, driving her fingers into Ashley at the same time. The Milf groaned louder, her eyes glazing over and her hands gripping the bedding for support, "Ooohh you little slut, you are so good with your tongue. Ohhh, fucking shit, I'm cumming..."

Hanna had hardly ever heard her Mom swear and she'd never seen her cum; she watched in rapt attention as her Mom shrieked and squealed, her skin flushing red and her eyes shooting into their sockets as the eyelids fluttered speedily over them. Her own finger jammed at her pussy, making her moan and groan in excitement, the anticipation of Lane's tongue adding to the thrill. Her Mom's mouth opened and she gave a final squeal, "AAAArrrghh, yesssss."

Lane lifted her head from the Milf's cunt, licking her lips, which were coated in juice. "Mmnnn that was lovely; you were so wet and tasty."

For a second Ashley didn't reply, her breathing heavy as she struggled to reach some sort of equilibrium. But after a moment she grinned and looked at Hanna, the teen's finger still in her pussy, "And it looks like it's made my daughter horny as well."

The teen blushed, "I couldn't help it; it was such a turn-on watching you get your cunt munched, I had to finger myself."

Ashley smiled, "Don't worry Hanna, that's the whole point of today - for us both to bond and for you to cum so often you forget boy-troubles and concentrate on the joy you can get from girls. And speaking of which..." she looked down at the sexy Korean hooker kneeling between her legs, "... why use your finger when there's such a delightful tongue just begging for use." Lane grinned enthusiastically.

"Oh, you mean... is it my turn?" Hanna asked. Suddenly she felt nervous. when her Mom had suggested it the idea had seemed good, and trying a girl was something Hanna had become increasingly interested in. But the moment Lane's head dipped between her legs, she'd know longer be Hanna the heterosexual, but Hanna the lesbian or at least Hanna the bi.

Her Mom didn't allow her any time to gets second thoughts. "Yes," she said, "You'll love it, Lane's a great cunt licker." She reached for Hanna's shoulders, taking the robe in her hand and starting to pull it down, "Take this off and give Lane some room."

Hanna nodded nervously, unthreading the loosely tied belt and letting her Mom remove the robe so that she was as naked as everyone else. "You've got a nice body," her Mom said, her hand moving over one of Hanna's titties carressing the orb. "Doesn't she Lane?"

"Oh, yes," the teen hooker grinned, "I am so going to enjoy this."

"Spread your legs wider for Lane, dear," said Ashley. She slid a hand between Hanna's closed thighs and gently eased them open so the pussy, specially shaven this morning, was on full view. "Tell her to come and lick it."

Hanna took a deep mental breath and said, "Over here Lane. I want you to eat my cunt like you ate my Mom's."

"Mmmnnn, yesss," Lane almost jumped into position so obviously eager was she to taste the blonde teen's delights. She stretched the legs apart even further so that she had plenty of room to work and dropped to her hands and knees. Her mouth came forward.

"Aahh," Hanna let out a small gasp as for the first time ever another woman's tongue touched her twat. For a few moments Lane let it rest there, barely moving it, just the tip tickling the tight teenage fuckhole. Hanna moaned again, even that felt so good and pleasurable, more so than Caleb's rough batterings which were more like he was eating a burger than a sweet sexhole. Gently Lane began to slip the tongue over the slit, not going fast or hard, just making Hanna used to the touch; it was like she realised this was Hanna's first time and wanted to break her in gently. The teen gripped the bed and gave another brief moan, "Ohhh."

"It feels good, doesn't it," said her Mom, her fingers twirling absently round Hanna's nipple hardening it. She didn't seem worried about the close incestuousness of the touch. "The touch of her tongue against your pussy, the slight shivers as it moves, the wetness of leaving little trails of girly cum and saliva over you. Tell Lane, tell her you enjoy it and when you want to tell her to do more."

Hanna nodded, "Mmmnn, Lane, I like this, I mean I really, really like this. Your tongue is like velvet against my pussy. Could you go a little faster, please."

"Mmmnn," Lane nodded and sped up her tonguing, sweeping over the wet pussy quicker and quicker, making the labia quiver and beating at the clit.

Hanna gave another little cry and her Mom, pinched at her nipple whilst with her other hand she stroked Hanna's thigh. "Tell her you really want it. Order her to lick it harder."

"OOoohh, yes, I'm loving this Lane, you're licking my cunt so well, that I'm really enjoying it. Go faster and harder."

"And use a finger as well, open her up," added Ashley to Lane, before turning and smiling at her daughter. "See, I told you..."

Her Mom was right, it was so hot having her pussy licked and sucked, Hanna could feel the sexual bliss radiating out from her hole as the teen Korean's tongue and fingers combined to spread her snatch open and competed to fill and pleasure it. She groaned in pleasure, her hand moving to massage the tit her Mom wasn't playing with. The nipples on both were hard, like little pebbles - a sure sign of how sexually aroused Lane's tonguing was making her. The blonde shuddered as Lane's finger went deeper, paving the way for the lapping tongue. "MMmnnn, oooohhh," Hanna moaned, "That's so good."

"Remember she's a slut we've hired, talk dirty to her; you can swear, I'll let you this once," Ashley purred to her daughter, "Make sure she knows what you're needing."

"Mmmnn," Hanna moaned and placed her hand on Lane's head, pushing gently at the back of the skull, "Tongue fuck me harder. I want you to eat my cunt with your slutty dyke mouth. Swallow my cunt juice, like a cheap whore, mmmnnn you dirty dyke hooker, eat my sweet fuckhole all up. That's good, jam your finger in, oooohhh you slut, mmmnnn that's good, but go faster, mmmmnn, oooohhh."

Lane did as she was told, her moving faster and deeper at the blonde's slot, slurping and sucking at the lips, tonguing deep into the hole, swallowing the cum. Her finger jerked in at the same time, her thumb finding the clit and stimulating it. Hanna gulped and squeaked, this was much better than Caleb had ever managed; she'd never felt ecstasy like this - she'd thought she'd cum before, but now she knew she hadn't, at least not properly. Her body felt ablaze with lust and pleasure, her back arching so tightly her spine was almost snapping. "Oooohh, eat me, eat me, fuck my cunt with your face, make me cum, make me cum you dirty slutty skank."

Lane's tongue moved quicker and harder, the teen's pussy licking professionalism coming to the fore. Her thumb pressed at the clit, rubbing it vigorously. Hanna gasped out again as a wave of ecstasy stampeded through her, "Ohhh, arrrrghhh, that's good, eat me Lane, eat my teen twat."

Her Mom gave Hanna's nipple one last tweak before she stood up. The blonde teen could see that her Mom was still wet with lust as she wandered over to the drawers. Hanna missed her Mom opening it, though she dimly heard it, as just at that moment Lane's finger found the erogenous zone at the same time as her tongue and the resulting orgasm made Hanna close her eyes and squeal in excited pleasure. She kept them closed for a few moments, leaning back on her hands and letting the waves of bliss wash over her. Lane continued slurping away, not needing a hand on her head to keep her in place.

When Hanna opened her eyes again her Mom was standing a few feet from her behind Lane. Hanna gasped again, this time not due to Lane's impressive ministrations, but because her Mom was equipping a large strap-on to herself, adjusting the leather straps round her thighs and fiddling with the thick plastic dong so that the end was rubbing at her pussy. She smiled at Hanna, "I've got a second one for you, but for the moment why don't you carry on having your twat licked - it looks like you're enjoying it."

"I am," panted Hanna, "But are you sure you want to wait... you look like you're wanting Lane now."

Ashley got down on her knees behind the teen and slithered forward. She looked at Hanna and smiled, "Who said I'm going to wait?"

Hanna's eyes widened as her Mom took the dildo in her right hand and with her left reached down to Lane's slit. Slowly she began to slide the toy into the teen's cunt, Lane's tongue and finger moving faster as the prick entered her. Soon Ashley seemed satisfied that the toy was in place as she removed her hands from it and the pussy and shifted them to Lane's waist. Hanna squeaked as Lane's tongue slid over her pussy and the thumb satisfied her clit. In front of her Mom smiled, "Lane is such a choice pussy licker. It was a good choice to get her."

"Uuurrhh, yesss, oooohhhh," nodded Hanna. As she watched her Mom began to drive in and out of Lane using the teen's waist as leverage and balance. The toy repeatedly vanished from Hanna's view into the moist fuckhole of the Korean hooker. And with each thrust Lane's tongue would disappear deep into Hanna's own soaking twat. Ashley smiled and began to go faster, thrusting deep at the teen, her titties bouncing and jiggling as she went back and forth. Lane's tongue pressed at Hanna's spot and the blonde shuddered in enjoyment.

"That's good Lane, eat my daughter's pussy, slurp out the wet hole, make her cum," Ashley ordered as she pounded at Lane.

Hanna couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. In her recent fantasies she'd being thinking about herself with another girl and in her dreams the sex was great; but never had she imagined that she'd be having her pussy licked whilst her Mom was fucking the other girl from behind. However, here it was happening and the sex was better than great - it was fantastic. "OOOoohhh, aaaarrrggghhh, eat my pussy, eat it good you little cuntlapper," Hanna cried out.

Her Mom smiled and nodded, as if in approval, "Tongue fuck her Lane, give her your best as I fuck that sweet, hot cunt of yours." She slammed in and out, giving action to her words. Hanna shuddered as yet another wave of bliss raced through her, watching her Mom's tits bounce and wobble as she fucked in and out. It was so good to have her there, she felt so close to her, closer than they'd ever been, like their relationship was moving to another, and better, level. Ashley might have been thinking the same as she grinned and said, "Isn't this fun Hanna? It's so much fun to share a slut with my daughter, much better than fucking one of my own. What do you think?"

"It's so hot, me being at one end and you at the other. It was a brilliant idea.... oh my God, I think I'm going to cum again... aaaaarrrghhh," the blonde teen, shuddered and shook, rocking in pleasure as ecstatic explosions blew within her.

"You should have a go at fucking her pussy now," her Mom instructed, "There's a second strap-on in the drawers. It should be easy to put on."

Hanna stood up, her legs weak like water, and walked over to where her Mom had indicated the toy was. She opened the drawer, the toy was nestling on top of a pile of her Mom's neatly folded blouses; it was red with a mushroom end and ridges down the shaft, its length about nine inches and its girth so thick that Hanna's finger and thumb couldn't quiet meet. At first glance the straps and buckles looked confusing, but as her Mom said it was actually easy once you picked up and looked at what went where. Turning round Hanna pulled the toy up her thighs to her pussy, pulling the straps and tightening to keep the toy in place. All the time her Mom was still thudding into Lane, banging the teen into orgasmic bliss. "MMmnnn, fuck me Ashley, fuck my tight little Asian pussy, ram it with your big dick. I want your big strap-on in my cunt, I want you to make me cum."

Hanna wasn't sure she could match her Mom's skills, but she was so wet and horny for the teen hooker's pussy she was sure she could match her for enthusiasm. "I'm ready," she said.

Her Mom turned her head and smiled, "Now, it looks like my little girl is all grown up and ready to nail some wet cunt."

"I am," said Hanna.

Ashley slipped her toy out and stood up, "In you go."

Hanna got on her knees behind Lane and moved up. She felt excited and nervous at the same time "This is my first time, fucking a woman," she said, even though Lane knew that.

"It's easy," the petite Korean giggled, "You've been fucked by a guy? Just do it like you're a man and I'm a slutty little whore who loves big dicks, the second part is true enough."

"That's right, Hanna," Ashley said, "Stick it in her cunt and screw her until she cums."

Hanna took the dildo in one hand and with the other pried apart the Korean's sopping cunt. It feels so slippery and smooth, she thought, as she slid the toy into it.

"Mmmnnn, yesss," moaned Lane as she was penetrated, "Stick it further in me. I want it all."

"That's it," her Mom said, moving from behind her, "Nail that little slut deep. She can take it all, trust me."

Hanna began to move faster, thrusting into Lane. It was strange to be the one doing the fucking, seeing a young woman on her hand and knees bucking as she entered her. But, equally, it was hot and fun and empowering, she was the one in charge now, screwing a hot chick, not the one being screwed by her loser ex. She grabbed Lane's waist, using the grip to go faster. "OOOhhh, urrrrhhh," the teen gasped, "Give it me. Fuck me, ohhhh, yesssss, fuck me."

"This is so hot, my God Mom, I can't believe how hot it is," Hanna slammed in and out.

"You want us to share her again, at the same time?" her Mom asked.

The moments when her Mom had been nailing Lane's pussy whilst the teen had been eating and fingering Hanna would always be special memories for the blonde, so at the thought of making some further ones she nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, lets..."

Her Mom gave her a small peck on the top of the head, patting the teen lightly on her back, "Carry on banging her, you're doing well, isn't she Lane?"

"Ooooohh, yessss, urrrrhhhh, my pussy's on fire, oh my God Han, you're so good, ram that toy in my sweet little fuckhole," the petite Korean replied, her body bouncing as Hanna slapped into her slit from behind.

Ashley had moved round the front of the hooker and was knelt down in front of the bed, leaning her back against it and opening her thighs, so that her strap-on was straight up. She took hold of Lane's head, bringing it down, "Suck on this you dirty tramp," she ordered, pushing Lane's mouth the extra few inches.

The teen didn't need any more urgings opening her lips and sliding them down over the cock. Ashley grinned and gave a small moan as Lane pushed the toy down against her Milf pussy, grinding the tip of the toy against her cheek and further playing over it with her tongue. Lane's head continued to dip and Ashley gasped again, one hand reaching up to fondle and play with her tits as the other continued to pressure Lane down her strap-on.

From behind Hanna couldn't see the full action, though she could see her Mom's features flushing with pleasure, her lips curving upwards and her cheeks quivering. And the slurps, she could hear them, loud and passionate and full of vim - the teen Korean giving the toy a wet, messy blow-job. Hanna could imagine the saliva running down her Mom's dildo, Lane's eyes widening as she took it deeper, her mouth stretching until her jaw ached the thick slab of plastic pressed in. It made Hanna hot (or rather, hotter) with lust and she pounded faster and harder, driving Lane onto her Mom's large fake cock. The sounds of Lane's sucks got louder and more intense, a veritable cacophony pops and gurgles.

Her Mom was rising up, pushing the toy into Lane's mouth and between her lips. She smiled happily at Hanna, "Let's really spit roast this hot slut between us."

"Sure thing Mom," Hanna smiled back and pounded into Lane. It was so much fun to be doing something (or someone) with her Mom, and Lane was so sexy and hot and enough to make Hanna decide that she definitely did like girls. The Mom and daughter pounded together, ramming the toys deep into Lane's pussy and mouth. The Korean teen couldn't talk, but from the energetic rocking and enthusiastic slurps it was obvious she was either a fine actress or enjoying it as much as the Marins.

"That's it Hanna, go faster, slam it down that hot cunt, really give it to Lane, she's a nympho slut who wants it all," Ashley instructed her daughter. Hanna went even faster, panting with exertion and wishing she'd spent more time controlling her weight by pounding the pool rather than by regulating calories. "Go on baby," squealed Ashley, "Nail that twat, fuck her, ram your dildo all the way. That's my sweet baby..."

Hanna rammed and slammed, her eyes switching from the Lane's naked back and her head sliding down her Mom's pole to her Mom herself, her titties bouncing and her face bright with pleasure. The two Marins smiled at each other, both feeling the connection as they used Lane Kim.

In and out they rammed, Hanna panting as she used all energy to slam the wet pussy hole in front of her. Her breath came in fits and starts and she struggled to catch it, gasping in oxygen in huge sucks. Sweat slid down her like molten lava, leaving trails against her skin. And as she slammed she marvelled that her Mom was still in control as she raised her waist and thighs to hit the dildo between Lane's lips. Hanna gave one last frenzied ram, moaning in pleasure as her clit was stimulated, before sliding her sopping prick out of the equally soaked hole. "I'm done," she panted.

"For now," corrected her Mom with a grin. She pulled the dildo out of Lane's mouth, letting the teen breathe deeply and get some air down her lungs. The Milf stood up, briefly looking down at here toy, which was even wetter than Hanna's. She smiled at her daughter and said, "I could fuck some more if you don't mind."

Lane looked up excitedly, turning to Hanna, "Please don't mind. I want more..."

Hanna smiled and nodded, "Knock yourself out Mom, she's for us both, not just me."

"Well she is for you to help you get over that boy, I'm just sharing her," replied Ashley as she reached down to gently pull Lane onto her feet. Turning to the Korean she instructed, "Lie on the bed and pull your legs up as near to your ears as you can get them."

The teen hooker complied, showing Hanna both her shaven slit and puckered hole as she sat slumped and recovering in one of the bedroom chairs. Ashley stood beside her daughter for a moment, admiring them as well before she got on the bed shuffling forward on her knees. She took hold off the dildo and gazed down, licking her lips lasciviously, "I think I'm going to switch holes."

Lane nodded enthusiastically, "Do."

It took Hanna few seconds to understand what her Mom had meant, and she only really realised as her Mom directed the toy at the lower of the two holes and started to push in. "You're going in the backdoor," she gasped, either in amazement or appreciation.

"Yes," giggled her Mom, "And I can tell you it's so tight and lovely."

"MMmnnnn, oooohhhh," Lane moaned in excitement, lowering her legs so they rested on Ashley's shoulders and bringing down one of her hands to rub her clit hood. "I want it all in my butthole. MMnnnn, that feels so good."

"Oh my God," Hanna watched open mouthed as her Mom rocked back and forth, each time she went forward a little bit more of the toy vanishing into the cute Asian's anal fuckhole.

"Mmmmnn Hanna, this butt is so fuckable. You need to have a go," groaned Ashley, she was gripping Lane's ankles using them like they were levers which jacked her in and out, the further she pushed them back the faster and deeper she went. She pressed at them and slammed harder. "OOOhhhhh, ooohhh, this is the choicest ass I've nailed for years."

Hanna wasn't sure what surprised her more -that her strait-laced bank manager Mom had enough anal expertise to be able to make comparison or that Hanna found it pussy wettenly hot to watch her Milf Mom pounding the sexy Korean whore. The blonde teen temporarily adjusted her strap-on so that her fingers could reach down to her clit, stimulating in at she gazed at the tableau in enfolding in front of her. She could see her Mom's back, her ass cheeks wobbling and jiggling as they shot back and forth and the dildo sliding into Lane's rapidly expanding backhole, the teen rubbing vigorously at her cunt and squealing, "Fuck me, oh Ashley, fuck my butt, ram it, slam it, fuck it."

"Oooohhh, uurrhhh," Hanna moaned as she slid her palm over her pussy hood, pushing at the clit. In front of her Ashley was pounding harder, her cheeks waving as her butt slammed back and in; her thighs slapping at Lane's cheeks as the whole length of the dildo disappeared into the hot hole. Hanna rubbed more vigorously, grunting in passion at the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

"Ooohh," her Mom called out, "You butt-slut Lane, I love banging it, you're so good."

"Aaaarrrghh, Ashley, I'm loving your dick in my ass as well. Aaarrrghhh you were made to fuck me. Oooohhh, this is heaven," the teen squealed in reply.

"Uuurrhh, urrrrhhhh," Hanna moaned behind them, her palm shooting round like it was magnetically attached to her soaked cunt. How could watching her Mom, her own flesh and blood, who'd birthed and raised her, how could seeing her bang an anal whore be such a turn-on;? But it was. Looking at Ashley thud in and out of the asshole, seeing the sphincter clasping at the fake phallus, sucking it in, Hanna was divided between wishing she could gaze forever and wanting her Mom to hurry up and finish so she could replace her.

Ashley was going faster now, ramming hard at the teenager, the full long length of the dick pounding down the anal tunnel. Each thrust was sending Lane into paroxysms of pleasure, her sexy lithe body rocking and shuddering, her back stretching and arching, her titties bouncing and jumping. Her hand was moving even faster over her pussy than Hanna's was, cum leaking between her fingers and over her quim lips. "AAaarrrghhhh, fuck me, ohhhh, yesss, bang my butt, give it me good."

"Ooooohh, urrrhhh, urrrrhh," Ashley panted as she reamed the teen's hole. She was still going fast and hard, ramming with all her strength.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, aarrrghhhh," Lane screamed again, her back bending so much her spine almost snapped.

Ashley pulled her toy out, wiping a bead of sweat from her eyes. She slid and shuffled back, turning her head towards Hanna, "Do you want a go now?"

"Do I ever," grinned the newly reinvigorated teen. She almost jumped onto the bed, scooting over so that she was beside her Mom and in front of Lane, the teen's legs spread on either side of her.

"Lift her up and rest her on your thighs," said Ashley. Hanna did as she was told, grabbing under Lane's buttocks and pulling and heaving the lightweight Asian up. Lane helped, levering herself up and wrapping her legs round Hanna's waist. Hanna grabbed her dick with one hand, whilst the other slipped down to the young hooker's anal passage. It was still open, the blonde's finger easily moving in, allowing plenty of space to wiggle and tickle the tunnel; Lane moaned and writhed. Ashley smiled as proudly as a mother duck watching her duckling go for it's first paddle. "Stick it in that hot hooker hole and nail that skank behind."

Doing as she was told Hanna withdrew her finger and started to push at the sphincter with her toy. It went in easy, the counter-pressure from the tunnel's walls light and easy to push aside. Lane's legs squeezed at Hanna's waist, "Fuck me, fuck me like your Mom just did." Suddenly it was real, Hanna was pushing a plastic prick down all the way to its fake balls into another woman's butt. And it felt fine.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," said Hanna and began to thrust in and out.

"Oh God, yes," Lane gasped and squealed in immediate pleasure, her hand reaching down to her pussy again to stroke and play with the soaked slot.

Hanna pounded faster, driving at the anal passage, spreading it like soft butter. It was so hot and sexy and liberating to be butt-fucking another girl, especially one as fuckable as Lane Kim. Especially with her Mom inches away, one hand gently massaging Hanna's shoulder, whilst her other slid down under the straps at her own Milf twat. "You're doing well Hanna, angle it down a little, it'll make it easier. That's it, look at her cunt, it's soaking; Lane's such a horny little whore, isn't she?"

The blonde slammed deep, her Mom's touch relaxing her even as it made wetter and hotter. She couldn't believe that, just as she'd been turned on by watching her Mom bang Lane, her Mom was the same at watching her; it felt like a compliment to the teen and Hanna blushed with pleasure. Lane perhaps took the slight reddening to mean something else or it might have just been coincidence, but in either case she cried out, "Don't stop now Hanna, ram my ass harder."

Hanna had no intention of halting, not until she was too exhausted to move. Slamming the teen Korean's backdoor with her Mom beside her, playing with herself, was too good not to continue. In and out she went, her head swivelling round and down to stare at Lane's wet snatch and the toy pounding the hole below, before turning back to her Mom to look at her contorting face as she fingered her own soaked cunt. "Oh God, this is so hot," moaned Hanna and rammed nine inches of plastic dick down Lane's back passage.

"Aaarrrghhh, yesss, fuck me harder, Hanna, fuck my asshole until it splits," screamed Lane, writhing in pleasure.

"That's good, ooooohhhh, fuck her baby, I love watching you fuck her skanky whore ass," Ashley gasped and panted, her elbow jacking up and down as she self-pleasured her pussy.

Hanna slammed back and forth, loving every second of her first lesbian anal experience. It was everything that anyone could say and more, amazing and exciting and lust-inducing, making her hot and wet, driving her to levels of unparalleled pleasure. It wasn't even the slam of the hilt against her clit as she speared the shaft in; it was seeing Lane's orgasming body and her Mom's sexual touch and hearing the squeaks and squeals of the Milf and teen and smelling the sex and hormones in the air. The blissful joy coursing through her was so powerful she could almost taste the ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, fuck," gasped Ashley and bucked, her hand squeezing tightly at Hanna's shoulder. She let go and wiped her forehead, "Watching you is so hot..."

"Yeah, Mom, I felt the same," Hanna admitted, not slowing down, but continuing to pound the teen even as she felt her muscles starting to ache with exertion.

"The only thing better than watching," her Mom continued, "would be fucking her with you."

"What?" Hanna slowed to a halt and looked at her smiling Mom.

"It's called DP - double penetration - one of us fucks her ass, whilst the other ploughs her pussy. I'm sure Lane would like that..." she turned to look at Lane and the Korean teen nodded with the enthusiasm of dog wagging its tail for walkies. Ashley smiled and directed her gaze back to her daughter, "Would you like to try it?"

"Yes," Hanna's nod of enthusiasm put Lane's to shame. She had connected so well with her Mom when they were spit-roasting Lane, she was sure this would be even better and more intimate. She pulled the toy out of Lane's well-opened backdoor. "How do we do it? Who gets which hole?"

Her Mom answered the second question first, "Why don't you continue with the ass-fucking, you looked like you were really getting off on it and Lane is your treat. As for how, why don't you sit down on the edge of the bed. Lane..."

The experienced professional didn't need any instructions, standing up and straddling Hanna's thighs before lowering herself gently onto the waiting prick. She groaned as it slid up her back passage, wiggling to accommodate it comfortably and to her best advantage. Her fingers pried apart her pussy lips. "Come give me a double-stuffing," she cooed seductively.

Ashley stepped in front of her, gripping her toy in one hand. She smiled at Hanna, "Don't worry, I'll do all the work. You just sit back and enjoy."

"Okay Mom, but if it's alright with you I am going to try and fuck her ass, I want to be a partner in this, not a spectator," Hanna replied hoping she didn't sound too bolshie.

Probably she didn't as her Mom smiled wider, "That would be great as well."

With that Ashley started to enter the Asian hooker's front fuckhole. She moved gradually, slowly pressing forward. Hanna kept still, feeling Lane's trembles as she took two huge toys, "MMMnnn, oooohhh," the Korean teen moaned in excitement and shuddered.

"Hold her in place," Ashley instructed.

Hanna reached up and took hold of her titties, kneading and gripping them as she used them to keep Lane in position for her Mom. Lane groaned louder, "Oh yes, I do love double fuckings."

"That's good," said Ashley as she pushed further and further into the well lubricated hole. She began to pull out and thrust forward, grabbing Lane's shoulders for leverage. Looking over them Hanna was entranced by her Mom's bouncing boobs; they were so good looking, especially for a woman into her forties and Hanna could only hope it was a family trait. "Oh yeah," her Mom moaned as she began to pump, "Oh yeah."

Lane grunted in pleasure again, "Uuuurrhh, that is so great."

"MMmnnn, let me go deeper and harder and then you'll see great," said Ashley, not stopping to speak as she moved in and out of the teenage cunt, pushing further into the soaked slot.

"OOOooohh," Lane cried out in reply and arched her back, so she pushed it against Hanna's tits. The blonde licked her lips in lust and squeezed Lane's own pair tighter, looking at her Mom's bouncers as she did so; the nipples were so stiff and erect, like little round houses on top of magnificent hills.

"OOOhhhhhh, uuurrrhhh," Lane gasped again, her body shuddering and Hanna felt a small knock vibrate down her toy. Seconds later it came again and she realised it was the full length of her Mom's toy connecting with her own through Lane's walls.

That was the message to start fucking Lane herself.

She waited until her Mom was pulling out to thrust upwards. Lane gave a squeal of appreciation. Hanna quickly withdrew as her rammed down. Lane squealed again, her body shuddering in pleasure. Up went Hanna and her Mom and down again, the two of them quickly getting into unison so that Lane always had one hole being filled as the other was drawing back. In, out, in, out, the Milf and teen went, slamming the hooker's fuckholes hard and deep. Lane squealed and squeaked, "AAArrrghh, uuurrhh, oooohhh, yesssss, so great, this is so fucking great."

Hanna agreed. Every moment of the lesbian fuckfest her Mom had arranged had been fantastic, but this was the best of it all, sharing a slut with her Mom, the two of them pounding at the Korean's holes in partnership. Her and her Mom were so connected at this moment it was perfection; she didn't need boys and certainly didn't need Caleb. All she needed was a sexy slut pussy and her Mom; together or separate. She groaned, "Oooohhh, yessss, fuck her Mom."

"Yes, Hanna, yes," Ashley was sweeping down again, her lovely tits bouncing and jiggling in front of her daughter's eyes. Hanna could feel the strike of her Mom's toy inside Lane, it sent shuddering waves through the slutty Korean and she shook, adding to the vibrations which coursed down Hanna's dildo and against her super-sensitive pussy. Groaning in pleasure the teen pounded up hard, wanting to match the pleasure she was receiving from her Mom with some of her own. Ashley gasped and shuddered, her titties thrusting out and upwards as her back bent.

"AAaaarrrghh, yesssss," Lane screamed loudly, enjoying the fucking as much as both the Marins. "AAaarrrghhh! Make me cum! Oh fuck, yessss!"

In and out, in and out, Hanna and Ashley went. Their dildos speared the teen hooker's hole vigorously and repeatedly, making Lane scream even louder. Both the Mom and daughter weren't silent either, moaning and gasping as their own pussies were massaged and stimulated by the haft end of the strap-ons, the plastic rubbing hard at their cunts and clits. "OOOOhh, urrrrhhh, oooohhhh."

"Let's fuck her together," gasped Ashley, "Hit her holes at the same time."

"Mmnnn yes, okay," Hanna panted.

She let go off Lane's titties and reached round to grab her Mom's upper side, trying to hug her close. Her Mom grinned and, seeing what her daughter was doing, grabbed the blonde's shoulders so that she too could lever herself in and out. The two Marins hammered together, pulling each other close and sandwiching Lane. The teen Korean let out an orgasmic cry of pure pleasure, "AAAAArrghhh fuck yes."

At the same time Hanna and Ashley were also gasping and moaning as the clash of the two dildos, cushioned only by a thin membrane, sent explosive vibrations flooding into both of their cunts. Harder and harder they slammed, gripping each other's bodies and smashing Lane between them. The Korean came loudly, her body tensing and relaxing like she'd just had an electric charge blasted through her. Her arms flailed about as her body lost control, a rag doll flopping aimlessly between two pounding rubber dicks.

"AAaarrrghh," Hanna screamed as she came, she'd had orgasms before, but this was special. Its intensity boosted by the site of her Mom's tits inches from her face, the Milf smooth skin under her fingers and her tight grip on Hanna's shoulders.

Ashley was screaming and squealing as well, but still she came on, pounding her toy deep into Lane's cunt and hammering at Hanna so both teens screamed as well, "AAAAArrrghhh!"



Ashley pulled out, staggering backwards, looking like her legs could barely hold her. Without her pressing down a visibly sated Lane slid forward, dropping of Hanna's plastic dick; her asshole round and gaping. Hanna herself fell back on the bed, panting and gasping for oxygen.

After a few moments her Mom spoke again, "So Hanna, are you still broken hearted over Caleb?"

"Who's Caleb?" Hanna asked with a smile, "I can hardly remember him already."

* * *

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You can read Lane's other sexual adventures in 'Bad Girl Lane'.


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